September 28th, 2011

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I'm going to graduate (12 hours left, baby!) with my English bachelors next spring. Should I consider going to grad school and getting two Masters in Linguistics and Psychology - Counseling within the next couple years? I've taken Introduction to Psychology, General Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Psychology, Lifespan Development, Abnormal Psychology, and Human Sexuality which is a SOC/PSY class at my university. I love helping people and I love psychology, for me, it would just be getting through the Stats class in the Masters program that would put me off as I am terrible at math.

DK/DC - What is your favorite fruit?


do you guys ever have dreams of dirty public bathrooms? i do, it's the only recurring dream i really have. it's really weird. it usually involves water on the floor, water dripping, paint peeling on the walls, toilets overflowing, and sometimes the partitions are partially or fully missing. 

if not, what themes or recurring dreams do you have?
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If you see somebody post something racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/discriminatory in any other way, are you likely to speak up?

Does it make a difference whether the poster is a close friend or somebody you don't know very well?

Edit: Oops, I meant to put Facebook as the medium but apparently left that out.
Jeremy Irons, Pensieve

Tumblr Survey

1) Do you have a tumblr?

2) Do you prefer a list or grid style layout on tumblr? Why so?

3) What do you tend to post on your tumblr? Please be specific.

4) How do you feel about endless scrolling?

5) If you have a tumblr(s), what is the URL of yours?

6) If you don't have a tumblr, are there tumblr pages that you frequent often?

7) What will cause you to unfollow someone on tumblr?

8) How do you feel when you notice that you have lost a follower?

9) Do you ask anonymous questions? If so, what prompts you to ask anonymously?

10) Do you tend to post or reblog more?

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What's happening?
Let's talk...what's up?

Would anyone know...

I have no credit history. I've tried to apply for store cards and get denied. If I go to my bank (or any bank...I'd be willing to open an account) can they give me a credit card? Is there some kind of thing where you put $500 in an account linked to that card but it's still considered strictly a credit card or am I making this up? :/

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Which museums [I'm using that word pretty loosely in my comments] have you been to, and where? And which ones were super duper awesome?

I went to a bunch of museums in Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec when I was in elementary school. There was an art museum that I loved. If you call Science World a museum, then Science World is amazing. Sistine Chapel was breathtaking. I went to the Guggenheim and the Museum of National History in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Guggenheim was.... weird [though the building itself was cool] and the best part of the MofNH was the DINOSAURS!!!

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What's the word for a type of story where the world has turned as bad as it possibly can (government overthrown, right wing taking over, hunger, general awfulness). I tried googling it but no luck D:

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I've been asked to make a sign for my sea swimming club for a stand at the university freshers fair. (I don't know if this is a universal thing, its when all the clubs and societies have stands where you sign up to join).
I'm struggling for ideas, but was thinking something on fabric, painted or spraypainted.
Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
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thanks to me being stuck in my house all day and not being able to go outside because there's some people destroying the patio in the backyard, i have spent more time on the internet than i am used to.
...and now i want to own some urban chickens.

what has the internet done for you today?

what has the internet done for you... ever?

alert lilly


The battery on my ipod touch doesnt last anymore

my options are:

replace battery $79
buy ipod nano $179 < i can use my $100 gift card so its also actually $79

buy something else but idk what -
what should i do?

what do u need to buy?
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How are you described to people? (Example: "You know, that girl with all the tattoos" or "That really short blonde guy")

It used to be that I was the volleyball girl with dark hair and pale skin. Now I think it's just dark hair and pale skin... and depending on who it is, they may say something about my big boobs. I don't really have identifiers though!

Also, when someone calls you from a weird number (like it doesn't have a caller id and has an area code you don't recognize), do you answer it? If you let it go, or miss it and they don't leave a message, do you call them back?

I just got a call from area code 780, which is apparently Alberta, and they didn't leave a message, so I'm really curious...
I love you

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So I recently had cancer surgery. I am home recuperating and whatnot. My husband broke his leg and clavicle so he is also home recovering. I never realized just how gripey and negative he can be. It's gone from amusing to near-horrifying.

This morning I woke up late and rushed around to make sure the kids got off to school and he woke up and started griping. His eyes opened and he was fuming. I said, "I'm just not in the mood to deal with this right now." and I went back to bed.

I should apologize, right? I could have handled it better.

How can I deal with the near constant low level negativity coming out of him? Leaving the house for long periods is not really an option. My sutures start to hurt. And he can't leave because of his leg.

Aside from staying upstairs and burying myself online, what else can I do?

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Okay people, what the heck can I throw together with these meager ingredients.

-Box of Bisquick mix
-large tin of bread crumbs
-2 cans of tuna
-1 pack of pasta
-a jar of maple syrup
-2-3 jars of hot sauce (i have no idea why)
-A LOT OF PEANUT BUTTER (like 5 jars, again no idea why)
-couple of sackets of oatmeal
-quarter bag of frozen peas
-couple of eggs
-quarter pack of bacon
-soy sauce
-two types of fruit jam
-couple of slices of bread

*breakfast is not a possibility bc SOMEONE is being picky*

Nervous Breakdown!

So if you remember a few weeks ago, my dog and cat had fleas..and the fleas made their way to my room.
I basically bombed the hell out of my room and have since been basically, flea free.

I'm cleaning my room right now and I'm noticing little fuzzy bugs. They look like mini caterpillars, although I'm sure they're something way more gross than that.

