October 6th, 2011

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My boss at the hotel asked one of my co-workers if there was anything romantic going on with us because he is always talking to me and if I can't leave the desk he brings me food. (leftovers from our breakfasts we would otherwise throw out) Why the hell would she ask this? More specifically, him and not me? We don't have any no dating policy (except obvious rules, like no using the rooms to have sex) so why would she care and how is it her business if it doesn't have an impact on how we perform our jobs?

dk/dc: did you start Christmas shopping yet? I got two things....one because I found it in LA when I was there last month and the other was tickets for a show that my mom was dying to see for 25 years and I lucked into buying them.
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How would you feel if you vaguely heard moaning coming from your roommate's bedroom?

What breast size do you prefer (for yourself and/or for a partner)?
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This May Be a Long Shot

I'm not sure anyone can answer this but here goes. Hypothetically, if a woman applies for and gets approved for Medicaid, suffers a miscarriage then within a few months is pregnant again, does she have to reapply or is she already covered?

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I have a job interview today and for the first time its for a clothing store, this one, http://www.supre.com.au. I have never gone for a job in a place like this before.

How should I act?

When I went there the store manager gave me the idea she was a normal airheaded girl. I am so hoping I am wrong about her.

srs/non srs answers are welcome.

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Which of these permanent 'quirks' or 'afflictions' would you accept for $50,000? Each quirk is worth 50k apiece, and they would be lifelong; they can't be removed, or if removed, would result in you having to return the $50,000

You can no longer eat any foods that are the color brown. You throw up immediately if you do
Whenever you hear the word 'knickerbocker', you immediately punch the person who said it in the face as hard as you can. You rarely hear that word, but you can't hold back. If you hear it on the tv, you have to punch the tv
You have to have a tattoo of your own face, actual size. It can be anywhere on your body
One of your canine teeth is replaced by a shiny gold tooth
You now have a third nipple in the middle of your chest, a few inches below your sternum
Crippling fear of heights. Any time you're over 2 stories, you feel the onset of a panic attack
You get ridiculously aroused whenever you hear the name 'Ronald Reagan'. Your undies are soaked or you got BONER upon hearing that name. This might make some conversations awkward
Henceforth, the only colors you can wear are red, white or blue
Whenever you're speaking with someone with an accent, you immediately imitate their accent. You can't stop
Whenever you come back from using the bathroom, you have to give a detailed account of what you did while in the bathroom
You cannot drive. Ever. Someone else always has to drive you
You have tattoos on the back of your hands. The one on your right hand says 'Right', the left says 'Left'.
Get a nose piercing with a 7/8" gauge
You now refrain from alcohol and caffeine
Your footwear can only consist of wooden clogs

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What are you doing right now?

What should you be doing?


Im drinking pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin spice creamer *guilty face* and watching Modern Family.

I should be calling houses for rent...but I still don't have a definite move date and in my defense I did put together a moving budget....
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Wedding gift for my brother

My brother is getting married in a couple of weeks. I was planning to spend about $150 on the gift, but they don’t have anything on their registry in that price range that hasn’t already been purchased.

They do have a lot of small things on their registry, in the $25-50 range, that haven’t been purchased. I’m thinking maybe I should just get them a $150 gift card to Target or Amazon.com (where they have their registries) so they can purchase some of those smaller items that they’re not getting. I don’t know if that’s too impersonal, though, since the groom is my brother. They are not poor, but they are both pretty frugal and responsible with their finances.

Poll #1784712 Wedding gift for my brother

What wedding gift(s) should I give my brother?

A $120 item (the most expensive thing left on their registry other than the $400 XBOX) even though it’s a bit less than I planned to spend
Two items that add up to the $150 I was planning to spend (e.g., $50 rug + $100 vacuum cleaner)
A $150 gift card to Target or Amazon.com

this blew my mindhole

someone mentions Selena.

who/what do you think of?

i told this girl in my class, who is 20, about how my birthday party is going to go down and how there's going to be "a lot of Selena." naturally, i am referring to the Mexican-American pop sensation Selena, who was tragically murdered in the mid 90s. she asked me if it was a type of sangria. at least she didn't say Selena Gomez.
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mcdonald's monopoly 2011

for those who are playing mcdonald's monopoly: say i collect the property pieces in order to win a prize... for example, collecting both boardwalk and park place gets you the $1,000,000. if i enter the codes in the online game from those pieces, are they still valid for me to win the $1,000,000 cash prize in-store?

because i see there's an online game (the dumb hat game... which is stupid, because it's usually the actual board game) and there's an in-store game (where you collect the properties)... so i'm slightly confused. :(

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what is your favorite kind of soup?

i like creamy soups, like potato and corn chowder, but unfortunately they usually aren't vegetarian. i also love me some hearty lentil soup (especially over rice and with a little cheddar cheese melted in, mmm!)

do you have a (vegetarian or easy to make vegetarian by changing stock or leaving out bacon, etc) soup recipe for me that you like a lot?

