October 11th, 2011


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when you are shopping for books or browsing at the library, how do you decide to read things you've never heard of? or do you usually only buy books you've heard something about?

i like when bookstores have employee recommendations. sometimes i pick books out based on who published them. i'll usually read the first page and one in the middle to see if i'm hooked or at least interested. i think i have it backwards though, i am more likely to check out books i've heard of from the library and buy ones i've never heard of. not sure why.

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Someone accidentally made one of those "Facebook will start charging," posts on Facebook and it got me thinking.

If Facebook did start charging the way LJ does, say if you pay you don't have to see advertising, get a few new features, increased privacy, ability to edit facebook statuses, fewer marketing features, would you be willing to pay? If you are willing to pay how much do you think it would be worth per year?

While I have never paid for an LJ account, I might pay $10.00 or $20.00 per year for Facebook. I don't pay for LJ, because I hate the idea of paying $20.00 per year every year, when it would have paid off if I had purchased a permanent account years ago.

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I need some advice.

I'm in a class this semester that's a general ed course, so nobody is really taking it to fulfill their major, just a graduation requirement. It's a history of motion picture course, so we spend the majority of the time watching a movie with a short, but detailed lecture before the movie begins. Class starts at 5:10. It's a pretty decent sized class for my school, of about 100 people. From the start, I thought the prof was a little odd, but he seemed okay. But in the past weeks he got a little less cool and it's been sitting in my mind all night.

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What should I do? Have you ever been in this situation before? What did you do?

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What are you up to this morning?
What was the last nice thing someone did for you?

My mom made me coffee this morning...this has never happened before.

Edit: Does anyone know (aside from deleting someone) how to get them to not show up on your facebook AT ALL? I hid the person from my feed but they still pop up on my friends list and their statuses and stuff show up on the side bar. Is there something I'm missing?

ahhhh choices

the boyfriend wants to go to a Terry Pratchett book reading/presentation thing tonight, but I really wanted to go to the Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks concert. 
he has a car, and if I don't go to the book thing, I'm reliant on public transit, and I'm not sure how difficult it would be to get back at like 11-11.30 ish
which thing would you go to?

Forum Picnic

I'm organising a picnic for the [my city] members of a forum I run. I want to make some tasty food to share, that won't take me a really long time to make. What should I make? Our colours are purple and orange, our mascot is an octopus holding a bunch of stuff in his tentacles, and we're a forum for creative people.
I'd also like to make some food that I can hand out to random passerby, that won't look like they shouldn't accept it from a stranger. :p It needs to be something I can put a sticker on, or hand out advertising material of some sort with. What should I make?
Would you accept a cookie or cupcake or something from a stranger?

MN help

Does anyone know of any assistance programs/foodshelves in Northeast Minneapolis? I'm one, embarrased, two unsure of where to go because I just moved here. Me and my boyfriend are having several money/job issues right now and currently aren't making enough money to pay rent, and afford food and amenities (shampoo, laundry, fun events, etc..)

I am currently looking for another job to fix this, but with multiple things happening all at once... (Car broke down so riding metrotransit everywhere, motors shot, house broken into, bf lost job and is severely depressed...I could go on forever, but you dont need my entire backstory, I'm sure.)  I need help! (If even just a place to go to for free and talk and destress, or an activity to do..) Could anyone direct me in the right place?

I have googeld and so far have found the offices for EBT(foodstamps), but are there any other options anyone else knows of or can find that I don't know about?   Sorry if this has been asked before or I rambeld too much/ or this shouldn't be posted here! :) and thanks for any help!
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Can you tell me about books that you've read that have been very difficult to put down?

Hunger Games is one for me and I just read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. OMG so good.
The Dark night

Can you give me some advice?

I'm been dragging my ass about the online dating thing because I'm not sure if that's really what I need. Maybe being single isn't so bad. However, I'm a big Halloween fan and there's a lot of Halloween activities this month. Haunted houses, amusement parks, cemetery book readings, that sort of thing, which I love. I want to do many of those things, but my friends are either broke, boring, not into Halloween anything, too easily scared or don't have the free time to attend those activities. They're a sad bunch. The few people I know who are really into the season like I am I find that I can't stand hanging out with them more than I have to. So I thought about joining some dating site, looking for only a Halloween partner in crime. Maybe a barfly buddy as well, as I'm looking for more or different people to drink with.

