October 1st, 2011


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Today (in my time zone, which is the best time zone) is world vegetarian day, starting off vegetarian awareness month. What do we need to be aware of?
How should be best achieve this in annoying and vague facebook statuses?

Unrelated: The font in here just got all pretty! When did that happen?


What was the last personal injury you got? How did you do it?

If you are not injury prone, will you be watching the AFL Grand Final today? Do you follow a particular side?

My answers:
1. I have to slam the back door so my cat doesn't get out, but this time I turned at the same time cos she was being sneaky, and I clipped the door across my upper ear cartilage. To make matters worse, the bloody cat STILL escaped, haha. For now I have an icepack on my ear because it's quite swollen and sore but I will be super annoyed if I get cauliflower ear from this because I was only recently making fun of my boyfriend for his that he got from Jiu-Jitsu.
2. I am a paid Geelong member but my dad is a diehard Collingwood supporter. If Collingwood win I am going to need to turn my phone off and ignore all his emails-. I may have to even block his username so he can't comment on my LJ to gloat, hahah.

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If you're a woman:
How often have you experienced catcalling / street harassment / random shouts from dudes?

What type of of area do you live in - urban, rural?

Do you sense any pattern in when this happens? Ex: only when you're alone, only when you're dressed up and look feminine, only on Friday nights, etc.

Do you consider yourself, er, conventionally attractive (i.e., fitting into our culture's models of how females should look - this includes long hair, feminine clothes, whatever else), and do you feel like this has any bearing on whether/when you get these remarks?

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I'm having some girlfriends over tonight. Do you have any favorite cocktail recipes? Nothing too crazy, but would seem impressive to guests?

Also, what snacks should I make?

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today we upgraded from an ASUS eee with win xp to a Toshiba Satelitte with WIN 7.

What kinda of surprises to I have to look forward to with the Toshiba and WIN 7 ?

What kind of computer do you have?

dk/dc: what's for lunch?
fear the wolvie!

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Do you hurt anywhere right now?

My upper back is killing me...wtf, I never have upper back pain!?


For those of you who text, do you use "text speak" or stick to (somewhat) proper grammar?

I tend to make my boss mad with my long ass texts but she prefers texting and Im not willing to use "text speak"    : /


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Ahoy TQC fashionistas. I'm attending a pirate costume party tonight and have no idea what to wear. I don't have the money or care enough to go all out but I want to wear something piratey. What are some clothing pieces you associate with pirates? And no I don't have an eye patch.

I was considering bringing my machete but since it will be a party of really drunk people, that seems like the worst idea in the entire world lol.

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I read in one of the recent BOFA posts that someone (I can't remember who) uses USAA for checking services?

Can you please tell me the pros/cons of banking with USAA? I'm looking at the site now, but I'm skeptical because despite not having any locations in my area, it says I can deposit checks and stuff at UPS and have fees from other ATMs refunded. Is this all true?
Or is it too good to be true?


What are your favorite features of your credit union?

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good idea or bad idea?

my psych textbook is going to cost me $85-$100+ dollars. it cost me about $3.50 to photo copy the first two chapters. there's something like 20 chapters.

i should just keep photo copying them, right?

keep in mind i STILL don't have my financial aid and am not going to get it until later this month or even November.

also, can we have a funny gif/anything post? the guy i like is moving away tomorrow and unless he goes out tonight i saw him for the last time this morning :(

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A bunch of girls who were in my program in college want to get together for drinks most of us haven't seen each other in at least a year.
They all commented on the group message: every single one of them either got engaged, married, or had a baby.

Being that I have experienced no major positive life events... do you think this get together is going to suck?
*Also, I'm not planning on going in and being negative- just sort of worried if that's going to be the major topic of conversation.

Is there anything you'd like to talk about?
Jimi Hendrix

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Given the current state of economic disparity between the rich and the middle class and poor, what do you think it will take before the have nots in America rise up against the rich? Or do you think it's too late and the American public is too brainwashed to ever fight back?

Inspired by my watching a show on the History Channel about the French Revolution.
  • z_o_e


I love Wicked, the book. Would I like the musical, or would I feel like they really fucked up the character of Elphaba? That's my biggest fear, because I think she's amazing in the book.

The only song I've heard is that Defying Gravity one, and I feel sort of meh about it. But maybe because Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth both kind of irritate me.

Should I see it, or skip it? I'm sure on it's own it's probably great, but from the perspective of someone who loves the book, would I enjoy it?
  • lutine

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How many books do you own? Ballpark or specific number is acceptable.

