September 27th, 2011


X-Mentally Challenged Powers

Which super power would you prefer?

Superspeed, but only after consuming 3,000 calories (superspeed burns off a lot of calories, which have to be front-loaded)
The power of flight, but only if you're completely naked (you're not any more resistant to the cold than you are now, so flying high may not be a solution)

Which super power would you prefer?

Nipples that can get hard as diamonds. Good for cutting glass or defending yourself. You control it mentally
Photographic memory. Absolute recall. This applies to dull, minute things too, like what you ate for dinner 3 years ago

Which super power would you prefer?

Super strength, but only after inhaling your own Farts of Empowerment (TM)
Super resistance to bullets, knife and other weapons, but only as long as you hum the theme from Two and a Half Men (out loud)

Which super power would you prefer?

The power to mentally control giraffes...wherever you can find them
Super stretching powers, but they're limited to only your big toes

Which super power would you prefer?

Heat vision, like Superman. It can burn and light things on fire. However, such a feat will leave you blind for the next hour
Wolverine's claws that pop out of your knuckles. However, you don't have healing ability and they'll cut through your skin every time you pop them. Think unsightly scabs

Which super power would you prefer?

Super senses. However, you'll be able to hear someone snoring 3 blocks away and smell someone's B.O. across the street as well as the cool stuff
The ability to read minds, but you can't turn it off. You'll always 'hear' what people think about you

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What is the difference between "especially" and "specially?" Do you ever use either of them? I feel like I never read/hear people say either but I am always saying them. Are there any words you get confused about? (Class example, effect and affect.)

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Have you even heard of "Butterfly Kisses"? It's pretty much the female version of NAMBLAA. If you don't know, NAMBLAA is the North American Man Boy Love Association, and they want it to be legal for men to have sex with boys. Butterfly Kisses is for women who want to have sex with girls.

It's weird that NAMBLAA is so infamous, and barely anyone is aware of Butterfly Kisses.

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Will you post something that make you laugh until your eyes watered?

Was at a mall with family. We went to a place called Chevy's for dinner. It's Tex-Mex style food, and I got a chimichanga. The food was excellent and we decided to walk around the mall for a bit before going home. We got to the Medieval Times gift shop to look at all the swords and shit. Suddenly, I felt a rumbling. It had snuck up on my like shit has never done before. I literally sprinted to the bathrooms. Every stall was fucking gross already except the last one. Even it had piss all over the seat. I franticly tried to wipe the seat down so I could shit. I pulled down my pants, and before my cheeks touched the seat there was a blast not unlike a shotgun. I turned around to see what had happened. There was shit all over the wall, the toilet, and some on the floor. I wiped and left.

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I'm from Michigan, living in Dallas. My boss's husband found Vernor's, which we do not generally have here, and she brought me a can.  I am torn... Should I drink it now or save it for when I feel like crap and could really use a good ginger ale?


DK/DC - If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? Bonus for adorable pictures.

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I am training to be a server at a restaurant. I'm supposed to be there at 11 today (last day of training!) and I'm sick. I have a fever, a cough and a really bad headache. Should I call into work and tell them I can't come in? They said in order to miss work you have to have a note from the doctor. Well I don't have health insurance & can't afford to go to the doctor.

I think it would be messed up though if they said I still have to come in. I don't want to get everyone sick.
What would you do?
bruce bruce

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Have you ever found yourself feeling nostalgic for a time in your life where you were actually quite miserable?

I used to live in a horrible apartment and I worked at Walmart, which I absolutely hated. But lately I've been feeling nostalgia for those days. Weird?

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This poll is an imagination test. Try to visualize all this happening, and then answer the questions as they apply

Poll #1782131 Imagination exercise

You're shopping at the mall. It's somewhat crowded. You get to the escalators, and you notice that, coming up the escalators going up, is someone who looks JUST LIKE YOU. Even wearing the same clothes you are now. This person opens their mouth, and you see multiple rows of teeth, like a shark, as it roars at you. Instinctively, you take off running. It runs after you. You turn a corner to hide from it. You're in front of a bakery. What's on display in the window?


