October 20th, 2011

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I'm a teacher's assistant at my university and run my own lab. There's one student who is rude but yesterday was extremely disruptive. While I was doing some review, he interrupted with a off topic question about an assignment. Even though I pointed out I'm not allowed to talk about that, he kept repeating the same question until he yelled about how much bullshit it was. When I was coming around during the lab answering individual questions, he'd interrupt while I was helping someone else constantly. He also several times would loudly yell about how stupid something irrelevant was, like how one needs to enter their email password even if logged onto a school computer. Apparently during class today he was disruptive to the point the professor had to threaten to call security to get him to stop. There's nothing in his file to suggest he has a mental condition, so even though my school does provide resources for students with disabilities, they can't do anything if the student says nothing is wrong.

How do I handle a student like this? Do I ignore him when he goes off topic or doesn't stop asking irrelevant questions? Do I be more polite and apologize that I cannot help? I've been apologizing up until now, but he just gets louder and repeats what he says when I do. I can't get him focused on the work at all, since all he does is complain about how stupid everything is. The professor isn't sure what to do either. If this continues he's likely to be kicked out, and I'd much rather see him get help or find a way to work with him before that!
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Language question!

Say there's a row of terraced houses, all with back gardens. There's access to all the gardens at the bottom of them, in the form of a passageway, alley, miniature street or whatever. What do you call that passageway?

Here it's a tenfoot, thanks to some arcane planning rules that dictate the amount of access space any one house should have, or something. And it's very different to a passageway between streets that doesn't have gardens backing on to it, because that's a snicket.

TQC, will you tell me about your crazy local words for alleyways, passages, and the like?

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any other crossword puzzle fanatics around here?
what paper's puzzle do you do, or do you have books of them?

i do the new york times crossword, and i'm about at a thursday skill level--i have only finished one friday puzzle but with a mistake, but i can usually pop out monday thru wednesday in 15 minutes or so. i have never singlehandedly done a sunday puzzle, but thats more because i think they are social puzzles and more fun to do with friends.

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For my class, we have to visit a library, interview the librarian, and write a paper on our experiences. I'm going to visit a library in my town, and my family is pretty good friends with the librarian there. I don't have his cell phone number, though, and I don't know if I should just call the library and bother him/interrupt him? So I was going to write an e-mail.

Only... I don't know how to start the email. Should I say Hi Mr. [last name], this is Molly [last name], I'm doing this assignment for class? Or should I just write the e-mail, saying Hi Mr. [last name], I'm doing this assignment for class, yadda yadda, then sign it with my name? I don't know, I don't want to sound awkward and he knows me, so I don't have to truly introduce myself.

So, how would you start the email? Or would you just call?

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I'm already thinking ahead to Christmas shopping.

Who is the hardest person you have to shop for and why? What will you get them?

My mom and brother are really hard to shop for. Mom because she never wants anything, never asks for anything. My brother because he automatically buys whatever he wants. I have no idea what to get my mom at this point, but I think I'm going to buy my brother some expensive looseleaf tea and get a gift card somewhere.
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Have you ever dated someone (casually or seriously) who fell off the face of the earth instead of having the balls to just say they were no longer interested?

On the contrary, someone who endures a year and a half of long distance (such a distance that only allows him/her to see their SO every 3-4 months) and keeps daily contact AND suggests meeting each others' respective families is probably still smitten, right? Because I would think that this 'falling off the face of the earth' thing would be even easier for someone to do from a long distance.
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1. Has anybody had any kind of success by posting their info/resume at monster.com? It probably doesn't help that I'm not in some big metropolis, but all I've gotten is positions in the Big City an hour and a half away from me. And spam from a certain technical institute.

2. The hard drive on my daughter's old Think Pad is dying a slow, painful death. It's $90 (w/shipping) to replace, or we could go to the Mart of Walls and get her a new computer for $250. WWTQCD? (Keep in mind she'll be playing Minecraft and Doctor Who interactive games on this, for the most part. And apparently, there's flooding in the Philippines which will bring up the prices of the hard drive. My SO says this is an important factor.)