I have 529 on my excel sheet, but there are around 50-60 more that I haven't gotten around to documenting yet. And I appear to be missing around 30, but I think I have another box or two hiding in my mom's basement. I'm also not counting my fiancé's books or my son's.

It's been a long time...

Last night I accidentally discovered that an old friend of mine from High School is on Facebook. We used to be really good friends, but I haven't seen him for almost 30 years now. Should I contact him or would that be considered creepy after all this time?

I'm not on Facebook myself - I'd be making up an account just in order to contact him. Would that add to the creep factor?

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I've been a vegetarian since july 4th, so all summer. Well, it's kinda been a failed experiment for health reasons, and I want to start eating meat again. I know people who are vegetarians for years then have to go very slow eating meat cuz their body rejects it. Should I be cautious as well? I do have kinda a sensitive stomach but it's only been a few months so maybe my stomach will adjust just fine...what do you think?

Dk/dc: I'm currently in a bookstore. Do you still buy books?

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please answer my sports questions

what was this Red Sox collapse? how was it a collapse? don't teams just suck sometimes?
is the NBA on strike? they said the NBA is on strike in this past week's episode of Parks and Rec.

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If it's Saturday night where you are, TQC, what are your plans?

I'm going to watch Return of the Jedi in HI-DEF BLU-RAY OMG. And then go see some bands or something.

What is your worst/cheesiest/funniest pick-up line? My go-to is "I wish I were a DNA helicase, so I could unzip your genes" but it really doesn't work on people outside of the Natural Sciences department at the University.

Food questions

+For those of you who enjoy cooking/baking: What was the last thing you made?

I made turkey chili tonight- going to make fresh biscuits to go with it, just waiting for the oven to preheat :D

+Have you ever gone to a food festival? Where? What was it like? What'd you have?
I went to the NYC Wine and Food Festival last night. It was sort of like a bar crawl but with food. Wine was served in different stores and then there was a "Cooking Channel" party at the end! So fun.

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Are there any names/words from foreign cultures you're particularly fond of in their native accent, but dislike in your own?

Ex. I love the name Virginie (which is French), but to hear it with an American accent it's like ew :/ So, I guess I'll never be naming my kids that.

ETA: Also, "Muhammad" and "Paulo". 

Braeakups are the new relationships

Fictional boyfriends/girlfriends!

Who is your literary/otherwise fictional significant other?
Jason Stackhouse. I don't know why, but I am so fucking attracted to him. Jason Kwanten needs to be in my bed now that I think about it....

Ever met someone who reminded you so much of a fictional character physically speaking?
I swear, my gentleman caller makes a better Eric Northman (apart from not being a blond swede). 
ETA: during summer camp I met a kid who looked like Dudley Dursley. It was creepy.

DK/DC: what song are you listening to a lot lately?
The Cold War Kids "Hang Me Up to Dry"
Walking Dead

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I got my first tattoo in July and now I want another behind my ear.
However, my mother is incredibly religious and told me that I was "doomed to hell" when I told her I was thinking about getting one. So she doesn't know about the first.

How should I go about getting this second one?

1) Tell her I'm doing it and then get it done regardless of what she says
2) Get it done then show it to her?

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Will you describe the perfect physical manifestation of your preferred sex using the body parts of different sexy people?

Ex. He has the torso of __________, the face of __________, and ___________'s hair.
napoleon the crybaby

San Francisco...where to go?

I'm staying with a friend on Haight & Broderick right now and I could use some ideas on what to do these next 3 days. I'm not a stranger to SF, but I'm not familiar enough with the city to know where the good restaurants/shopping/sights are.

So far my tentative plans are:
- Walking to the Academy of Sciences
- Grabbing a sandwich from Bi-Rite and going to Dolores Park
- Humphry Slocombe ice cream/Mission Street Chinese Food/thrifting in Mission
- Shopping at Zara's
- Grabbing a sandwich and going to Buena Vista Park

If anyone has suggestions for good food in the Haight area I'd love to hear them! Also, anything else I should see/eat/do in the areas around the plans I've got listed above. By the way, I can only walk or take public transportation. Thanks!
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Should I bake some chocolate chip cookies right now?


+ It's 10:30 at night
+ I'm going to Jamaica in 4 weeks, and I don't really need the extra sugar.

What was the last thing you baked/cooked/made?

EDIT: I'm making cookies!

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Does anybody know where I can watch the latest episode of Sister Wives? (Season 3, Episode 1). I've looked on the regular sites that I use to watch tv shows, as well as TLC's actual site, all to no avail.