Do I want to know? :(

What's buggin' you?
dragon lady

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What's the last gross thing you ate? Why? Was it all there was on hand?

I just ate a banana with peanut butter. That's pretty much the only way I eat them- I hate bananas! There was nothing else to eat. ;_;

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I'm going to get an ice cream sundae with one flavor ice cream and one flavor syrup. What should I get?

What flavor ice cream should I get?

reeses pieces peanut butter
toasted almond

What flavor syrup should I get?

hot fudge
hot caramel

I am so happy because I got a groupon to my favorite ice cream place.
What's the last thing you got a groupon (or similar coupon) from?

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Who will win the AL Wild Card?

Red Sox

Who will win the NL Wild Card?


Who do you hope wins the World Series?

Red Sox
Apolo flag

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My best guy friend/potential boyfriend/whatever we are this week texted me to tell me he left my birthday gift with our supervisor at work. He told me it was sparkle worthy. (For the record one of his nicknames for me involves the word sparkle) What do you think he got me TQC?

dk/dc: What are some unusual things happening at work?

We have someone who keeps peeing and pooping in their room at the hotel to the point where we have to shut the room down to get rid of the smell.

cat or mouse?

some of my lj friends are trying to tell me that my username icon thingie is a cat. i'm pretty certain it's a mouse. i think the face is too enlongated to be a cat. what do you guys think? am i crazy and it's actually a cat when i thought it was a mouse all this time? lol

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Do you save the pennies you get in change or do you leave them or throw them on the ground?

I save all my change including pennies. We have a maintenance man where I work who told me today, he picks up over a dollar in pennies every week from the floor and sidewalks at our mall.

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Dear TQC,

To make a long story short, my zip code automatically comes up as a city that I don't live in (I live in a township that shares a zip code with a city that's on the border my township), and because of this, sometimes I don't recieve mail. A doctor's office tried billing me for a visit and I didn't get the letters they sent out. I did, however, get a letter from the collection agency they use. The visit was Nov '10. I got the letter in May. I have absolutely no credit, good or bad, to my knowledge. I haven't checked yet, but do you think this affected my credit score? Can it be worse than 0?

Related: when I got the collection letter, I went onlnie and set it up to be taken out of my bank account. After a month and no charges, I called and they said I had never set up a payment, and when I tried going back online, my account ID was invalid. They tried getting me to pay in full by phone, but I said no, because I'd set it up online. Then I saw that they'd taken $75 from my account, so I guess it had gone through. Were they trying to scam me?

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I'm a nursing major currently in my psych clinical rotation. One of our assignments is to attend an AA meeting, including the info of where you went and who was there, and reflect upon it and how it deals with addiction theory and such.

The thing is, I attended two AA meeting last year for a Drugs and Society course. I have written papers on these, reflecting on nearly the same thing, and has all the stats as to where it is, who was there, etc.

Would it be a bad idea to contact my clinical instructor and ask to use information from previous meetings (but still write a new paper)? Should I just suck it up and go to a 3rd meeting?

DK/DC: What age did you stop trick or treating?

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my roommates (A and B) and i have taken to doing homework at our kitchen table, since it's our only flat surface in the house. this morning i left a glass of water on the table as i got ready for the day. A's cat knocked over my glass, which spilled all over B's computer.

who's at fault here? who should pay for the computer?

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Found out this morning that my roommate and I are getting a house guest for an unknown amount of time.
The person moving in is my roommates uncle who is being released from prison (he was in prison for stupidity reasons).

Anyways, how should I prepare the spare bedroom? laundry basket? new sheets? TV?????

I took all of my belongings out of it and moved them into my roommates room so now there is nothing in the spare bedroom except a bed and dresser.

my roommates family is paying for anything he needs when he moves in with us and basically supporting him til he gets a job.
mr schadenfreude

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Have any of you been down to the #occupywallstreet protest in NYC? What was the mood like? If you haven't checked it out yet would you considering going?
What about members from other cities that are holding #occupy protests? Are you interested in participating?

DK/DC/not in the US; got a twitter or tumblir you'd like to share?
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1a. What is your preferred birth control method?

2a. Would you, or have you, been able to fool around with a friend(s) a number of times, and then go back to platonic relations and have things not be weird?

2b. Possible TMI: I have two friends who I slept with a couple of times on separate occasions. I'm still friends with these people; I like them and do not have romantic feelings towards them (and never have). My partner, however, has a problem with this. He doesn't even like being around them any more, and he doesn't want me to go to one of my friend's parties on Saturday (even though I already RSVPed). Is my partner overreacting, or is he onto something? How would you handle this situation?
Braeakups are the new relationships

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What is your current first world problem? debating if I should call to let hook up partner I can't see him tomorow because I will be buried in four weeks of philosophy reading.

DK/DC: What is a song you love for no good reason? Shakira's La Tortura.

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Guys! I'm a GM on an MMO, and every year we host a big event where players face off to determine who is the best in each class. Every year we have a theme/tagline. One year it was "Pride and Glory", last year it was "Kill or be killed".

So I ask you, what do you think it should be this year?

partially motivated by the vegan cat question

Do you feed your pets people food?
When I was a kid, we had a big, fluffy maine coon cross (display pic is him) who would eat chopped up bananas, brocoli, tofu, tortilla chips, and anything salty (like butter). 
My mom's dog will eat cherries, carrots, rice, leftovers out of the fridge (which often include tofu) and muffins/danish pastries/anything left below waist height.