So the question for TQC is: what dating site is best?

There's eHarmony, okCupid, plentyoffish, and who knows what else. I don't want to pay a whole lot if it's mainly for October that I'm looking. Maybe some of those sites are full of skeevy people. Maybe one's more professional than the rest. I really have no idea. Maybe this is the kind of thing I should try Craig's List for. I dunno, though I would like to screen their pictures first. In the event that it does lead to something romantic, it'd be nice to select someone I'm attracted to or normal looking, or to weed out the undesirables

There you go. What should I do, TQC?

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Is answering questions on FreeRice.com a form of slacktivism?

What sort of activism or slacktivism do you engage in?

I sign online petitions such as those on Change.org regularly and volunteer once a year at the 30-hour Famine countdown concert. And other Internet stuff that doesn't require me to get off my butt. Except when it's time to vote in the general elections I'll haul my butt to the polling station.

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I'm a waitress, and a costumer complained on me for not asking which dessert she wanted specifically. I just asked if she wanted to order dessert. How awful of me!

What's the last dumb thing you were scolded over?
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I have jury duty tomorrow starting at 8:30am. I need to be out of there by 3:45pm, what are the chances of this happening?

Edit: My dad has a doctor's appointment and it is very important for me to be there. It's not something that could be easily rescheduled.
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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Have you ever booked a flight a year in advance?

Did the prices noticeably change as it got closer to the actual departure date or was it pretty much the same? Namely, if they got more expensive or not.

A group of us are taking a Hawaiian cruise next September and need to arrange our own flights back home, but I don't know if I should start looking for flights now or wait to see if any sales pop up.
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Will you tell me about some of your state's stupid laws? I don't mean Snopes stuff like it being illegal to put an ice cream cone in your back pocket. I mean like how it's illegal to co-habitate with your boyfriend/girlfriend in Virginia.
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Past mistakes

When I was a senior in college, I had a fwb relationship for a few weeks with a guy who ended up treating me like dirt and telling a bunch of lies about me to my friends.

What mistakes from your past still haunt you and probably will forever?
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I'm having a craving for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and a biscuit.

Where should I get some fried chicken?

Smithfield's Chicken N BBQ
Make something at home instead
Starve to death

EDIT: I went with KFC. It was delicious!

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do you have a favorite movie that's set in a different time period? any suggestions? bonus points if it's available streaming on netflix, because i can't find anything that looks good and i'm soooo bored of the dvds i have.
joy division

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I want to get the new iPhone Friday but it says the pre-order is sold out. Does that mean ALL the phones are sold out and I'll have to wait to get it after Friday? I've never dealt with pre-ordering fancy stuff in my life so I am deeply confused haha.
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Guys I have this bump on the back of my hand, right above my wrist, under the skin. Its circumference is about that of a dime. It's fairly hard (teehee) but if I push down on it it gives a little. It doesn't hurt/itch.

The highly reputable Dr. Google tells me it's probably either of ganglion cyst or a carpal boss, but it's still starting to freak me out a little. Will you guys tell me if you've ever had something like this and reassure me that it does not indicate fatal or paralyzing illness? How long did it last? How did you get rid of it? I'm going to the doctor in a couple weeks but that's so loooong.
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My roommate is on one couch and I am on the other. I just coughed and trumpet farted due to the force. He's wearing headphones. Do you think he noticed and is keeping a brave poker face? I totally laughed and said "Wow that's embarrassing", too.

What was the last thing that made you laugh for your ass off?
Mine in comments.

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Does anyone here do their own canning? I'm going apple picking this weekend and thought canning pie filling would be a great idea, but I stupidly saved all my research till the last minute and now I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I wanted to know if canned apple pie filling tasted any different from fresh (especially if you use Clear Jel, which this source suggested) and what other things I could can besides pie filling and pasta sauce (since getting the supplies would be a pretty big investment right now).

And if I do decide to buy the stuff, do these seem like good choices?

Feel free to refer me to a community that would be better suited for this question, I just didn't know where else to go :P