September 30th, 2011

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When you're an old grandma and little kids come up to you and ask what life was like before the Internet* and cell phones, what will you tell them?

You must also start it with "Back in my day..."

*Before it became a part of everyday life and infrastructure for the masses
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Poll #1782827 Deafness is not an option

You're alone in a room, strapped to a chair. There is a radio playing. You have a remote control in your hand, and can use it to control the radio... but only two programs are coming in. Also there's no off button. So you MUST listen to one program or the other. Which do you choose?

Dawson McAllister

i'm pretty sure all of my tqc questions are related to sex

How often do you think about/crave sex?

I'm curious as to how often girls want sex. I think about it nearly all the time. When class or work get boring, in the middle of homework, while driving...I crave it too. As far as I can tell, only one female classmate (in a small class of 27) thinks about it as much as I do. A few other classmates tell me that they rarely think about it, and that sex can be therapeutic, but instead of craving it they just...tolerate it. In my old circle of friends, no one ever talked about it either, even though we were all having sex. Is that normal or crazy???

Is my life just too boring to keep me from thinking about sex? (I.e. if I had a life then maybe I would have other things to think about, like babies and picking up the kids from school or parties on the weekend and such)
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Totally random:

There's this town in New England where my dad's ancestors settled in like the 1700's or something. They named the town after themselves. So it's like, "Smithtown" and my last name is Smith

Anyway, is there any way in which my dad and I can reclaim the town as ours? I mean, short of walking into City Hall with tops hats and ousting the mayor? Or should we walk into City Hall with tophats and reclaim the town? Could there be legal repurcussions of this? (Are they severe enough to give a shit?)

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What do think about women fighting in the front line of war?

Inspired by Australia finally passing the motion to allow women in the next five years to join in on the front line.
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So.. my dad remarried about a year or 2 ago and had a baby with his new wife. All was well and he was really excited and wanted me to meet the baby and stuff, but I havent been able to since hes really far and a bunch of other reasons. Anyway, ive been watching his fb looking at pics of the baby and updates and whatnot and I started noticing my dad liking pages of kids w special needs, special olympics and all of a sudden friending ppl w special needs kids. it seems really sudden and random and ive started to suspect that the new baby is a special needs baby and he just hasnt told me. Were on good terms but not super close so i dont feel comfortable asking, i asked my half brother what she was like and how she was doing hoping maybe he would say something but he just said she was good. She does look a little weird, her tounge is always out and her eyes seem small for a baby but we are sort of asian (filipino) so its hard to say.
Any thoughts? Any suggestions on sneaky ways of finding out?
Its not a big deal to me whether she's "special' I just think its weird that my dad wouldnt say anything.. maybe hes waiting for me to ask or doesnt want to talk about it. its making me really uncomfortable and sad for him and his new wife.
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Validate me?

Trying to keep to the tl:dr- am I justified in being a wee bit upset that my boyfriend was at a club with his friends last night, that it's highly likely his ex (who has made numerous attempts to split us up/get him back) was at, and his friend tagged the group of guys as being there (on fb) with the caption "shagging"??? (I don't know if that's just a uk word- it means having sex if you don't know) ... I guess we've just been having a bit of a rocky recently so it bothers but I'm aware I may be grossly overreacting!

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I'm at work and there are two dogs laying outside the shop. One is right in front of the door and the other is chewing on a bone on the lawn. I called the number on the tag on one but no one answered. I would call the police (animal control) but it looks like the bone that the one is chewing on is a deer bone and dogs/owners can get in big trouble for deer harrassment (the dog could be put down). I don't want to try and take the bone away since I don't know how the dog would react. What should I do? I work on the main road and while it's not super busy with traffic, their is a chance of them being hit if they decide to move.
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I'm currently majoring in anthropology. The anthropology dept at my school sucks so I've decided to switch out and just do an anthro minor. Help decide what I should major in?

What should I switch my major to?

Political science
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i am (hopefully) moving out pretty soon here. it's been a dream of mine to have my own darkroom to develop photos in, and it's a good possibility i could be able to have part of my garage to do this in.

do any of you have your own darkroom or anything of the like? where did you get all the stuff from and how much did it cost? a friend of mine got some really cheap off craigslist, but idk, just seeing if there's anywhere else i could look that i'm not thinking of.

if you could have a room in your house for anything, what would you have? or i suppose i could ask... what's your "dream room"?
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Inspired by the jungle fever question.

Every now and then (not that often) a topic regarding a racial minority(ies) comes up and tqc-ers discuss whether something is racist or not.. and i always wonder if they have any credibility in saying one thing or the other.
Not to say white people shouldnt have an opinion about these things but was wondering if anyone who commented on whether or not the term "jungle fever" is a racist term is actually black.

For some reason I imagine TQC to be predominantly white. Am I wrong? What race are you?
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You have an art show coming up! It's slightly informal (corridor show? not gallery), but it is in an art center, and being hosted by the city's art council.

You have been asked to submit three framed pieces. Do you submit a series, or three individual pieces (different size, style, etc)?

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Are you struggling/have you struggled with finding a job or being unemployed? How did you deal/ how are you dealing?

I know the economy is rough, but I am taking not being able to find a position in my field incredibly disheartening and depressing.

dk/dc What keeps you going when you're feeling down?

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My mother told me something about our housemate under strict confidence. To make a long story short, the housemate has taken advantage of someones kindness in a significant way, and the someone is a close friend and neighbor.

