October 4th, 2011


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Emotionally abusive dad is making me so angry right now, TQC! Seriously, why yell at your wife when you're actually mad at the daughter? And why get so mad when they try to explain that it was a misunderstanding because he didn't have his hearing aid in? And why keep yelling after that? And why in the middle of the night with all of our poor neighbors overhearing? (Sorry, those were rhetorical questions.)

Main question: What can I do to calm myself down considering that it is midnight, that I have the flu and have to wake up at 4:30am for school?
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About 20-30 minutes ago, me and my brother were playing around and he shoved me backwards. I landed on my elbow really hard and it hasn't stopped hurting. It's not scraped, but it burns/tingles like it is. It's hard to bend and below the actual joint itself, towards my forarm, about 2 inches down, is numb. Everyonce in a while, I'll get a shooting pain thats about an 8 on the 9-10 pain scale.

Should i go to the doctor or am i overreacting?
The numb part is freaking me out.

I'm sure it's no worse than a sprain, what could a doctor do for me anyway?

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Twice now I've come across a "custom" (so quoted because I don't know if it's true globally or not) that only young girls fetch water for their mothers. But once they hit puberty, meaning they have their first cycle, they are no longer allowed to carry water. Have you heard this before? Is this a tradition around the world that I've just apparently not heard about before now?

Sources were "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant and the song "My Own Home" from Jungle Book.

DK/DC: Do you get enough sleep?

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If someone came to your house/apartment/wherever you live and said they grew up there and would just like to have a look around the place for sentimental reasons, how would you react?

I drove by my childhood home yesterday and I was just completely overwhelmed by soo many feelings, it was crazy. I'd like to be able to go inside it and I wonder if the current residents would think I'm nuts, haha.
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Who would win if they faced off?

A ray (devil ray)
A ranger (Texas ranger)

Who would win if they faced off?

A yankee
A tiger

Who would win if they faced off?

A cardinal
A phillie (I think it's a resident of Philadelphia)

Who would win if they faced off?

A brewer (someone who makes beer)
A diamondback (snake)

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Who is the most inappropriately dressed person where you work? (either a coworker or a regular client)


We have uniforms, so it's difficult to dress inappropriately. However, we have one client that, if he doesn't show up in his pilot's uniform, he's in a t-shirt and shorty shorts apparently without underwear.  And he likes to stand close.  Bleh.


What's the most ridiculous thing your boss has ever asked you to do?


I got nothing here, thank god.


DK/DC/I don't have to work - What is the expected high temp where you live today? (or tomorrow if you're way ahead time-wise)



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thank ya, thank ya verry much

Do you thank your partner after sex?

EDIT: oh, come on, it can't be that weird?!?

not even a sleepy "mmmm, thank you" mumble? 

EDIT TO THE EDIT: ok, now I feel really weird.  thanks, tqc, for making me question myself.  going to go hide in a corner now. 
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The Japanese idealized white skin even before their contact with the West. Since WW2, they've been copying white American fashion. But the latest trend is to copy black American fashion. They call it B-style.

Bad cultural appropriation, or good cultural blending?
Hell - Picasso Devil

Birth Control Q

I haven't been on the pill for about 10 years, and just recently went back on to try and control my PMS a bit. My doc offered me Quasense which is the brand Seasonale and I started taking it Sunday night, so I have had two pills. I feel so fucked up tired - my head is really thick - and today I feel dizzy and a bit nauseous. These are common side effects... great. My question is, do these symptoms settle down or will my body get used to it? If you had effects like this did you stick with the pill or forget it? I am disappoint, feeling like this is really a dealbreaker.

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TQC, what can we do to fix the world? It is so utterly fucked.

If it can't be fixed, can we at least all run off and live in communes intentional communities? What skills will you bring to the intentional community?

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Which show would you rather see?

Celebrity Wipeout - Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen compete in a variety of painful stunts to score a bag of coke
Celebrity Boxing - Casey Anthony vs. Amanda Knox
Husband Swap - random married couple gets selected. Husband switches places with O.J. Simpson for a weekend
Super Nanny - Casey Anthony shows up to watch your kids
Celebrity Big Brother - the Situation, Spencer Pratt and Flava Flav are in da house
Roomies - Dennis Rodman and Glen Beck share a small apartment
Is your Third Grader Smarter than Sarah Palin?
Celebrity Jeopardy - with Steve-O, Heidi Montag and Snooki
Poledancing with the Stars - Mike Tyson, Kirstie Alley and Ashlee Simpson

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Thanks to advanced technology, this age everybody can communicate each others even one is apart from you.  They keep communicating by Facebook or twitter, informing what they are doing every single minute.  Do you think it is a good practice or bad?
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Have you ever had to remove a stripped screw? How did you do it?

tldr story: I stripped a screw while trying to remove my hard drive from my laptop. I googled possible solutions and gave a few of them a try but I haven't had any luck. Anyway, my laptop won't charge which is why I need to remove the hard drive. About 9 months of my life is on there. I thought if I bought an external battery charger it would solve my problem (temporarily, at least, just so I can back up my files) but it takes a ridiculously long time to charge. It took about 5 hours to charge 6%. So yeah, I need to remove this bastard screw.
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Vidya games

Is there any point to having a PS3 and an Xbox 360 for a moderate gamer? Don't most great games come out for both systems?

