September 24th, 2011

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A few months ago my mom's friend made a Facebook and added many of my family members. Recently I've discovered that she's keeping tabs on our online activity and reporting it back to my mom (who doesn't have a Facebook). For example, apparently she told my mom that one sister "is on Facebook chat too late--she should be in bed at that time" and "uses it very much," while another sister is "constantly posting updates." Sisters are 22 and 42, respectively.

Is it just me, or is my mom's friend's behavior a little bizarre?

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Tomorrow (well, technically tonight), a girl I studied abroad with is hosting a huge, crazy, wild college party. I've been invited, and while we did some partying in Europe, this is my first "traditional" college party in the US. The girl who invited me/is hosting it mentioned that she's going to try to hook me up with this guy she knows. I'm honestly flattered that she wants to set me up with someone, but the whole idea to me is really awkward and weird. First of all, I'm not looking to date right now, and secondly, the guy sounds like a slut--but to her, all of us gays are slutty, apparently. Also, I think the idea of my friends attempting to hook me up with someone makes me seem desperate, if that makes sense.

When was the last good ol' raucous party you attended?

How do you feel about friends setting you up with someone?

Any advice for a shy, awkward introvert (me lolol) on college parties?

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TQC, I am in really crap shape. I want to do an obstacle course/5K.
I can't just go out and start running because I have flat feet which caused my muscles to develop lopsidedly, giving me runners knee. I am currently getting back into wearing orthotics to correct the alignment of the bones in my shin.

Last time I had access to a gym, I did 3 miles on an elliptical in 30 minutes without dying. I don't have a gym membership now, and won't have the money to fix that for another couple of weeks.

What should I do to start training? The course I'm looking to run will be in June D:
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N.  Tell me about something weird your family did for you as a child.
For example, when I was about five my aunt made me a poop chart. I still remember the length of time put into creating this poop chart and how excited people would get to put a gold star on the chart when I poop. XD

I.  Besides recording your menstruation, do you record any other things about yourself or maybe others? Are you a little scientist?

P.  Yesterday I was thinking how awkward it must be for guys to hide their boners if they are wearing those tight jeans. Do you think these guys have less boners that they feel so comfortable to be wearing super tight jeans?

P.  I read someone in abandonplaces say they see so many Russians posts it makes their country look like a dump.
What do you picture when you think of Russia?

L.  Through out your day, post what you ate here.  Let's make a string on top of string of comments talking about food.  

E.  What are you doing today?  

S.  What does your hair look like right when you wake up?  When you are brushing your hair, do you sometimes give up on those tiny knots and snip them?  

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does it seam like this guy is into me or am i cray cray(crazy)? he knows i like someone else and now i feel bad cause i think he might like me?

he tried buying me lunch on multiple occasions while we where hanging out, we work at the same place(he got me the job) its an hour away, he lives 35 mins away from me. when i ask him if its out of his way he says no its only 15 mins from his house and not out of his way, but really he lives in the opposite direction..i dont have any other way of getting there. he sometimes talk about how he really would like a boyfriend or girlfriend, he shows off not in an obnoxious way though. he INSISTS on doing all these things, i dont want to use him what do i do or say to him? its weird cause i do like him but i like somebody else more. oh the drama!

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What's a cultural faux pas a tourist should be aware of before visiting your area?

For example, in NYC (I live in CT now but still identify more with NYC):

It's the subway, not the metro, and the it's the 6 train, not the green line.

(There are tons of others, this just popped into my head first)

Silicone Bakeware

My sister gave me a Silicone Baking Pan. However the gift sat for months in a house with 4-5 people who are all pack-a-day smokers. The pan reeks and I can't seem to get the smell out. (I also can't find another one in the same shape to just rebuy.)
I've tried white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, stuffing it in a bag with newspaper. While all that has helped lessen the smell, it's still there. I'm afraid that anythin I bake will tast like smoke. So now it's just sitting out collecting dust. (because I don't want all my other Christmas stuff to smell like smoke)
Any other suggestions?
Products I can use?
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I want to cut my hair like Karen O.'s in this picture (under the cut).

