October 16th, 2011



i'm currently getting health insurance through my boyfriends work since we are domestic partners. his company recently got bought out by ibm and they do not recognize domestic partnership (boo!!). my question is...i've heard that since i will lose benefits on january 1, i can contact the health insurance carrier and get my current plan turned into an individual plan? im worried because individual policies cost like $400-$500 and i got denied for some of them for BULLSHIT!

can anyone give any advice?

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1. I'm hip deep in some discount Italian wine from Costplus/World Market, and have been enjoying some Apocalypse Now. What's your favorite drinkin or smokin movie? Not the raucous kind you watch with friends, but any kind of chill-out mindfuck or brain anaesthetic. Miffy & Friends also works for me in this category.

2a. How much would you pay for a tarot reading on Etsy?
2b. How much would you pay for a scarf made out of old socks on Etsy?

3. You can also anything post. Whatev.
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Say you're in a pretty new relationship. You have some past trauma issues that make you a bit weird about people, and a bit weird about relationships, and a bit weird about sex, and so on. At what point do you tell the new partner about the issues? I'm guessing "on the first date" would be a bad answer, but so would "after we're married", so I think what I'm really asking is, will you tell me the stories of the middle ground you found?

Or, if you have no weird issues, when do you think you'd react best if told about some wonky issues by your partner?

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Have you ever been to a Haunted House? I don't mean a real one, I mean a fake one set up for fun.

I went to the Haunted Hoochie in Columbus last night. Well worth the $20. The line was crazy, though. We waited about 2 1/2 hours to get in. Still, worth it. I'm glad my parents decided not to take me when I was a kid when they heard about it. I'd have been shitting myself. The actors got REALLY into it. They would reach out and touch your hair and shoulders. They wouldn't hurt you at all, just touch you, and THAT was a lot more nerve wracking than it sounds. You know it's all fake, but it's still scary as hell.

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I had a bit of a falling out with a friend, where we both thought the other was mad and didn't talk for a year. I recently contacted him, we hung out a few times and things are starting to get better again.

Unfortunately, he just moved into a new apartment. I'm completely uncomfortable driving there/leaving my car in the neighborhood/driving home from there alone. I'm also not comfortable enough to leave my car somewhere else and take the subway home alone.

He invited me to a party at his apartment- How do I tell him all of this? He takes things *very* personally and usually comes up with 101 solutions that won't actually solve the problem. Is there any solution you can think of?

What's going on with you this morning?
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My boyfriend asked me yesterday "do you want me to meet your parents?"
I said "not yet, why do you want to?" And he said "potentially".
Is that really a yes since he brought it up?

Apologies for being such a girl.
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I bought a gorgeous Pottery Barn desk on craiglist for an amazing price, but the person who owned it smoked, I think. There was a hutch-type piece on top and the white paint has gone yellow-ish where the hutch wasn't sitting. Any ideas for getting the stain off? Worst case I'm just going to repaint, but I want to know what my other options are.

(Crossposted, sorry!)

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One of the diamonds fell out of my engagement ring. It has been resized - I've only had it for 3 days. The jewellers have been very unhelpful all through this - I am tempted to just get a refund 100% and ask the fiance to choose a different jewellers.

TQC what would you do in this situation?

dk/dc - Last piece of jewellery you bought?

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Whats your go-to stress relief?

The past week I have been cooking like crazy...I made home-made potato chips night before last, liver and onions with scalloped tomatoes and potatoes last night and this morning I made tuna salad stuffed tomatoes and home-made focaccia bread for brunch...my husband is loving it.


Dk/dc/dont get stressed: What made you happy last?

I get to bring my son home today!

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To be perfectly frank, does this sound like masturbation to you?

I'm reading "A Lifelong Passion," which is filled with diary entries, letters, and manifestos from the Imperial Family of Russia from 1881-1918. One constant addition is Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov's moral struggle with his homosexuality. He visits bath houses frequently and "sins" with young men, but then hates himself afterwards. Then one entry from 1905 states, "I have not sinned as before, that is with somebody else, but but it's true that I sinned with myself three times."

On the Alexander Palace message boards (full of other Romanov fanatics like myself), some claim it can't be masturbation because the Eastern Orthodox religion forbids it, and KR belonged to it. That's pretty dumb, since homosexually is forbidden also, but he admits to that in his diary several times. They tried to say he was just "imagining young men in his head." Yeah. And jacking off during.

Doesn't it seem that obvious to anyone else?

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Does anyone know the song that the chorus is 'my heart goes boom di di boom di di boom'? It sounds quite old and was used in the UK on an advert that replaced boom etc with 'pom poppa dom..' etc. Very long shot I know.....

ETA: This is the advert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x92TNFXdAM

Found! Thanks!

I lost my camera on Friday night - i've made a facebook group and added everyone I know, and posted on the towns facebook page. What else should I do to try to get it back to me? (i only live in a small town). Is there any chance of getting those pictures back? Where else should I ask for it other than the clubs I was in that night?
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I'm teaching a music lesson tomorrow about dynamics. Its a grade 5 class. Can anyone recommend some songs that really demonstrate dynamics well?


Edit: I should add, more specifically, that I'd like something the kids will like/think is cool, but obviously in terms of lyrics I have to watch the language. I've already decided on the Hall of the Mountain King for one of the songs. I want to introduce them to as wide a variety of genres of music as possible. :)
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What's your favorite trashy eat/comfort food?
I'm a secretly huge fan of hot dogs in mac 'n' cheese. MMMMM!

