September 29th, 2011

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Will you post a song that describes how you're feeling right now?

Pink Floyd - Time

I would post a video but I have a minuscule amount of bandwidth left and don't wanna blow it with YouTube.

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do you donate blood?
do you think the requirements to donate are too strict, or misguided? (mostly the rule banning sexually active gay men from donating, at least in the US)

ETA: if you are eligible, do the flaws in the system prevent you from donating?

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What are some of your unusual fears?

Every time I curl my eyelashes, I'm terrified I'm going to rip them out. It almost happened last week, too (I had to get ready to go out while I was on a started getting pretty shakey right about when I started on my eye makeup). Freaked the everloving shit out of me. I don't know what I'd do if I actually manage to rip them out one day. I feel ill just thinking about it.
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What do you wish was streaming on Netflix?

I really wish Seinfeld was on there! And some old school Nickelodeon shows. And 500 Days of Summer (no clue why I want to see this other than for JGL).

need entertainment today

Do you like the smell of vinegar?

My fall allergies are worse than my spring allergies.  What plant family is having wild sex with abandon right now?

I have to live in this horrible place for another few years yet.  How can I survive here without going insane and killing everyone and/or myself?

Have you ever eaten rabbit?

In this horrible economy, what are the chances of me getting a second job, part time?  I'm thinking of getting a holiday job for some extra cash.

Is $125 a month too much to spend on lunches and dining out?  I just looked at 3 months worth of spending, and that's what it averages out to be.  Some of that was taking my family out for dinner, though, as a special occasion.

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What's your favorite thing to have/make for dinner?
What about when you were a little kid?

When I was little I loved chicken parmigiana and chicken fried steak.
These are still my favorites today.

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someone in my online class just referred to a woman as "the broad". how would you respond to this? i'm having a hard time putting my annoyance into words.

what're you eating right now?

validate me

is it cool if i skip my intro to computer graphics class today?

-i have a really bad stomach ache and i'm dead tired.
-attendance isn't part of the grade.
-we're finishing up an in class project i completed and turned in Tuesday and then starting in photoshop, which i already know really well.

Study gifts for the bar exam?

I have a roommate/friend who is getting ready to take the bar exam in Texas in Feb and would like to get her a Christmas gift that helps her study.

Do you know of anything that might help her study better/increase her chances of passing that would make a good gift?

Edited for TL;DR. ;)

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I had a dream last night where I had forgotten to do a 20-page biology report and it was due in two days time. I hadn't even started my experiment and I was totally going to fail! I've been out of college for years.

I hate dreams like that. What was the last dream you had? Was it good or bad?

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What is your favourite pancake topper?

I just love plain and simple whipped butter, So many people think I am weird but just butter on pancakes is all I ever. The other would have to be some sort of hazelnut spread.

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What was your last "Dur hur" moment??


I just drove 20 minutes to the car wash that does not eat my quarters to vacuum out the car, took the mats out and clipped them to the shampoo thing, vacuumed the car out and then drove home only to realize I left the freaking mats there!!!

Im totally not going back for them....Ill make new ones.


How long until my husband notices they are gone and yells at me for forgetting them?

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Hi TQC! I have a roommate related question, sorry if tl:dr

I live in a student apartment with 3 other girls. 2 of them have mentioned more than once that they want a kitten. I love cats but there are a few problems with this:
1. our lease says no pets
2. they haven't even mentioned this to roommate #3 (#3 keeps to herself so she is not often involved in these discussions)
3. (my biggest concern) they want to lock the poor thing up in our teeny laundry room during the day when we are at class

I am NOT OK with getting a kitten for those reasons, and I am nervous to tell them this because the 2 of them are very buddy-buddy and all for this kitten. Last time they mentioned it I told them I was not comfortable with it or locking the cat up and they laughed at me :( 

I am planning on calling our realtor if they get serious about this and pretty much ratting them out. Is this too mean for me to do? Is there a better solution?

wtf body

Why am I feeling queasy after I eat more or less anything  - I do have celiacs, so i am careful about what i eat - but my corn soup, and my yop didn't contain any wheatstuff. so why do I still feel queasy?

DKDC - hows your day going?
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Some Mass Effect questions

I just finished my first playthrough of Mass Effect (currently on ME2) with the Bro Squad (Wrex and Garrus), who should I use on my team for my next playthrough?

Is it wrong that I only romanced Kaidan to see his reaction when he finds out he's lost Shep to Garrus in the third game?

Should Bioware release FemShep versions of their old DudeShep merchandise?

Do you consider FemShep players who are planning to boycott the proposed Mass Effect movie because they're going with DudeShep to be misandrists or bigots?
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Dear TQC, 

The other night, I found a mouse in my front room. I managed to block off its entrance, but it seems to have emigrated to the kitchen :( My SO has suggested one of those ultrasonic noise devices to get the mice to leave but I've seen lots of mixed reviews online. Does anyone have any experience with them? Failing that, do you have any suggestions for getting rid of the mice? I've done the standard things like cleaning up crumbs and sealing up holes in the wall. 

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Poll #1782786 -ist jokes!

Two people of a certain race are making lighthearted jokes based on stereotypes of a diferent race than their own. No one is around to hear these jokes. Are these people engaging in racist behaviour?

Probably not
It's impossible to tell without more details
Something else

Same situation, more details. The two people in question, as you happen to know, are fairly educated people, open-minded, aware of racial stereotypes, and would definitely and sincerely speak out against blatant racism if they encountered it. They tell the same light-hearted racial jokes. Are they engaging in racist behaviour?

Probably not
It's impossible to tell without more details
Something else

BTW substitute "race" for your afflicted category of choice. I tried to be more inclusive but the poll got wordy.

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I'm getting a tooth pulled tomorrow (non-wisdom molar) for the first time. If you've had it done before, how bad does it hurt? Did you need to take pain pills? I'm a wuss when it comes to pain so I'm scared.

Have all your teeth/DC: Any awesome plans for the weekend?

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If you're a vegetarian/vegan, have you ever dated someone who wasn't? Vice versa? Did this in any way affect your relationship negatively?

While on the subject, what's your fave vegetable?
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TQC, why am I having such horrible mood swings? I was laughing hysterically at my favourite webcomic not ten minutes ago, and now I feel like the family chinchilla just got run over by a bulldozer in front of me. I'm not near my period, I have eaten normal food today and the weather hasn't bummed me out with it's gloom and doom.  And I've been getting, like, 9 hours of sleep the last few days and that's about four more than I usually get.

I just hate these mood swings and want them to stop. :(

DK;DC;Don't have mood swings: What was the most fun/awesome thing you did/that happened today? This week?
Today: I hid in one of the guitar lockers at school right before people had put theirs away and jumped out yelling "The game" at them. I can't decide which was funnier at the time: their terrified screams or their realization that they lost the game. :) (I'm evil.)
This week: My week has been unending. Seriously, it feels like it's been about a year since Monday. I think the most awesome thing that will
happen to it is Friday b/c I'm really ready for the weekend.

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