September 23rd, 2011

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My niece was just born 2 months early. All things considered she is doing wonderfully :) .

I'm putting together a huge laundry basket of things for the whole family. Any tqcers who have had premature babies or tqc parents in general - What would be some helpful things to include that you wish you would have had?

They're originally from here, moved out of town but are now back because this was the nearest hospital so they'll be staying with relatives until baby is ready to come home.

I've already included the things I bought her before she was born (so she has tons of clothes for later on), a temperature gauge for the bathtub, tennis balls for the dog, crib board/cards for the parents (moms still in the hospital too, hopefully out tomorrow!), a tim hortons gift certificate, wash clothes, receiving blankets, tiny socks, a whole grooming kit (baby nail clippers,etc), baby laundry soap and some stuffed animals, and of course homemade cookies :)

Thanks in advance! :)

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Anybody with a facebook have a clue how to add a language to the list of languages to choose from for your general profile info? They won't let me add a language to my profile unless it's one that already exists in their list of languages that everyone else has on their profiles.

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In a few weeks I'm traveling from California to Ohio for my cousin's wedding.

I was invited to the rehearsal dinner. The dinner is going to be at my aunt's house and it's going to be catered.

What should I wear to something like this?
Pictures would be nice.
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I'm moving to a new house at the end of next week. I've already set up to have my electric account moved to the new place. I'm having the gas shut off here and I have a pretty full tank of propane out there. I filed a change of address form and set a reminder to nudge me to change the address on my bank account once I get a mailbox set up.

What am I forgetting to do in terms of starting and stopping services and who else do I need to notify about my change of address?

I hate moving.

What's your worst moving story ever?

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Apparently, it has been discovered that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light between Switzerland and Italy.  How do you think this will affect world financial markets and/or the MLB playoff picture?
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What physical things do you judge people for?

Do you have any physical characteristics you are a bit vain about? How about features you are just really attached to and would feel uncomfortable changing?

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I've begun a low-carb diet, particularly trying to keep my sugar below 15g a day, but I'm on a pretty tight budget. Any tips for eating low-carb inexpensively? What food should I buy? Recipes? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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1. After you've applied for a credit card, how long does it usually take to get it?

2. I can't deal with school/anything right now, and the boy has said I can stay with him for the rest of the semester, free. (so basically, october, november, maybe part of december) - my question is, as a Canadian, how long can I spend in the US without it being sketchy
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Have you ever copyrighted a recording of music?

I have a composition project I'm doing for a student show, and my grandma is insisting that I get it protected, which is probably not a bad idea. However, as I've looked at copyrighting stuff online, it appears you can get pretty much anything copyrighted, no sweat.

My question is: How does copyrighting protect THIS recording of music? If someone did steal it, what proves that this particular piece is copyrighted and is mine? Explanations would be SUUUPER appreciated. /confused
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canteloupe wtf

I just got some pre sliced cantelopes and i noticed they make my mouth feel tingly on contact and if i leave my tounge on the canteloupe it almost feels/tastes spicy or like burning.. whats going on? i noticed this w kefir yogurt too
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You have a friend who does not like your partner, they don't like them because of the way they look. Due to this, a mutual friend has made a point of not inviting your partner to things so as not to upset this person. Would this bother you?
If it did bother you what would you do about it?

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Dear TQC,

We're trying to teach my partner's four year old boy that it's okay for males to cry (regardless of what someone else is trying to teach him to the contrary).

Can you recommend for me any kid-appropriate movies where boys and men cry?

(ETA: Oh, wow! All these responses, THANK YOU. :D We have to go out, but I'll read more when I get back. Thank you again.)
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So I hadn't really thought about it until now, that I am currently good friends with 2 guys I've gone to school with since Kindergarten. (so K-12)

Not that I hung out with them during that whole time, it's nice to know that school affected us socially and I still associate with some of these people.

Are you still in contact with people you may have gone to school with since Kindergarten? Or maybe just elementary, junior high, highschool?