Knowing this new information about the housemate, I honestly don't want anything to do with her. If it were my house, she'd be OUT. But I have to pretend like I know nothing, or else I would be betraying the trust of both my mother and our neighbor, which I obviously have no intention of doing.

So, what would you do? Keep acting like everything is fine? Subtly find ways to ignore the person (which I kind of do anyway, because I don't really care for her)? Do that passive aggressive thing to make her choose not to talk to me? Tell my mom to kick her to the curb?

My typos are annoying me

Which would you rather do?

Be packed in a clown car with 8 clowns. Your destination is 1 hour's drive away
Be Be packed in a clown car with 8 clowns. The destination is next door, but it's a nudist camp, and everybody in the clown car is naked

Which would you rather do?

Go waterskiing in the bayous, in an area with a high aligator population
Go waterskiining in the Arctic north, with ridiculous Titanic-ish temperatures? You're in a wet suit

Which would you rather do?

Eat 200 Peeps in one day. They're all blue bunnies
Eat 2 live crickets. You have 24 hours to do so

Which would you rather do?

Be a part of a flash mob with 19 other people, at 1am in the most dangerous neighborhood in your city
Be a part of a naked flash mob with 19 other people, performing at noon in the busiest intersection in your city

Which would you rather do?

Get a 2"x2" tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on your back, inked by a tattoo artist with advanced Parkinson's disease
Get a 10"x10" tattoo of a giant smiley face on your stomach
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Hey all,

I'm making stuffed zucchini tonight for supper. I don't really have a recipe, I'm just flying by the seat of my pants. So far, I've decided to put in ground beef, hot italian sausage, onion, garlic, and some cheese. Anything else I should add? What kind of seasoning should I use? I have a pretty well-stocked kitchen, so odds are good I have most basic ingredients.

Also, what do you do when you've had a stressful day at work, and there's nothing more you can do about it, but you're still kind of stuck on it when you get home?

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What is a reasonable commission to offer a friend to sell your car for you?

I was thinking 15% if he gets it sold within a few weeks, 10% after that. Is that ok? I don't want to lowball him, I just don't know what the fuck. The car should probably sell for ~$3500, if that helps.

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Hey guys, burning question:
When you use the word 'ho' as in 'she's a ho' (not that I hope anyone is using this word a lot), what's the plural? My bro is trying to write something and is wondering if it's 'hoes' or 'hos' or some mysterious third option?

dk/dc Are Christmas decorations up in your local stores?

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I was really hungry this afternoon, and ended up getting a medium fries from mcdonalds, which i normally can't stand (to much salt) but these were OK. I figured I was hungry because i hadn't eaten in a few hours, but 20 minutes after I ate, I'm starving again. WHYYYYYY am i so hungry?

DK/DC - I just realized that I forgot the backpack full of stuff my mom sent me, on the bus. Do you forget things places?

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TQC- will you share your weird quirks with us?

A question below reminded me of something odd about myself. I can't watch the Cosby Show, Boy meets world or Full house (along with a few other shows from my childhood) after dark because I get anxiety and start to question my mortality and realize how quickly I've aged, etc. It's only after dark though... so bizarre.

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Inspired by The_pyre:

Whats the last thing you cooked from scratch?


I just pulled my first batch of pumpkin macadamia cookies from the oven and they turned out way better then I expected.

I changed the recipe at random (brown sugar, upped the pumpkin, subbed crisco for butter and added white chocolate chips) which usually means disaster but damn, I opened the oven and got a face full of pumpkin/brown sugar smell and it made me so happy!!


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Have you ever had a session with a stylist or personal shopper? Was it worth it?

I'm fed up of the way I dress and need some tips on what flatters me and what doesn't, cause fashion hates my body shape, but I don't even know where to start!

DK/DC: what trend do you hate this season? What trend do you like?
(I really like chinos and peg leg pants, but they are not flattering on me)
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What was the last thing to irritate you?

My housemate has moved in after a week of having the house to myself, and her boyfriend is here too. I feel like they're invading my house.

ETA: I have a baggy tshirt that I want to make fitted. I don't have my sewing machine with me. Anyone have any minimal/no sew ideas/tutorials?

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I am going to Dallas next week for my birthday to see the site of the Kennedy Assassination. I have a free evening and since I'm in Texas I figure I should do something with guns. Should I splurge and spend about $100 to shoot a fully automatic Israeli UZI submachine gun?

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I have a friend who doesn't dress to size, and she does it in quite obvious ways. Is there actually any good way to talk to her about it? Any advice? . (I haven't said anything in a while, because it's none of my business. I'm getting worried though, because it's getting worse and she's a music and chem major. I know in performance you get judged if you don't dress professionally, and I imagine that she'll have a hard time getting taken seriously when she starts going for internships and such in science as well.)

DK/DC- What was the last/next movie you got/are getting excited for for no reason?

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Why hasn't the guy from the grocery store texted me yet?

I mean, I think we mutually acknowledged our interest. I gave him my number. It's been three days and nothing.

Why oh why?
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Self cleaning

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I want to locate a gorgeous shade of purple nail polish. I'd like it to be a royal purple with a slight metallic sheen to it. Do you have any suggestions on polish shades?

I need new ideas for meals, since I'm going to attempt planning my meals ahead for the week. How do I anticipate what I'll want to eat a few days from now? Any ideas on some yummy meals? (No food allergies, no dietary restrictions, no objections to vegetarian)