October 13th, 2011

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I am going to be leasing a 2012 Honda Civic...but I can't decide what color I want! I have a choice of black, silver, dark gray, white or red. I don't really...care what color the outside is, but the inside needs to be dark because I am messy.

What color is your car?
What color is the inside of the car?
Do you have a sedan, coupe, truck, SUV, etc? Do you wish your car was smaller or bigger?
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A. Are food vending establishments rated where you live? Here, we have a score on the door thing, and everywhere that sells food displays a bit of paper in the window. Most places get a B; occasionally somewhere gets an A, and we assume they must be doing something indefinably awesome. Does your area have such ratings, and do they affect your willingness to eat in such places?

B. Will you sum up your political, philosophical, spiritual, ethical, etc beliefs for me in one sentence? No cheating and using semi colons to make ridiculously multi-clausal monstrosities.

C. What do you call your partner, when you describe him or her in terms of your relationship - boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, bit on the side, her indoors, my old man?

D. If you were my number eight hook, where would you be?
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Guys, I'm an idiot. How do you prepare your beds for winter? Right now I have a comforter and a top sheet, which is fine for autumn. I want to get a nice knitted or wool blanket of some sort but there doesn't appear to be much selection unless it's expensive or that weird, smooth microfiber fleece crap that they make the ten dollar "rolled" blankets at Walgreens from. And I'd like to avoid Target quality, if possible.

What kind of furniture do you have in your room? Can you post pictures?

What's the favorite thing you own?

Last feel good moment?

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Motorcyclists! I need your help! 

Beginner info needed! 

I'm thinking about investing in a motorcycle as my main form of transportation. Right now I'm in college as a commuter student with no car. (it sucks) I rely on my boyfriend's car and its getting quite annoying and I NEED my independence back. 

Considering my school is literally less than 5 minutes from my apartment and we live in cow-town, I wouldn't be too concerned about city traffic or highways. 

I know absolutely NOTHING about motorcycles. I'm a girl and I'm quite clumsy. I will have around 4500--5000+ish  to spend on the motorcycle + license insurance and misc stuff I will need. 

I was also considering a higher speed scooter because I've read articles where the newer scooters being manufactured can rival motorcycles. 

What type of motorcycle do you recommend? Is there a resource I can go read/learn everything I'm going to need to know?

And no, I don't want to consider buying a car because car repairs are pricey on older vehicles and I couldn't afford car insurance if my life depended on it. 
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Mamas of TQC.

How and when did you announce your pregnancy?

How and when did you announce it on Facebook?

I told my family and close friends around 10 weeks, except for my grandfather and stepfather because I know they're going to be upset and I'm a chickenshit. I'm 15 weeks and my SO's family still has clue because we know they're going to be upset and we're chickenshits. I haven't made an announcement on Facebook yet. I figured it would be smart to tell the rest of the family first.

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Why is it that my debit card cannot be run as debit anywhere but an ATM? I tried running it as debit at a gas station last night to get some cash, but it got declined, yet went through just fine when it was run as credit, and on the sigcap machines at my work which autodetect whether it is a debit card or not, mine defaults to the credit screen without even giving the PIN option.

So, why on earth would my bank set up their cards that way?

all you can drink

Do you have ‘all you can drink’ system in your country? There are a lot of them here. For example only by paying $20, you can drink as much alcohol until the time the bar closed, or sometimes till next morning. How do you think of this system? Is it good or bad? please let me know the reason why. Thanks!
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I'm getting together with some friends from college at one of their houses. I think I want to bring cookies. I just picked a bunch of apples and would like to make some kind of apple spice cookie- Any good recipes?!

if cookies are totally lame: What should I bring instead?

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For those of you who love costumes what are your favorite things to dress up as? What are you going as for Halloween this year?

For me I love Cats (any kind even Cat In The Hat), Lord Of The Rings, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mad Hatter, Pirates of The Caribbean and anything else that I feel like from my other favorite Tim Burton Movies. 

I'm going as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas this year. :)
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Are there any sites like ThinkGeek that have cool, unique gifts but would appeal to a less geeky, older crowd?

I need to find 2 gifts, up to $20 each, that would work for a man or woman for my works holiday dinner white elephant gift exchange. I am the youngest one there. Most of them have kids my age. The ages run from 40s to late 60ish. While most have a sense of humor it's a fairly conservative crowd. I want to find neat, unique things but this year I am stumped.

