September 25th, 2011

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I am in big trouble (not really) and I need your help. Can you buy Head brand socks in the city where you are? IF SO, can you buy ankle socks rather than crew socks?

Do you know if Head (the brand) even makes men's ankle socks?

Did you know that if you google "head socks" all you get are balaclavas?

on sexual etiquette

This doesn't particularly relate to my life right now, but I find it interesting.

- Conceptually, where do you draw the line between "friends with benefits" and "seeing each other/ (casually) dating"?
I tend to call it "friends with benefits" unless there's the distinct possibility / intention / desire between the two people that they will end up dating each other exclusively.

- If you've been flirting with someone and you end up having sex (or making out, etc.), do you tend to assume that you are "seeing" each other or that you're "friends with benefits"?
I assume FWB unless specifically stated otherwise, and I label it as such.

- What level of affection do you prefer in a FWB / someone you're sleeping with?
This question is particularly interesting to me because I actually prefer a fair amount of affection in these situations (cuddling while sleeping, etc.) - on the other hand, I've heard people describe FWB as ONLY sex with your friend, and affection as being completely unnecessary/unwanted.

- Faux pas while dating someone are generally understood by most people; what do you consider to be faux pas/ rude/ undesirable in a FWB situation?
I would find it rude if you're in an intimate context with them and they start talking about/ alluding to someone else they're currently fucking/interested in. I would also find it inconsiderate if they decide to a) not be your friend anymore, or b) not be your fuck-buddy anymore without any sort of explanation. On the other hand, I also consider it undesirable for the person in question to do things like buy you presents or dinner, or hold your hand in public, because then it becomes confusing and you wonder if they actually want to date you.

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eye cream

I have seasonal allergies that affect my eyes. My eyes get itchy, red, etc. I use eye drops and a prescription cream on the delicate skin around my eyes, but if I'm not careful with how often/how much of both that I use, the skin around my eyes dries out and gets irritated. I have extremely sensitive skin and would like to use something to soothe the skin around my eyes. I tried the aloe cream from The Body Shop, which is usually my go-to place, but it didn't help. Anybody have any suggestions?
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Back in 08 and 09, TQC would have 250 questions posted a day. Now we're in the 80 to 120 range. What happened?

Same thing with _drama, it used to get 2 posts on average a day, now we're lucky to get a post after two months.

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Two days ago I went dancing and drinking. I was wearing wedge shoes that were like flipflops. I woke up the next morning and my toe next the the big toe was numb. It's been numb for a day and a half. Questions are, what do you think I did to my toe and how do I make it go back to normal?

If you don't have a clue, what is your favorite pair of shoes and why?
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What was the last weird thing you googled?

Do cats get headaches

The other was White fluffy cat going crazy on bed. You know, that adorable white cat on the white bed just freaking out? Anyone know where I can find the video?

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When a celebrity gets a wax figure in Tussauds, do they get to choose which version of them is created?

What if they didn't, and the wax version is from a show they did that they hated in hindsight? That would be awful :(


This is just a curiousity thing. Think hypothetically please, if you've not been in this situation.
Someone owns a house, and rents out bedrooms in the house to people, while also living in the house themselves. There are some shared areas for all of you, but they live in say, a bedroom and a study, and you just have a bedroom. Most of the time you cook for yourself but maybe some breakfast stuff is provided. So, you're living with your landlord/land lady basically.
What questions would you be expected to be asked by the landlord? What questions would you have for them? What would you like or expect as part of living there, or what things do you think would be/should be included? Would you expect the rooms to cost about the same as in a 'normal' share house? What sort of housemates (including the landlord) would you be wanting?

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What do you do when you are not ready for something that is un-avoidable???

How do relax/accept the innevatable? 


I was so sure I was in labor last night and all I could do was scream at my husband that "IM NOT FUCKING READY FOR THIS CHARLIE, IM NOT READY!!"

Up until this point I have been excited...I dont know why I did not feel ready but Im so relieved that it was a false alarm..


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I want to dye my hair brown with a fat red stripe down the middle but I also want to dye the stripe white come winter but I'm afraid of frying my hair, it's already dyed light brown.

So should I dye the stripe white now and then dye it with red with semi-permanent or temporary red hair dye and rinse it out in winter? Or do you think I can get away with dying it red now and then dying it white?
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Are you a regular customer anywhere and get discounts or extras because of it?

Both my vets reduce the cost of everything and sometimes do things for free.

The sushi restaurant I often order delivery from sometimes gives me extra sushi, soup, or tea. Once when I changed my normal order to try something new, they included small portions of my normal order for free.

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In Word 2003, when you save a file you have a left-hand 'Save In' pane with preset folders (Desktop, My Documents, etc). Is there any way of adding custom folders to this? I know you can do it in 2007 but can't find anything in help or on Google about setting it in 2003. Playing around in the obvious places (save preferences, etc) hasn't turned up anything.

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How often do you get an eyelash in your eye?

Do you have crud in the grooves of the bottom of the shoes you last wore?

Are there tv characters you like on tv but would probably not like if they were real? Like the whole cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would probably annoy me in real life, but I love them on tv.
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Think back to when you were younger. How close were you in age to your friends? What was the farthest age distance that someone could be from you and still be considered a friend?
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I've already done laundry, baked some cookies and done some other cleaning. What should I do with the rest of my afternoon?

