September 22nd, 2011

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I'm doinghelping my little sister with her homework, and the subject of her paper is artificial intelligence. My mom told me not to get too crazy with my opinions on AI, but I totally think AI will be the downfall of humanity, and I have a theory it could wipe out the human race.

What do you think will be the downfall of the human race? Are we all doomed as technology improves?

why is my body doing this?

Lately, my body's been doing strange things, 
 I'm assuming its stress, because school has started or my body is staging some kind of revolution against me. lol 
I've been overly emotional, for the last couple of weeks, but thats probably from the stress of school starting/not being able to see enough of the boyfriend (who was visiting a couple of weeks ago) 
had tension headaches/throbbing headaches that make it really difficult to get work done, 
cramps, that are like period cramps, but i shouldn't be getting it for another week. stress? or does my body just hate me?
and indigestion after I eat things that didn't used to bug me (ie, coffee, I can't eat as much dairy as before)
I'm assuming this is stress, but what else could it be? (ETA - i'm 22 so theres no way in hell its menopause)

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Is it just me or is anyone else not receiving messages in their lj inbox? There have been several tonight that I only became aware of by accident. :(

Can you play the piano? If so, how old were you when you learned, and do you think I could still learn it? (I'm in my 40s.)


Home Alone

For those of you in Long Term Relationships... do you get freaked when you have to sleep alone ('cause he's away or something). I totally jump at every sound and think bad things are going to happen all night!
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A guy I went to highschool with is on the new series of Beauty and the Geek.

What do you think of this show? I just hope he doesn't end up embarrassed.

Do you have any acquaintance brushes with fame? Anyone you know on TV, etc? You yourself?

DK/DC: Anything pissing you off today? Pedestrians keep doing weird shit today like crouching in front of my car, while the car is IN MOTION, to pick up a PEN.
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Hi TQC-ers!

I'm planning a 1-week holiday trip to Thailand with a friend. We're planning on visiting Phuket, Koh Phi Phi (for NYE) and also Chiang Mai.

Have any of you been to these places? What did you think of them? What hotels did you stay in and what were some fun things you did? Any recommendations, tips, or advice?
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Good morning TQC..

Lately I have been feeling down because i dont feel like i have enough time for myself. Most of my time is spent either at sork or commuting to/ from work. I dont mind my job, im actually pretty content when im there. I just wish i had more control of when I get to things and where i get to go, i know its going to be like this forever and i should just be thankful i have a job i like and nice things and be able to take care of myself but this really depresses me...

I was thinking of doing some hypnosis sessions to make it easier for me to accept the situation. Thoughts??
What's making you so sad??

(people who feel like pointing out the obvious - I know there are kids starving in africa, genocide, war, rape, murder, injustice and so on, but back off for now)
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I went to get something out of my wallet, and I found $15 in there that I'm quite sure wasn't there before.

TQC, where did it come from? EDIT: And what should I do with it? (Still waiting on a call about a job...)

hair question, sorry

okay so, i haven't dyed or blowdried my hair in a while (because my blowdryer overheats and i'd rather not risk an explosion) and it's also getting really long. unfortunately, the healthier it gets, the harder it is to keep it straight. i've noticed that when my hair is bleached (aka super damaged) is when it stays the straightest.

should i just go for it and damage it until it's willing to conform or is there a way to make healthyish hair bend to my will?

It's baaaack

You're about to get married. Your last name is Fischer. Your fiance's last name is King. What will your married name be?


You're about to get married. Your last name is Wang. Your fiance's last name is Chung. What will your married name be?


You're about to get married. Your last name is Mann. Your fiance's last name is O'Mann. What will your married name be?


You're about to get married. Your last name is Weir. Your fiance's last name is Doe. What will your married name be?


You're about to get married. Your last name is Biggin. Your fiance's last name is Fatt. What will your married name be?


You're about to get married. Your last name is Beaver. Your fiance's last name is Likkin. What will your married name be?


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I'm going to Upstate NY tomorrow to see my dad as he is extremely ill.

Should I do A Day In My Life type thing when I go ?

I think i'm going to bake him some cookies...
What kind should I bake him? he's not picky :)

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My boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend is having a birthday drinks/dinner get-together tomorrow night. I don't see her very often (maybe once every other month or so), but I do like her and I always enjoy her company when we do get together.

If you were in my shoes, would you get this friend a birthday gift or would you just get her a beer or something? Not sure what the etiquette is since she's not a super close friend of mine. I was thinking of getting her a pair of earrings or something along those lines if I do end up deciding to get her a gift.