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What is the nicest way to tell a stranger, "You need to keep your dog out of the street or it's gonna get killed"?

Some new people moved into my subdivision a few weeks ago, and they have a tiny little poodle mix that they just let roam the neighborhood. He likes to chase cars, and he'll get right up next to your car before you even see him - you can just hear him yapping - and I just know that one of these days he's going to get caught under some SUV's tire, and the driver will never have even known he was there.

My dad has already talked to the people once, and they were like, "We're keeping an eye on him." Well clearly they're not, because nothing has changed. We live in a big subdivision off of a busy street, so we get a lot of through-traffic, and sometimes the dog will be two or three streets away from its owners. I just don't see this ending well, but I don't know what to say without overstepping and seeming like I'm all up in their business. How would you approach this?
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are you someone who just can't be single? shortly after one relationship ends, you're in another one? is there a reason?

for those of you who are not like this, why do you think some people are like this?
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Where do you get cheap towels that aren't complete crap?

Wal-Mart towels are garbage. I bought towels from Target like a month ago and I've washed them at least 6 times and I still get covered in lint after I dry off with them. I don't want to spend $10.00+ on each stupid towel. I'm cheap. but someone's gotta make some that are decent.

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So my roommate said I could keep the stray kitty my nieghbors so rudely tossed outside when they left the area in the beginning of August.

Now that I have him, what do I do first?
vet for shots and fixing right?
and he needs a name but he's a shutter bug :(

he wants to come in the house, but he's only allowed in the basement until we go to the vet. (it's heated down there)
also, the other kitty they tossed out had kittens and has moved them into the basement of the house across the street...so today I went over and put towels down and put a box over there for them to be somewhat shetlered. But I don't want them to freeze or anything...

What should I do ?

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What perfumes/colognes do you wear, if any?

I wear the original Juicy Couture perfume atm. In the past I've worn Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise, and G by Gwen Stefani.

What perfumes/colognes do you like on other people?

My mum wears DKNY Woman and it's awesome on her. I always love the Britney Spears perfumes when I smell them on other people. And I love my boyfriends cologne, but idk what it is.

But I think my brother wears the same cologne as my bf and it's confusing my nostrils :(

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I watched the first 1.5 seasons of Lost when it first aired. I then decided I wanted to just wait for it to be on DVD so I could just watch it all in one go rather than be left hanging. It's been however many years since the first season began...should I start from the beginning again? Or do you think I can just start with season 2 and it'll come back to me?
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Can we turn this into an art and photos post? Share your work, your favourite work of others (with appropriate linkage and information!), your favourite photos, what have you! Go, go!

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How do you get rid of someone who you had an unhealthy relationship with in the past, but who won't leave you alone when you want to move on?

Back in secondary school, there was a girl who was the ringleader of every unpleasant group.  She seemed to take relish in humiliating people, and was fond of mocking me and my friends openly.  One day, aged 13 or so, we ended up being allocated to work together on a project, and this was when it all began.   Our 'friendship' seemed innocuous enough at first; we'd go round each other's houses and do typical teenage things.  However, all the while she'd criticize and humiliate me, not to mention borrow things she'd never return.  Aged 16, I moved to a different school from her, but she still wanted to meet up- when we did, she ended up borrowing money from me that she promised to pay back, but never did.  Thoroughly sick of her bullshit, I blocked her online.  Today, I received a message from her on DeviantArt through my friend who I also know from that same school.  In this, she acknowledged that I had blocked her, and said she 'awaited my reply'.  I plan not to respond to her, but I'd really rather she left me alone.

what do I do, tqc? blocking her so far has been unsuccessful :(

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I'm going to see Just Imagine on Sunday. It's a concert performed by a John Lennon impersonator, doing a convincing repertoire of songs by John and the Beatles. I'm going with a part-time TQC member.

What should I bring with me?

Srs and non-srs answers
Kill Bill - Elle
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TQC, wtf did I do?
I was running to catch the bus in ballet flats yesterday, downhill, and I felt this SHARP, tearing pain all of a sudden. Now, whenever I walk or stand, the top of my foot hurts so fucking badly, and my entire arch feels like it's pulled up very tautly, and the pain radiates to my heel and ankle. However, at rest it kind of feels like a dull ache. I'm being gimpy and it's hurting my damaged leg.

What are your current gripes?

Can you name five good things in your life?

Five good things about yourself?