October 10th, 2011

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Are you a little weird about food? Texture? Taste?
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What was the last thing you did that kind of made you step outside of your own culture?
Do you love Sriracha/cock sauce?
How awesome is bacon, really? As a vegetarian I always hear, "But you must surely want to go back to bacon!" Nah, more like crispy Italian breakfast sausages.
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You know how people ask what they should do about the person from their past who can't get over them and won't stop calling/texting/emailing/facebooking/whatever? We tell them to ignore them. Move on. Get over them, and leave them behind.

.....what if you're the person they're trying to forget?
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do you like to have any kind of background noise when you go to sleep, like music or tv?
do you think of any specific songs/albums/artists/shows as being your personal sleeptime soundtrack?
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I can't stop watching videos about dogs!

TQCers, what is your favourite dog breed? If you could have one dog, what would it be? What do you think you'd name it?

Personally? I would adore an Irish Wolfhound- Calhoun for a boy, Solrun for a girl!

DK/DC/Ew, dogs: I have no question for you, dog haters! Away with you!

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good morning tqc! (or whatever time of day it happens to be where you are.) today is my birthday! as an update from this post, i didn't end up going to the ER because i was able to keep down some gatorade and water yesterday afternoon -- and then i was able to eat for the first time in a day or two at my family's birthday dinner for me. best birthday present possible is being able to eat! with that..

if you hadn't been able to eat out at a restaurant in a month or two, and it was your birthday, and you wanted to get as much omnomnom out of your birthday dinner as possible, what restaurant would you go to? i have a list of 4 that i'm trying to decide between for tonight :]

edit to clarify: i want to know where YOU'D go, i don't want you to choose for me :]

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Apparently 5% of people sing on a first date and 4% of those people report that it works for them. Have you ever sung on a first date? How did that work out for you?


I've never done this or been sung to.


Will you talk us about your most awkward first sexual experience with a person?


Second date with this guy. He has a little problem getting up. That's not the awkward part, though.  After trying to remedy the problem, we finally give up.  He then says, "Sorry. I'll be totally honest with you, but I guess I just masturbate too much."  He said this a few times.


Socks for (edit) gifts - yay or nay?



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I was watching an I.D. special on some dude who killed his wife. They used some evidence found on his computer against him. He had done a Google search for "how to shoot yourself un-lethally in the chest" (he ended up shooting himself to make it look like a mugger had shot at both him and his wife). He had also downloaded the song "I Used to Love Her but I Had to Kill Her" the night he killed her then deleted it before handing his laptop over to authorities. My question is: after erasing your history and deleting files, how can people still find out these things from examining your hard drive?

tl;dr: fuckin' computers, how do they work?

Phone question =\

Would you upgrade from the Samsung Captivate to the Galaxy S2?

Facts: Cost: $199. I am eligible for an upgrade. If I wanted to, I could probably sell my Captivate for ~$200, but I'd probably just keep it as a spare. Oh, and occasionally my Captivate decides to shut itself off. I was late to work once because it didn't wake me up!

Pros: Bigger/better screen, better camera, front facing camera, dual core processor, lighter/thinner, better battery life (?), new Android OS
Cons: ? Maybe I should just wait for something better to come out?/Save $200. Might be disappointed because it's pretty much the same phone (but better).

Phone questions are boring, I know. But I can't decide.
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So last night I turned off my macbook pro after not doing so for a long time. In the morning when I plugged in the charger, the laptop automatically turned on. Is there something wrong with the computer or is there a way to turn off this setting?
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Why is it so fucking difficult to find a website with a decent photo archive of haircuts/hairstyles? Seriously, I am always so frustrated when it comes to getting a haircut because I never find a photographic frame of reference. What would you do with my hair, even color wise?

How in the world in your Monday going?

What would you eat right now if you could have anything in the world?

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If you were a ghost, what type would you be?

I'd be one of the really creepy ones. I'd hide in a house and wait for a family with children to move in. I'd befriend the kids, and the parents would notice their kids had imaginary friends and it wouldn't be a big deal, but then it would get creepy because I'd have the kids repeat stuff to their parents and that shouldn't know, like, "My friend says the person who lived here before shot himself." Then I'd start banging on walls and stuff. It'd be so much fun!
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Will you tell me about your favorite pair of boots? Pics encouraged.

