October 2nd, 2011

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Did any of you attend a SlutWalk today? What was the experience like?

I went to the SlutWalk in NYC today, but I know they were happening in several other cities as well. It was amazing, I loved walking downtown with everyone and just the feeling of being with such an awesome group of people who were all fighting for the same thing.

dk/dc: What did you do today?

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So...I'm at work manning the desk in a residence hall and this group of kids is hiding behind this wall thing and have been for about 15 minutes. I asked them what they were up to and they said "playing 'sardines'", which was described as a reverse of hide-and-go-seek. Does this game actually exist or are they engaged in something nefarious behind there?


What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

Wax a full grown grizzly bear
Commit arson
Give up brushing my teeth for a month
I would DO a dyke named Klon
Shave your pubic hair with a cheese grater
Tattoo your hands bright green
Enter a demolition derby in a golf cart
Armed with only a straw, try and drink as much honey as you can from a nearby beehive
Legally change your name to Ralph Wiggum
Not much. It's just fucking ice cream

For the above question, if you clicked 'not much, it's just fucking ice cream'...is it because you hate chocolate and ice cream? Well, chocolate ice cream is delicious and delights children everywhere. So, hating chocolate ice cream is EXACTLY the same as hating children. Why, TQC, do you hate children?

They're short
They can't give articulate political opinions
They fail to contribute to the economy
They don't create jobs, and are actually contributing to our national debt
Stewie Griffin is out to conquer the world, and therefore, all babies are doing the same
All they do is cry and whine. Can't they resolve their own problems by now?
They don't give me their lunch money
They never once gave me their cute mom's phone number
They don't recycle
I love all children. Eff you, Mr. Corners

So...you hate ice cream AND children. How long have you been working for the Devil?

One year
Several years
One hundred and nineteen years (hahaha eternal life)
Two days. I'm still temping for Satan. He hasn't offered me a full-time job yet
I don't work for the Devil. Really. You can check my resume. Not one mention of Satanic activity

Ok. I just read your resume. What's the most surprising thing I found?

Attended clown school for 2 years
Hobbies include taxidermy and making realistic giraffe sounds
Dropped out of school early. Didn't complete first grade
Strengths as a worker include saving the company money by refusing to wash your hands or wipe yourself after using the bathroom
Professional weaknesses include the fact you're easily seduced by the bottle and tend to throw up in your boss' trash can
holy inappropriate

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What use would society have for you in a post-apocalyptic world?

Examples: I know how to grow plants, so I would be a farmer/ I know martial arts, so I would be a law enforcer/ I have a liberal arts degree, so I would be responsible for cleaning out the cesspits.


Do you have any keys that you don't know what are for?

Forgot which key was for the bike and spent 10 minutes trying to unlock it with the wrong key and then was trying to figure out what that wrong key was for. Turned out, it was for the guitar case. Dumb moments of life.

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So, can anyone estimate for me how much money I'm looking at to get fake nails, and then to keep them maintained every two or so weeks?

Because I really feel like I need a self pick-me up lately, and these seem like the ticket.

Never mind, I don't know why I didn't just look up local nail places.

Ugh, now that things are already awkward, what underwear are you wearing?

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So the cat in this .gif, what is making it move that way? I tried googling "cat tense up" and other silly phrases but I got no where.

edit: We have a "cat is crazy/scared" consensus. thanks, everyone.

tqc > google

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TQC, what should my NaNoWriMo novel be about? I'm totally open to suggestions here. Curveball: I'm not really into writing fantasy or sci-fi, but I do enjoy magical realism (think talking animals and magic powers fitted in with everyday reality).
butterfly girl

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I'm 99% certain I saw this posted in here some time over the summer, but I have no idea when, so I can't look through the old entries. It's a Flash-type game where there's a guy climbing up a rock wall over some water. There are hooks or something that have letters in them, and you have to make him reach for the next letter by typing it on your keyboard while holding down the letter that he's hanging onto with his other hand. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Can you point me in the right direction?

Since we answered that: What is the last delicious thing you ate? (Bonus points for recipes!)

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What are the best apps for playing with photos for the iphone/ipad? I have instagram already but am looking for something along those lines. Dk/dc - what are you doing today? It is my last day of being unemployed, so the boyfriend is taking me on a date to an alpaca farm. <3

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What was the last "WTF" conversation you over heard?

Standing in line at Wal-mart a few minutes ago and the two chicks ahead of me were talking about something and all of a sudden I hear

"Why do you think there arent more gay Mexicans?"



When is the last time you resisted temptation?

I went to grab a half gallon of chocolate milk at Wal-mart but there was a little boy throwing a fit because he wanted chocolate milk and dad was saying no.... and I just could not bring myself to go grab it right in front of him...it was hilarious though...

mermaid and the ship

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TQC please make make me feel better. Will you tell me about the time you cooked/baked something and it didn't turn out? Or something you tried to do but it didn't turn out in general?

DC/DK: Best flavor of ice cream?
a clockwork orange

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So, sometimes when I'm walking, my right hand randomly spasms. It kinda just quickly flaps around back and forth. I would've never noticed if several people hadn't pointed it out to me, so it's kind of baffling to me.

Ever have any weird bodily function you weren't aware of until someone said something?
Freedom balloons

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What little things should I do to annoy my bitchy house-mate?


What things have your rude/bitchy house/roommates done to annoy you?

EDIT: I'm not asking for your better-than-thou opinions, but of course, feel free to give those anyway. Being mature/extremely nice hasn't worked with this girl for the past 6 months, I have one month left, so I'm going to make sure the house has an extra bitch for October. :)

5-6 Week Old Kitten?

So TQC, what should we know about an approximately five or six week old kitten? We were leaving to go somewhere earlier, and two little kids ran up and asked if we wanted him. They said they'd found him abandoned and their parents wouldn't let them keep him, so were going to go door-to-door. We're 95% sure that our cousins will be taking him home (they'll be coming to see him in about an hour and a half).

We think he's male because it looks quite obvious, and according to what I've found, you can't really start to tell until about six weeks old. He's lapped up some milk from a saucer, and now is all bundled up for a nap. What should we know about a kitten this age, from those that have experience? We'll pass it on to those that will be keeping him.

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what is a good way to ask somebody out? best things too say? especially if im soo nervous that its giving me a panic attack? also dont want to ruin the friendship if they dont like me that way even though they might im really bad at being able to see these kinda things. im petrified of being rejected.
Joker Heath

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To the healthy eaters and people trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight: Do you have a list of foods that you "strictly" do not include in your diet at all? What are they?

I know that one shouldn't completely cut out foods that they enjoy, but I'm curious to see what foods that some people cut out that I may not have thought to.

So far, my main goal is no dairy or fried foods, but I'm gonna make a list of specific foods, which will probably be more helpful.

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Paging Dr. TQC.

I woke up with the mother of all stiff necks yesterday. It's been going on since then without stopping. I have tried heat, ice, Tramodol, ibuprofen and aspirin. Heat and Tramodol help the best, but I have very little range of motion in my neck and moving around is painful, even with that. I'm actually starting to think that it's my autumn head cold starting up, just in a weird place. Have you ever experienced anything like this?

RELATED: how sick do you have to feel to want to call out of work?