We have a PS3 (albeit a partially broken one) and the GF wants to get a 360 too but I think it's a) probably unnecessary and b) I don't know if the 360 has been fixed yet.. do they still get the RRoD? Are they still a pain to get replaced or has MS stepped up in customer service?
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Can we please have a funny/silly post? Comment with humorous pictures, macros, GIFs, jokes, stories, etc.

(I'm kind of depressed this evening for no good reason whatsoever.)

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I finally picked a grad school program, started my application (just waiting for my references to put in their emails) and did my financial aid today. One of the advisors told me there is an open house tomorrow night.

Should I go?
Can you think of any reason that it might be a good idea for me?

My friend and I have off tomorrow. We live in NY/Long Island- Where can I convince him to go for the day?
(I was sort of thinking Amish country but all suggestions are welcome)

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Not hypothetical:

If you needed a car, and someone gave you up to $10,000 for a used car, with the stipulation that you had to use it only for a car (so no buying a used bicycle and pocketing the change), what would your first choice of make/model/year be?

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I have been babysitting my landlord's fishtank.

If anything knows anything about fish could you tell me why the water level has shrunk by almost an inch in the last 48 hours?
I don't know what I should do about it - I emailed him to ask him what type of water I should refill with because I know he didn't want to use tap water before.

You can give me serious and non-serious answers.

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just curious, do you make your bed everyday?
do your sheets/comforter/pillows all match?

care to share what your bed looks like right now?

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sheets and comforter always match, but seeing Scooter has HIS pillows he rather I not change his pillow cases or buy him new pillows :(


The bizarre story about a new function of silicon breasts - body armor - took place in the family of a 40-year-old female Muscovite. The woman had a fight with her husband, and the man grabbed a knife in a fit of anger.
The man stabbed his wife in the heart, but the knife stuck in the woman's silicon breast, which saved her life.

The family fight would have ended with the woman's death if it had not been for her silicon implants.



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Do you read poetry outside of a class room setting?
If so, do you read analyze every nuance of the poem (meaning, metaphor, meter, rhyme scheme ect.)
or do you read it to simply enjoy it?

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I just got a mouthguard/biteguard from the dentist because in my sleep I grind my teeth so much I chipped one (apparently it's really loud, can't make the noise when I'm awake. So weird.)

How often do you clean your moouthguard? Every day? Every week?

What do you clean it with? Normal dishwashing stuff? Mouthwash? Denture things? I'm really paranoid about this whole thing O_O

DK/DC: Who is your favourite poet?
virgo bold

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Have you ever used Philosophy brand shampoo?

Do they make conditioner that goes along with the shampoos or are you forced to use a different brand conditioner?

What's your favourite scent of theirs?

(I'm obsessed with getting a pumpkin scented shampoo after watching Wen by Chaz Dean on QVC for 15 minutes.. but HIS shampoo/conditioner combo was $24.56 for 16oz...)

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Verizon customers: my boyfriend is looking for a new phone. He wants something with higher in-call volume and good call quality. Doesn't care about it being a smartphone, and doesn't like Blackberrys. Any suggestions?

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Do you know of a website that will let me create a quiz or activity and will either let me log in to see another person's progress or has a way for someone to print out a completion certificate or something? Free = best.

I need some practice activities for my students who fail a test and need to retry it and I also want to use some technology in the process. So far I've tried Quizlet but I don't see a way to report scores or time or anything aside from my students writing it down or screencapping and sending it to me via email.

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Has anyone from TCQ been through the disability application process? Any happy/sad/angry moments to share? Also, do any Hoosiers have experience with any disability lawyers around Indianapolis?
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Does anyone really remove the batteries when they aren't using something "to prevent corrosion to the unit"?

DK/DC: Is there something that everyone else seems to love, but you just can't no matter how much you try? What is it? 

I never remove the batteries and I am wondering if I should, though I have never had a battery "explode" in or damage anything I own. 

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H'okay, TQC.
I have been dating a guy for a little more than a month now. Said guy has a mental disorder. I have figured out that I really don't wish to keep seeing him. What's the best way to tell him this when he thinks that I'm "the only one who could ever love him", and I'm slightly worried about my happiness/wellbeing? HALP?

Alternatively: Whats a good way to ensure I do not end up with another mentally unstable person? I seem to be attracted to these guys.

DK/DC, What would you NEVER be for Halloween?

Edit: Hey THANKS everyone. It didn't turn out nearly as horrible as I thought it would. You guys helped me get a spine, or at least borrow yours for a min. <3