I'm going to put some semi-permanent color in my hair. How quickly will it begin to fade? I need it to look good from the 21st to the 31st for a theatrical production. I have a really sweaty head so I have to wash my hair pretty often. General advice?

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So, I'm graduating college in May and am scheduling my classes for spring semester. I already have 17 credits and the top out is 18. I have a class that I would absolutely love to take, but I can't because I'm graduating and can't afford the fees that come with going over 18 credits.

Is it ridiculous/out of line for me to e-mail the professor and ask to simply sit in on her lecture unofficially? :/

DK/DC: If someone paid you to go back to school, what would you study?
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1. I got an email from Youtube inviting me to monetize one of my videos with Google AdSense. It's an original video, BUT it's overlaid with audio of "Yakety Sax" (the Benny Hill theme). There are about a bzillion videos on Youtube with this song... but as far as I know, it's not in the public domain? The artist has only been dead for four years, so the copyright is still standing. I believe Youtube's policy is, anything can be posted unless the copyright holder/record label demands it be taken down. That doesn't seem to be happening with this song on any of the bzillion videos it's used in... but if I apply to put ads on the video and they decline the application, there's a good chance the video will be removed from Youtube altogether. This song is used on television all the time, but it's probably paid for when they use it. So... Should I apply for it and potentially make a little money off it, with the risk that if it's not approved my video will be removed from the internet, or should I leave it as is, not make any ad money but keep the video up? What would you do? (I have another video with ads [original video and audio] that brings in about $3 to $4 a month - it's not much but hey, it's something!)

2. Totally unrelated - anybody out there know anything about tobacciana? I have a cigarette case I'm trying to date and Google is no help, so I figured maybe somebody here might have a clue? :)

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What's with the whole, 'it's fancy dress, therefore I must dress as sluttily as I can' thing?
ETA: I'm thinking the whole Mean Girls-esque slutty santa/sexy vampire sort of costumes.

I'm going to an under the sea party on friday, and want to go as a shipwrecked/drowned pirate.
Other than halloweeny make up and possibly a few fishes stuck to me, what make up/accessories should I have?

Any better costume suggestions?

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We are doing homemade pizzas for my birthday Saturday.  I plan to make a Mediterranean style one with green pesto, mozzarella, feta, olives, tomatoes, red onions and artichoke hearts.  what are some other unique ones I could make?
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My daughter is about to finish the Harry Potter series, and she's wondering what to read next. What do you suggest for a very bright 11 year old girl, TQC?

She likes her stories modern, so I can't talk her into Anne Shirley or Laura Ingalls Wilder. No Twilight. She enjoys wizards and magic and sci-fi/fantasy. She's thinking about studying fashion and costume design when she gets older.

Unrelated second question from my kid: do you play Minecraft? What do you like about it? How about those Creepers? (She wants to be one for Halloween...)

My dog likes to pee a lot

We have a puppy that's about six months old, and although she's gotten better at it, she still pees inside the house a lot. Thing is, it isn't always because we don't take her outside in time--she generally lets us know by whining and barking, but there are times where she just goes and lets loose inside the house.

About how long will this last? I've given her treats when she goes outside, and I'm sure she knows that it's the proper place, so I'm assuming a lot of this is a physical inability to hold it in.
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Are you food adventurous? Do you like to try new things, or are you happy with the same things you've always eaten?

We tried out a new Turkish restaurant today. It was so good. We had homemade hummus, and we got their kafta (beef and lamb) "sandwiches" which were actually wraps. The tahini and tzatziki was also homemade, and really good. I've had Greek/Turkish before, but this place's claim to fame is being mostly homemade, not packaged, so I was impressed.

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Ladies and gents, i am at a school where teachers are encouraged to dress for Halloween. And maybe we get a little competitive with it.

Can you think of a theme for costumes that would work for 2 men and 4 women that is middle school appropriate?
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Dear TQC, would you rather

1. dine at this SUPER luxe and high end restaurant/club (those very trendy, "it" places) with fantastic ambience and view, but style of food not to your fancy


2. dine at a five star hotel, buffet style, with your favourite kinds of foods

given that the quality and price of both meals are the same?


