October 23rd, 2011

Self cleaning

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I'm planning on making cookies sometime this week. They will be dark chocolate cookies. Should I make them as I normally do, with toasted pecans, walnuts and almonds? Or should I make them with peppermint pieces in them? Or just say screw it and make two batches?

What are your favorite home-made cookies? Favorite store bought cookies?
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How do I tell my best friend we can't be friends anymore?

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TLDR; My best friend is a former drug addict who may have fallen off the wagon. She pushed me way to far last night, and I need to find a way to tell her that she's not in my wedding anymore and that we cannot be friends.

ETA: I sent her the following: "Look. We had a deal. You aren't receptive of the help I'm offering you, and yesterday was the last straw. I absolutely cannot have you in my life anymore. I can't support you emotionally or financially anymore. You will not be in our wedding. I wish you the best, and I hope you're able to get your life back together. Please do not contact me again."

I just really hope she doesn't send the crackheads after us.
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Trick or Treat! Smell my feet!

If you hand out candy on Halloween:

- How much do you give each kid? Do you find yourself giving a bit more for the 'cuter' ones?
- Teenagers trick-or-treating: your opinion? What if they're not dressed up?
- Parents taking their infants (that are too young for candy) out and about: your opinion? Again, does it depend on costumes?
- What kind of candy do you like to hand out?

If you have better plans for next weekend, let's get nostalgic:

- What was your favorite thing to get in your goody bag on Halloween?
- Did you ever get non-candy treats? (Toys, apples, toothbrushes, coins, etc - be specific)
- What was your favorite costume? (I was a Rubik's Cube once, and it was a big hit.)
- Any stories you want to share? (Something amazing/scary happening while you were out and about.)
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archive of feeds?

1.) So with syndicated feeds, posts expire, and you can't see them on livejournal anymore.
Is there a way to get that back, an archive of some sort? I know people save pages somehow.

Specifically, I am hoping to get all the feeds of A Softer World, because (just like xkcd) livejournalers comment on the feed and I want to be able to read them again. But those comments disappear once the post expires.

I am writing a paper on transmedia and am using A Softer World as an example, and wanted to use the narratives of the community of commenters (is that a word now in the blogosphere?) in the context of health topics in online communities. I was hoping I wouldn't have to rely totally on memory and could use specific examples from replies to particular strips. Any information would be very helpful on how to get access to those comments! Even if you're just a rabid ASW fan who happened to have taken screenshots of everything or something. Thanks!

2.) What are some active, or at least very active in the past, communities on livejournal that deal with depression?

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Here's an article about a woman with schizo effective disorder who manages to run a nonprofit agency while managing her condition. I thought it was good, even clipped it out of the paper to save, but a couple of my FB chums are deriding it as "magic crip" nonsense -- minimizing other people's struggles with their troubles because one or two people can handle theirs.

Do you find this sort of thing inspiring or annoying?

Craft help

I've been doing colored pencil geometric drawing thingies on paper that I intend to give as gifts, or possibly sell on etsy, but I need a good (cheap) way to frame them.  I want to do just simple frames (like white cardboard or whatever you would use to frame a print).  The drawings are all random sizes, but all rectangular.  

Where can I find cheap frames, or supplies to make simple frames?  

DK/DC: What's your favorite board or party game?
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Can you help me identify this movie? Got it, thanks!

There are vampires, and vampire-hunters. The vampire-hunters paint a cross on their foreheads. It looks pretty post-apocalyptic. A couple of the vampire-hunters come to a town that was taken by vampires overnight, and there are people hung on crosses. Later they are in the desert and a man is pointing a gun at them. There are other vampire-hunters riding on motorcycles through an empty desert up to a dark evil-looking train that they board. There are also people living underground, and monsters that eat them.
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halloween themed questions

Do you have any non secular/scientific beliefs about reality? e.g. (but not limited to):
1) Do you believe in any kind of afterlife/reincarnation?
2) Do you believe in any kind of intelligent design?
3) Do you believe in ghosts?
4) Have you ever gone to a psychic?
5) Do you believe in karma?
6) Do you use hollistic medical approaches?

etc. etc.

annnnd, if you do believe in anything kinda out there, do you think it's simply irrational/spiritual/magical/w/e or do you imagine that one day in the future there will be a scientific explanation for it?
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Follow up question from yesterday about how I found a possibly stray cat.

Well, last night, I was sitting out the kitty on the front porch, feeding her some food, which she ate voraciously again. My housemate came home while I was out there with the cat, and he told me that the cat wasn't a stray, but the neighbor's cat. He said he sees her over there all the time.