3. DK/DC/your mundane questions bore me, Elbie: what's for lunch today? I have some leftover pot roast - I'mma whip up some instant mashed potatoes and make an open-faced sandwich out of it all.

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I've had two large mugs of coffee, and a 500 ml bottle of water, and I've had to pee like, 6 times since I got up (at 9) whyyyyyyyy? or is this totally normal? (two large mugs of coffee is not that much for me)

DKDC - what are you listening to right now?
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What are you currently putting off and what are you doing instead?

I should be cleaning and taking a shower but instead I'm watching a concert DVD and reading a blog.

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It's my sister and brother-in-law's wedding anniversary today.
My three year old nephew will be coming over later to make them a card. I have a picture of him and a frame that I was planning to give them for Christmas (from me). Should I give it to them now as "his" anniversary gift? Or should we just print and cut out pictures of them or something?

Do you have any cute/funny kids stories?

My nephew is super shy but made a friend at the playground the other day and felt it was completely necessary to bring the boy over so we could meet. :D
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For any of you who usually do artist alleys or art fairs, do you normally bring your portfolio with you? Or do you only display what you're selling and let that stand as your "portfolio"?

I've been bringing mine, but every year I get people asking me how much the stuff in my portfolio costs, so I was thinking I'm not actually supposed to have out anything I'm not intending to sell? :/
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I'm hosting a Halloween party and I'm trying to think of a menu. Should I make chili or shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches? Or should I just make a ton of appetizers? I'm trying to do this kind of cheaply.
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I bought a vintage suit which fits nice except it is slightly too small in the waist. Apparently, I need some serious undergarments, just like in the olden days. I was thinking of buying some Spanx. I'm sure some of you are wearing some right this instant. Do they actually suck you in at all or do they just smooth you out?

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You're going to prison for the rest of your life. You can bring five books with you, but NOT "how to escape from prison", and religious texts don't fall into this limit.

what books do you bring?


Lord of the Rings (1 Vol)
The Count of Monte Cristo, unabridged
Les Miserables, unabridged
A one-volume Song of Ice and Fire (I assume I have time to get this done personally for me)

80s night!!

Tonight I'm going to an 80s Night party WOOO!! Having only being born in the 80s, the stuff that I'm wearing I definitely have zero experience in.

I found a great high waist skirt, and a black blousey type shirt to wear tucked in. Then I have an awfully boxy paint-splatter blazer and matching scarf for my hair.

Question is - belt or no?!  I found a clear neon orange belt (90s moreso, but pretty good for a fast thrift store find!). And if I DO wear the belt, where at?! The skirt doesn't have belt loops. Does it go around my waist? Around the top of the skirt? Where?!  I don't trust the google image search, every image is current fashion.
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the little things

Today it's raining and it's a really dark day in general.
I came to work already upset because I know that no one's gonna walk in the store and I'm gonna die of boredom. But, my coworker waited for me with a box of my favorite cookies.
My dad thought I was working the afternoon shift yesterday, so he brought me some cookies. He even told her she could eat them if she wanted too 'cause he didn't bring anything for her.. He's the sweetest. It really made my day, to sum it up.

What's something that made your day today? (or yesterday, since I'm on a completely different time zone :))
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TQC, I've seen a photo of Marilyn Monroe next to a fairly thin woman and on the photo it says "screw you society, this is more attractive than this" or something like that. I get why people like the idea of that, and why being 'curvy' is awesome, even though i don't even think Marilyn is that big.. but a trend I've noticed is for a ton of women to group together on these photos and make comments about how nasty that skinny girl looks, how she should be ashamed of herself, eat a cheeseburger etc. etc.

