October 17th, 2011


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You have to switch names with a famous person. The change will be permanent, and everyone around the two of you will be brainwashed to think that it was your name all along. What do you choose to switch with?

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I know a lot of people here have established romantic relationships from friendships - what changed to make you realise it was more than just a friendship? How long did that take? How did the transition happen?
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So I'm compiling a playlist, and I need song recommendations. It's for a role play I'm involved in where two characters are in a friends-with-benefits situation; they've both been hurt in love in the past but are sorta reluctantly falling in love anyway. The only songs I've come up with so far are Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra and Love Hurts by Joan Jett. Help?
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Occasionally the fact that my boyfriend "liked" other girls' profile photos appears on my news feed. Since they are profile photos, they are almost always photos of the girls' faces close-up or photos of just themselves in the shot.

Am I being overly neurotic in thinking that these "likes" are flirtatious? Part of me feels that "like" also translates to, "Ooh you're cute."

My friend said that if a boyfriend were to be intentionally flirting with girls behind his girlfriend's back, he wouldn't be engaging in any facebook activity that could possibly be seen by others (such as facebook "likes").

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so we kind of forgot about the coffee pot and there was mold or fungus or w/e growing on the bit that was left.

i dumped it out and filled the thing with bleach.

how long should i leave the bleach in there?

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Trying to plan a visit to go see my friend in December and there are three options for flight schedules in my price range. However, I'm not too sure that any of these are good options as I definitely don't want to be stuck in an airport because of missing a connection or something. Which of these options looks the best/most likely that I'd be able to make the connecting flights? I'd really prefer to not have to spend $50 more if I don't have to because money's kinda tight right now, but if it means more peace of mind and less stress because all of these are risky, then I guess it might be worth it...

Which one would you go with?

49 minute layover in Phoenix, 4 hour layover in Chicago
3 hour 40 minute layover in Phoenix, 1 hour 7 minute layover in Chicago
1 hour 1 minute layover in Phoenix, 1 hour 7 minute layover in Chicago
Pay $50 more for a better flight schedule

dk/dc: When's the last time you were on an airplane? Where did you go?

Another poll that took 10 minutes to make

Harold Camping has predicted the end of the world yet again. But this time, it's for realz! What will you be doing on October 20th?

Saying my prayers like a good human being worthy of salvation (hint hint Jesus)
Doing as much drugs and booze has humanly possible. I don't wanna be sober for the end!
Doing a lot of crying. it's so sad!
Having sex with the first thing that moves. Preferably bipedial
Selling all my wordly possessions and giving the money to the poor
Selling all my worldly possessions so I can afford more drugs, booze and/or prostitutes
Prepare to blog about the final moments as they come
Punishing my enemies with violence. They're not getting off the hook just because the world's coming to an end!
I'll be stockpiling food, water, supplies and ammo in the event that I survive the intitial catastrophe
Crossing off as many of my bucket list activities as possible
Destroying the wicked. God's really into that stuff, right? That'll help secure me a place in heaven, surely
Spending as much time with my loved ones for one last night
Doing my trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities early, since I can't do them on the 31st
Doing what I normally do. I don't believe Camping knows his ass from a hole in the ground
Laughing my ass off at anyone who actively believes the end of the world is coming the next day

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under what circumstances do you make a post private? under what circumstances do you blow somebody off, if you ever have? under what circumstances have you been blown off? under what circumstances do you skip class if you ever have?

what do you think about this?

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I'm playing Pokemon Red and I've just gotten an Eevee! I have a charmeleon, mankey, gyarados, pidgeotto, and pikachu. What should I evolve my Eevee into?

Dk/dc, show something on eBay that you'd like to buy right now?

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My husband's out of town. My dog is sick and I have bad reality TV on DVR.

What should I do for dinner?

-Put forth the effort to cook something
-Nuke something random
-Pick up carry out of some sort
-Eat fast food for the first time in like 20853 yeras

Money isn't an object for this first-world dilemma.

EDIT: If carry out, which of the following?
-"Old Cairo Grill" - Egyptian (kebobs, cucumber salad, koshari) http://www.oldcairogrill.com/menu.php
-Pho to go
-Noodles & Company
-Generic greek/italian carry out place

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I'm filling out my application for graduation and I'm torn.
Should I go with my middle initial or full name on my diploma?

I use my middle initial in everyday life so it looks familiar but I also like the way it looks in full.

National anthem in public schools

Do you think singing national anthem at school ceremonies such as entrance and graduation is necessary?

Is it against the freedom of ideology and freedom of conscience?

Some teachers who refused to stand and sing the anthem were asked to obey the rule but it evoke the WW II’s bad memories and patriotism (in a bad way) too much, so many public school teachers refuse to stand and sing. How is the situation in your country? Do you sing your anthem at the ceremonies and is it a good practice?
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I hate to ask, but...what should my boyfriend and I be for Halloween?

Right now I'm leaning towards being characters from Doug - probably me as Judy and him as Skeeter because those seem like the most fun even though they're an odd pairing.

But no matter how awesome and creative my costumes are, I must admit there is always a part of me that feels like Cady in Mean Girls when I see all the sexy/slutty costumes I could have worn. Plus I always see all the crazy Halloween makeup and wigs and fake eyelashes and impractical shoes and stuff in the stores and wish my costume involved exuberant things like that, y'know?

AND my boyfriend has even agreed to wear a dress, so it feels like a waste if I don't take advantage of that opportunity! But I can't come up with anything good. I thought about me as the cowardly lion and him as Dorothy, but I would basically just have to buy those costumes which is boring and expensive.

