October 3rd, 2011


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playing tug-of-war with your dog: fun game, or over-aggressive bad idea?

(I got a puppy a couple weeks ago and am finding mixed advice on the internet so I figured I'd ask you all, there's gotta be some dog owners right?)

edit: she's a beagle mix, if that matters, here's a picture so you can see how fear-inspiring she is: Collapse )

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Acceptable ways to break up with someone?

Text message
Phone call
Facebook status
Spraypaint on their car's hood "We're over"
Have a friend tell your mate that it's over
Note taped to rock thrown through their window in the middle of the night
A face to face sit-down discussion. They deserve at least that
You bellow the breakup news from a passing car through a bullhorn
You don't break up with them, but rather, you make it so they break up with you. Have them catch you in bed with their best friend
I don't break up with them, but rather, just stop returning calls and generally fade away
Set them up so that they'll be deported or arrested. Easiest way to make them go away
Full page ad in the paper, annoucing the dissolution of your relationship
Tape the note to their pet's collar. Your significant other will read it when it's time for bed

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Parents of school aged children or future parents of school aged children, and well, anyone else who wants to answer this:

My kids have fundraisers at their schools. Some are okay (book sales!), others are kind of annoying (desserts? gift wrap). I would like to support my kids school and their fundraising endeavors but hot damn I just do not need desserts or way over priced gift wrapping.
The schools take to sending out URGENT emails to parents that they need more orders and C'MON parents get with it, etc. messages that I'm starting to feel pressured.

Should I just suck it up and buy something?
Would you?
Even if you didn't need it at all?

How much do you like/dislike fundraising?

WHY do people need something in return? Why don't we willingly just give $$ instead of spending money to raise money and then get some crappy "gift" in return?

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For like 5 years I dated a worthless drunk, Tom. I met Tom through my circle of friends, so we shared the same friends before/during/after our relationship. I ended up breaking up with Tom after he beat me one night, and then he spent two years crying omg about how he'd never find someone as awesome as me (duh, sorry bro) and just basically pined for me in the most pathetic ways possible. He cried on the shoulders of anyone that would listen and made a 2 year long mess out of the whole thing. During these two years I took a sabbatical from our common friends because I didn't want to deal with sadsappy Tom especially if he might be drinking. And during these two years Tom devolved into such a pathetic waste that had to rely on his friends for help so much they all pretty much got really tired of him.

Fast forward to today. I'm no longer on sabbatical with my friends, but I try to plan carefully that I go out on nights when I'm pretty sure Tom won't be around. So far we haven't had to do the whole "same party, same time" thing. But this upcoming Friday appears to be different.

It's the birthday party of two friends of mine. Both of them really don't like Tom. Both of them are, you know, friends of mine. Not BFF or anything, but totally friendly. They announced this party via Facebook and I took note of it but didn't respond. Today they sent out an email asking for people to RSVP so that the bar will know how much extra staff to hire. So I run over to FB and get ready to hit "accept" and I see that Tom has already accepted.

Should I go? Should I try to contact Tom directly to let him know I'm going? Ask him not to go? Contact my buddy's who bday it is and ask them to uninvite him? Basically, wtf should I do?

EDIT: Tom recently emailed me to tell me he was working on the steps of AA and asked to meet up for whatever that apology step was. I declined, mostly because I think it's horsecrap and he's still drinking again -- all I know for sure is that no one's commented on him not drinking, which would be a miracle. This will be at a bar, so if he's drinking he will be drinking...

EDIT #2: I'm sure I'll be safe. My biggest concern is basically my ex throwing a hissy fit and bringing stupid amounts of drama to the birthday parties of two people who don't deserve stupid amounts of drama.
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external hard drive halp

I recently purchased a Seagate external hard drive. I can drag, delete and edit things on my personal Mac, but when I plug it in on any other computer, I am denied from doing any of those things. I've tried to search for how to unlock it, but searched with no luck. The pamplet that came with it wasn't really of any help either. SO, TQC, how do I go about unlocking my external hard drive for computers other than my own?