This doppleganger seems to know exactly where you are, as it makes a beeline for the corner bakery. You notice long animal claws on its fingertips. You run some more and it's in hot pursuit, roaring at you. It doesn't sound human. You bump into a middle aged lady, knocking her on her butt, sending her bag flying. What store did she just come from?

Victoria's Secret
Pottery Barn
The Gap

You manage to get some distance on your maniacal twin, and move behind a purse display at a department store. You think you may have lost your pursuer, when you hear a growl behind you. Quick, what color is the purse you're hiding behind?


You're on your back, crying and screaming, as this inhuman thing wearing your face leans closer to you, sharp dangerous teeth glistening with saliva, and a long forked tongue extending between them. It gets closer and closer as you're looking up. You notice a sales sign just behind your attacker. What is it advertising?

Boy's shirts
Athletic wear

Everything then goes black and red. After taking this test of your imagination, what is the most pressing thought that enters your mind?

Where can I get a cupcake right now?
I need to get some new underwear at VS
I once saw a gold purse that was pretty
I need to find my gym shoes so I can work out again
Nothing really leaps out at me. Standard, mundane 'use your imagination' test. I've already forgotten it

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I got very little sleep last night and had to be up early this morning for a meeting. I decided to skip my ride to the train station and nap for an hour. That leaves me without a ride.
Should I bike ~7 minutes or walk ~20 to the train station later?

Reasons why biking would be better-Once I actually get into the city I have to walk ~a mile and a half to school and then back again later, so this is an extra mile of walking and I'm lazy

Why walking would be better-I have to ride with my backpack and my bike is a beach cruiser which means no gears.
I also have to hope there's a spot at the bike racks when I actually get to the train station and then bring my helmet with me to school, unless I can figure out a way to lock it up with my bike.

tl;dr Make decisions for me! Bike or walk?

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What are some dishes you like to bring to school/work as your snack or meal?
I have a fatty gap between classes, and two days out of the three I'll be on campus all day. Obviously, buying something three times a week would get too expensive but the only food my brain is coming up with is macaroni and cheese!

I'm not a skilled cook, but I manage. Although simpler dishes the better!

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Acceptable first date locations? Anything you don't check implies that you would hold it against your date for bringing you there and may strongly influence the likelihood of future dates with this person

Pool party at a friend's house. Bathing suits a must
Soccer game
An event that's 2 hours away. That'll be 4 hours you'll spend alone in the car with this person on the first date
Saw tripleheader. They'll show Saw 1, 2 and 3. That's like 6+ hours watching movie gore
Cheapie movie theater ($5 tickets) that shows movies that have been out a few weeks already
Star Wars convention
His/her place, and you're ordering in
All-you-can-eat buffet specializing in ribs
Renaissance faire. Your date has a complete costume and will be doing accents
Local bar that offers beer pong
Hunting facility where you get to shoot at live animals, like birds and pigs
Selena Gomez concert. Your date, surprisingly, has a SG t-shirt and homemade sign that he/she is bringing with
Burger King
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What is the most valuable item(s) you have ever lost/ had stolen?

Upon leaving work today I found that my iPod, headphones, and fuzzy green hoodie had been stolen.

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For all lit-crit scholars (and their allies):

Have you ever deconstructed anything? (I mean the Derrida-type deconstruction, not This Old House type of deconstruction.) Poem, song, ad, short story, Njal's Saga?

If so, can you post your analysis online for us to review?


Having jealous is probably a natural kind of mindset.  When there is  someone superior from you, people often get jealous and are hard to admit the fact,  therefore some people intentionally hurt the superior ones to distract his/her grief.  But as we get older, we should learn more on that matter.  But still that jearlousy feeling stressed out many middle aged, or even older people.  As for me, I have almost no jealousy feeling towards anybody in the world.    How do you deal with this jealousy feeling?

Probably think on both side.

1)  If you happen to meet someone superior than you and you might get jealous on him/her 

2) If someone get jealous on you and persistenly hassle you.
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So we think the house is haunted. Things have been occurring more and more lately, since the tornado damage and work being started on the house to make repairs.

Voices, things being moved or sounding like they are, cabinets or doors being opened where we can't quite remember them being left open. The dogs will start growling or staring into midair, especially the Jack/Shih-tzu mix.

