September 19th, 2011


What do you think happened?

My dad was a huge Catholic. A Traditionalist Catholic, like Mel Gibson. His faith demanded strange devotions, items and beliefs. When he died, my mom was compelled to bring some of his religious trappings to adorn his headstone. Things like rosaries, scapulars and Jesus/Mary statues. He's buried at Forest Lawn, which houses tens of thousands of plots. Not a small cemetery at all.

Within the last few months, we've noticed some weird behavior.

Some of the colored glass stones we brought went missing, and instead were replaced with other colored glass stones that were entirely different. They were shaped like stars or something. A quick review of adjacent graves showed that none of them had similar stones, so it wasn't like someone moved the stones of nearby graves onto dad's. Then there was the vandalism. About 3 times, we found the statues smashed to bits, like someone stomped it. Not accidental, which would have been just a partial fracture, but someone ground it into tiny shards.Same thing with one of the rosaries. Some of the plastic beads were broken off and shattered into small bits, as if a violent boot was used. We just got used to it, figuring that it was some anti-christian asshole and just found places to buy the statues en masse and would just replace the broken ones when they were targeted. We started to hide the smallish statue by the urn of flowers we brought, hoping that any interlopers or vandals wouldn't see it at a quick glance. We'd try and blend it in with the flowers.

A couple weeks ago, a statue of Mary went missing. We just figured that someone took it, possibly the groundskeepers, who remove decorations randomly at times. Forest Lawn really looks down on decorations on graves for some reason. It may be liability reasons but who knows. We didn't have another statue on hand, so we just made do without. We didn't go to the cemetery last week, but came back today, 14 days later. When we showed up, the missing statue was back. Not only was it back, it was placed right next to the flowers, where it was initially left.

Questions: where did it go for all those days? Who had it, who brought it back? Obviously, someone is paying attention to my dad's grave, and aware of the particular items that frequent it, despite the fact there are thousands upon thousands of graves that look just like his. Why are they interested in his grave?

What is your explanation?

another question about sampling

A grocery store is pretty generous with samples. There is a (cooked) shrimp bar in the store. Employees have observed a regular customer sampling ~eight shrimp each time s/he visits, making a meal out of the samples. If it's pertinent, there is reason to believe that s/he is homeless/not doing very well financially, and the store manager initially feels sympathetic toward the customer, though this has been going on for months.

Do you think it's "wrong" for the store manager to eventually forbid this customer from sampling when s/he visits?
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Hey TQC, what are your favourite movie quotes? What about funny lines that really aren't meant to be funny? Anything memorable?

I just watched Thor again for the umpteenth time, and I always laugh when Odin goes, "I, Odin All-Father, proclaim you...FROST GIANTS. >:["
Also, Thor's, "I don't plan to die today" and Heimdall's "None do" lines are pretty awesome.

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I've never babysat before because I really don't like being responsible for someone's kid (I think that's the reason).
I'll spend a day watching my nephew when my mom is also there.

Get in my brain: Why do I have absolutely no interest in watching him by myself?
Am I being a total asshole?

My mom doesn't want his other grandma to babysit this week and she asked if I could and I just cannot bring myself to be like "Yes! I want to!" It's mostly, "If I absolutely am the last resort, I will".


What's your usual breakfast?

Stupid Uni

Long story short: i have been feeling like crap for a while which has made me struggle to keep up with all my uni work. I got an email from one of my coordinators today saying that it was not appropriate to ask for an extension for my assignment because i have no evidence to show her that i have been feeling like crap.

So my question is. Do i bother do the assignment that is due today and make myself even more stressed out trying to get it in (which i have no hope of doing!) or do i try and keep myself relatively 'sane' and just not bother with it and try it again next semester?

NB: I lose 3 marks for every day it is late.

FB privacy

Do you understand Facebook's new privacy settings??

I clicked on the profile of a pretty good friend of mine who I only get to see once in awhile (we live in different cities). Just a week or two ago, I remember commenting on one of her profile photos, and she had tons of albums.
But now, the only albums I can see are her mobile uploads and wall photos albums.

There really is no reason for her to have blocked me from her albums because we're friends and because it's not like I comment frequently on her photos (which I understand could annoy some people).

Did she actually block me from these albums, or does FB have some new kind of privacy feature that could have accidentally made her block me from viewing them while she was adjusting her settings?

ALSO, is there a way to quickly block someone from viewing any of your albums? The only way I've found so far is to go into every individual album and manually type in all of the people you don't want seeing the album. Is there a faster way??
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TQCers that live in a residence with multiple bathrooms. Is there a specific bathroom that you use for pooping? I mean, I'll pee in any available bathroom in the house, but I only poop in my bathroom upstairs.
Self cleaning

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What's your ideal home (house, apartment or any type of dwelling that you would call home) on the budget you currently have?

