September 26th, 2011


sick as a dog

my boyfriend gave me some cold/flu/respiratory death/plague thing for my birthday and i've tried everything to make my throat stop hurting, sinuses stop sinusing, and my lungs start sucking in oxygen enough to get some rest.
i have tried:
gargling with warm salt water
drinking buckets (and a lava lamp full) of tea
cough drops and syrup
shots of rum (you know, were i not sick as hell, this might have been an entertaining weekend...)
soup by the large mug full (hence drinking tea from a bucket).

do you have anything else (be it homeopathic, synthetic, witchcraft, or other) that might help?

ps. this might be the rum and cough syrup talking, but i love you guys.
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Who are your favorite tattoo artists (with online portfolios)?
(In the US, preferably east coast)

Do you have pictures of people with tattoos at weddings?
Pics of older people with tattoos?

I am always told I will look stupid at my wedding or when I am old :(
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Totally NOT Hypothetical:

I have been having this awful debacle with my ex-boyfriend about him returning about $400 worth of my books that he has. No matter how much hemming and hawwing I do and try to figure out, I never ever get my books back.

Today he called me and got very very upset with me over it, in turn making me upset. He wanted to just come and bring them and I told him that would be fine if he brought a friend with him. I didn't even care if it was someone I didn't know.
He gets really upset about it, like I've offended him for even asking. I explained to him I didn't feel comfortable with being with him just alone (he's still obsessed/in love with me, even though he's the one who broke it off). He got really upset and told me he wouldn't talk to me again until I got my "shit straightened out." He then told me he was seeing me today "no matter what"

I'm legit concerned he's going to show up, but I'm not exactly sure what to do.
He's emotionally abusive and just not someone who is good to be around, especially for someone like me (mental and physical diseases, eating disorder, etc etc), and I really, <i>really</i> do not feel safe being near him by himself at this point in time.

So my question is, do I call the cops NOW to give them a heads up, or do I wait until he potentially shows up? Or do I do something else?
I'm so confused and upset and I just don't know anymore.

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TQC, I'm on vacation this week. I told my boss about a month ago, and last week I kept mentioning it offhandedly. This morning I get a call from him asking "Where are you? When are you coming in?" I told him, "I definitely told you about it weeks ago." I probably should have put it in writing, but my only other co-worker went on vacation and never put it in writing that he was going. Is this my fault?

DK/DC: What's your favorite kind of fish?

(no subject)

-What is your gender?
-How many brothers/sisters do you have?
-How many brothers/sisters does your father have?

I read that the number of sons/daughters one has depends on the father's genes. So, if a man has more men in his family, then it could be that he has higher chances of having more sons vs. daughters. Could be BS, but it's just something I'm curious about, hence why I'm asking this string of questions.

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Validate me, TQC:

A teenager comes into my work (comic store), and spends a really long time looking at various things before she asks to see our loose dice. She hands me the dice box back after a while and I see that she has three in her hand. She looks around some more and starts to leave when I ask her "Did you want those dice you had with you?" She came back to the counter, took the dice out of her pocket and said she didn't want them. I told her she can't just take things, at which point she said "No, those were my dice but I don't want them."

So tell me.... Do you think she was attempting to steal them or am I just an asshole?

DK/DC: tell me about your strange retail experiences?

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What TV shows do you absolutely not like?

What ones do you like so much you could watch them over and over and over and enver get sick of them?

what shows did you once not like that now you do like?

I can't stand The Nanny, Happily Divorced or Tyler Perrys Meet the Browns.

Law and order SVU, Home Improvement, HIMYM, Roseanne (until they won the lottery) and a few others...

Psych, NCIS and new Christine
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I got invited to a protest because the government program I work for is cutting the wages for our union.
I've never been to any kind of protest, should I go?
What are they like?

Do you think there's a chance I'd get arrested along with other people?
If I do go, what do I do?

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So, I have a theatre gala to go to next summer, and I need to find a dress/gown to wear. I want something elegant and formal, as well as affordable (preferably under $200), without looking like an ugly satin prom-gown thing. I've never bought anything like this before, so any ideas of wear to shop for something like this? Online stores are especially awesome.
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Have you seen Moneyball? Is it really that good?

I thought the trailers make it look boring as helll, and was really surprised to see a lot of positive viewer ratings. It's not just because it has Brad Pitt in it, is it?

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You're going out with someone new. They have some different beliefs than you, or maybe not so different, depending what you yourself support. Which of the following beliefs could you accept in a possible significant other? The ones you don't check are beliefs that are too difficult for you to get behind, and would ultimately hasten the end of the relationship

Does not believe in evolution. Not a creationist though
Does not believe in evolution. IS a creationist
Believes in evolution. Does not believe the world was created
Does not believe in Global Warming
Does believe in Global Warming
Does not support western medicine. Does not believe it is the practical way to fix what ails you
Does not believe in gay marriage or the equality of sexual preferences
Does believe/support an organized religion
Does not believe in God or a divine structure
Does believe in UFOs. Thinks they have a strong interest in earthlings
Believes 9/11 was a government conspiracy
Believes in the trickle down theory, that giving more money and tax breaks to the rich will lead to more money spread around
Does not believe in abortion
Does not support euthanasia. Believes that all life is precious, even if the perceived value of life seems ot have gone down. It's not our choice to help them on their way
Strongly supports abortion and euthanasia. Strongly believes people have the right to control life
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North Korea

I'd really like to read a book or some personal essays or something about what life is like living in North Korea. Just like what the average, normal person there feels like.

