October 12th, 2011


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I found some nuts earlier today that I thought were chestnuts, but now I'm not sure. The nut itself looks exactly like a chestnut, but the fruit it came from isn't as spiny as the images I found on Google. So what did I find, if not a chestnut, and is it edible? Or should I gather all the nuts (they're just up the hill from me) and throw them away to keep them out of unsuspecting children's hands?

ETA: I asked the ladies in the office and they said they're horse chestnuts. Thanks for helping, everyone!

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For those who wear/wore full-rim glasses, does the lower rim ever bother you?

I'm wary of buying full-rim glasses because I'm afraid I'll always see the lower rim, but Zenni has so many nice full-rim pairs =(

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I asked two professors (one I'm super close with, the other still close enough to be facebook friends with) to go online and do letters of reference. I asked them/sent the form on the October 4th. One of them started, the other hasn't opened the email.

I was thinking of emailing them this:
I just wanted to thank you again for agreeing to write my letter of recommendation. Unfortunately, in the original email, I forgot* to mention that the application deadline is relatively soon. I am hoping it will be possible to have the letter of reference done by Sunday October 16th. If this will be an issue, please let me know. Again, I’m so sorry, as I know everyone is super busy right now. Thank you!

Is there anything I should add or say differently?
What's stressing you out right now?

Getting my ass out of bed.

My phone as an alarm clock isn't cutting it anymore. I just turn it off and fall right back asleep without even realizing it. Then I wake up with only an hour/45 mins to get ready. I need to be more productive.

How can I get my ass out of bed, TQC? Not going to sleep at 3 AM is at the top of my list...
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I have a friend who is really, really proud to be a man. Sometimes we'll be talking about movies. 3 of the people present in our little 'gang' are women, and besides him, there is one other man. It's happened a few times that we'll start talking about a movie that is really, really good. Like Gran Torino. The type of movie that is generally just really good, and most anyone can enjoy. He pipes up and says, "it's such a good 'guy' movie! It's the kind of movie I watch with my dad and we just look at each other while we're watching the movie and say 'yeah!'"

As a girl, I find that most of the movies I like tend to be more targetted towards men. I could understand it if he were surrounded by a bunch of bros and wanted to express this. But when I'm talking about how I liked Fight Club, and he replies saying, "that's such a good 'guy' movie!" Really, it seems random and irrelivant to me. What am I supposed to say to that...? Especially when I'm clearly not a guy, and am expressing that I like the movie. Is it irrational of me to be annoyed by this? Would anyone else notice this if in this conversation?

hostile territory!

I am well liked at my office.

I unexpectedly got a new job, and put in my notice yesterday.  I agreed to cut my already-scheduled vacation short to come in and start training people on my duties.

This morning, when I come in, I got a LOT of "oh, please don't go, we'll miss you", but I'm also getting a surprising amount of hostility from people. 

TQC, why are people dumping on me for leaving?  Yes, morale is low right now, but...

It's kinda making me not want to work out the rest of my notice.  I will though, because it's the right thing to do. 

edit: well, if it's jealousy, it's not MY fault they are too chicken-hearted to get another job.   I DIDN'T HAVE TO CUT MY VACATION SHORT, YA KNOW!  I did it out of the goodness of my heart.  And because my boss started to cry when I told him I was leaving.  I'm a pushover.

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Do you like pistachios?

If you do, how do you eat them? Do you pop the whole thing in your mouth, suck the salt off then open it up to get the meat?
Or do you simply open them up with your fingers, eat the nut, and ignore/discard the shell completely?

Have you ever had the red ones?
WHY did they make them red?
When I was growing up, you could only get the red ones. Weird.

Do you have a favorite nut? Which?

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I'm generally against pet shops as they support backyard breeders, BUT the (chain) pet store in my local shopping centre is having a shredded paper shortage. Would it be hypocritical of me to bring them shredded paper (that they use for the animals)?

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What are your opinions on these topics? Warning, Cracked! Do not read if you don't have hours to spend on the internet.

