October 18th, 2011

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Asking for a friend of mine...

She sold a bottle of wine to a hotel guest a few nights ago. Apparently the guest got so drunk they threw up, and an ambulance was called. The guest was underage.

What can happen to her? She is freaking out and Google is sort of failing me right now. We live in NY.

Thank you for any help you can offer.
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Posting twice oh noes! Part of my major grade in anthropology is to do a participant observation exercise. This requires me to be somewhere for at least two hours with at least 15ish+ people to interview or interact with/observe, and the more creative the better. Do you have any ideas?
Her recommendations included a person identifying as male to go to a sit and stitch or knitting club, to attend one of the international festivals here in Seattle, or to go to a large-scale event. I'm trying to think outside of the box, and getting stuck. Sensitive places are a no. You're not doing my homework, by the way! I have two good ones in mind, they're just very generic. It's like asking friends!
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Have you ever been cheated on? When you found out, were you more pissed at your partner or the person they cheated on you with? Why?

If you have ever been the other woman or man, did you feel any guilt about it?
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Help please :)

Ok, so I have a stupid question, but no one in my life knows how to fix this, so I will give it a try here. :)
Instagram won't work for me anymore. It won't post pictures on my tumblr, that is. It posts them on my instagram profile, but they don't turn up on my blog... I tried disconecting my tumblr and connecting it again, logging off and in on instagram on my iphone - but it didn't work.
It's been that way for a few days, it seems to me with no reason.

Sorry, I know this is a stupid question - but can anyone help?
This kinda took all of my fun at work haha.

And - what are your favorite iphone applications, if you use any?
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tumblr favorites

I'm not sure if it's allowed to ask about other sites here on livejournal.. (Sorry, LJ, I still love you :P :))
But I was wondering what are your favorite blogs on tumblr?

And what is yours, if you don't mind me checking it out?

My favorite blogs are

http://annatasha.tumblr.com (great girl, photographer, baker, artist in general - always inspires me)
http://thisismiaholley.tumblr.com (funny as hell, wonderfully weird, also a photographer, always interesting to read)

And mine is http://lalamaja.tumblr.com and I think my blog has a lot of qualities too. :P I post my writings, drawings, photos, inspirations, my dog and things that I find amusing. :))

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If you're currently married or engaged, after how long into the relationship did the topic of marriage/engagement come up? Did you bring it up first or did your SO?

This question also applies to those in a serious, committed relationship...that is, if you and your SO HAVE talked about marriage yet.

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my cat is sitting next to my chair, which has its back to the fireplace, and is staring into the fireplace like she's watching tv in it.

what weird stuff does your cat do?
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Would it be a dealbreaker for you if your long-term partner (with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with) wanted to have children, but you didn't - or vice versa?

What is something you're currently looking forward to?
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I'm making risotto tonight. I have no wine. What's a good substitute for it that will bring the same (or similar) elements to the dish?

DK/DC: What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Hey everyone,

Two questions:

Has anyone used the Burts Bees tinted lip balms? Not the ones with pomegranate oil in, that look coloured, the actual almost lip stick ones. Got any pictures?

What's your favourite poetry anthology? I really want the Poet Laureate Anthology for Christmas, but I'm also looking for one that deals with depression without being too cheesy or saccharine. Any recommendations?

Thank yoooou.

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You were great with helping me come up with pregnant lady costume ideas! We ended up going with anthylorrel 's skeleton idea and I will post in the updates after the holiday.

I do have another Halloween question, but I haven't seen this one yet this season:

What are some of the best pumpkin themes/decorations you've seen? Preferably incorporating paint, crafts supplies, found objects and the like moreso than carving, but I'd love to see either!

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What people mean when they talk about  social justice?
its kind of a big term - and i kind of get annoyed when people use it without being a little more specific - to me, social justice issues have to do with poverty, healthcare, access to education, and minority rights.
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I had a phone interview for a job I'd really love to land today, it went well and I have an appointment for a face to face interview in a weeks time, should I send a thank you email this evening/tomorrow?
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Let's suppose, hypothetically, that I've got a friend who is male, age 51, and broke up from his wife over the summer. He'd like to date again, and doesn't know where to start. He'd like to meet women approximately his own age, let's say +/- 7 years, not that he'd rule out folks who are outside that range, but he doesn't want to be that newly-single 51 year-old guy hitting on all the college students.

Are there any dating sites that would be better suited to meeting women in my his age bracket? I imagine sites like OKCupid and plentyoffish are skewing a lot younger, but I could be wrong about that.