Does that bother you? Do you think it's justified bashing skinny women because some larger women have been teased about their weight in the past?
If a bunch of skinny chicks were like OH GOD LOOK AT THAT FAT DISGUSTING BITCH ON THE BEACH OH GOD BARFING FOREVER people are usually like wtf no that is not okay that poor girl blah blah blah. But it's socially acceptable to bash thin girls who may very well naturally just be shaped like that no matter what they eat.


edit: Also how do y'all feel about people declaring that thin women are not what "real" women look like?

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Today, I told the boyfriend I was going for a run, and he says "why, you don't look like you need to exercise!" I was like >__<  He was like "well you're not overweight or anything!"
And I get that it was probably supposed to be a compliment, but it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way... like only overweight people need to exercise?
Whats something annoying someone has said to you lately?
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slow friend

I have a friend who is really slow, not like disabled or anything but just slow, but shes very kind and has a really good heart. Shes probably the nicest person i know.
I was talking to my grandma about this and she said something along the lines of smart people know better.. idk how much truth there is to that, but my sharper friends do tend to be more ass-holey.
Do you think there is a correlation between my friends slowness and kindness?
Do you have any nice but slow friends?
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Alright TQC.. so I've kind of been having a horid week and skipped a class Monday . I planned to email my professor my assignment. I kind of procrastinated it forgot until today. I emailed him and asked him if I could still hand it in , saying I forgot to email it (which is true.. I just forgot to do it as well haha) and asked if I still could. He said I could if the properties on the file match the day it was due or earlier. Is there actually a way for him to actually see this?

Theoretically, what if I just edited an assignment I did that day and write my assignment in there? Could he tell I changed the file name?

It's not the end of the world if I dont turn the assignment in, since my grade is fine and I deserve it. but Id still rather do it.
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this is gross, but i can't stand it anymore. my mom somehow got stuck with picking up my 11-year old cousin from school everyday and EVERY TIME she (my cousin) gets to my house she goes straight to the bathroom and every time i or my brother goes to use the bathroom later, BAM! there's shitty - literally, shitty - toilet paper in the trash can all exposed. IT'S ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. and it's every single day. my mom refuses to tell her anything and i know that if i tell her something i'm gonna be the bitchy, bad guy. what should i do, tqc?

edit: thank you to those who provided me with some advice. i guess i feel awkward because i've never had to tell anyone something like this before. but i'll be putting all of your good advice to good use whenever it happens again. :)
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TQC, how long does it take for someone else's laundry sitting in a communal laundry room to be free game to toss/donate/wear on your head and pretend to be Captain Underpants/etc?

week? month? never?

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Guys I need your opinions... I'm not looking to be validated I just really want to know if I did wrong.

I adopted a puppy 3 weeks ago... she is 6.5 months old, and around 6-7 pounds. She had never seen a vet when I first got her so I took her for her first set of vaccinations. Today I brought her in to get spayed and I went to pick her up and she is in extreme pain. The vet said she is being overly sensitive to pain and not cooperating/over reacting at every little thing. When I saw her it was like she didn't even know me, and you can't touch her without her squeeling and screaming out in pain and thrashing about. I have never heard a noise like that before and she is staying at the vet overnight so they can give her meds and watch her.

My mother/other people are saying the puppy was too stressed out because of the move with me and that I did it too soon and am traumatizing her. Did I do wrong? Am I a bad pet owner?

tl/dr: I have a puppy that I got 3 weeks ago and got her spayed, she is in extreme pain and now I am worried that I did it too soon and should have let her get used to me more first so she wasn't so stressed.

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Would you like to play "What Do YOU Do?"...

Inspire by the three scenarios I experienced/witnessed today.

A) You're out in public (coffee shop/book store), the couple at the table next to you is talking and you can hear them. The wife asks her husband about why Charlotte (from Charlotte's Web) died. Was it because she helped Wilbur too much? Or because it was her time and you know spiders just don't live very long.
They couldn't remember the book very well so they didn't come up with an answer.

Would you be tempted to help with book details and/or your own opinion on the matter?

