October 14th, 2011

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So, the iPhone 4S is coming out.
Ever since my 3GS was stolen in June, I've been eagerly awaiting this moment....UNTIL I found out that the unlocked 4S isn't coming out till November.

From a marketer's standpoint, if the unlocked phone is said to be coming out in November, it would make most sense for it to be coming out around Thanksgiving, right? More specifically, on Black Friday?

I'm just so tired of waiting!

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TQC, my gentleman ordered ELEVEN (11) boxes of Girl Scout cookies. He did not consult me, and when he told me about it he was all, "you owe me $20 when they come in November." Had I been consulted I would have strongly advocated against buying so many; however, he is smart and ordered six boxes of Samoas and five Thin Mints (which are the best kinds, how is that even a debate anymore), knowing I'll eat them until I am a bloated mess.

Do I have to pay him because I will eat them (omg I really cannot wait to eat them), or not because he didn't ask me about it? I am probably not going to, because whatever dude I buy you so much food, I'm just wondering what you would do.
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So, the Urban Outfitter's website wasn't loading on my computer for a couple of days, saying it was being fixed. Lo, I tried using Safari instead of Firefox and it loaded. Then Michael Kors started saying it wasn't working on my Firefox. Is michaelkors.com loading for you?
How do I fix Firefox? Y u no liek me?

Last DELICIOUS and totally guilty thing you ate?

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I'm dressing up as a shipwrecked/ghost/zombie pirate tomorrow. I have basic pirate/zombie crossover stuff but am worried it's not going to be good enough. I'm thinking broken bits of wood and fishing net. What am I missing TQC?!

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I have had a very sore throat for 16 days now. I went to the doctor on day 7 and he said it is probably a longer-term virus because he could see no sign of infection and no signs of illness. He prescribed me medication just in case (Roxithromycin) and I took the full course as instructed (which finishes today). My throat stopped hurting for two days this week, but now it hurts again (not as bad as it was last week though). I will go back to the doctor if it continues, but what could be wrong with me? Or is it just a virus that I need to wait out?

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Have you ever had a job where you were strictly on-call?
After not hearing from the school for over a month and a half they called me 30 minutes into the school day today. wtf :(

Is it worth it for me to drive about 60 miles round trip for $25-$30? Travel time could be anywhere from 1 hour -2 hours total

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Is having a random internship better than having none?

What coffee chain do you hate? I've found that Coffee Bean (which I don't have at home where I live) is always consistently watery..

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There's talks about a possible Farmville movie. Yes, a movie. What aspects of the game would you like to see incorporated into the film?

The protagonist growing over 50 different types of crops, and mastering each one
Neighbors suddenly appearing on the protagonist's farm to help with the plowing
Over 20 kinds of sheep, including some with multi-colored tie-dyed wool
Someone gives the protagonist a giant elephant, just because it wandered over onto their property and they can't keep it
The protagonist acquires over 50 neighbors, and the movie shows him/her helping out each farm
The protagonist opens up a golden egg, and out pops an entire Post Office!
The protagonist grows rasberries. 2 hours later, they're ready to harvest. 4 hours later, if unharvested, every single berry dies
The protagonist has a little extra money to spend, and ends up purchasing a ginormous pink castle for the farm
The little ducklings need to nurtured in order to grow up, and the only ones who can do it is that pesky neighbor who's always trespassing onto the farm
Who knew that in those 10 Xmas presents were ten 8' solid gold nutcrackers?
The protagonist has 100 cows, and the only thing keeping them from escaping is a thin fence made out of candy corn
The protagonist grows popsicles as a bumper crop
The protagonist has no house to speak of, choosing to spend the entire day standing in the middle of a field, staring
The watermelons are ready for harvesting, and the protagonist sells each one for over $400. EACH
This sounds like such a terrible idea for a movie

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A friend of mine "lost" $1900 last night (he literally fell asleep with it in his pocket, woke up and it was gone) and of course he's super bummed (this was from a pay off of a really long job, a "*finally* we made money!" thing).

So TQC, what youtube videos should I tweet to him to lift his spirits?

Edit- Ok, so maybe not youtube videos. Anything other than handing him the money he lost I can do? I'm not really good at social cues or dealing with someone else's feelings and stuff.

Really, all I have is pulling a Sheldon Cooper and making some tea, a pat on the back and "there there" so any ideas are helpful.
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I work for a company whose owner has been taking some pretty big risks lately. I'm worried that the company might go under and I'm frantically job searching.

So of course I'm running into the question "why are you leaving your current job?" Obviously my true reason is that I'm nervous the company will be shut down/ dissolved/ go under. What would be a good, diplomatic answer to this question that wouldn't make another employer think that I'll jump ship at the first sign of trouble?

Edit: I suppose I should add that I've also only been at this job for slightly less than a year.