I know the cat will be back tonight, and I kind of want to double check for sure that this cat is the neighbor's cat. Would it be weird if I took her over there, knocked on the door, and asked them if she's their cat?

Should I tell them it's a bad idea to have an outdoor cat with no collar, since I almost practically kidnapped her when I was planning to take her into my home?

Should I tell them they should also probably look into getting some flea treatments for their cat?

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Guys, I need advice.

A really good friend of mine was meant to ship out to Ranger bootcamp tomorrow, but went to a party last night and got burnt somehow (he was kind of vague with details on the phone) and now can't ship out because he'd get F4'd. He's in fine condition, as the burns weren't very bad, but he's completely broken up about it and I have no idea what to do, but he wants to come over and hang out tonight. What should I do with a very, very let down guy who's at some extreme loose ends right now? I'm thinking that I want to take him out for some food and then watch Scott Pilgrim, but what other ideas would you have for me?
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So my neighbors put their dog out on a lead and just leave her. This is when they actually feel like putting her out. She's out now, and I was talking to my husband in our kitchen next to the (open) window and she started barking, so I'm all, "WOW, THEY PUT THE DOG OUT. I BET THAT HOUSE SMELLS LIKE SHIT 99% OF THE TIME." and not a minute later I hear my neighbor's smoker cough, which means he was also outside.

Do you think he heard me? I mean, our houses are pretty close together.

Oh, and these same neighbors have 3 security cameras installed outside of their house. One points at where the dog is when she's out, and one at each door. Why did they do this?

Would you tell a friend they smell?

Basically, I want some advice....

Should I tell my (female) friend that she smells quite a bit?

I had zero intention of telling her until my other friend said it and then she admitted that her mother had noticed it when she met this girl for a few minutes.

I know the girl doesn't mean to smell like she has good hygiene and she is VERY into her appearance. So I think if she knew she smelled she would be really, really upset.

I have tried dropping hints like 'Oh the room is a bit stuffy open the window' and 'I will wash your clothes for you. I'm putting on a wash anyway'.

It is twice as hard because I live with her. If I tell her she smells and it goes very, very badly then I have to put up with her for the next 9 months.. :/


Srs and non-srs.
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TQC, I lost my driver's license but I'm changing my name in a few weeks. So if I go get a new one now, I'd just have to buy another new one very shortly after that. Should I just go without and hope I don't get pulled over for a few weeks?

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Just want your opinions:

Every year my lady cousins get together for a Christmas lunch. We used to go to a fashion show/lunch in NYC but that got too pricy so we started going to a restaurant nearby. This year we're going to a restaurant not in the city that one of our cousins own. Lunch is $45 per person (includes: salad, app, entree and dessert). edit: actually absolutely no beer or wine. I guess it was wishful thinking

Am I a whiny bitch or is $45 for a non-nyc lunch in the middle of nowhere sort of expensive, especially if we're family?


What do you do when the person you live with is in a bad mood?

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TQC, I am concerned. I just googled my very old email address to see how much stuff I have posted publicly in the past. One website pops up with a huge list of email addresses and passwords- and my old email address is on there, complete with password. How did this happen? Has it happened to any of you?

DK/DC- what are you being for Halloween?
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Has anyone ever wrote you a poem?
Have you ever written a poem for someone?
How do you feel about poetry?

Inspired by an awful poem I saw on tumblr that was written by a guy for his gf of 5 months~

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Last night my dad was in walmart- he asked the woman at the vision center to change a screw on his glasses. She did so, sprayed something on the lenses, cleaned them and gave him back to him.

The lenses are completely blurry and no matter how we tried to wash them, there's something on them.
The glasses aren't from walmart, by the way.

What the hell do you think she sprayed?
Any suggestions for getting the stuff off?

In my dad's infinite wisdom, he didn't say something right away.

What was your last moment of "what you're doing makes absolutely no sense to me"?
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I added way too much fresh basil to my pasta and it's really hard to eat :( What can I do to save it?

Where do you think rich people frequent? Country clubs to mind, but little else.

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Is anyone else watching 60 Minutes about Steve Jobs? Is it accurate? 60 minutes is usually pretty good but they are making him out to be a real entitled asshole. I don't care how rich, smart, creative you are that doesn't give you an excuse to act like a tool.

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Will you post a link to your tumblr so we can have a following party? I'm getting pretty bored only following 25 people

DK/DC/don't have tumblr: What do you do with your old clothes?

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Say you're dating a person who is of a different faith than you are (you were raised Christian and he was raised Jewish). Neither of you is very religious, only celebrating major religious holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah and the like. His parents love you and are cool with the relationship, but his extended family has no idea you're dating because no one in the family has dated outside the faith before and it would cause this huge furor. How long would you be okay with this? Assume the extended family is around maybe once a month.

