October 15th, 2011

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Conversation I just had with one of my online friends:
(I'm girlwiththelegs.. in case you can't figure that out.)

How do you feel about this?

I do kinda miss those earlier [and more simple] days of the internet. Seems like these newer sites just want to overload you with as much media as possible. It gets over whelming for me. That's why I deleted my Facebook and a whole bunch of other social media accounts. & Now I'm very selective with which sites and people I really keep up with.
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If your friend/coworker/whomever offered you $50 to cut your hair short, would you do it? Assume that a. you have long hair and b. you like to keep your hair long, but apparently this person really wants you to cut it.
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How's the weather where you are? Do you like puppy chow?

Did you know that you can download Blackadder II on itunes for free? I was so excited. Do you like Blackadder? What's your favorite one? Favorite Character? Favorite line? Just tell me your favorites. and if you don't know anything about Blackadder, check it out...hilarious!
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Do you guys have any ideas for some new cardio workouts I can do that aren't leg intensive?

I've been running and spinning a lot, but my legs are really sore today. I was thinking some p90x kenpo. Any other ideas?
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Within the Law and Order franchise, which character was your favourite and which show was your favourite?

Also, why did I think I could play Tomb Raider Legend on the hardest possibly difficulty? I've been stuck trying to kill the Yakuza boss on the Tokyo level for ages now and I can't and it's REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING. When was the last time you over-estimated your capabilities, video games wise or otherwise?
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Ok, TQC. I am at the end of my rope.

I am hungry. I wanted bacon and eggs. I made 10 eggs trying to get them over medium and they were all either too raw, too overdone, or I busted the yolk trying to make them. I am so frustrated that the last time I broke a yolk I threw the eggshell into the sink and screamed. I have a sprained-as-fuck left ankle and I cannot exercise (which is something I typically really enjoy). The sprained-as-fuck ankle requires me to wear an air cast which is a pain in the ass to put on and makes my leg sweaty and itchy. I have a huge burn on my opposite on my right wrist. There is nothing on TV. For whatever reason, I keep getting little itches all over my body despite being freshly showered and moisturized with a lotion that is specifically supposed to alleviate that sort of thing (and usually does). My husband has to grade rough drafts all weekend so he sits in the living room and types all day and makes me feel like I can't do anything because he subtly makes me feel like anything I do annoys him. I am annoyed that he insists on doing this instead of going into his office and getting he hell out of my way.  It is 95 fucking degrees outside and I am ready for summer to be the hell over. I am so frustrated with everything I could just about explode!  WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BURN MY WEEKEND BEING A GRUMPY ASSHOLE?

Alternatively, would you like to talk about the last time you were a grumpy asshole?

EDIT: ALSO, the stove we have in our apartment is a piece of shit and NONE OF THE BURNERS ARE LEVEL, making it even harder to make eggs because they all sloosh to one side of the pan. How do I fix this???
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A Quiet Boy with Undifferentiated ADD

I'm volunteering in a fourth-grade classroom. There is one little boy who the teacher and I are sure has undiagnosed ADD. (Not ADHD; he's very quiet and placid, he just can't pay attention to anything for more than two seconds. Dr. Google calls this "undifferentiated ADD.") So, we're doing some standard things to help limit distraction (careful seating, peer teaching etc.) and obviously the teacher will discuss this with his parents who may want to medicate him if our suspicion is verified, BUT WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS,

What's it like to have ADD?

Were there any strategies you used in school to trick yourself into paying attention?

Were there certain things you could focus on better than others?

He seems to work really well when he's playing math games in the computer lab, which is awesome; my theory is that they let him slip into a somewhat meditative state of mind that side-steps his trouble with focus. Does that sound familiar to anyone, or am I just making things up?

Thank you!

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It's a pretty classic storyline. Whether through death or voodoo, one person ends up in the body of another. Television and film would have me believe that if you recount 3 or more embarrassing memories, your old friends and family will buy into the whole thing.

Would you? What would it take for a stranger  to convince you they were your friend?

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how do you stop loving someone? is it even possible? i am in that crazed-passionate-infatuation-love state and have lost all ability to think rationally.

do you ever wish feelings had an 'off' switch?
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TQC, I have an appointment with a dermatologist next Monday to finally address my terrible skin. I was excited when I made the appointment because it's a big step for me, but now that it's getting closer I'm starting to freak out because I have no idea what to expect. What kind of questions should I be prepared for and what information should I have on hand for her? Anyone have any positive/negative dermatologist stories?
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Did anyone else go to Occupy Boston today? Did you march?

Did anyone go to any of the other Occupies today?

DK/DC/I'm in the 1%: When was the last time you stood up for something you believe in?
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When did you become financially independent? Did you first go through a transition, like having your family pay only some of your bills, or did you immediately become independent by a certain age?