Any suggestions? I'd really prefer to have a physical copy, so not a blog or something. Thanks guys.

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Every time I start a food menu for the week I go blank on lunch.

What did you eat for lunch or plan on eating for lunch today?


What was your most enjoyable/memorable lunch you had in the past week.

Bonus points for cheap quick and easy.
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My dad and I are going to Williamsburg, VA this Thursday and staying only one night. I have little to no interest in going to Busch Gardens, which is the only thing we plan on doing there. He offered to leave me in Washington DC. He would drop me off Thursday afternoon and pick me up Friday night. I've never been to Washington DC. Should I go?

I would be alone and wouldn't have a car. I would only be there for a little over 24 hours. Would it even be worth it?

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I am recently divorced. It's a very good thing. I was looking though facebook and found some old pictures of us, including from our wedding. I deleted the pics with him in them, but I am unsure about the others that include my friends and family. If you were in this situation, would delete all the pics from the wedding or leave the ones with your friends and family?

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Oscar Meyer post

1. Does your bologna have a first name?

2. Are you on a first name basis with your bologna, or is your relationship a professional one?

3. If someone didn't know their bologna's first name, what exercise would your recommend? Name tags?

4. Does anyone else know your bologna's first name?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how often do you break out into song about your bologna?

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I want to get my OB nurse a gift...but I know very little about her (other than the fact that shes AWESOME!!)...what are some sneaky ways to find out what she likes??


Should I make pumpkin spice cookies or pumpkin bars tonight?


(no subject)

I feel like baking tomorrow. Should I make lemon thyme bars or rosemary chocolate chip shortbread?

Also, all my lemon bar recipes call for fresh lemon juice. Can I just use the bottled stuff or will there be a significant difference in the taste quality?
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Have you ever wished your eyes were a different colour? Have you done anything to change their colour (like coloured contacts)? Which colour did you want them to be and why?

I always wanted hazel eyes or grey eyes. My eyes finally stopped that indecisive blue-grey thing and went with grey. Yay!


Does hair change as you age? When I was little, I had dark brown, curly hair, then when I was 7-8 ish, it started going straight and went lighter, and in the last year or so, its started going wavy again, and its sort of a reddish brown.

DK/DC do you like your hair?

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What song has to come on on the radio when you're driving in order for you to turn up the raido and belt it out?

Do you ever use the dashboard as a keyboard?
How about the steering wheel as a drum kit?
Or the seatbelt as a guitar or bass?

(no subject)

As a parent, where do you think you draw the line between teaching your child it's okay to cry and otherwise express their feelings, and also teaching them that there are times when you have to suck it up and just deal (to acheive a greater aim)?
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shot in the dark, but do you think this purse would fit an ipad? i realize it's hard to tell from pictures, but it seems a bit bigger in person in the store, and just thought i'd ask. i don't have an ipad yet (i'm looking to get one) which is why i can't just take one to the store to test. stupid question is stupid.

dk/dc: how is your week so far?

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Most of my friends moved away to go to college and now I'm basically friendless,
any ideas on how to make new friends/be more social?
edit: I am in college btw.

Do you know any at home remedies to get rid of a cold SUPER QUICK?

Would you expect someone to give you gas money if they're coming on a trip with you that you'd be going on with or without them? Does that make sense?
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TQC, help. As usual I am horrendously indecisive, and I can't decide what to get my boyfriend for his birthday.

He's mentioned wanting a Snuggie so I'm definitely going to go ahead and get him that, but beyond that I can't decide between getting him a gamepad (either a Razer Nostromo or a Logitech G13) or getting him several smaller, somewhat more gimmicky things - a kit that turns juice into alcohol, a pack of miracle fruit tablets, a drink carbonation kit, and a bottle of Sodastream energy drink syrup which I'm hoping will make something tasty even without a Sodastream machine if he combines it with the drink carbonation kit or just with club soda.

He was looking into getting a gamepad a while back, so basically I'm torn between getting something I know he would like or getting things that would be more original and surprising. Plus he recently went back to school so between classes and his job and homework and stuff he doesn't have as much time for gaming as he used to.

What would you do, TQC?

Edit: Okay, I basically just let my indecisiveness ruin my bank account and bought all of the things. Almost. Oh well.

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TQC, I had a really shitty day. I shattered my phone, am coming down with the flu and definitely seem to have taken more than I can do right now. Would it be a horrible idea to skip my first two classes and take a mental health day this early in the semester? I feel like such a slacker but I think I need to get my shit together.

When was the last time you took a mental health day?
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TQC, I am dumber than a box of rocks. How do I download the tracks from here? Right clicking doesn't bring up the usual "download link" or whatever the norm is. Never mind, windows 7 > mac today

dk/dc: what's your favorite video game soundtrack?
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anybody here started taking dance lessons as an adult? what type of dance? how was your experience?

thinking about going for ballet when i have more time & money, not sure if that seems too corny/mid-life crisis
Kill Bill - Elle
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I started classes tonight and in my semi-advanced anthropology course there is an obvious English as a second language student who cannot understand half of what the teacher is saying and interrupts class with questions for elucidation all the time. Would you find this a bit silly, to allow a student to take a class when their language barrier prevents them from absorbing the information they are presented with?

What are you or did you study(ing) in school?

What is your most cathartic daily activity?

How hilly is the area you live in?
I walked three miles home mostly uphill tonight (in Seattle) and I think I would be in pretty good shape if I did that more often.