October 22nd, 2011

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What is your sleep-routine? Do you give yourself a bedtime and a waking time? How long does it normally take you to fall asleep?

I've been trying to get myself to sleep around midnight, with the hopes of waking around 8am, but for the most part, I go to sleep when I want, and I usually sleep until 9:30 or 10:00am, regardless of how much sleep I got. But when it comes down to it, I HATE stopping doing things to lay down and sleep. Even though, like now, I can feel my eyes straining, and I'd probably be asleep within 10 minutes if I laid down (which is fast for me) and I can't do much else that's productive with as tired as I am, but I reallyreally just don't like going to bed. Anyone else like this? Or does anyone have a helpful mantra/mindset/thought process that helps them enjoy the process of going to sleep? I'm trying to enforce some more structure in my life and am struggling with this aspect of it.
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TQC, decide my life for me. I am bored senseless and want something to do today. It can involve my car, which has about 120 miles left in the tank, and maybe it should involve taking pictures, but I don't know where to go to take photographs. But I don't really have any money to do anything with that. What should I do today? I live in Lompoc, CA if that's any help. Not much out here.

ETA: Will you give me examples of every day things in the world that I can take pictures of?

i don't understand fashion either.

can i wear ankle-length footless tights/leggings with a fancy dress and flats? my foot would be uncovered in the shoe and it'd be visible. aside from my feet being cold, is that weird? the dress and tights in question are black and the shoes in question are either blue or red. if not i can try to find my gray footed tights but i don't know if they made it last time i moved...

ETA these tights/leggings (they're like really thick tight material, not jersey like normal leggings) look super awkward with this dress no matter what shoes i wear, and i can't find my gray tights. bare legs it is unless i can pick some cheap black hose up on the way there... thanks for the help!
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fact: i had emergency dental work done last night. i had two infected molars opened up, medicine put in, and then sealed with temporaries until root canals could be completed in a week. am i right in assuming this raging fever i now have is a result of pockets of infection being opened up by the dentist, and not because of the penicillin i'm taking?
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Most lasagna recipes call for around 2 qts of sauce to be used in a 9x13 pan. I am going to be using a 11x16 pan. I have 4 qts of sauce.

Do I have enough sauce?  It's homemade and it's fucking perfect but I could add some more of my frozen homemade stuff if necessary, but I also don't want to waste it if I don't have to.  Thoughts/opinions?

DK/DC/LASAGNA KILLED MY FAMILY HDU: Would you rather watch The Burbs, Labyrinth, the Pens/Devils game or something else? What would that something else be?

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TQC, have you ever worked in a chiropractor's office? What sorts of things did you do? Did you enjoy it?

DK/DC: What kind of body wash/soap do you use in the shower? I'm partial to Sonic Death Monkey from Lush but I'm using up a bottle of Victoria's Secret Champagne and Strawberries. It's not the best smelling thing, but it gets me clean.
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do you know of any countries/schools that offer free or really cheap tuition for international students? i know sweden stopped doing this recently, but it looks like norway still does (and has programs taught in english). do you know anyone who has gone to a random country just for the cheap school? any thoughts on the issue?

grad school is expensive :( i want to study something related to architecture, urban planning, community development, sustainability, etc. (want to work for a city planning department, ethical architecture firm or non-profit). my undergrad is a b.arch (professional degree).
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Dear TQC,

Collapse )

Apparently, she's been hanging out around our house for the past couple weeks, and I'm not really sure what to do with her. I don't know if she's lost, abandoned, or just an outdoor cat with a stupid owner. I kind of wanted to take her in last night, but we have other animals in this house and I didn't want any of them to get her fleas. It's getting cold now and I'm starting to worry that she's going to freeze out there, but I don't want to potentially steal someone's cat. I'm hoping she comes back so I can get a picture of her and post "CAT FOUND" pictures around the neighborhood, but other than that, what else can I do? Should I take her to a vet? Get some anti-flea stuff to put on her and then bring her in? Take her to a shelter?
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I'm dying of snot at the moment, and all I want to do is slob about the house in my pyjamas feeling like death. Unfortunately, my temperature regulation has gone to hell, so pyjamas are out. I need to get me a nice nightdress style thingy instead. So question number one: Is there anywhere in the world that makes nightdresses or dresses that are two sizes smaller in the bust than in the bum, or am I just going to have to get rich and get some custom made clothes? And question number two: will you tell me about your size disparities to distract me from feeling not just ill but also mis-shapen?

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I'm not much of a baker and I know this sounds horrifically stupid of me, but if I don't have cooking spray, should I use butter or brush on olive oil to grease the cookie sheet? I'm making sugar cookies.

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TQC I'm going nuts. After unforeseen circumstances I'm stuck living at home. I need out. Now. How long will it be before I get a big girl job so I can support myself and move the fuck out?