SO...can you guys throw out some ideas for clever couples costumes? Give me any ideas you've got, it doesn't HAVE to involve crazy makeup or my boyfriend wearing a dress or the other things I mentioned, but it could if that helps you think of things. Or should I just stick with Judy Funnie and Skeeter Valentine?

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Could we please use this post to bitch about ridiculous people at work?

Inspired by a manager from a different department stopping me to tell me she has a problem with the way I walk. When I arrive and leave work, I apparently walk quite fast. However, during my shift, I walk quite slow. Even though that's my regular walking pace. And the reason for me being in a hurry at the start and end of my shifts is usually because I'm trying desperately not to be late and my bus comes 10 mins after I finish. Anyway, she has told me she'd like to see me maintain that same hurried pace throughout my shift. i thought it was strange she both actually noticed something like that and thought it was appropriate to dictate how the fuck I walk.
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Do you consider your SO your best friend?

Do you think it's a good or a bad thing for your SO to be your best friend, and why?

Otherwise, who do you consider your best friend? How long have you known them and what do you love about them?

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Do you think its appropriate to wear yoga pants/sweatpants out when you're not going to the gym/going out to run errands?

ETA - question asked because i knew a girl who would go to work in Lululemon pants because they were black pants.

Bad Advertising

I'm currently taking a marketing class and our assignment is to pick a product that already exists that we feel is being poorly marketed, and then come up with a new marketing plan for that product. We can make changes to the product, choose a different audience to target, distribute the item in different locations, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a product (sold in the U.S.) that could be marketed differently?

validation post, mebbe

Let's pretend you are a middle school teacher. Also pretend that you wrote a test. It was a tough test, requiring a bit more higher order thinking than your students are used to. Your school's policy allows students up to 2 test retakes, provided the students do a remediation assignment.

Do you:
a) chalk it up to a bad test and bump up the scores a bit for writing a bad test or
b) work with the students on taking a more difficult test; students who failed must retake it and any student who scored lower than they prefer can retake it, too.

Retakes are done before/after school or at lunch so it doesn't cut into instructional time.
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do you include your cell phone number on your resume? or a landline (if you have one?)

how often do you update your resume?

do you use a different password for every website you use? how do you keep track of all your passwords?

how many debit or credit cards do you have in your wallet? I have 4! one credit card, one debit for my personal checking, one for my joint acct. with my SO and one for the 'emergency account' where I keep part of my savings in case of an emergency,

what is your favorite sweet treat?

how should I carve my pumpkin this year?
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Are horror movies equally as 'trashy' as reality TV or is one slightly better than the other? Assume for purposes of this question it's more of the 'drunk coeds in the woods/slutty teenagers/torture porn' type vs "Jersey Shore/Bad Girls Club/Jackass'

Show your work.

fancy sushi for me? no way

I was suppose to go on a first date with a guy but he had some family problems and had to cancel.  To make up for it, he said he's take me to this fancy sushi restaurant.  Sushi is my absolute fave.  Only problem?  This place is reallly expensive.

Should I say something?  Should I let him take me to a hundred dollar sushi dinner when I'd be happy having tacos at the local cantina?  I've never been in this situation.
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I'm running Google Chrome on a PC, Windows 7, yadda yadda. When I click on one of my inactive tabs in Chrome, it exits out of it like I've clicked the "X" button on the tab. WHY IS THIS/HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP? I basically cannot use multiple tabs at all right now.
edit and the little wrench "customize" button isn't working either! :( although i can still access it if i hit ALT + F
EDIT edit nvm, my track pad buttons were apparently stuck or something. I clicked them both a bunch of times and now tabs are working fine.

Will you recommend a good music album to me? I like folky/americana/indie stuff.
(my last.fm is dixiethegriffin if you care)

what do you do when family drama pops up in your life? do you dig in and enjoy, hide in a bunker, or something else completely?
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Has your boss ever yelled at you?

I work at an hockey rink, so not exactly an office setting, but the other night I was goofing off with a coworker, he saw us, yelled, and told us to leave.

Have you ever had an experience like that? Did your boss get over it/forget about it?
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1. Today we got a strange letter in the mail.  The letter was in a small envelope (sort of like a thank-you note sized envelope).  The envelope was not sealed, just had the flap folded inside.  The letter was written on yellow legal pad paper, in red ink, from a man we don't know, but he addressed my fiance by name.  The contents were very basically, "I want to $$BUY$$ your house."  IS THIS FOR REAL? The letter itself is so sketchy, but dang, if someone wants to buy our shitty house, we'll be more than happy to sell it! 

What are your thoughts on this? Does this ever happen in real life?

2. I LOVE what I do. There's not much to my job that really legitimately stresses me out or makes me miserable or question my choices.  Today I was heartbreakingly reminded of the seriousness my job can have.  For the third time in the eight years that I've been a photographer, I am responsible for taking the very last images of a person before an unexpected, untimely death.

Is there anything about your job/career choice that scares you or stresses you out so much you wish you decided to do something else?

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I've been looking into credit unions lately and I want to know - have you had great experience, terrible? If you don't have a credit union, what do you hate/love about your banks?

Specifically looking for ones in/around Indianapolis. I've heard both Indiana Members and IU are good but IDK.

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My lip piercing is infected. I went to the doctor today and got antibiotics. I'm just going to take the jewelery out. I've only taken one dose of the antibiotics so far. When should I take the jewelry out? Is there anything I can do to ease my lip? It's swollen and warm.
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My 21st birthday is in 17 days and I can't help but feel an unidentified sense of dread. I think the reality that I'm growing up and getting older and on my own now is starting to set in. Has this happened to anyone else?
What should I do on my birthday?! Ditch class and get drunk!? Something else?! I kind of want to do something memorable, since a friend will be flying in to see me, and non-traditional.

What important things are coming up for you, big or small?