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Which would you rather do?

Learn enough Klingon to perform Hamlet entirely in the new language
Translate an abridged Webster's dictionary from English to Smurf

Which would you rather do?

Use electrolysis on your left eyebrow, then tattoo in a fake brow in a perpetual surprise arch
Have one of your canine teeth replaced with a long vampiric fang. Just one fang only. Your other teeth are normal

Which would you rather do?

Pogostick to work/school (this may take a while and may require you get up hours earlier than you normally do)
Spend two entire workdays/schooldays on stilts

Which would you rather do?

Be the back end of a two-man horse. The front end is someone who's lactose-intolerant who just ate ice cream
Be the front of a two-man horse, wearing a mini skirt with no underwear. The back end of the horse is a 13 year old boy with a video camera

Which would you rather do?

Eat a puppy steak. You have to choose which puppy gets turned into a steak
Eat the calf meat of a convicted murderer. The cut off his leg at the knee, cook it up and serve it to you

Which would you rather do?

Spend 3 days and 3 nights in a hot air balloon, floating over Greenland. You have enough food, water and blankets
Spend 2 weeks in a submarine. Stuck in the claustrophobic sub, sleeping on a bunk bed, no windows, no change of scenery
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I am planning a casual reception for 50 people. There will be cookies, water, and coffee provided. My boss wants to do coffee for 40 and water for 24, but I feel like more people will want water in the afternoon. Water does cost money, but it's negligible. How would you split up the beverage order?

EDIT: What would you want to drink for a 3:30 PM reception, coffee or water?

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They're going to make a movie about your life

1. Which actor/actress would you like to play you?

2. Which actor/actress do you think would actually end up playing you?

3. What song would you like to play during the opening credits?

4. What actor/actress plays your significant other (pick one that sorta resembles your SO, or your last SO)?

5. Which director would you like to see direct the movie?

6. How would you categorize the ending of the movie about your life? Heartwarming? Twist ending? Frustrating? Inconclusive? The kind of movie that makes you want your money back? etc...

Be creative

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My friend and I are driving across the country. We're leaving from Boston and ending in Sun Valley, Idaho. The main places we want to stop are New Orleans and Vegas. We'll have to stop at places in between for resting purposes and such so we were thinking Nashville or Memphis, Tennessee between Boston and New Orleans and Austin, Texas between New Orleans and Vegas. Are these two locations a good idea/worth seeing? Any suggestions on where else to stop or where to stop instead? We'd like to hit up Four Corners and the Grand Canyon too. Any experiences with those? Anyone know if Roswell is worth stopping in? Any advice or recommendations appreciated.

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If you have long hair- when you run your fingers through your hair, do you usually end up with a strand or two of hair in your hand?

My mom says that I'm pulling my hair out and that she thinks my hair is thinning...when I think it's just natural shedding from having long hair.


If a position I applied for starts in a week from now, what's the latest you'd think they'd let me know?
Is it weird to call the school to ask what's up? How do I word that phone call?
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What is your favorite flavor of gum?

ETA: Have there been any really weird gum flavors you have tried? Did you like them or hate them?

I tried this key lime pie flavored gum a couple of months ago and I liked it for about 5 minutes then I never wanted to chew it again.

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Guys, I'm on day three of a very stiff neck. I went to work today and it wasn't awful while I was there, but now that I'm home and relaxed, the pain's setting in. I neeeed to sleep tonight. I slept like crap last night and woke up so many times. Would it be horrible of me to combine Tramadol and a beer (6 or 7 percent ABV) to knock myself out tonight? Should I just have the Tramadol and save the beer (Good Life Decisions) or have both and run the risk of being a little hungover in the morning (Bad But Yummy Life Decisions)? There is also exactly one beer in my fridge so there's no chance of me getting tipsy and having more than one.

Do you tend to make decisions based on what feels good, or what you know you should do?