(Furthermore, why do you think Charlotte died? My interpretation was that she laid her eggs, made a nice home for them and was exhausted and yes it was her time. Is this right?)

B) At same establishment, there were people conducting a job interview with an applicant. I could hear everything as I was right next to them. At one point, the interviewee stated, "Honestly, I think what you described as a skillset is way more than I know." Or something to that effect. It was very early on in the interview. I was surprised.

Do you let your interviewer know right off the bat of your lack of skills? Or do you hear more and figure you could catch on? How much do you stretch your abilities when you're interviewing for a position? Do you ever lie?

C) I live in an apartment building. In order to get in, you need a key, your key card (for the garage) or the front desk needs to buzz you in. Today when I was walking through the lobby, I saw some guy waiting in the vestibule. There was no one at the front desk. So the guy was just there hoping for someone to let him in.
I walked right by him. Maybe he lived here, maybe not.

Would you walk on by?
Would you try to help him?
Would you try and find the front desk person for him?

What if he was a robber murderer!?
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Red Cross was out in full force today asking for help. Ironically on the same day as Spirit day. Why do you think the Red Cross' policies (homos + blood donation for example) haven't been updated or re-approached?

Edit for clarification.

Another question about our puppy

We've been house training our puppy for about a month now, and for about a week I've been praising her for relieving herself outside, but she keeps going inside anyway. I'm fairly certain at this point that she can hold it in (she's about six months old and has grown quite a bit since we got her, she's now about 2.5 times larger than a Chihuahua), and as far as I can tell she understands perfectly well that she is supposed to pee outside. She doesn't do it when people are watching.

So why is it she'll do nothing but walk around for half an hour outside and then leave a large puddle on the carpet the second you turn your back? And why would she do something like that after going several days without peeing inside the house? And this isn't even a rare occasion. (My dad's convinced she's doing it as revenge, but I think he's giving her too much credit.)

Is it because we haven't been cleaning up enough? Is it possible it's genetic, somehow?

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My friend isn't the brightest and is on holiday in Tunisia just now. Obviously the country's buzzing with the news of Gaddafi's death. I just got this facebook message from her 'This place is going mad! Some guy is dead but what did he do?'

How do I respond?!
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I'm editing something for a friend. I don't have a style manual on me at the moment, and most Internet resources are about citations. Does anybody out there know MLA style well?

Which is correct, in MLA style: African American or African-American?

Or, barring anybody knowing the style rules, which seems to be the general preference?

dk/dc/stop nitpicking: What methods do you use to organize your life? Physical tidiness and organization sure, but also mental organization? How do you keep all your stuff straight?
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Will you rec some podcasts for my friend?

She is interested in humor and fandom-related podcasts. She has many fandoms including NCIS, Stargate, Sword of Truth, Firefly, Bones, Discworld, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

I don't know anything about podcasts, so I am asking you for help. My friend lives in New Zealand and is looking for podcasts for her Ipad, if any of that matters.

Thank you in advance! :)
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Have you ever driven while having one of your feet hanging out of the window or sitting on the dashboard of a car? Have you ever done this as a passenger?

How far do you live from the nearest airport?

When was the last time you made poop?

When it's all said and done, who do you think will have had more sexual encounters?

Justin Bieber
Jack Nicohlson
George Clooney
Hugh Hefner

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Is anyone watching "Miss Representation"? What do you think of it?

What are your weekend plans?
There's a comedy show about an hour away...my friend might not be able to go. Should I go alone if she can't go with me?
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What are the chances that calling your cell phone provider and letting them know you're considering switching to another company will lead to some type of discount on the bill?

Anybody had any luck?

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TQC, I've just given up biting my nails, and my mom gave me her whole collection of nail stuff. I have this nail builder stuff from Avon, does it work when applied on top of nail polish?

Dk/dc, will you show me pretty painted nails?

Dk/dc/I hate nails, what was the last bad habit you gave up?