I was thinking about renting a movie and eating popcorn, but I don't know.

I also have no money atm.
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Do you get excited when a certain special/seasonal food product comes out ?

what about other seasonal products?

what ones?

I got super excited when I was at Weggies and saw Frankin Berry and Boo Berry cereal yesterday!
yes, i bout 2 boxes of each :D

Story topic

I need a story idea for my Italian class.  So the topic is: a bizzarre/ strange incident that has happen in your life.  Since I live a pretty boring life, nothing overly exciting has happen to me.  What should I write about?  

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i skipped class on Wednesday because i was terrified to give my powerpoint presentation. i haven't given a presentation in like 10 years so i kinda freaked out.

i want to e-mail my teacher explaining what happened and to let her know i'm not just blowing off her class. it's just my first time back in school in 7 years and the first time i'm actually serious about it so my anxiety over it is all kind of bad.

is that a good idea or a bad idea? will she appreciate it or will i just look stupid and like i'm trying to make excuses?
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I have a 12 page paper due on Tuesday that I haven't started yet. I've been emailing back and forth with my teacher for weeks about it but he is sort of....out I am still mostly in the dark about the assignment. What are the chances that he'll also be really vague and weird about grading and I'll get an A for just hitting the 12 page mark?

I'm freaking out a little.

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When wearing your typical outfit, if you stand up and lift your arms above your head does your shirt still cover your belly??


Does your car radio stay on when you turn the engine off/remove the key?

I just discovered the radio in our new (to us) car does makes me nervous.


Im dealing with a fussy 8 month old that nothing will should I drown out the whining/crying?


this whole weekend i went thinking the lightbulbs in my bedroom were out. today i realized the switch cord had just been pulled so that the switch on the wall would make no difference.

what was the last herp derp-y thing you've done?

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Do you play the lottery? scratch off tickets?

If so, how often do you win ?

So far for the month of September i've won :

400 dollars on a 10 dollar scratch off
500 for playing 777 a dollar straight
100 on a 10 dollar scratch off
80 last night playing 203 a dollar boxed
50 dollars on a 20 dollar scratch off
and another 50 dollars today on a 20 dollar scratch off.
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I ended up speaking with my mom again today. My eyes burn from crying, my head hurts, and I feel old and tired. Can we please have a happy things post? Will you post images, gifs, videos etc that make you smile and laugh?
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I just adopted a tangerine corn snake today. She's bright orange with cream stripes. Her previous owner called her Mouse; should I keep that name, or rename her? If so, WHAT SHOULD I CALL HER?

What is your favorite way to eat ice cream?
Inspired by maple-bacon ice cream that I sampled earlier... it was actually really good, barely bacony at all. I usually order cinnamon ice cream with crushed up Butterfinger though

What colors do you wear most often?
purple and grey

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Dear TQC, 

What are your favourite cough remedies? I've been having an on/off asthma attack for a while now and whilst the wheezing is under control, I've coughed till my throat is raw and now I keep coughing just because it hurts. 

Dk/dc/lol you can't breathe: Will you tell me an interesting fact you learnt today? I learnt that female flamingoes hold their heads under water whilst mating. Apparently my local town council feels that is an appropriate fact for an ad encouraging safe sex...
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I'm sorry this is a facebook question but how do I hide posts from spotify in my little mini-facebook ticker thing?? I truly do not need to be notified every time a new song comes on a friend's music player. I see how to unsubscribe to each person's "music and videos" posts, but is there any way to just hide spotify updates specifically, for everyone?

Edit: Ah I think I got it! If you go to an app's facebook page there is a tiny "block app" link on the lower left.

New question: when was the last time you took an actual bath? Do you take baths regularly, or only on special occasions, or what?

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I'm going to upgrade my computer's RAM. I can't live on 4GBs anymore.

Because my gpu is integrated (Intel HD Graphics 3000), the memory is shared.
My GPU is currently hogging 384MBs of RAM, but after the 8GBs upgrade, the GPU will automatically start to use 512MBs.

Will a GPU with more RAM run graphics intensive projects better than one with less RAM?

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So a lot of people piled on my sofa bed, and the slats have broken. Should I try to fix it and say nothing of it or tell the agent it 'just happened' and see what they say? I think it's broken before.

Eta: I'm renting, I mean estate agent

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I have a potluck tomorrow at work, and I am supposed to bring cornbread. I made 2 dozen cornbread muffins. Can I leave them in a covered container on my counter, or do they need to be refrigerated?
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what do you love/like about your SO?

what do you dislike about your SO?

single people: what's your favourite, and least favourite, thing about being single?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Guys, we need some design ideas for our place; I'm feeling dry. We have this enormous fireplace in our living room, floor level, with a white brick facade, huge wooden mantel comprised of wood molding that runs the length of that wall (and creates a neat little shelf and little alcove to the side of the fireplace), and above the mantel is a large mirror. Problem is, the fireplace is non-functioning. It just..sits there. How do we cover it? How do we decorate it? As for the alcove, it has our heater next to it so it would be bad to stick too much stuff back there, but any ideas? What about the shelf?


What are your favorite decorations in your place? Any unusual architecture that you've worked with?

How was your weekend?