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do you remember how you felt/reacted when you found out Darth Vader was Luke's father?

i can't remember and i wish i did. but i can't remember a time when i hadn't seen those movies and dad is no help. thanks, dad. thanks for not making even a mental note of a pivotal moment in my life.

ETA: WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE? how did you make it so long in your lives without seeing Star Wars?
Opus donuts

Mmm, roughage. (And some vinagrette.)

What vegetables are a must-have in a green salad? I've always loved tomatoes and cucumbers, and recently I can't live without some thinly sliced red onions.

Unrelated second question: My kid is going to Cozumel with her grandparents for Fall Break. What kind of souvenir should I request?
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Not to start tip wank, but...

If you go to a buffet restaurant where the staff brings your drink, refills your cup, and clears your plate at the end - how much are you supposed to tip?

I personally wouldn't usually think to tip at all, but they have a line on the check, so I always feel obligated. ~.~
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I've offered to make delicious homemade cranberry sauce for a Thanksgiving party this weekend, but i have no idea how much i'll need to make. There will be 23 people. My recipe makes 2 cups.

Some catering websites suggested to plan for a 1/2 cup per person, but that seems like a fuckload even for me, and i loooove cranberry sauce. The leftover can be frozen of course but i'd rather not go overboard....

How much cranberry sauce would you say you use during such a meal? How much do you think i should make?
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Canadian Thanksgiving

It's Canadian thanksgiving this weekend, and it's my first time hosting a big meal in our new home. We have a nice standing rib roast that we're going to do, but it's not enough meat for everyone (9 people total). As such, I thought I'd do a second meat. I can't decide what, though! Thoughts? Ham, roast chicken, a small turkey...?

Also, I'd like to do a fancier vegetable side dish along with a green salad and some sauteed zucchini or green beans. Do you have anything special that you make for your family?

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Ok so everyone who warned me about the Toshiba Satelitte were right. They suck. I had to return 2 of them due to the power cord/plug thing.

sooooo now I have a Sony Vaio.

so iyo, is this a better choice?

dk/dc: what do you wear to bed? if you wear jammies, what do they look like?

guitar tab

hey guys,

if anyone plays guitar and can help me out with figuring the chord progression in the beginning of this song I'd be super grateful. I'm talking about that really short but sweet bit from 0:05-0:07. I think it starts off with an Em but after that I'm not so sure what the guitarist is doing...I think there's a hammer-on on either the G or B string...no idea


so yeah. the question would be, can anyone help me figure out the tabs?
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I just moved to Seattle and even though I was prepared for how cold I know it can get, I am freezing my fucking ass off. My wardrobe is NOT prepared for this. So, fellow cold-weather folks, what do I need to stock up on? What brands?
I'm used to wearing cardigans from J. Crew (that's a joke on how thin they are) in December for warmth, if that gives you any idea, and only own two pairs of long pants. Please help. Hahahaha, seriously.

How is the weather where you are?!
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Stupid facebook question: If you take someone off your friends list, and then you try and search for them but Facebook doesn't respond, and their name isn't clickable in your recent notifications, does this mean they blocked you or something? (This person has a public profile.) Or is Facebook just being stupid?

dk/dc: What was the last book you read that you think everyone should read?

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What are your guilty pleasures?

-The Princess Diaries series. You have no idea how it helped me through school, although sometimes I really wanted to hit Mia for being such a moron. I really want Meg Cabot to write about Mia's life more now that she's in college.
-"Party in the USA." The only non-crappy thing Miley Cyrus has ever done.
-Peopleofwalmart.com. Sort of hypocritical since I've been in Walmart in my PJs, but some of those people are insane. And the number of strange animals the greeters allowed people to bring in, such as goats, owls, bats, etc. *shudder*
-The Sims 1. It's simple and easy. Sims 2 and 3 are so complicated.
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A friend of mine used the phrase "Unbridled Consequences" yesterday, and we decided that sounds like a Nicholas Sparks bestseller. What are some titles you would bestow upon a Sparks novel?