What I have so far:

I love ThinkGeek but those are the only things I've found there that would be suitable and work for this crowd.

Help me TQC, where can I shop online for pretty cheap and still come up with some great gifts for this crowd?

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Danish sperm bank no longer takes donations from redheads

Is this discrimination against gingers, or just business tactics?

How would you feel if a sperm bank no longer accepted donations from black people, and they argued that supply exceded demand? Discrimination or simple business ethics?

What if it was fat people that they no longer accepted donations from, citing 'little demand'? Discrimination or just business?

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You're a parent to a 15 year old boy. Your child is at school and text messages another student saying that they are going to get their ass kicked for whatever reason. The student reports your child for said text and your child gets five days of suspension.

Do you find the punishment to be extreme or fit?


UPDATE:: We are getting street kitty tomorrow and have her vet appointment set up for her first checkup, shots, and microchip. So excited!!!

This kitten that someone found on the sidewalk at 1am last night is ours if I make a vet appointment for her. I'd basically have to adopt her without meeting her but she's described as very calm and cuddly (exactly what I want in a cat).

Collapse )

OR We can go to the kitten adoption even this weekend and try to get a kitten that way, but we'd have to have our application approved. The adoption fee will probably be similar in price to paying for the vet visit for the kitten posted above.

Guaranteed unknown kitten vs. falling in love with a kitten and seeing if we get approved.

What would you do?

EDIT:: What do I need for a new kitty? Carrier, collar, cat food, food and water bowl, litter box and litter. Anything else I'm forgetting before I bring a kitten home?

New video of kitty!!! http://tinyurl.com/3c4vove
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What would you do TQC?

Imagine you got a job offer into an industry you really wanted to break into. Both you and the company sign an agreement with a start date on it. A week before you should have started, they tell you the date will be postponed for another two weeks. You're unhappy, but it's only two weeks, you'll be fine financially. A few days before the next start date, they tell you again the start date is postponed, only this time they don't give you a start date, just an apology.

Having talked with a lawyer, it sounds like this is a breech of contract and the company should pay you immediately even if you aren't working there. Would you continue to wait and remain unpaid (thus dipping into savings) until the start date, or would you pay for a consultation with that lawyer (no lawyers have free consultations here) and see what can be done? The lawyer believes this may be a valid case, but can't guarantee anything without first seeing the contract and thus being paid. Going with a lawyer means you may get paid, but you'll lose the chance at this really awesome job.

Ebay selling

I've bought tons of stuff on Ebay, but now it is time to stop being a hoarder. I give away a lot of stuff, but some things MAY be worthwhile to sell (collector toys, vintage clothes) . Is ebay worth selling stuff on? Or what?

DK/DC/FU Ebay: What was the last concert you went to/what is the next concert you're going to? I'm seeing Bryan Ferry this weekend!

What would you do....

At work there are 4 cashiers, 6 servers and a cook....everyone has always gotten the same raises...this year 2 cashiers got a larger raise and the 3rd cashier won't say how much her raise is. (Making you think her's was larger also)

You are the cashier who got less BUT you are the one they go to when they need someone to fill in for someone who's sick, and during the year they have added at least 4 new little jobs to your list of responsibilities...would you go in and ask why your raise was smaller? Even if it gets the other 2 in trouble for telling what their raise was.
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Acrylic, satin-edged blankets

So I live in Minnesota, and it'll be winter soon. I need to stay warm at night. This question is prompted by a winterizing bed post I saw earlier. :)

I can't find blankets in stores anymore. I have a quilt, and a down comforter, I want something to layer with less bulk. When I shop, all I find is comforters, sheets, and throws. On the rare occasions I do find blankets, they are made of fleece. I don't like fleece as much because of lint, static and clingy-ness.

I am looking for the acrylic, satin-edged blankets that used to be EVERYWHERE. They have disappeared from the market in pretty much every place I can think to look: JCP, Kohls, Sears, Target, Wal-mart, Macy's, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc.

Found these on Overstock.com, similar to what I want, but they are made of fleece:

Can anyone help? Anyone? Bueller?

ETA: I am not the only one who has been looking for those blankets!
I tried the suggestions in this thread, but it's pretty out of date.