However, I don't know what the back looks like since I haven't really seen a haircut like this in person. Does anyone have any pictures or a good description of how the back is? I don't want to end up looking like Rosie O'Donnell's derpy sister.

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would it be cocky/dumb to give my grandparents a copy of my portfolio as a christmas gift? i feel like they might want to have to it show people since that's what grandparents do but i also feel like an asshole who thinks too much of herself giving it as a gift. idk it's an architecture portfolio so maybe it's understood that i'm a pretentious asshole.

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Whats the last really good movie you watched??

I just finished watching "Everything must go" with Will Ferrel...and wow...I have gotten so sick of his comedy but DAMN, he needs to do more serious rolls.

I felt so bad for him the entire time and now Im depressed..


how much of this can i still eat?

I got back from hanging out with friends, and when I went to make supper, i noticed that the fridge wasn't cold - and my food was pretty much room temperature, so I have no idea how long it's been broken for. I;m wondering if I can still eat any of this, or do i need to throw it out -
Tribe Hummus
Smuckers Jam
Unopened greek yogurt
(open) almond breeze
a container of halva
can i eat any of it?

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Is tea harmful for your teeth? Too much contradictory results on Google. (One claimed that tea is good coz it contain flourine while another said it stains your teeth and its acidity can corrode the enamel if consumed often)

DK/DC: What is your favorite tea? Or what do you usually order at Starbucks?
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What does "I've eaten too much" mean to you, personally, at the end of a day?
So far today I've had (between 5 am and 6 pm): a banana, a salad with veggies & croutons, a piece of bread with cream cheese and sprouts, half of a spinach salad with garbanzo beans, and a few bites of orzo pasta with hunks of cucumber and marinara, plus half of a pesto pizza bagel. I probably won't eat much else because I feel super full and that I've eaten too much.

Is it still summery where you are?
How do you plan to spend your final days of warmth? Or your last weekend, really, for those of you in the PNW?
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What was the last fiction book you read? Would you recommend it?

How about non-fiction?

I just finished Hunger Games based solely on the hype. While it was a rather dark subject, it was an easy/fast read. I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone but it kept me hooked.

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Are you generally early, on time or late?

Tonight is the night of my dinosaur party!
The facebook invite says 8:30, what time should I expect people to arrive?
What should I do with the awkward first people to arrive?
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Following my post from yesterday, can you give three positive things about someone else?

What's the last film you saw? I'm watching the Blues Brothers movie for about the 300th time right now.

ETA: If I asked you to tell those people what you wrote about them, would you actually do it? Why or why not?

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i've decided i'm going on a quest to get laid. the only problem is, i'm shy when it comes to boys who i'm not just being friends with and i don't always have the best confidence in my looks.

how do people get laid when they aren't in relationships?
better question, how do people attract members of the opposite sex?

i feel like there was a handbook or a pamphlet or something i missed out on. does anyone else feel that way sometimes?
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Do you talk in the movie theatre? Do you text? I'm asking with genuine curiosity if you are aware that you could be bothering other people...?

Does it annoy you when people talk in the theatre? When they text?

I went to a movie today and there was a girl that talked literally at least every 5 minutes. I don't mind the occasional whispering, I might whisper to my friend once or twice during a movie, but this was a bit much. It also peeves me when people text, because the light on their phones are so bright that it's highly distracting. I don't know if they think people can't see it?

What house to buy?

Me and my boyfriend can't decide what we want so we decided to ask you tqc. Now according to this Collapse ) , prices, and very brief description of the area, what house would you go for?

Tell me why, I don't know what to choose, I've seen so many homes I don't even know anymore.

UPDATE: We were informaed that there was an empty lot in the "good location" where they could build a home from scratch, but they said they have to get permits to build the Monaco in that area. something about it being too wide or long for the lot. Hopefully it comes trough.

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How often do you have to get cornrows fully redone? (Do they have to be fully redone? There isn't a way to maintain them otherwise, is there?)

How long does it take?

Why is this not an acceptable professional hairdo? (or is it? Tv indicates not)