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I'm going to New Orleans for Halloween weekend! I'll be there Saturday-Monday. I've never been, and my boyfriend decided to surprise me. So, TQC, what should I do? I have a voodoo tattoo on my forearm and I was an Anne Rice fan when I was, like, 10, but I'm wondering about all sorts of stuff and not just goth spots. Everything from the spooky to the historical to the tourist tacky is welcome--as is dancing/clubbing/partying or athletic activity. Everything!

If we're not going to have a car, is this some central area that it would be best to book a hotel in?

I'm excited! What are you excited about in your life right now, TQC?

question about filming video with a t2i

my friend and i have been having trouble with his canon t2i camera while filming video.  i know it's not exactly designed for filming video (i don't know exactly why, but still)...the problem is that sometimes the camera will just stop recording and flash "movie recording has been stopped automatically" and we'll have to restart the shot.  it's a pain in the ass, but not a HUGE deal.  just curious if anyone else has had this same experience.  


if you could undergo a process to gain super-powers with the caveat that you would die within a year, would you do it?  assume that the earth is under siege by a race of bloodthirsty aliens.  
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Do you watch Deadliest Warrior?

I used to, but Hell's bells, the guys who run the show have a serious case of "my toys are better" syndrome.

They just did an episode with vampires vs zombies- the 30 Days of Night vampires vs Max Brook's zombies (the guy who wrote The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z).

In this kind of a match up, who do you think would win? Why?

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Is it tacky to buy people second hand things as gifts? - Like, CDs, and Books, if they're the kind of thing you think the person would read/listen to. I'm guessing its not, since you're putting the same amount of thought into it, but i could be way off.

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There are LOADS of shelves in the house I share with a friend, and our rooms are tiny. She gathered all my stuff that obviously looked cluttered (fabric/costumes etc) and put them in a bin bag under the stairs along with a few items of clothing I left in the kitchen. Am I validated in finding this totally disrespectful? I'm tidy otherwise.
Eta: when I say cluttered I mean not perfectly stacked colour coded books. And when I say I am tidy otherwise, I mean plates are immediately cleaned once I use them, I wipe things down once I've cooked etc. the clothes in the kitchen were a couple of coats which had been there for 2 days and were hanging on 1 of the 6 chairs the 2 of us share. 
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TQC, remember when I injured my foot? That was 12 days ago (oh my God) and I still can't take a step correctly. Walking with my foot flat hurts like hell so I walk with it on its side, and that hurts, too. Question: should I see a doctor or an orthopedist? WHAT DID I DO?

How's life treatin' ya?

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I know we don't do HW questions- I'm not even sure if this is one..so if it is, just tell me, I'll ask something else.

I'm an English tutor/teacher. One of my students has to defend a character trait for Holden from The Catcher in the Rye.
She wants to prove that he's a realist.
Do you guys think he's a realist? I feel like he's sort of the complete opposite.

Did you like Catcher?
What was your favorite book from high school? Were there any books that you loved as a teenager but didn't like as much as an adult or vice versa?

I looooved Catcher as a teen but didn't really like it when I had to teach it. I don't remember what I thought of 1984 when I was in high school but I really enjoyed it when I was teaching it.
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What seasonal food/drink/candy do you like most? ex: candy corn, peeps, eggnog, pumpkin pie

Does your family have any special holiday foods outside of the standards?

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What do you think the proper age is to get married?

A lot of people from my work keep saying "don't get married young, that's how I ended up in this mess." One specifically told me that he's a good age (26) but I am not (22).

Pretend that the relationship, whatever the people's ages, is at that point where marriage is the next step.

edit: thanks everyone! this was the general thought I had, that it happens when you're ready, but the wise old ladies at work had me question that for a few. Silly traditions.
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goals for christmas gifting/spending

This Christmas, do you have a personal financial goal that you want to keep to? A limit of $ that you want to spend? Do you have a particular goal of how you want to give gifts?

Personally I want to spend no more than $100 on gifts, AND to have half of the stuff to be handmade.

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1. Despite being really good about exercising for ~4 months, my resting heart rate dosen't seem to be going down at all. Should I start worrying yet?

2. What's your guilty fast food pleasure?

3. Pandora, grooveshark, or spotify?

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Bad for you apples:

What's your favorite "candy apple" (or caramel apple) combination?
I really like jelly apples with a hard shell but I will accept the gooey jelly apples from the grocery store with sprinkles

Should I sleep in my living room to keep my cat company?
Are your pets allowed in your room?


How long have you been dating your s/o before you've said "I love you" to your s/o (if you had)? How long have you've been dating?

How long does one have to date a person for it to be considered "long term"?