Yet another zombie apocalypse poll. Lot of new parts

Poll #1780678 Zombie invasion

The dead are rising and attacking the living! People are scared and protecting themselves, and as a result, by the time you get to the stores, there's limited weapons, armor and rations available. People are there all around you, also looking for supplies, so you can only take one of each. What weapon will you use to defend yourself against zombies? For all the questions below, assume that all stores have been picked clean by looters and survivors and this is all you have to go on

Shotgun. 8 shells
Sledgehammer. 30 lbs
Sack of marbles (it's about 15lbs, in a durable yet large sack that can be tied off into a flail)
Garden rake. 5' pole
Pair of brass knuckles
3 cans of aerosal hair spray, lighter
Two 12' dildos. Durable resin, machine washable
3 hand grenades
Tire iron
Crossbow. 50 shot
Wooden cutout display of Miley Cyrus. 5', durable wood, fairly lightweight
Hedge trimmers. Large size
2 Olympic-style javelins
Two 10lb dumbbells
20 coconuts, enormous sling (you have to secure each side of it. It's big enough to launch a coconut)

What armor will you take?

Full suit of armor. Weighs over 100lbs. Difficult to penetrate, but visibility and movement are greatly reduced
Captain America shield (replica, metal)
Fat person suit. It weighs like 50lbs, but covers most of your body in a rubberish material
Football helmet, shoulder pads, elbow and knee pads
Smurf costume, like the kind you may find at an amusement park. Difficult to bite through, does not restrict movement. Does restrict visibility

Pick 3 supply options. Only 3 clicky. That's all you have time to collect. The rest are quickly grabbed up by other survivors.

Heavy duty flashlight
5 flares
Small first aid kit
Sleeping bag. Camouflage pattern
Batteries (all sizes)
2 lighters
Waterproof pancho
2 extra pairs of socks, thermal underwear
Small multi-tool. Contains small knife, bottle opener, scissors, screwdriver, etc.
30' of rope
Night vision goggles
2 boxes of tampons

You may pick one vehicle.

Convertible (car). No roof option. 3/4 gas left in tank
Motorcycle. Full tank of gas
SUV. 1/4 gas left in tank
60's VW bug. 1/2 gas left in tank
I'm walking

You got separated from your family and friends. You bump into another survivor, who you can band up with for now. Who do you choose as your zombie survivor partner?

30 year old woman. Ex military. Fearless. Has weapons and wants to actively hunt the zombies
Gorgeous man/woman (whatever you're attracted to). Scared, ever so grateful if you protect them. Utterly useless in a survival situation. Can't fight. Will put out if you protect him/her
Meth addict. Young man. Scrawny, jittery, goes days without sleep. He can be good for keeping watch
65 year old man. Vietnam war vet. Not very athletic/physical, but has ultimate knowledge on being undetected
40ish man. Ex military. Excellent combatant. Something about him seems off, like he may be a little whack in the head
22 year old man. Bodybuilder. Extremely strong. There are times you may need muscle
30 year old woman. Positive person and a therapist. Can help you deal with the fear, confusion and worry you may be feeling. She'll take the anxiety away
Bill Murray. He can't do a whole lot, but he'll be entertaining, and how cool would it be to travel with Bill Murray?
50 year old woman. Makeup expert. She says she can make you up to look like a convincing zombie. That may help you avoid attack. Can't hurt, right?
I travel alone


I just had a nice new upright freezer delivered to my home today. It reportedly is sitting in my living room.  I will have to unpack it and get it down two flights of stairs into my basement.  What are the chances of me being crushed by my new giant appliance?

Which appliance would you miss the most? the least?

My boyfriend went a little crazy when frozen pizzas and tv dinners were on sale.  Then, about 2 weeks later, he went on a diet and hasn't eaten any of them.  I won't eat cardboard pizza.  What can I do with the stack of frozen frisbees?  The food bank won't take them, because they are frozen.  It is against my nature to just toss them in the trash.  None of my family wants them. 

Which would hold more bodies, do you think: an upright freezer or a chest freezer?  Should body parts be grouped by kind?

Why am I so excited about getting a new freezer?

study break

do you have any pictures/ideas of pictures that would freak out someone on LSD?

a couple of my friends are tripping on acid right now and i want to text one of them something.

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are you good at remembering to empty your pockets before you do laundry?
have you ever ruined anything important in the washing machine?

i'm terrible about emptying my pockets, and i tend to gather a lot of odds and ends in them throughout a day (stray hardware and pieces of paper, mostly). laundry day reminds me of this. fortunately, i don't think i've ever lost anything worse than a library card and numerous tubes of lip balm. and napkins and tissues that make all my pockets linty. :-(

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my relationship with my boyfriend has trust issues. i dont feel like going into all the details but basically i am super afraid he thinks about and wants other girls. some of these feelings are validated by past obviously this is a problem. hes never even actually done anything. but i dont know what to do to go about building trust. help?

tldr- how do you learn to trust someone, especially if theyve already hurt you?
immortal farm

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do you have a particular product that you absolutely HAVE to use, and no one else gets it?

I absolutely love Pilot Precise v5 RT pens. I much prefer them to regular ballpoint pens or gel pens. They just write so awesomely, and I also use them for drawing. Why spend so much on artist pens? these things are awesome.

