October 9th, 2011

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I need some piercing advice. I want to get my nostril pierced (just a tiny, sparkly stud--1.5mm, probably 18k white gold or titanium (I know to stay away from silver) with a little cubic zirconia/diamond type stone). However, we are coming into cold/flu/lots of potential sneezing season. For those of you with nostril piercings, how did your first cold work out? Was your piercing fresh? Did you wish you'd done something differently to avoid the situation you were in?

I would consider waiting, but I also generally get really bad spring allergies, so the sneezy situation is unlikely to change much before next summer. I'm also (kind of) looking for a full time teaching position next year, so I'd like to give it as much time to heal as possible on the very likely chance that I end up in a district not hip to facial piercings and I have to wear a retainer most of the time. If you have other piercings, will you compare the healing processes for me? Any horror stories/things I NEED TO KNOW? I also swim laps, and I imagine submersing it in chlorinated water right away is a bad move, but how long should I wait? Halp?

I feel like my skin is memory foam.

So, whenever I scratch myself (even lightly) or really any pressure is applied to my skin, vibrant white lines/spots stay there for a long, long time afterward. Does anyone else have this happen? What in the world is it? Some people in the past have pointed out that this is weird :(  

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Do you know if there's a way, with Yahoo Mail, to type an email and then have it sent at a later time?
I need to send an email to my SO but I'll be at work before he wakes up. If I send it now it will wake him up.

Don't know/don't care...
What is something that you've been struggling with lately?

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What are you up to this morning?


Have you ever helped your parents out with their bills?
I have some extra money that I have put aside for grad school...I'd like to help but I'm not sure if down the road I'll need it to pay for classes. What should I do?
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Poll #1785341 I will build my life around the secrets you tell me

Which would you rather give me?

A piece of advice on a random topic
A true factoid or a bit of trivia that you know

And then make sure you follow up on your choice in the comments. :)

kitten help please!

the kittens eyes are all closed shut with this nasty crusty stuff.....thier eyes were open last night and today they are shut and the kitties are sick ...

what can I do to get thier eyes open safely without harming them?

paging dr. tqc...

i have been super super sick my entire pregnancy. i'm even on nausea pills now but right now they aren't even doing anything. it's been almost 48 hours since i was able to keep anything down (including water) without throwing up. last time it was 48 hours i went to the ER because that's what i read was the "worry zone" of dehydration, etc. i got IV meds and fluids, which was nice because i couldn't throw them up, but they kind of treated me like i was some kid that was just a little sick and made a big deal out of nothing - but i'm talking like, i'm throwing up 10-12 times a day. at what point should i go back to the ER? when would you go? i don't want to go and be made to feel like i'm making something out of nothing again, but i also don't want to put myself and the baby in danger. halp.

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I am doing a unit on perseverance with my 7th graders. As part of the unit, the kids have to pick who they think showed the most perseverance. I'd like to introduce them to as many types of people as possible- I want multiple ethnicities, different genders, different sexualities.

Can you please recommend some people for my 7th graders to study? Also a little background knowledge on them would be great!

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Scooters uncle is moving in within the next 2 weeks...

So for those of you who live with roommates or family, is it awkward when it comes to you and your SO having sex while they are in the house?

Do you just do it quietly?

His uncle will be here pretty much all the time and our schedules already make finding time for sex impossible. And his room will be directly across the hall from ours and the livingroom is right below our bedroom. So no matter what, he's going to hear something.

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TQC: I work in a comic store. About an hour ago, a man came in carrying a Shih Tzu on his shoulder and I stopped him because we don't allow animals of any kind in the store. He got very irate and claimed his dog was an emotional service animal and that I was committing a federal crime before he left. Apparently he called our other location and left a complaint about me with the owner.

For the record, we have had service animals in here before with no problem...but they've always had leashes on at the very least. What do you think about the situation? When was the last time you had to deal with a very angry individual?
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My friend passed away a few weeks ago. She was always super supportive of me and gave me excellent advice when I was having relationship issues. I'm getting married in a month and I'd really wanted to send her an announcement. Would it be totally weird/insensitive if I asked her husband to put one at her grave? Mitigating factors: a) I don't know her husband at all so that might be weird, but he knows OF me. b) Her death was expected, so he wasn't absolutely shocked by it and he had sort of come to terms with it when it happened.
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Anyone know any good sites to shop for dresses in Australia? Australian sites preferred, but anyone that ships here is fine too. Specifically, I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding (just as a guest, not part of the bridal party) in summer.

In particular, I'm a bit heavier than I'd like so dresses that are flattering on a larger body shape would be extra helpful.

ETA: I particularly like this style - little bit of sleeve, forgiving for the thighs.
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those of you who use Google Chrome, how do you like it?

i just switched to it after my friend told me Firefox isn't so good for not getting viruses anymore.

does it have a search bar at the top i can get like Firefox does?
does it do that thing Firefox does where you type in a phrase that was at the top of a webpage and it takes you back there, or where you type in an address you go to frequently and it finishes it for you?

like when i come here, i'd type "theq" into the address bar and it'd take me right here.

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Would it look absolutely ridiculous if I mixed brown and black in my outfit? I've got a new black skirt and black boots that I was thinking of wearing with brown tights and a black shirt with a brown sweater. I can't tell if the outfit in my head is super cute or absurd.

