September 20th, 2011

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How early is too early to put up Halloween decorations?
How late is too late to take them down?
Do you decorate for Halloween or autumn?

I usually don’t put mine up till October 1st, but this year I decided to do it on September 24th. I don’t take my down till the first or second week in November. I love Halloween :)

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what kinds of stores are your weakness?
which ones are you good at window-shopping in without buying stuff?

i fail at window shopping in bookstores and music stores, and lately i've been getting bad about stationery/paper/fancy pen stores. i'm pretty strong when it comes to clothing impulse purchasing, and i love fancy soap stores but only once did i cave there.

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i definitely hit my breaking point tonight and am skipping class tomorrow(it's my computer graphics class and it's all stuff i already know). so i can stay up as late as i want! but i need to finish a power point presentation tomorrow and hit up the store before trivia at 7:30 and i won't be out of bed before 1.

should i go to bed now or start watching Good Morning, Vietnam for my history class?
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i've recently been offered an economic opportunity that would make me very comfortable, but requires me to move to carbondale illinois. there is not much to do there.

where i am currently living, i have more access to chicago proper (there is a lot to do there). additionally i'm hanging out with a girl who i'm pretty sweet on. problem is... neither of us is really in a state to be in a relationship, and she's a heroin addict struggling with recovery who still keeps in touch with her connections to that particular scene.

moving means i can't pursue this relationship. staying means i forfeit the job. my current job is fine, but it's not reliable.

advise me, oh wise souls of tee queue sea.

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Inspired by the question below about Pawn Stars or whatever.

1. On storage wars, I know it's not exactly an exact science or whatever, but I think it's unfair that Barry and Darrell's loot always has to be appraised by someone else, but Dave and sometimes Jarrod can just look at their stuff and say "Oh yeah, this is worth 100, there's 250 there" nonchalantly and they add it to their "value" pile right away. That sucks, right!?

2. I get annoyed on any show that involves a person/couple buying a house, when they look crappy decor and go "eugh, I don't know if I want to buy the house that has the room with the flamingo wallpaper in it....eugh I hate the colour of the wall in the living room..." like I understand it's TV and they need to find something negative to say but does decor ever actually factor in to a homeowner's evaluation of how much they like the house? I could understand if it was like a 30 year old kitchen that would need renovating but wallpaper or carpet or for gawd's sake even the furniture should not be influencing your decision on a house...right!?

3. What are some specific things about your favourite reality shows that irk you?

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If you went or plan to go to grad school:

How do you possibly know what the hell you're doing?

I'm going to websites for different schools and I'm not sure if it would be possible for me to by any more lost and confused. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

Did you go to grad school where you did your undergrad?

Should I stop trying to be fancy and just go to grad school for the same thing as my undergrad so I won't have to do student teaching again and get this teaching crap out of the way?
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I allow myself one "stupid question" a day...

I want to brush up on my Excel skills for my imminent New Job. Suggestions? Now I know what to Google, thank you. Moving on...

Question to take the place of the above question when it gets answered and I strike it out: Do you believe that there's no such thing as a stupid question? If not, will you give an example? (Hopefully not mine...)

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What are your thoughts on parents who get babysitters and don't tell the child?
i.e. the put the child to bed as though they are not going out and the babysitter turns up once the kid is asleep.
ETA: They do this because the child starts to get 'ill' if they know the parents are going out.

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Do you know anyone who's had a I-Didn't-Know-I-Was-Pregnant situation?

My Aunt, who's going on 50 or something like that and thought she was way into menopause, hadn't been feeling good for months and months, and when she started expanding around the middle she was afraid she had ovarian cancer so she went to the doctor who ordered some ultrasounds. Well, the ultrasounds came back and the doctor was like "It's not cancer, but you are six months pregnant." And then she had a little boy three months later!
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Poll #1779845 What the hell will they name the children???
This poll is closed.

Lou Reed and Metallica [yes, all of them] are collaborating on an album, and the first single they release is a cover of 'I Am the Walrus'. Hot or Not?



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I suscribe to to read articles and other info on their range of religions and I came across this article. I've been on the fence about my beliefs and agnostic theism seems like something that seems to fit me.

What do you think about this article?
What are your beliefs?
What do other people think about your beliefs?

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If you received a friend request from someone you maybe met once briefly but barely talked to years ago from college, would you accept the request if you saw that you had a good amount of mutual friends?

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2 questions:

My new work place want me to bring the address and telephone numbers of two references from my previous workplace to my induction on Monday.

Do they want their home addresses or will the work address do?

I fucking hated my last job and was bullied out of it, so I've only got one good reference from a manager there, the rest had no interest in leaving me a reference. I have the number of one other, but not his address. Would it be acceptable to put down just the one reference?
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So far, I've had my mom and brother keep me up from fighting, then wake me up from more fighting, ants in the house, and now a broken water pipe in the bathroom and it's not even noon.
When was the last day everything went wrong? What happened?

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My hubby and I want to dress our little family up in a theme for Halloween.  It will be my son's first; he will be 10 months exactly on Halloween night.  My mother has picked up several costumes at garage sales for him, but I need help pulling a theme from them.  The options are (for the baby) : monkey, pumpkin, dinosaur/dragon, or lion.  What themes could I do with these options?

I've thought of Wizard of Oz for monkey (adding wings) or lion but that's about it.

They are putting out CHRISTMAS decorations in the stores
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Make up time

So, I got a new job where the boss lady has made it a company policy that we are to wear make-up & now, I am faced with having to buy mascara for the first time in ages.

I'm a massage therapist and wearing loads of make up when I'm working just bugs the ever loving shit out of me because I sweat a lot when I'm really working on someone.  (But, a paycheck is a paycheck...)

