October 19th, 2011

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For the women:

Has anyone ever made a comment to you or asked you a question about being pregnant when you weren't? How did you react? Didn't it sting?

For everyone:

What's the most offensive thing a stranger has ever said to you? How did you react?

exercise question

The boyfriend recognizes he has a weight problem and needs to eat better & exercise, and constantly complains that he wants to look better/ be in better shape, but he doesn't actually do anything. How can I motivate/encourage him to exercise without being a dick about it.
I've said things like "you know, I don't need to lose weight, but I'd like to be in better shape", and then he will say we should both go to the gym or something, but it doesn't actually happen. advice?

Whats your favourite form of exercise?

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EDIT: Has been answered. So here's a new question:

Has anyone got the new Batman game? How're you liking it so far?

Does anyone know where I can find a recording of the CNN republican debate from last night?

I missed it and I can't find it on youtube or on CNN.

I'd much appreciate it if you can help me find it!

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How do you find new communities you guys?? I'd love to find a few more entertaining communities, but I can only find Russian ones. And I don't speak Russian.

On a different note - can you go online where you work (like not to do work, to play around)? If you can, is it something you have to hide, or does nobody care?
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Cat thoughts

Do cats have self-awareness? I read that they're red/green colorblind. But do they THINK about colors, or is that too existential?

Do you think my orange and white cat ever looks at my brown dog and thinks "Man, I'm glad I'm not THAT color"? I think he probably does.
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A runaway train carriage is heading towards a broken bridge.
Meanwhile on a joining track, lies a man tied down that can't escape.
You see a lever. If you pull it, the train will turn and kill the innocent man tied to the tracks. If you don't pull it, the people on the carriage will die.

Do you pull the lever? Why or why not?

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What function do a bird's tail feathers serve in flight?

I saw a pigeon today which had it's tail feathers cut on an angle (I presume in some sort of accident, although it was in a straight line. Propeller?) and it was walking around fine, but I was wondering if it would be able to fly ok.
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TQC, it is gross out, and I missed my Amtrak train for stupid reasons that are pretty much all my fault. Now I have to sit in this Starbucks for the next 2 hours and wait for the next train. Talk about a waste of time.

When was the last time you caused yourself great inefficiency? What should I do while I wait?
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another cat question

bacstory: i just recently moved into an apartment, i have a neutered male cat and there are 2 unneutered male cats here. the first one attacked my cat and caused him to need a vet/ wear a cone. cute looking but very sad . now the mean cat is at roommates parents house being neutered. (by a vet,not the parents) cat number 2 is a kitten and very sweet, he and my cat get along wonderfully. both me and my roommate are gone all day and he and my cat have run of the very small apartment.
my question: is there ANY way to get this cat to stop using my cat's litterbox?i just canNOT keep up with the amount of poop and pee this kitten does. the litterbox is in my room but i cant keep my door shut all day because then oliver couldnt use his litterbox. i show him the water bottle when I'm home and he goes near it, but that really only works when i'm present. i know it seems really neurotic that I don't want this cat pooping and peeing in my cats litterbox, but this is why i have one cat, not 3.

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I was just notified that my father was being rushed to the hospital and that I should drive to Upstate NY immediately

I have laundry going, what should I pack in my overnight bag?
How long should I plan/pack for?


what color underwear are you wearing?
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At the dinner table, my uncle randomly asked, "Why do black people still call themselves (n-word)? It's just disgraceful."
As I was picking my jaw up off the table, my aunt, horribly enough, adds, "They just need to let it go! My friends from Africa think black people here are disgraceful!"
They are white, middle class Americans. This probably shouldn't be a total surprise to me, but...it was just so out of the blue!

TQC, when was the last time a family member or a friend just completely flabbergasted you? How did you react?

I am very anti-confrontational normally (past abuse has ensured it) and I just fumbled over my words and left the room.

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I am reveling in October themed nails right now, TQC. I am ignoring my husband's distaste and painting my nails like candy corn (which is taking a while since I'm free handing the stripes).

Should I do Jack-o-lanterns or ghosties next? Or something else?

I have many colors of nail polish but no green.
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This is a super easy question, but I can't think of any of the lyrics and googling danananana is going to bring up Batman, not Metallica. Anyway, what's the Metallica song with the old person talk-singing the chorus of basically 'da na na na. na na na na. na na na'? Cheers, guys!

okay, new question: Cutest animal species ever? show your work!
>> autumn
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I'm trying to remember a band.
They are British, fairly recent, definitely most popular in about 2006 but I remember that they are no longer together.
All I can remember about them is that one of their songs started "bang bang shot me down, bang bang hit the ground" possibly a la Nancy Sinatra but I don't remember.

Does anyone have any idea who this is?!
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TQC why is my leg hair acting funnny?
I just noticed after taking a bath that my leg hair has turned black and curly and grown really long. For as long as I can remember it's been straight as a needle, so blond it's almost white, and rather short. I've never bothered to shave my legs because the hair has never been noticeable. Until recently that is. I can't think of any changes in my diet that would cause that.
Why has my leg hair suddenly become visible?

DK;DC: What was your favorite candy to get trick-or-treating as a kid?
I really liked the peanut-butter salt-water taffys. Om nom nom.
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my friend was a cutter in middle school and high school. last night she did it again for the first time in years(she says). i used to cut as well and i really think she needs to talk to someone, like a school counselor(we go to community college here) but she's afraid to.

what do you think they will do/say? i know they wouldn't commit her or anything but she's scared they'll send her to the hospital or something.

like, what is protocol for an adult going to their college counselor or whatever if they are or have harmed themselves recently? i know in high school they called your parents, but we're 24 and 25 and living on our own.

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This might be a dumb question but...

A little while back my hard drive died. I had a back up drive, but I hadn't backed it up in a while and I'd added some music to my iTunes library since then. So now I have most of my music, but not all of it. It's all still  on my iPod, though. Is there a way to sync up my library to what's on my iPod or something, or are those songs lost forever?

fruit fly destruction

How on earth do I mass murder fruit flies?

I've Googled this and tried the top 2 tips I found: putting apple vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing soap into a bowl and also putting the same concoction into a bottle and putting a funnel at the mouth of the bottle.

The second method isn't working AT ALL. The first method works but these little fuckers are smart - the majority of the land on the edge of the bowl and kind of tip toe around the vinegar but ultimately end up flying away. Only a select few end up falling in their.

Anyone know of any other methods? I'm going crazy here with this infestation!