My SO left yesterday.  Walked out with all of his things in tow.  I'm not a big mess because, honestly, we've done this before and things have sucked lately.  

But my doggy is a big mess and I can tell she's upset he isn't here.  Is there anything I can do to make her happy?

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Are you into a really rare or esoteric hobby? I'm into ham radio (my boyfriend got me into it) and people are always like, "That still exists?"

If you're not into a really rare hobby, what are your hobbies? I'm also a big fan of writing, reading, going for walks and cooking. And horses.
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I'm so sick and relief won't be here until around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, before which I might just die.

Can you give me some ways to keep myself occupied (while stuck in bed/on the couch) until then? I've already watched every Will Smith movie in existence, so something besides TV and/or alien robots would be nice.
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What are some "dating don'ts" you've experienced firsthand?

Protip: don't ask your underemployed date how hard she's actually been looking for a job and get upset when she wants to go the fuck home that very instant

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A genie appears and gives you one wish. But it's a fickle genie and it has stipulations.

1. You cannot wish for money, or anything that directly generates money. But, you can wish for things that require a great deal money (ie debts paid off, vacation, Ferrari, etc). You're allowed to wish for a higher-paying job, but keep in mind, you only have one wish, so it has to be something you think you can maintain. You can wish to be the CEO of Apple, but you can't also wish that you had all the knowledge that would allow you to be a CEO that lasts more than a week on the job (you'd have to possess that already).

2. You must wish for something that is physically possible. It doesn't have to be likely, but it must be possible (no brining people back from the dead or superpowers or anything like that).

What would you wish for? Or do you tell the fickle genie to go fuck itself and its rules?

If you were a genie, what kind of bullshit stipulations would you put on your masters' wishes?
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I have long hair (almost to my waist). I also have a job interview tomorrow. Should I pull it up in a bun, straighten it and leave it down, or straighten it and pull it back at the nape of my neck?

Shoe-wise, should I wear pumps, dress shoes with a squared off toe or mary jane style flats? (Will be paired with black dress pants)

What should I tell them if they ask me about myself? Should I make up a super hero style bio?
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Another Baby Question. No, I don't have anything else going on in my life.

When you are invited to a party for which there is a gift registry, do you usually

Buy something from the registry
Use the registry as a guide, but don't necessarily buy something from it
Ignore the registry and buy what you want

In other words, is there a point to all the thought and effort that I am putting into my baby shower registry? Or are the guests just going to buy what they want no matter what I do?

Why does my mother-in-law say things that I end up worrying about?

EDIT: So clearly my MIL is crazy, yes? You all make me feel better! Thank you!

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my husband fell asleep on the couch after work. It's now 11. o clock pm. Should I wake him to come to actual bed or should I leave him sleeping? He has blankets already and there is no chance of getting any. If you were in the same position as him what would you prefer?
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My husband and I are in dire needs of organizing our apartment. It's such a small space for the two of us. What are some good sites to find some organizing stuff that's apartment friendly? That is, I can't get anything that requires drilling into the wall or modifying what we currently have. In particular, we need something for our bathrooms which have no cabinets or counter tops and are tiny, but all I can find are shelves that need to be drilled in.

On a similar note, is there any type of door/gate/something-that-blocks that I can use for a room to block out cats? We have an open little space that my cat can't be trusted in and we've created a wall of puzzle pieces like this and duct tape, but I'd like anything nicer. The cats are also learning to tear apart the tape to get in!

Any tips and sites would be greatly appreciated. I'm terrible with home stuff.
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This is a ridiculous question but I've never been in this position before. I have always been someone who has gone years in between dates. I now am casually dating 3 different people. They are all awesome people and I know at some point I will probably have to narrow it down to one. How do you choose???

one more kitten question...

So I took the kitties to the vet today because thier eyes were crustied shut and they have colds and 414.00 later they have anti-botics and shots and all sorts of other crap I was told they needed to survive.

Now the mother won't nurse them :(

DId I piss her off by caring for her babies?
Should I put them back across the street so she can see I didn't kitten nap them?
I bought bottles and kitten formula and they are sleeping in a laundry basket in the basement,

Which one should I feed first? the illest? or should I rotate the feedings? they each have thier own bottle but to feed them all at once might be tricky.