Can anyone recommend an affordable waterproof, hypoallergenic mascara?  I need something that's not going to bug my eyes when I start sweating or be runny as soon as it gets wet. 
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Say some magical scientist person offers to implant in your brain any incredible knowledge or abiltiy. What would you want implanted?

The ability to communicate fluently in any language in the world, for me.

A Twofer

1. Inspired by the whistling question: How do you teach someone to whistle? I learned when I was 6ish, but I am trying to teach my partner, and he's a tough nut.

2. Wiping down the counters and stove after washing the dishes; separate chore or part of doing the dishes? I vote part of doing the dishes.


when you whistle (with your lips, not teeth), do you blow out or suck in air? i can't whistle by blowing out. only by sucking air in. is that weird? i always assumed everyone whistled by blowing out, but for some reason that doesn't work for me.

home decor

Where can I find cool shower curtains?

Where can I find some decent bed sets that aren't $200+? (I was on Target's website and everything that I like is either out of stock or white. We're trying to avoid white after an... incident with the cat.)

What kind of little knickknacks/decorative accents would you recommend to sort of make an apartment a little more visually appealing? We're going to be here for at least another year and we really don't have any decoration and I'd like to make it look more like a home and less like a dorm.

Links are greatly appreciated :)
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Let's say you are expecting a baby through some means, and you fall in love with a particular name (let's go with "Emily"). It's not a family name, it's just one that you greatly like the sound of with your given last name, etc. You/your wife/your partner is 8 months pregnant and you're pretty stuck on "Emily".

1) A sensation book/movie comes out, and the main character is named Emily. She is a giant bitch of a character and everyone loves to hate her. Would you consider changing the baby's name? What if the name was something more uncommon (like how most people associate "Bella" with Twilight now)?
2) Your friend has a baby and, not knowing that your favorite baby name was Emily, names her daughter Emily. Do you consider changing the name then?
3) Would either of those answers change if Emily went from a name you just really liked to a very personal family name?
4) Can you think of any situations where you'd change your unborn baby's name? (assume you and your partner both adore the name).

Pumpkin Buckets

I am one of those crazy people who likes to dress up their dolls for Halloween. I have not been able to find Barbie Sized Halloween Themed Buckets. (there was one or two on Etsy and they were very expensive, or appeared to be too heavy, or there was only 1 or 2 and I need about 5)
Any ideas?
What to google?
Where to shop?
Who to contact?

Push comes to shove I think I'll try and find some plain wood ones at a local craft store and paint them. But I was hoping for plastic pumpkin shaped ones.
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I am looking for a credit card to use once a month to pay the electric bill so that I can improve my credit score. Do you recommend any specific one?

How excited are you for season 6 of Dexter?
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dinner & a movie

my fiance and i are having another couple over sat for a movie, its a casual thing but i wanted to feed them stuff i guess to show them i like them.

what should i feed them? i was thinking along the lines of finger foods like cheese meats and things, maybe potatoes.. and maybe tiny brownies for dessert.. something along those lines

i also have a fondue pot, should i use it?

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I'm curious; where you live (and feel free to share), is 'cunt' used much by women, comparatively to men?

(Synopsis: I'm from New Zealand, where it's a very commonly used word. I'm just studying some gender use/perception patterns at the moment, and I'm wondering how it compares to other countries, because I have a side theory about a particular use of it here.)

Edit: Wow, I didn't realise it was that rare in other places. Lol Kiwi culture.

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Poll #1780131 Poll for people who like men

You're at a bar and you spy someone cute. You're interested in this person, and find yourself glancing at him. When he gets up to use the restroom, you notice his t-shirt. Which of the following t-shirt messages would make you lose all interest in him?

Herpes carriers are people too
I praise Jesus every day
Michele Bachman 2012
Condom-free since 2006
No message. Just a large picture of Justin Bieber
No message. Just a large picture of a marijuana leaf
No message. Just a large picture of
No message or images. However, the shirt does have at least 3 unsightly holes, and seems a size too small
No fat chicks
It's a band shirt's showing off his midriff. Is that a...girl's shirt?
You call me slut like it's a bad thing
Two and a Half Men (image of the cast)
Who let the dogs out? (it's 2011, mind you)
No messages or images, but you notice 3 different stains. One's beer (it's fresh), another's mustard, the third is something green
I can't judge someone by the clothes they wear

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I've just been told my broadband won't be switched on for another week. I have nothing to do in this week.
Is there a way I can use my telephone line to create a dial-up connection for this time?
I've googled but am confused.
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Dead Island

Dead Island players, preferably on PC.. how do I get the map to show me where the next objective is? I can set a waypoint manually, but not for a quest. It did it automatically a few times.

What scary movies are you going to see in the next couple months?
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If you've had any experience with Effexor or other anti-depressants, could you tell me about it?

Today was my first day on Effexor and hoooooly crap was it not pleasant. Nausea, feeling edgy, grinding my teeth... I know there's supposed to be unpleasant side effects the first few weeks, but ugh. It goes away, right?

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Where can I buy round or oval picture frames? I've checked Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Michael's and Joann's. Am I stuck trying to find one online? ETA: Oh yeah, and I checked Kohls and Ikea too.

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Are there any secrets you'll take to your grave? What is so significant about the information that you feel no one (or maybe a certain person or group) can ever know? How do you imagine it would change things for you if (that/those/any) people found out?

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so this happened to my phone, and i can't get anything to work BUT the real problem is... i don't even know what terms to google to see if anyone has had similar problems. i'm guessing my phone is pretty much 100% done for but i'd still like to know what caused it. do you have any ideas of a) what might have happened or b) what i can google to search it??

"samsung starburst broken screen" does nothing for me. nor does "freaky colorful box."

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