I drew this with them

i have so many questions

why do i continue to feel the urge to peruse OK Cupid when i know i don't want a relationship right now? and why are there so few cute boys on there?

i have chicken flavored ramen, a rotisserie chicken and broccoli. what can i do with those things?

i left these grands biscuits out for over 24 hours. do you think they're going to be bad? do you REALLY need to keep that refrigerated?
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So in just under 6 weeks I'm moving from Paris, France to Copenhagen, Denmark and the only thing I really really need to take with me is my PC.

I've worked out the easiest way to do it is by Fedex/UPS but I'm a bit scared of placing my most value posession in their hands and also trying to work their sites is really confusing.

So, have you ever had to ship something expensive internationally? How did it go? Was there a lot of paperwork?

And for those dk/dc people - what's the weirdest thing you've had to wear for work?
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At work today I was in the kitchen getting coffee when I saw one of my co-workers. I say hi and chat a bit when he randomly slaps my thigh and asks me out. I tell him I'm kind of involved with someone. He gets mad and is like 'well, you weren't two months ago.' TQC, does this seem odd to anyone else?

dk/dc: Do you like The Big Bang Theory? Who's your favorite character?

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out of curiosity from watching some friends relationships.

how much older than you is the oldest person you have dated?
how much younger is the youngest person you have dated?
do you think its ok for people to date people wayyyy older than them?
do you think relationships with huge age differences actually work out?

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What song is stuck in your head?

I currently have that stupid "Its alright to be little bitty" song stuck in mine...earlier it was the Phineas and Ferb theme song.

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How would your friends and family react if you stated dating someone who is a gender that you don't normally date? (e.g. you've normally dated men but are now with a woman)

Bisexual/pansexual/queer people: do you find that people often assume that you are strictly gay or straight based on your current partner? Do you correct them when they label you incorrectly (or, if this happened, would you)?

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TQC, my students have noticed that it is almost Elie Wiesel's birthday and they are very, VERY excited about it. They want to send him a card with pictures of themselves reading his book.

I don't have time in the unit to let them all create cards, so I'm either going to have to make one myself or buy one. What the heck kind of card do you buy a Nobel Prize winning author?

edit: Thanks for the ideas, guys. I think I'm going to offer them a little time at the end of class to work on a card and have them finish it at home, then mail it out for them.

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My husband and I are going to Six Flags NJ with our friend for a weekend in October. We got a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night.

Should we split the hotel room 3 ways or half? (Married couple obviously sharing a bed)

(We already made our decision but Im curious as to how TQC would handle this!)

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My roomate got two cats from a friends friend from facebook. Two tiny gray kittens about six weeks old. Well they seem pretty skittish which is ok but they are peeing everywhere!

At first I thought it was the single litter box so I bought an extra one and a new litter yet they are still peeing everywhere, they poop and occasionally pee in the box but half the time its either near the litter box on the bathroom floor or other weird places.

One keeps peeing in its water bowl, which I thought was weird for even untrained cat to do, it actaully pretty amazing, all in the bowl and not in the floor it would be cool if it wasn't disgusting. While another just peed in the printer on the paper.

Any tips?
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Why is it that every time I know I have to be up super early in the morning I end up staying up really late?

Did you do anything out of the ordinary today?

Do you have any cool scars? Wanna share the story?
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So I slept most of the day today and all night last night (bad kidney infection is knocking me on my ass). As a result of my extended napping, I'm not tired now and I need to go to bed since I have to work tomorrow. How should I convince my body that it needs to just sleep?

What are your vices?
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So my GPA when I graduate if I'm lucky will be between 2.75 and 2.8 - I really struggled for a while and accept that I messed up. If I were to go on to grad school, what would be the chances I could get in with that?

I'm be aiming to get a Masters in Linguistics, and this last year of school I'm taking as many linguistics based classes to try and help me out if that would matter. If you know of any programs for Linguistics that are decent that I might have a shot at with that GPA, what are they?

DK/DC: Will you provide in 20 words or less a summary of the last book/movie/tv show you read/watched and have us guess?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I got into a car accident and my mom wants me to send her pictures of my bruises. Not only are the ones near my collarbone very faint (it's mostly muscle damage, not skin damage, though there is a line where I jerked into the seatbelt) but I have a tattoo on top of my shoulder there. So, TQC, you innovative thinkers, how do I get pictures of these bruises without including my tattoo? Bonus points if it isn't REALLY obvious that I'm hiding something. (They run from the base of my tattoo to about my boob)

What was your last "oh shit!" moment?

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Have you ever written a complaint letter to a company? What was it about? How did they resolve the issue or whatever?

I've written a few complaint letters to various companies for faulty/ineffective products. Most places sent me coupons, but a few just sent me "lolsorry" letters. For example, I bought a box of SoyJoy bars and all except one was burnt, so I wrote them an e-mail and they wrote back pretty much saying sometimes that happens.