September 21st, 2011


First, sorry for my bad english. I'm swedish.
This might not be the best place to ask, but here goes.

1 Can you be emotionally abused by a friend? I mean, she didn't live in my house so I didn't have to deal with her 24/7. Just schooldays, afternoons, and a lot of weekends. I don't know if it counts.

2 I have a hard time explaning this so sorry in advance.
When I grew up, my mother did this thing, whenever I was sad or angry, she would turn it around so you should feel sorry for her. Like, well how do you think I feel when I work hard, and I come home to this sad enviroment? I get sad to. With the implication that it was all my fault she wasnt happy, and I should immediately get happy again becaause that would be easier on her. Sometimes the thing I was sad/angry about didn't have anything to do with her I should propably mention that I didn't have to tell her what I was upset about, it was enought that she could see it in my body language, for her to start her little spiel. She showed me and my sisters love in many others ways, so I don't think she was abusive, but I don't know what to call it. Can you help me? Was it some kind of grey zone? Ps my mom and dad is still married, so althought my dad worked/works a lot, I could still go to him with my emotional needs.

Thanks for any input you may have.
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How often do you wash your jeans?

After every wear
Every other wear
Once a weekish
Once every twoish weeks
Once every few weeks
Whenever they feel dirty
Whenever they LOOK dirty
Whenever they smell dirty
You're supposed to wash jeans?
Silly plebian, I don't launder my own clothing
I am too cool for jeans
yellow submarine

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I'm planning to apply for a job, and I'm working on the resume I'm going to send. This is the first time I've redone my resume since starting my current job, so that job needs to be added. There's not really room to add it without either taking something out or compromising the design, and since I'm applying for a design job I think I'm better off taking something out.

There are two likely candidates for what to take out: the bit about my high school education, or the bit about the three retail jobs I worked during the summers in high school and the beginning of college.

Which part should I take out?

I'm leaning towards high school, but since neither part is terribly relevant I figured I'd ask you guys for a second opinion. If it influences your decision, my employment experience after those three retail positions consists of two things that I worked on with a professor in college which are related to this job's field, one temporary position at a local company which isn't related to the field, and my current job which is a retail position but is relevant to the field. Also, the part of my resume dealing with those three retail positions is literally just one line for each - store name and dates of employment - just so you know I'm not taking up a huge amount of space talking about my crappy summer jobs. :P

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Does anyone have any recipes for food commonly eaten in East Timor? I decided to cook one meal each day from all the countries in the world in alphabetical order. I'm going from botton to top. (East Timor is called Östtimor in swedish)

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As some might know, I'm pregnant, but I still don't know if I will keep it.

Some days I feel like I'm on a path to ruining my life and now I'll never get a chance to further my education. Today was one of those days.

And some days I feel okay with it, even though I'm only 22. My family is more or less thrilled.

How did you feel when you were pregnant? Were you young? Have a crappy job? Are you successful now?
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Dr. QTC: Diagnose me!

I woke up in bed and stretched when my leg decided to be weird. There was a sudden sharp pain in my calf that was one of the worst I've ever experienced. I got up to go to the bathroom to turn on the light (didn't want to disturb the hubby), ended up limping there, and was immediately overcome with nausea and light headedness. I nearly fainted. The light headedness passed in a minute, so I went to get some alka seltzer but by the time I fixed it up, my nausea was completely gone too. Now my calf just hurts and I can barely stand on it, and the bottom of it feels extra defined and swollen. What just happened?

Of course, non serious answers are welcome.

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Which of the seven deadly sins would you say has most negatively impacted your life?
Gluttony, sloth (laziness), greed, pride, lust, envy, rage.
Explain why?

When you take your car in to be serviced, do you set your car radio on a station that you think will make the mechanic think that you are cool?

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Have you ever shaken someone's hand.... and you suddenly realize... that they don't have a complete hand? This has happened to me twice and was probably the creepiest experience of my life.

Is there a polite way of telling someone that their breath smells like they have eaten their own shit?
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What are your go-to cures for an upset stomach? I'm at work so am limited in what I have access to. Crackers aren't doing the trick, and I don't have access to any form of ginger or peppermint.
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Are there any names that make you think of sex or promiscuity? I was just looking at my bookshelf and this book in the 1918 flu pandemic was written by Gina Kolata and I couldn't help but picturing Gina as this sultry Sofia Vergara type. Has that happened to you? Had a random name bring out some sort of emotion?
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what's the oddest thing a friend of yours has asked you lately?

because one of my friends just woke me up with a phone call asking if i'd take a picture of their dong before and after getting a prince albert done.
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Banana bread

I bought some bananas to make banana bread. They are not the proper ripeness yet. Is there any way to make them ripen faster? Because I kind of want some banana bread NOW, not next week. :(



I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for a while, (I want to get a small treble clef, because I've played some sort of instrument since I was about 6), but the thing thats stopped be is the pain. Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo ?