6) Cats claw stuff. You know this. Unless you have time to train your cat as a kitten not to claw or live in a place where a cat would be safe outside, don't get a cat.
5) You need to tip. When I was in Hawaii, I was surprised but pleased to learn it was illegal not to tip. It's considered theft because the waiters are taxed a certain amount even if they don't earn that much. That means if you don't tip them, they could end up paying for part of your meal.
4) I don't care. Really.
3) Circumcision of any infant is a human rights violation. Male circumcision severely damages the glans and causes the head to callous, making it less sensitive. In older men, the number of circumcised men who need Viagra-like products greatly outnumber the intact men who need them worldwide.
2) If someone wants to go Vegan, why should I give a fuck?
1) Clean up your dog's shit. Seriously.

Ticket booking drama

Let's say you're booking tickets for yourself and a friend. The ticket is not a gift, the friend is paying you back. Is it unreasonable to expect them to pay half of the booking fee as well?

4-6 weeks ago, I booked quite a few tickets to a few shows for myself and a few friends. Only one out of 6 of them has paid me back. These tickets were not cheap. I'm still waiting on about $900. Only one event has passed, the rest are in January/February. How do I get these fuckers to pay me? I was thinking of giving them a deadline and if I don't receive a payment by x date, I'll be selling the tickets. Is that too harsh? Good seats for these shows are long gone and as far as I know, all of them are very keen on going.

tl;dr How do I get my selfish friends to pay me back for tickets?
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Has anyone managed to get iOS 5 working yet?

dkdc, would you rather have huge nipples or no nipples at all?
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After you have an overnight houseguest, do you wash the sheets/blankets they were using right away or do you wait until just a bit before the next houseguest comes so that everything is fresher/cleaner?

I haven't washed our guestroom sheets in awhile.  Its on my "to-do" list but it keeps getting pushed because we have nobody scheduled to stay the night until closer to the holidays.  We also have clean spares for the impromptu guest.

If you are a houseguest, do you make the bed before you leave or do you take off all the bedding and either fold it neatly on top for washing or take it to the laundry area?  Which would you prefer your houseguests to do?

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Does anyone make GIFs? I know how to when I download movies from a torrent, but doing it from a DVD is different. I've tried it on GOMPlayer and KMPlayer, but GOM doesn't copy it off DVDs and KMPlayer is really glitchy.
Do you know any programs where I can screen capture off of DVDs? 
TVD: damon eyes
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My kitten pooped all over my roommates comforter and he is now getting a new one instead of washing it. Should I offer to give him some money or pay for the comforter?
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I'm thinking of upgrading to blu-ray soon, which would leave me with a region unlocked DVD player that's about a year old, but in very good condition. Assuming I can get a BRP that can play all DVD regions, what should I do with the DVD player? I thought of donating it to somewhere that can use it, but I don't know where.

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A former student (I'm no longer employed) emailed me for help with her college essay. She said that her current teacher has been really unhelpful (which I believe) and she's totally confused. There is a TON of work that needs to be done and her teacher is (as a school policy) supposed to be helping her with this.

I'm facebook friends with the teacher- should I contact her or is that wrong of me?
The teacher makes an assload of money and basically just shows up without doing much but the amount of help the girl needs isn't really something that I can do over the computer.


Would it be totally inappropriate to suggest meeting with the student somewhere like Panera to go over what she's written?
I could possibly set something up at the school, too.

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What are your thoughts on the common, "How many people have you had sex with" question (when asked here in TQC or another similar community)? Weird and invasive? Silly? Just another question?
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Have you ever eaten an Oreo brownie (the "creme filled" ones)? What did you think of it?

What is your favourite sweet thing? Fall back if first favourite is unavailable or you're not in the mood for it?

Do you like green apple Mentos?

DK/DC/Go away with the sweets: Tell me about your favourite myths!
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When Rihanna warbles in Only Girl, she is saying, way in the beginning. "love me like a hot pie" right? 

What other song lyrics have you hilariously misheard?

DK/DC: favorite pie flavor? Pumpkin.