I'm out of bread/tortillas and sandwich stuff and am too broke to shop and would like to cook stuff for lunches this week. What should I make? I have 2 green peppers, a cucumber, a few red potatoes, several small onions, 3 leeks, fresh spinach, a bunch of apples, and three tiny chicken tenderloins in addition to dry staples (pasta, rice, brown rice, lentils, canned chicken soup, peanut butter, oatmeal, boxed au gratin potatoes, tons of spices) and loads of frozen broccoli and mixed veg. I want to use the fresh stuff as much as possible. (Downside: no cheese and limited milk available.)
"I will completely X you tonight!!!!"

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If you are a regular charity supporter, what organizations do you donate to? Why/how did you choose these?

If you're not a regular charity supporter (supposing you have a job/money), why don't you?

Me: I donate to the ASPCA every year, because I am a huge, huge animal lover. And New Horizons, which is in Seattle, where I live. They are an organization available for helping homeless youth. Ever since I did a project where I lived "homelessly" and met and talked with homeless people, I've wanted to support an organization that helps the homeless that seek help. And I've just been reading about Jacqueline Saburido and saw on her website that she continues to need medical treatment, and will for the rest of her life, after being hit by a drunk driver. After reading about her story, I feel drawn to do a donation to her, as well.

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Well, since I can't seem to find a traditional job willing to hire me, I've put up an ad for babysitting. Now, I'm a good babysitter, I've been watching friends' and family members' kids for as long as I can remember. But, I've never babysat for strangers before. This couple is going to interview me in the near future, and I don't know what to expect from this situation. I'm afraid I'm going to come off bad - I'm very shy and anxious around people I don't know very well. I don't really know what to expect from this!

TQC, if you were going to interview a babysitter, what questions would you be asking them? And what kind of things would guarantee that you would not trust a person with your child?

srs/non-srs answers equally appreciated.
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I had one of my (male) friends come over to play a board game with me and my two (male) roommates last night. This morning, one of my roommates asked me what the deal is with me and my friend. I said nothing, that we've never dated and that I'm just not interested. This wasn't a satisfying answer. How can I answer that he's just not my type without going into all the details about why I'm not interested or shit-talking? I don't really want to say "he's just not my type" because I'm sure it will prompt follow-up questions about what my type is, that I really don't want to answer.

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What should I make for dessert? Recipes are appreciated.

I'm open to most suggestions, though we're not huge on nuts and don't really want brownies or cookies (unless your recipes are just that good/unique).

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Would anyone be able to help with this problem?
I'm trying to install some software from a disc (genuine!) and everytime I run the installer I get an error saying some files can't be found. No matter what I do I cannot get it past that point!
Any suggestions?

DK/DC: How was your weekend?
(I skydived!!!!)

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my daughter is 20
she has never driven on snow
she wants to visit friends in new england in late DEC.
Should I "let" her drive? would she accept a plane ticket?
am i just an over protective daddy??

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Do any of you use a mini pedal exerciser? (It's like a stationary bike, but just the pedals that's easily transportable and can fit under a desk.)

I kind of want to order one of Amazon to use when I'm studying/watching movies/sitting for whatever other reason, but I'm not sure if it would even have any benefit for the money. I'm not using it to replace more intense cardio, just to burn a little more energy throughout the day.
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Who else here is trying to lose weight? How are you doing with that? How much of a habit have you achieved in making it, or how far are you in making it a habit? What did you do for exercise this week?

I'm doing okay. I haven't really lost much weight yet, maybe a couple permanent pounds so far (having started my goal 2-3 weeks ago). But it's my goal to exercise an hour at least 5 times a week. This last week I only did it 3 or 4 times. Since I've been in school, it has been INCREDIBLY difficult to keep up with my exercise. Most of it taking place in the later evening, unfortunately. But I went for a jog today even though I really, really, really did not feel like it and was being lazy as hell all day. I bike-rode and jogged for exercise this week.

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OKAY YOU GUYS. What was the name of the show where it was on the food network, and the woman host was SUPER HOT, (brunette, curvy, super excited and peppy and such) and it was two restaurants against each other, like, CHICAGO RESTAURANT #1 VS CHICAGO RESTAURANT #2, who makes the best Chicago-style deep dish pizza kinda thing? What was the name of that show???

dk/dc, would you rather have a blue nose FOREVER, or always have to wear blue pants?

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Christmas Gifts & Sibling Rivalry?

Since I don't have children, I have little experience with sibling rivalry. I have a sister but our interests were so different, we didn't have much of a problem in regards to Christmas gifts. Collapse )

Is it okay to buy vastly different gifts for siblings that are close in age?

DK/DC? What was the best Christmas gift you received?

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I was installing the new update for my iPhone, right? It downloaded the update, backed up my phone, extracted the software, started doing something else. Then all of a sudden, iTunes crashed. When I started it back up again, the only option that came up for my iPhone was to restore it. I'm going to lose everything on it, aren't I?

Ok, it started restoring everything back onto my phone.

When was the last time you panicked over nothing?

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My hypothesis is that cats evolved the ability to purr as a method of domesticating, controlling, and enslaving human beings in order that we (humans) might provide them (cats) with food, shelter, and the occasional skritch.

How much will you contribute to my research fund for me to investigate this more fully?


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According to Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. What have you done that could be considered insane?

I keep getting physical with a boy I like hoping one day he'll like me back. I know he won't but I can't stop myself. *sigh*

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A few years ago I bought a stupid little thing that plugged into the cigarette lighter of my car. It was hooked up to my iPod and transmitted my library over a radio wave that could be set from the device. Tune into that 'station" and bam...iPod in the car. Well, it worked, kinda, but it was a fuzzy piece of crap that got terrible reception regardless of which frequency it was plugged in to.

A) Anybody know what the hell I'm talking about and what it's called?

B) Has anybody ever owned a good one, and if so, could you share?

I'd like to get another one (and pay a bit of money for it if neccessary) but I don't want to waste my money if they all kinda suck.