And today, when my husband was alone and heard things, and when I was alone upstairs and thought I heard him hollering for me.

Collapse )

Oh, normally the bowls are nested.

and yes, someone else in the house (including the husband) could be playing me.

Are we crazy? What would you do? I busted out laughing when I saw the bowls, but at the same time, it does unnerve me.

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When was the last time you purged your house? meaning you went through all your crap and got rid of what you didn't use anymore.

I did it today and found so so soooooo much CRAP! Mostly crap I got from my divorce and
it's all going to GoodWill. I mean really? who needs 4 sets of dishes that don't match???

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im moving and i have limited space. i have 2 boxes of legos from when i was a kid and i never got rid of them because i love them but i know ill never use them again maybe just look at them once a year, im not sure what i should do with them. i know i will miss them a ton if i get rid of them but then its stupid because they are just going to take up space. what should i do?
how do you part with things you have had for a long time?

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yes or no to this shirt and skirt combination?

the skirt is more purpley than blue like it looks in the picture.

it'll be for going out Friday night. i'm going to pair it with my dark brown cowboy boots.

i think i really like it so i'll probably wear it but i'm curious if people are going to be like did she pre-game the pre-game?

ETA: UGGGGGH FINE. i'm just so bored with my clothes and i can't buy new ones.

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When is the last time you over-indulged and what was it on??


I just realized I have drank almost a half gallon of chocolate milk in the past 15 minutes...god damn it!!


dk/dc/have the will power of Jesus: Whats the last thing you spent money on?

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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As it turns out, I'm apparently a Dutch citizen by birth. Wahoo! Anyway, I'm currently getting together some information so I can apply for my passport and I found my family tree. I ran a couple of names through facebook and I apparently have a 2nd cousin who's a member AND is still alive.

Tqc, should I contact him and be all like "G'day mate, I'm your cousin from down under!"?

Yes? No?

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My grandpa just bought the house next door to him and will be renting it to me and my boyfriend  . We are allowed to do whatever we want to it (paint, new floors, new carpet, etc) and I have absolutely no idea where to begin. It definitely needs some help because it's 55-60 yrs old and looks like it.

The house itself is a yellow-ish white brick. What color should I paint the front and back doors?
Do any of you have any good sites for inspiration as far as inside decorating schemes?
Are there any good, active LJ communities for this kind of thing, maybe where I can post the pictures of it now and ask what to do with it?        
Georgie - Smiles

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What program(s) do you use to rip DVDs and convert them to .avi files?

I've been using DVDShrink and AutoGK but AutoGK always gives me an output file that has no sound, so I'm looking for alternatives to try. A friend recommended Handbrake, but I can only seem to create .mkv or .mp4 files and I need .avi files.

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Is there anyone here who knows APA in text citations well?

Here's my question, for any of you who do, and I apologize if it's not worded well. I'll try to make it concise as possible: 
From my understanding, under APA, I introduce the author first, and give the year of their work, i.e. I say, "According to sociologist Hamon, in Human Sexuality (2010)"... yadda yadda (for the record, I made up that book/person). Then, after that, I've heard I give the quote, so in my paper, it'd be,

According to sociologist Hamon, in Human Sexuality (2010), "Humans are naturally drawn to sex" (p. 10). After the quote, I give the page number, with the p. 

Here's my question: Do I absolutely have to introduce the author first? I know in MLA style citations, I don't have to. I could say something like:
He is so honored in sociology today that "the blah award recognizes a lucky recepient yearly for blah blah blah" (Hamon 10). In APA citation, could I do the same thing? Could I give the same quote and then, at the end, put (Hamon p. 10)? Or is it absolutely necessary to introduce the author first? I know in both MLA and APA it is advised, but sometimes you don't need to, so I don't know if it's possible to omit that in APA style.

Thanks, TQC-ers! Let me know if this was confusing or you want me to clear something up. :)  

ETA: Bonus question! Would it be okay/appropriate to e-mail my professor and say, hey, I'm getting a bit confused by APA, could you look over a couple of my citations and tell me if I'm doing it right, and then list out a few lines with a couple different citations?  Obviously I wouldn't attach my entire paper, but I don't want to get marked down on something so silly :\