Have you ever dealt with anything like this? What happened? My boyfriend's brother has been dating his girlfriend for five years, and they're now living together, and the extended family still has no clue.
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I dyed my hair for the first time. I tried to dye it slightly darker brown than it is naturally. All the brown faded and now its weird reddy-brown with my regular brown roots growing back in. It looks icky.

Will you tell me about your hair-dying experiences?
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can you think of a better word for "cinematicness" (which i think is not a word)? basically meaning "like a movie"? like "the cinematicness of her life was not lost on her." i am drawing such a blank here.

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when you play the board game Clue (or Cluedo for the Brits), which character do you like to play as?
favorite monopoly piece?

question inspired by the halloween costume i'm putting together--i am mrs. white with the rope. she's always been my favorite character. in monopoly, i usually play as the iron, but when i was a kid i always wanted to be the dog.

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How do you feel about shelters refusing to give people "outside" dogs?

My aunt went to the humane society to get a dog, and they asked how often she would keep it outside. She said it would be outside most of the time because she lives on a farm. Of course, she lets her dogs sleep in the laundry room when it's cold, and they have dog houses when it rains. They wouldn't give her one because they were afraid she would just tie it up outside, only pay attention to it when she feeds it, and it's stuck tied to the doghouse all its life.

I understand this concern, but their imagined scenario is a far cry from just keeping a dog outside. She lives on 85 acres. Her dogs have PLENTY of room.

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Have you ever carved a pumpkin before?

My sister and I did, outside my apartment, and one of the neighbors sat in his car and watched. At first we thought he was being weird and then he told us that he'd never seen someone carve a pumpkin before and that where he's from pumpkins are just pies. Then he asked if they'd be outside later so he could show his daughter :) We were so surprised that he'd never even seen someone carve a pumpkin, we asked my next neighbor to go by and he said he'd seen people do it, but he'd never done it.

Also, can you please recommend a perfume?

I like CK One, Tommy Girl and fairly gender neutral scents, but I"m open to girly stuff. Inexpensive is a plus.

Include my psychiatric disability on my okcupid profil/e

I recently made an okcupid profile, and I included that I'm on disability. Is that disclosing too much, too soon?

If someone is interested in me, I can follow up with disclosing that it is a psychiatric disability, not a physical one. Either way, it is a big deal, if only for the fact that I don't work and have a very limited income.

Should I just leave the matter of disability and employment out of my profile all together? The question of work would probably come up in email anyway, or within a couple of meetings, and I wouldn't lie. But should I wait?

For those you of you tuning in late, I'm 51 years old, I separated from my wife in July 2011, and I'm single-parent to a 14 year old boy.


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How do you study?

I type out anything I need to know so it's all in one spot..and then I highlight or write other things on the printed out notes..
My fiance thinks it's weird.

DK/DC/not in school:  What's your go to recipe for dinner?

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my aunt gave me this tea pot she got from an antique store that was made in Japan. then a couple hours later my mom broke the handle womp womp.

what's the best glue i can use to try and repair it? i'm talking like specific brands, i know i need to use super glue. although my sister said something about pottery glue?

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How do you cut someone out of your life when all your friends are friends with them too? (As in whenever you hang out with your friends that person is there too, and it's been like that for years.)
Do you know anyone who is just completely awful with no redeeming qualities?

go team

You go to a sporting event at a sporting arena.  It's halftime, in between innings, whatever, and you and everyone else in the arena go to the bathroom.  There is a line out the door.

Basically, 100 people in line for 15 or so restroom stalls.

When you get in the actual restroom, there is a visibly handicap woman yelling at everyone in the restroom because the handicap restroom is occupied by a non-handicap person. 

How do you feel about this?  It's been bothering me since it happened.  Would you avoid using the only available, handicap restroom just in case someone who is handicap may need it?  Would you use any restroom available?  Would you feel like an a-hole if you happened to be the person in the restroom when the handicap woman came in?
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Yesterday I had my face and neck waxed. Although my hair is gone, so is the top layer of my skin. It's that very red color and starting to scab over now. Is it OK if I cover it with make up tomorrow for when I go out? Since I'm prone to acne, would that be a terrible idea?

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What makes a person a cook? And what is the difference between a cook and a chef?

I consider myself a recipe-follower, not a cook. A cook, to me, is someone who can take seemingly random ingredients and make a wonderful meal out of them. I can follow directions pretty well (minus an incident with Campbell's soup), but I hesitate to change a recipe too much until I've tried it the "right" way first.