October 21st, 2011


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If someone owes you money, how do you get them to pay it? How do you ask in a way that works? I'm so mad I want to threaten or tell her she's stealing from me but something tells me that would not work. I can't take legal action and I probably won't see her again. It's for the electric and gas bill at our old apartment. I did her a major favor and she has promised me the money but has not delivered. I should probably just let it go but other people have screwed me out of money and I'm tired of it, and plus I'm totally broke right now.

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Inspired by a previous post...

Do you borrow money from people? If so, when do you pay them back? Does it depend on how much money it is - and if so, what are those amounts?

Do you lend money to people? If so, do you expect to get it back? And if so, by when? Does it depend on how much money it is - and if so, what are those amounts?

There are probably variables in this so answer however you like.

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Which celebrity couples would you have a threesome with? Assume they met you at a restaurant and paid for your meal and all your drinks

Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes
Portia de Rossi/Ellen Degeneres
George Clooney/Stacy Keibler
Freddie Prinze Jr./Sarah Michelle Gellar
Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lopez
Leonardo Dicaprio/Blake Lively
Will Smith/Jada Pinkett
Charlie Sheen/whatever porn star he's shagging
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt
Kelly Preston/John Travolta
Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter
Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner
Christina Hendricks/This guy
Anna Paquin/Bill Moyer
Prince William/Kate Middleton

Edit: the link just broke down. Hendricks is married to Geoffrey Arend

shoes, shoes, shoes

do you usually put on/take off your shoes in your bedroom (or other place where you get dressed), or near your front door (or whatever door you usually come in)? somewhere else? where do you store your shoes? do you maybe store them in two separate places like i do?

we keep the shoes we wear most often (3 or 4 pairs each) in our coat closet by the front door, and our other less often worn or dressy shoes in our clothes closet in the bedroom. we used to keep all our shoes in the coat closet but it smelled too much like feet to keep coats in there...

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What are you excited about or looking forward to this weekend?

After class today I'm going on my first group ride (cycling), tonight I'm going drinking with a couple of my coworkers, and tomorrow night I'm going to a zombie crawl. This is by far the busiest weekend I've had in a while.

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I didn't bring a lunch to work today, and I'm going to walk to get something. I'm realllly hungry, and my three options are Burger King, Dairy Queen and sushi. I was thinking sushi, but I don't know if that will fill me up? So what should I get?

DK/DC - Do you thrift store shop? What do you prefer to thrift for? Is there anything you refuse to buy at a thrift store (let's assume underwear is a given, k?)

Before I worked at a thrift store, I would mostly just buy books. Now I buy lots of clothes, accessories, shoes and books. There really isn't much that I wouldn't buy from a thrift store.

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Dating sites? Yes or no? Which ones? Is there still a social stigma regarding online dating? Do you feel awkward telling friends/family you met online?

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tqc, have you seen Rob Dyrdek's show Ridiculousness? how hard do you laugh when you see what happens? i can't stop...

haven't seen it? what's your favorite show? don't watch tv? what's your favorite .. anything?


Do you watch Project Runway? Do you agree that last night's ep was a total hack, and Josh was right for basically calling shenanigans? I mean, I don't particularly like Josh, but I do think SOMEONE should have gone home.

I feel like this season has been all about stupid gimmicks, and I kind of cant wait for it to just be over. None of the final people are interesting in the slightest.

Also, are you excited for PR: All Stars? If not, you're crazy. I think it'll be weird without Tim Gunn, and I've never liked Joanna Coles, so we'll see.

If you don't watch PR... you're probably doing something much more productive for 1.5 hours per week, and that's probably a good thing.

EDIT: Can we please talk about the all-stars? How is "spit-marker" Elisa Jimenez from season 4 an all-star? She got 10th place!!! Why isn't Santino on this? Or someone from season 3, like Uli, or Malan Breton? I swear.. this show... sometimes I just don't know...
Tuomas - GLAHHHH

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I'm pregnant and clumsy. I just fell out of my shower onto my right side, and have a pretty awesome side pain. Baby's fine, I'm fine except for the sore ribs and side.

My question is, is there anything outside of pain killers (which I took) that I can do to relieve the side pain? And for later, is there any position I can sleep in that won't make for serious pain?

Alternatively: What's the clumsiest thing you've done recently?
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I was talking to somebody and they told me that they seriously believed that the only reason people get tattoos is for attention. I mean, does anybody honestly agree with that?

What are your favorite ways to spend a lazy, rainy afternoon?
Favorite autumn drink?

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I hate buying pants - because I'm 5'7 and have fairly long legs, so most regular pants are too short, and most "long" pants are a little too long. I can't win. And shirts - because I'm skinny, with boobs, and *nothing* ever fits. Actually maybe I just hate buying clothes....books, on the other hand....
What kind of clothes do you hate buying?
Where do you have to best luck buying pants?

DKDC - Is it better to buy pants a little bit too long, or just barely the right length?
CM - Garcia's happy

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What was the last time complaining to a company paid off for you?

I got free coupons from Redbox because a kiosk wouldn't give me the movie i requested online, and I got a better deal on my phone bill by calling and explaining I was thinking of switching because it would be cheaper.
Geeky Girls


I need a couple of books for school. The last time I needed them, I just purchased them from Amazon.com because they were cheaper than the school bookstore and I trust Amazon. However, I would like to save a bit of money now.

Have any of you guys rented books from Chegg.com? If so, how was your experience? Do you have any suggestions for other book sellers?
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I want to make my pugs' costumes for Halloween. I am limited on cash and I can't sew. I think I might just throw some old shirts on them and embellish them somehow. BUT HOW??

Can you post pictures of animals in costume?

why was my dinner fizzing

I decided to broil some salmon for dinner. I mixed honey, grainy mustard (that is, mustard grains in a little vinegary sauce, not crushed/pureed at all) and a little red chili powder. I salted and peppered the salmon, then spread the sauce on top. While I was waiting for the broiler to preheat, I looked down and noticed MY DINNER WAS FIZZING. Tiny, fizzy bubbles were forming all over. I have no idea why. It freaked me out, so I wiped it off and just used honey and chili for a sauce. While dinner was cooking, I experimented with mixing honey with that mustard and it did not fizz.

WTF. Obvs a chemical reaction, but what was reacting? I do not recall any warnings in either high school chem or middle school home ec about never mixing mustard with honey...or fish.


Okay this sucks. I never remember how to do this and I really need to commit it to memory, but right now I'm in a bit of a time crunch.

I need to resize some images for an application.  The specifications are that it needs to be 72 dpi, no smaller than 1000 pixels on any side, but less than 2MB, and jpeg.  My original files are 72 dpi, 576x720 pixels, and 1.19M (or uncropped they are 3264x4896 pixels, 72 dpi - but I need to crop the images way down to 8x10 since they're photographs of photographs.)

I'm using CS5.  Can/will you walk me through how to make this happen without messing up any of the size specifications?  :) :) :)

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What is your least favorite vegetable?
Years ago I ate zucchini so often that I hate it now. And also that bitter lettuce/leaf that is in spring/frou frou salads often.

If you brought lunch to school when you were younger, did you ever trade with someone?
I used to trade my pb+j sandwiches for ham sandwiches with my friend. I like pb+j now. One time my mom ran out of jelly and just put peanut butter, though. Trading might have stopped after that incident.