Where do you go to find real jobs? I've applied and had phone interviews for several, but it doesn't ever go beyond that. :/ I'd prefer websites to search because gas is expensive, and I don't want to use it frivolously.
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This question is probably asked from time to time. But what ouija board experiences have you had? (Have you ever asked your parents if they've tried a ouija board?) Did it scare you at all? Do you think ouija boards are dangerous? Or all in good fun?

I've only tried it a couple times. Once with a friend in her bedroom. The board started to say "hag under the" at which point my friend freaked out and threw the board. We were probably in 4th grade. Same age, same friend, we were in the car while her mom was driving, and the board said "are you scar" at which point my friend threw the board again. =b It was really exciting and fun to me. I don't know what to make of the ouija board, though.
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What is the very earliest date I can reasonably put up my Christmas tree?

Never, whenever, Christmas is stupid
Oct 23/24/25
Oct 26/27/28
Oct 29/30/31
Nov 1/2/3
Nov 4/5/6
Nov 7/8/9
Nov 10/11/12
Nov 13/14/15
Nov 16/17/18
Nov 19/20/21
Nov 22/23/24
Nov 25 (day after Thanksgiving)
Any time I want; it's my damn tree and my damn house

Bought it yesterday and I am absolutely ITCHING.
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Which of these 'grown up' things can you do without asking a parent, SO, friend, TQC or professional for help?

change a lightbulb
rewire a plug
a week's load of laundry, including ironing
cook a three course meal
compose your CV
book a holiday, including transport arrangements
set up a home internet connection
wallpaper an entire room
care for/entertain an infant for an entire afternoon

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I've never had a paid account but I want to try the free two week trial... I need the notes because I keep mixing up people here. If I get the free trial and take a bunch of notes during that period will they dissapear when it runs out? I'm thinking not but just curious...

Anyone wanna share their notes?

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I'm a sucker for beauty products, and I'm always wondering what other people's favorites are, so! What are your absolute favorite or go-to beauty products? Hair, body, makeup, etc. Pictures are awesome, by the way.

And if you don't care about beauty products, what is/are your worst experience(s) with a boss or supervisor? My boss right now is driving me completely up the wall in so many ways, and if I didn't love my fellow employees to death, I'd quit on the spot.

In the spirit of Halloween (and my excitement for Paranormal Activity 3 tomorrow - yes, I'm a sucker), what is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

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I'm having problems.
I'm really stressed out and am having a hard time focusing and organizing myself.
I think if I could organize my work and develop better time management I could be a lot more successful.

Do you have any tips on time management? Or any links I could refer to? I need to develop my study skills and time management and I have no idea where to look for advice. =/ Google is failing me. 


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I just moved to the neighborhood about a week ago. My friend did too; he's about a 10-15 minute walk from me. He's having a housewarming party tonight. I want to go but can't find anyone to come with me. I don't really want to go alone but I want to meet new people. I have to work at 6:30 am tomorrow, which means waking up around 5-5:30. I know if I go I'll probably drink too much.. Should I just stay in and read? Or should I go for it?

Should I stay or should I go?


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Inspired by this comment,

When you are looking at nail polishes online, does it bother you when the whole nail isn't painted?

I love the color in that comment but all I can focus on is the sliver of nail along the edge that's missing polish. ARG. JUST PAINT IT ALREADY.

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who do you feel should get social security?
should the government be more selective when giving out ssd/ssi ?

I met some people this week that are receiving ssi and was shocked when they told me what they got it for:

being HIV +
can't read or write
wieghing 500 + lbs

one woman is on ssi and gets an extra 300 dollars for each of her children....she has 5 kids under the age of 18....that's more money than I make in an entire month!

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Did you ever write a letter to a company and got something free out of it?

I got a giant box of Pirate's Booty yesterday/

Have you ever had a knish?
How do you like 'em?

if none of these apply to you: what's happenin'?
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What kind of non-traditional stuff do you want for Christmas/as a gift?
Like, I really want an immersion blender and a stand mixer.

What do you love MOST MOST MOST about the colder months?
Hate hate hate?

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Whoever gave the heads up apart pumpkin pie pop-tarts, thank you thank you thank you!!! Searching for those led me to discover sugar cookie flavored pop-tarts. OMFG soooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What has been your best recent discovery?
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What's a fun activity to do at home that doesn't involve watching movies/tv/going on the internet and isn't sex?
EDIT: and doesn't involve food or alcohol

What are some odd activities you have been suggested, or have all of a sudden gotten a strange urge to do?

I asked my housemate a couple of weeks ago "What's something fun we can do?" and their excited response was "WEAVE A MAT!" o_O
The other day I got an overwhelming urge to do origami, though I haven't really done it in years, and wasn't particularly good at it.