How old are you now? How long does that mean you've known them (but wasn't necessarily friends with them the whole time)? Or were they your good friend through all those years?

I went through K-12 with Josh and Joey, and now we're 5 years out of highschool and I'm really good friends with both of them. :) So far, I've known them for 18 years of my 23!

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You're walking along the beach, close to the water. Suddenly, the water recedes, getting pulled back into the ocean. What thought pops into your head?

TSUNAMI! Gotta run back to my car!
TSUNAMI! Gotta head to higher ground!
TSUNAMI! Gotta run in the opposite direction
Ooo, there's some pretty shells! What a lucky day! Good thing the water went away so I could see them
Hmm. I seem to have acquired some kind of superpowers that allow me to repel water. I need to go home and make a costume
I can't outrun a tsunami. I call people on my phone, telling them I love them

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1) What are your favorite games for mac?
2) Anyone know of any good mystery games?

I used to play the nancy drew games when I was younger, but they've gotten to easy for me. =\
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TQC, what do you do when you're on the phone with someone you loathe talking to? I had to call my mom because my younger brother's school sent an email to our parents about his missing a period (excused, field trip, I called it in already as his legal guardian) and now I'm in a pretty pissy mood- and she won't stop talking!

Srs/non-srs answers welcome.

DK/DC/Sucks to be you: What's the last thing you did and/or bought that made you feel good?

I bought some new fabric to make more birds sans waddle and comb, like these chickens:

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do you remember when you could sit here on tqc and be entertained for hours just on this website, and there were like 5 posts a minute or some craziness? i miss that. sure, there were a lot of idiots but it was fun.

do you have another site now where you can sit there forever and still not get bored? which one?

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I ordered prints from Snapfish that should have been here already. They were delayed and said the ship date would be today. They didn't ship. I just did a "live chat" with Customer Service and they won't be shipped for another TEN days.

The guy only offered me my $2 shipping back.
Am I being a cranky bitch or is that sort of not fair?
(These pictures were planned gifts for several family members- I use Snapfish all the damn time)

What's making you cranky today? :/

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Should I go meet the situation? (The guy from jersey shore) my sister wants me to go with her but he's a huge douche bag so I don't want to go but he's signing vodka bottles, how much would these vodka bottles go for on ebay?
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Facebook Tagging

If I make a friends only update and tag someone in it, that also lets their friends see my status even though they aren't on my friends list? WTF? Is there a way to change that? It defeats the purpose of a friends only update if people who aren't my friends can read it!
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Is it just me or has life been insanely harsh on anyone else this year?

Is my kitty going to come back? )=

EDIT: She came back! It's the first time I've seen her in four days and I'm so happy and relieved
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There's a couple series of piano books that were made my famous classical composers. They made them to help teach their children or wives learn the piano, and I can't recall what the series are called, or what composers wrote them. If you know, might you relieve me? =3 (I feel like I knoowww one of them is named after the composers' wife/lover, and starts with an M?)

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If you live alone, what made you make the decision to live alone?
If you live with people, would you consider/enjoy living alone?

Lone livers - what do you do of an evening? Do you ever wish for company?

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You have to change your first name to that of an inanimate object (that is not a flower). What do you change it to?

I wouldn't mind being name Ribbons. You know, if I had to be.


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I asked this a few days ago under a different account, and I only got one answer and it didn't really help so I'm asking again -

I'm trying to install Angry Birds Rio on my computer. I installed Angry Birds just fine but when I try to install Rio, I get this error message.

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

Any advice? I emailed Rovio a few days ago but I haven't gotten a response from them.
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Can you tell me three positive things about yourself?

I make a pretty fantastic lasagna.
My time-management skills have improved vastly over the last year.
My hair is a wicked shade of red right now.

Inspired by a day learning with Dave Hingsburger.

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has anyone gone to see The Lion King?

it's so amazing that it's back in theaters but i'm suuuuuper not into 3D and really don't want to see it that way. so it's bittersweet. i probably won't go because it's 3D and it's bumming me out.