Since TQC can't come to a consensus on brown + black, I'm gonna go ahead and wear a polka-dot skirt, floral shirt, checkered shoes and an argyle sweater.
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What kind of toothbrush do you use? I've used the same electric toothbrush for something like 7 years (changing the heads every couple of months) and I'm thinking it's time for a new one. I definitely want another electric toothbrush. Any recommendations?
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Every couple of months I dye my own hair with stuff that comes in a box. I pretty much always don't take a shower the morning of the day I'm going to do it because it says to apply it to "unwashed hair," which probably means hair that was not just washed an hour ago but whatever.

Anyway, I took a shower this afternoon and feel like dyeing my hair tonight because I'm bored. Is this okay or is my hair going to catch fire/turn rainbow colors/implode into a black hole to another dimension?

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what is the best flavor of ramen-in-a-cup ?

hobo semen
simple green
other in comments (not really)
vegan (wtf? VEGAN ramen noodles?)

NETGROCER.COM discontinued the biscotti i ordered. How do i show my displeasure???????
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what wine should I double up for a buck on? buy one bottle at a sale price then get the second of the same wine for $1. this is the list.

what was your last big purchase? my fiance and I bought a new sofa and loveseat today!! :)

when is the last time you won something?

my mom sent me a box of candy. fun size twix, snickers, milky way, 3 musketeers and m&ms were in the box. which do you eat?

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people who have had mono:
what was the onset of your symptoms like?
I mean, what symptom did you get first, how long did it last? (How long did the fever last? What about the sore throat?)

I've been sick for 12 days. The first week I had an irritated throat, fever, chills, night sweats, weakness. Then my throat got MUCH worse and I went to the doctor and got antibiotics for strep but also asked them to test me for mono because this girl I kissed thought she had it for a bit and WHO KNOWS.

Well I haven't gotten the test results yet as it's the weekend so I can't tell if it's strep or mono. But whether it's due to the antibiotics or the sleeping 11+ hours a night, my fever and stuff is gone, but I'm still tired and my throat still hurts. It feels just IRRITATED again, like I got a cut back there, which is possible I suppose. Anyway just wondering what other people's experiences were like.

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Dear tqc dog trainers: we adopted this puppy a few weeks ago and I'm at my wits end. She bites me. She doesn't bite my husband and doesn't bite our toddler much, unless my husband isn't around. I've tried just not playing with her, I've tried grabbing her snout and yelling NO like he does, nothing is working. She's pissing me off. She's a beagle mix about six months old, she was a stray we adopted from humane society, she's so well behaved when my husband is around I feel like an inadequate dog ruiner or something. What's wrong here? Got any advice for me? I know puppies can be bitey but she gets out of hand with me, and I end up retreating to the couch with my legs out of reach or I throw her outside, to save my skin. I googled general puppy biting advice and they say to act hurt, stop playing, etc but none of that is working.

using TQC for an actual question I can't figure out :(

Dear TQC,

This is such a long shot, but perhaps one of you has better googlefu than me (although I generally consider myself good at it). :(

We moved into a house last year that has an old hot tub. We finally cleaned it out and started it up today; It mostly works except for a couple of things, and though we're hiring a spa company, we can't find the owners manual or filter type anywhere. Caldera doesn't have it online, and other than some other dude searching for the same thing online in 2009, info is nonexistent.

I will send internet  (or IRL) cookies or paid time to anyone who can find filter or owners manual information. Will you all have better luck than me?

Brand: Caldera Spas
Type: Olympus
Model: 9100
Catalog #: C9s3s22s3y
Serial #: 922017
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I have an old router that was at one point in time made by Linksys. I'd like to change my password for it. I cannot find the disk that came with the router and can't seem to access the router configuration page (keeps telling me wrong password). I've tried hitting the reset button on the back of the unit. Any suggestions? (Besides get a new router, unless you'd like to pay for it)

Eagon wins that question.

Moving on, are you one to forgive and forget, or do you tend to hold grudges? Are you one for getting revenge?

iPhone newbie

I pre-ordered the iPhone 4S and I am SO EXCITED. It's my first smartphone ever :o But I want to be READY when it gets here. So TQC:

What accessories do I absolutely need? I'm guessing a case and maybe a screen protector? Are there any awesome cases out there that you love and personally recommend? I don't mind colorful/bedazzled monstrosities :) Link me!

What are your favorite apps?

DK/DC: What did you have for dinner tonight? (or will have for dinner, depending on your timezone)

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Will you post pictures of purses that look nice with leather jackets?

Is it okay to wear a leather purse with a leather jacket? I feel weird doing it but idk if I am just being style-paranoid.

Help! Installation fail!

I tried to install a program on my computer earlier today but had to interrupt it so it didn't complete. I uninstalled the incomplete program, then tried to reinstall it. But every time I put in the CD and try to run the installation, my computer asks if I want to delete the program and all the files. It's stuck on UNinstalling it. WTF? HELP! (Things that didn't help: Clicking "no"; restarting the computer; installing a different program and then trying again; cursing at it.)

The program is Sims 3 and its a brand new laptop that I just got yesterday.

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What is that thing called where you talk about something with someone, or learn a word, and in the next few days that thing/word pops up everywhere? For example: my coworker and I were talking about the movie Once and then the next day I saw a commercial for a TV show that had the song from it, which I haven't heard in like five years.