Does anyone here have any knowledge on how to create a website from scratch? (including what hosts to use, what not to use etc.)

Does anyone have their own (professional) website?

What words do you misspell often?

Would you rather be hit by a car or be the person in the car hitting the pedestrian?

What's the weather like in your city currently, is it normal for the season?

What are your plans for Halloween?
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Tips for applying eye makeup to twitchy eyes? I know about pulling your eye back with your finger but my eye still twitches when I do that and I've heard it causes future wrinkles. :\
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I've connected with a former boss on linkedin. She was the executive director of a place I worked at and was fired from in 2006 (fired by somebody underneath her). She sent me a message about getting together for coffee or something. I'll accept, but I envision awkwardness - what should I expect?!


I got some decorative metal picture frames for almost nothing, and painted them glossy turquoisey/aquaey type colour. I would like to put some art or something in it. A cross stitch, or a print, etc, rather than a photo.

What should I put in them?

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What are your favorite books you've ever read? And since it can be hard to chose, why not include non-fiction and fiction?

Feel free to comment on others' favorites!


Fiction: It's hard for me to chose just one, but at the very top of the list: the song of ice and fire series, the Harry Potter series, Les Miserables, Sarum and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Non-fiction: Baseball Between the Numbers, The Making of the Tudor Dynasty. Both books completely remade my understanding of their subjects and made me love them that much more.

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Can anyone share their experiences with getting their wisdom teeth out?

I'm calling to get an appointment tomorrow and I know they need to come out and I'm scared :( I'm fine with surgeries, but I don't handle mouth pain very well.

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I am looking forward to sleeping in some brand new never-before-slept-in sheets.
what simple pleasure are you looking forward to?

life would be better if everyone agreed with me y/y??

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Now that I have a new laptop which I LOVE, what are some must haves for it?
I already have Verizons Security Suite, so anti-virus is covered :D

What can I do with Win 7 that I couldn't do with XP?
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Tqc, I just bought my first car! it is a 1999 VW Golf and pretty dang sweet. I'm headed out tomorrow to buy an ice scraper and extension cord (can you tell I'm from Canada...)- what else should I pick up for the car? Both useful and purely fun suggestions are welcome!

What was your first car like? How old were you when you got it? (I am 23)
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Would it be a bad idea to get a fairly small ankle tattoo during the middle of winter,  given that 'winter' here means about five months of frostbite-inducing-in--three-minutes-or-less COLD so warm socks/boots, all the time, are pretty much a neccesity?
(I'm worried about the potential friction on the bandage/healing tattoo.)

Can we see a picture of your favourite tattoo?


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I want to stay and work in Canada for a while this time next year, and without any other research these are my options:
stay with my uncle who I know sort of well (but is a blood relation and in India for 6 months of the year) on Vancouver Island,
or stay with my step-uncle and his family in Vancouver city?


Hi everyone. So tomorrow night the student club I'm in at my college is doing a late night bake sale for all the drunk kiddies to buy from when they get back in the dorms from the parties. I am planning on baking/making something for this, and while I can always go for the typical brownies, I was just wondering if any of you have some cool suggestions!

If you don't really feel like doing that, just answer what your favorite thing to buy from a bake sale is!

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Storage Wars or Pawn Stars?

Storage Wars!
Pawn Stars!
I can't choose because I haven't seen either

Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj?

Both stupid
I love them both OMG how could I ever choooooose?

What company is your cell phone through?

US Cellular
Cellular One
I am a loser and I do not have a cell phone to call my own

What have you done this week?

Had sex with a human
Had sex with myself
Ate jicama
Ate pizza
Loaned someone money
Received money
Watched American Horror Story
Watched The Office
Smoked (cigarettes or other)
Ate at Taco Bell
Held a baby
Worked at a job
Painted your toenails

Do you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield for your insurance?


How did your day go today?

I'm taking you out to eat at my favorite all-night diner! What do you order?

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy
Burger and fries
Fried chicken
I'll just have water.
French toast
Eggs & biscuits and gravy
Chili and cornbread
Chef salad
Pancakes &sausage
Bacon, eggs & hashbrowns
I would never go out in public with you

How much do you weigh?

Mean: 148.06 Median: 140 Std. Dev 42.40