DK/DC - do you have any tattoos or piercings?
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You win tickets to a Metallica concert, and you're going with a friend. Somewhere in the nosebleeds. While waiting in line, someone approaches you and says "It's my kid's birthday tonight and I can't see this concert. Here, you can have my tickets. They're front row, Just take em". That's pretty cool of him. You walk into the concert hall and notice that the front row seats are about 7' away from the enormous speaker onstage, and you don't have any earplugs. Metallica is a noisy band. What do you do?

Sit up front. I'll never get tickets this good again
Nosebleeds. It's further away, but I won't have to risk my hearing

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How do you buy something online - when you don't have a credit card. A better question, I was googling prepaid credit cards, but you have to apply for those too. is there one that you can (I'm trying to buy something online, and its like $800  (its a plane ticket))

ETA - I'm In Canada, we can't use our debit cards to buy things online,

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After applying for jobs, I landed 2 interviews, one walk in interview and a potential interview. The 2 that are for sure and the walk in are/were for 3 popular clothing stores, and the potential interview is for my orthodontist's office as a receptionist. I feel that my ortho would probably pay more than a retail store and I have 4 years of receptionist/front desk experience as opposed to no retail experience. For this reason, I would like to work in retail to sort of boost my experience, but I know I would probably perform well at any of these jobs. So I'm confused and everyone just says take the highest paying job, but I don't know. I don't really need crazy money since I live with my parents right now and only pay 2 bills.

What would you do?
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Can you complete the sentence? Remember when Facebook...

- changed all the picture icons from square to rounded corners.
- created the news and mini-feed and the lolworthy shit storm it created.
- allowed your mom, dad, your sibling's friends in high school to join.
- had groups that were popular and people would try to create the craziest group name.

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Which would you rather do?

Wax the bikini line of a skunk. It's probably going to be pretty upset with all the touching...
Find out there's a sleeping porcupine inside your sleeping bag. You find it with your right foot

Which would you rather do?

Endure an 8 hour flight in a metal fold-out chair
Endure an 8 hour flight sandwiched between two 300lb. people

Which would you rather do?

Consume 50 donuts in 6 hours
Drink an entire bottle of vodka by yourself. You have all night

Which would you rather do?

Attend your high school reunion wearing a convincing fat suit that makes you appear to be 200lbs heavier
Attend your high school reunion wearing soiled, trashy clothes and pushing a shopping cart full of cans, happily taking people's bottles when they finish their beverages

Which would you rather do?

Sit in the front row, in the best seat, at a Kevin Federline concert
Sit in THE worst seat (in the last row, obstructed view) for a musical act you do like

Which would you rather do?

Shave your entire head
Shave just one eyebrow, and pencil it in until it grows back

Which would you rather do?

Spend a week in prison. Real prison, not that white collar stuff
Spend a week in Jesus camp, wearing a shirt that says 'I'm a filthy heathen who hasn't accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior'

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I work in child care at a YCMA and on Saturday a mother dropped off her 20-month-old and said, "There's grapes in the bag if she's hungry."

Said 20-month-old is the size of a 9-month-old. Developmentally, she seems fine, but she's freaking TINY.

Said grapes were huge and not cut up at all.

She was only going to be there for 45 minutes while her mother took a fitness class.

Was I wrong for not giving her the grapes when she asked for a snack? Grapes are a choking hazard, aren't they?

I just didn't feel comfortable giving such a little kid large, whole grapes. And we were busy so I didn't have time to cut them up into smaller pieces.

Edited because apparently I can't spell.
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Hey TQC,

Last night, my uncle asked me to watch out for my cousin coming home at one in the afternoon if he and my aunt weren't back from his dentist appointment by then. I have problems sleeping (severe insomnia, I recently had a couple of days where I didn't sleep at all) and do take pills for it, and I agreed. I didn't fall asleep until after five this morning (not by choice!) and they woke me up fighting while getting my cousin ready for school at seven, who is also incredibly loud. This went on for almost four hours. I fell back asleep and just now woke up at 2:15 in the afternoon. I can hear my cousin in the living room, so they evidently got back before she did, but I feel guilty.

TQC, do I need to apologize at all? I know they were counting on me and I didn't even wake up to my alarm.

DK/DC: What are your plans for the day?

back'ards or fo'ards?

You find a blog that is super duper interesting.  The blog is 5 years old, and the writer is quite prolific.

Do you go back to the oldest entry and work from there, read the newest posts first and work backwards, or just read only the new posts, and ignore what came before?

What's the difference between a "blog" and LJ?  I wouldn't call my LJ a blog, it's more of a personal journal that's been left sitting open on a table in a public place.
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For $10,000,000, would you....?

Poll #1780415 For $10,000,000, would you...?