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I accidentally bought wholemeal flour the other day instead of self raising. I don't mind it not being self raising but does wholemeal flour taste that different when made into cupcakes and cakes etc? I wouldn't mind keeping it but not if it changes the tastes dramatically.
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We were adopted by a kitten this week. Is there any way to find out (with or without a vet's help) how old she is? We want to have her spayed as soon as funds and age allow.

Collapse )

DK/DC/What kind of name for a cat is Star, anyway: Do you or have you ever celebrated a pet's birthday? How?

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I'm not much of a party go-er, and I've only recently decided to cultivate my fashion sense. I'm in a bit of a predicament. This is more a question for the ladies, but I'll appreciate feedback from the gentlemen as well:

If you were going to a club with a dress code (classy-ish dress I guess?), what would you wear?

edit: I'm dumb, I meant to ask for pictures.
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What advice or life lessons from your parents do you always try to follow?

My dad told me never to lend money or let anyone borrow my car. I've stayed true to that.
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T.G.I.F. poll

Which are you more of?


Which are you?

A lover
A fighter
A pacifist with serious intimacy issues

How do you see things?

The glass is half ful
The glass is half empty
HEY!!!! WHO'S BEEN DRINKING MY BEER? *paranoia in overdrive*

What is love?

Love is a river that drowns the tender reed
Love is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed
Love is a hunger, an endless aching need
Love is a flower and you its only seed
Love probably doesn't involve drowning, cutting, famine or botany. So, something else

Which clique would you have been most welcome in in an 80s high school?

The jocks
The nerds
The rebels/misfits
The princesses/girlie girls
The eccentrics or the goths

What would upset you most if Rick Astley did this to you?

He gives you up
He lets you down
Turns around and deserts you
Makes you cry
Says goodbye
Told a lie and hurt you
Tried to make a comeback. Stay in the 80s forevers

I have no life

If you are one of those people who give baked goods as holiday gifts- how do you package said goodies?

I made Chex "puppy chow"/"muddy buddies" and I think it'd be a good, cheap Christmas gift for the adults who come to our house. I was thinking of putting it in tissue paper in mason jars- is that super lame? Any other suggestions?

What homemade gifts do you make?
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My roommate had a few people over on Monday, and one of the guests brought a piece of brie. Most of it was not eaten and she left it behind. It's now in our fridge. My roommate will not eat it because she is a vegan. Thankfully, I like brie! I want to eat it, but the usual way I eat my brie is to bake it with honey and garlic. I don't have any honey. How should I eat this guy?

I don't really want to eat it just cold on crackers.


I'm 20 and I've somehow never gone on a "real" date in my life. I've been hooking up with this guy and we're going on a date tonight. For some reason, I'm generally relaxed when it comes to sex (we've already slept together), but the thought of having dinner together (it's super casual! just grabbing pizza) is sending me into a near panic-attack mode. Calm me down slash give me first date advice? What the hell am I supposed to do on this thing, TQC?

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What existing commercials do you think could be advertising people in your life?

Ex. It's a running joke in my family that the Hefty Bag commercials could definitely be advertising my dad because, well, he's hefty and super-strong.

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when was the last time you didn't learn your lesson?

i lost my phone twice in three days. the first time i was lucky enough to have somebody call my mom and drop the phone off. this time isn't looking too promising.
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Do you prefer wings with a coating on them (buffalo style) or no coating (just straight up fried/baked)?

Are you a mild/medium/hot/suicide/no sauce/other type of person?

Do you prefer to dip your wings in a sauce? If so, what kind?

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Have you ever been involved in a med study/clinical trial?

What was it like?
What was it for?
How much did it pay?

I called about one today and it's an 11 week study for a new depression med and it pays 1490.00 after 45 days and another 1490.00 at the end of the study.
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Will you share travel mishaps/clusterfucks you've had? Whether they were your fault, or someone else's.

Every Friday i go into the city by train, and it takes a little over an hour because my stop's the second to last on the line. Well today it stormed really badly, and there was a downed tree and SEPTA suspended service to the last 5 stops. So i didn't take my normal train, called home to see if my parents could make the drive to another station, waited a bit to see if it might be fixed, and then just ended up taking the next train. First it was 10 minutes late. And then a few stops into the ride, the train just completely blew past one of the stops, stopped for a couple minutes in the middle of god knows where, and then moved backwards to the previous stop. Now it's about 15 minutes late. And then when it finally got to the final stop, it had to wait for another train to clear the station and by the time we pulled in the train was almost 25 minutes late. And then it was another 35-40 minute drive home, a drive that usually takes about 5 minutes from my normal stop. A not-so-perfect ending to a not-so-perfect week.

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When you drink a bit too much, what do you do to avoid "passing out"?
Is it a myth that by prolonging the time you're awake you will lessen the effect of the hangover?
Also, since I haven't posted in a while, how the hell is everyone?
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I'm hungry. There's a deli, a taco truck and a dozen fast food places near by. What should I go get to eat?

ETA: I just had a tooth pulled on Tuesday. Are tacos ok to eat after having a tooth pulled?