...get addicted to crack? For 3 straight weeks, you do crack 4 times a day. After 21 days, you're given your money, and you're most likely to be hooked on the drug. You can choose then to enter rehab or simply support your habit (you're rich). You may always be jonesing for a pipe, even when you get clean

74(71.2%) willing to be shot out of a cannon from one building rooftop to another? Each building is 25 stories high, and they're 200ft apart. The one firing the cannon is a guy who's been shooting people out of cannons in the circus for 40 years, so he knows just how much gunpowder to use and he's very accurate. Though, his longest previous shot was only 150ft, but he's confident he will get it right. Just another 50ft. Not that different really. Just more gunpowder. On the other building is a safety net. You'll land without a scratch, if you make it to the building


...lose all memories before the age of 15? For some reason, the process won't delete your book smarts/learned knowledge, just personal memories. But the really important people are probably still in your life and you can meet them all over again

53(50.5%) willing to be aged 10 years? You'll look and feel like you're a decade older than your birth age, because you will be. If you're 30, you'll have the body of a 40 year old, and so on. Irreversible. But hell, you'll never have to work again


...never be willing to have a home to call your own? You'll actually be given $15,000,000. The deal is that you can never buy a house/condo/whatever. You can only stay in hotels/motels, and even then, you can't stay in the same one for longer than a week. These conditions stand for the rest of your life. The $5million is compensation for a lifetime of hotel stays

70(68.0%) willing to see 3,000 lose their jobs? In order for you to gain your huge pile of money, 3,000 random strangers will cease to have income. Most will have families, debts. Some may have medical expenses. You will not be told who these people are, so you can't help them. But hell, you're freakin' rich. Maybe you can give to charity or something and karma balances out

Spiral of Light

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Last month a DJ was performing at an outdoor event. He was playing a mix of popular and clubby songs. One song he played was (seemingly) lyricless and had a deep bassy male voice repeating the same syllable over and over again. This is really vague, but does anyone know what song I'm talking about? ETA a bit more info: It was probably a fairly recent song, and was probably lyricless. The song was fast, upbeat, and very catchy. The syllable being repeated was a "dum" or "doom" sound. It sounded almost like a cello.

dumb pet question?

Okay, hopefully this isn't too off the wall.

We're going to try making our own pet bedding for our chinchillas. We've got a lot of paper that we've been saving from our recycle bin and there are tons of tutorials on youtube for shredding, soaking, and straining.

So, you know when you forget a tissue in your jean pocket and you wash it? It comes out exactly like a piece of pet bedding (like Care Fresh). We're theorizing that if we put shredded paper inside of a zipped up pillow case and send it through the washer and dryer, that it would give us a similar result, which would be soooo much quicker than the youtube methods.

What do you think? Or do you think it'll eff up our washer/dryer?

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Is there a website you use or you would recommend that reviews/rates video/computer games? Like does for movies?

Also, is there a community or website I can use to ask the source of an image? Other than tineye?
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Poll #1780447 Can you complete the heartfelt poem?

Roses are _____

$3.99 each

Violets are ________

Also pretty
Violet (duh)
Cheaper (than roses)
$1.99 each

Sugar is ______

Dangerous (I'm diabetic)
Real (not the substitute kind)
$4.99 a box

And _____

So are you
So show me your titty
I want to treat you like a harlot
I've been stalking you like a creeper
I may have utterly missed the point of this poll

This poem is dedicated to _____

My spouse
My boyfriend
My girlfriend
My boss
My unborn baby
My third cousin, once removed
My mailman
The Republican Party
President Obama
People who are positive, optimistic and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt
People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom
My Real Sex doll
That hottie I took home from the bar last week
You, fourcorners

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TQC, have you ever been to Ft. Lauderdale? I'm going there on Friday for a week with my boyfriend and need fun, offbeat suggestions of what to do/where to eat! I know I could just Google but I want personal recommendations and experiences. :)

DK/DC: would you change your eating habits if your partner was allergic to something pretty widespread in food? Case in point: boyfriend has Celiac's so I tend to eat gluten free whenever I'm around him.

(no subject)

You have the power to control the mind of others, singly or in groups, temporarily or permanently, whatever you want they will do!

You are an ethical person

How do you use this power?
Maynard pen
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A few days ago I emailed a professor to see if I can observe one of his 100-level courses as part of my graduate assistantship training. He hasn't gotten back to me and he usually responds right away. The thing is that I also need to go talk to him about something else, but now I feel awkward because he hasn't responded to my first email.

Should I assume he didn't get the original email and send another? How should I word it without sounding like a needy grad student?

If you don't care about this, have you been to any concerts lately? I just saw the Foo Fighters on the 16th!
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Have you ever gotten an "awkward" text you weren't supposed to receive (i.e. one with your friend talking shit on you, meaning to send it to another friend, an 'intimate' text sent to you instead of a lover, etc... basically nothing simple, like, "ok" or "haha.")? What'd it say?

Have you ever sent the wrong text to the wrong person? What'd it say?
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Tonight I bring you questions three.

1. While I was loitering in my local tonight, J went up to the bar to order a drink. A moment later, T joined J. T's opening conversational gambit to J was "So, I have to ask: do you wax?"
What would you guess they were talking about?

2. On my way home from loitering in the local, I noticed a lengthy track of footprints on the street outside my terrace. Bare footprints, clearly made by damp feet. Tell me a story about how those footprints came to be there?

3. Does your answer to question 1 change if I tell you that J and T are both elderly men?