Alternatively, will you go to Craigslist or somethin similar and post a house from there you'd love to live in?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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Audacity question

Okay, so i recorded the entirety of a Patrick Wolf concert last night, and would like to break the almost two hour long file down into individual songs using audacity. However, when i import the file (i've tried it in a few formats, the original one is .aiff), all one hour and fifty minutes of the concert is compressed down into 6 seconds of what sounds like scratchy high pitched static. Does anyone know how this could possibly be fixed? Or of another audio editing program in which the file might turn out differently? All i need to do is just cut the file up into pieces, pretty much. The file plays normally in iTunes, it just doesn't play normally in Audacity.

EDIT: Okay, i tried it with a different editing program, and it's doing the same thing. So i guess it's the file, not audacity. =\ Help?

EDIT2- Woop woop! I fixed it. I converted it to an AAC file within itunes, copied that to the itunes media folder, then converted that to an mp3 (since audacity can't read AAC), and finally the full ~2 hours have shown up in audacity.
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OPEN POLL: what would you do if a professor made you rip up something you spent 2 weeks making, marked all over it incorrectly, told you a bunch of stuff that was completely wrong, and then wanted you to produce a finished copy of your work for the next class period? I do it her way, it's just going to be wrong again. But if I do it my way, I'm totally ignoring her input. Either way I'm set back 2 weeks behind the rest of the class. Also: dropping the class is an option, but this is the only opportunity I will have to take the class, and she is the only one currently teaching it.


Otherwise, have you ever had a shitty professor? Tell me the story.

ETA details to be less confusing: I'm a fashion design student, this is a sewing class, and she LITERALLY made me rip up my mock-up, and LITERALLY marked WRONG things on the pattern pieces using incorrect measurements, so if I go to do it the way she has marked, it would actually fit WRONG and I've have to do it over again anyway, but I don't want to make her upset by entirely disregarding her markings.

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I have this HP Pavilion desktop computer purchased new in 2006. I've never had a single problem with. Five years old, and it runs as fast as my Macbook.

This morning, my dad went to start it up and it wouldn't turn on. The green light on the back will turn on (not the power button light; another one), so it's receiving power, but the computer won't start. We can't figure out what the problem is, and seeing as how this computer contains every single picture I've taken since I was 14 (totaling 10,000+), I am in a complete panic.

Any ideas about what the problem could be? I've tried Googling it, but everything is way over my head. Anyone know how to explain it in computer-dumb terms?

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I'm trying to install Angry Birds Rio on my computer. I installed Angry Birds just fine but when I try to install Rio, I get this error message.

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

Any advice?
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Cute animals

So I just read that Likens/Baniszewski wiki someone linked to in another post, and now I need a pick-me-up.

Do you have any cute pictures of animals that are not the ordinary dog/cat pictures? Like piglets, ferrets, elephants, frogs and snails.
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Let's say, in 2014, President Rick Perry that March 18 to be declared 'Make your husband/boyfriend a sandwich' day. 3/18 for Colossians 3:18 ("Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord"), the intent of the day is to make women more submissive to their male 'superiors', just as the good Lord intended. What kind of sammich would you make?

Roast beef
Fuck that. Perry can just eat me
I'll have to get back to you after I see what Michelle Bachman's making for her husband
I don't have a male significant other, so no sammiches for anyone but me
I have no male significant other, so I'll make sammiches for bachelors I know
I already make sammiches for my man. March 18 is not significant to me
Mailing a dog turd sandwich to the White House

Edit: Rick Perry DECLARES March 18 to be...

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If you could give up one thing you're good at in order to be better at something else, what would you trade for what, and why?

You competencies for these two skills will be reversed, so that you will wind up being only average at what you used to be very good at, and very good at what you used to have trouble with.
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So I think I have a virus but I wanted to get some opinions to be sure.

Whenever I search something on Google or Yahoo I get redirected, either to some weird looking search site or an advertisement. This just started happening today and since I can't Google anything, I am just assuming I have malware or something.

I have tried running malwarebytes, both the full and quick scan and both said I didn't have anything but I know something is up!
Is this a virus? If it is why isn't my malwarebytes finding it ? :( I don't know what else to do!

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Dear (your name here), I messed up. I started charging you $12 for a left shoe and $12 for a right shoe, when I previously charged you $20 for a pair of shoes. And I didn't tell you why I changed the prices. I've received your feedback that you felt we lacked respect for you by doing that. I offer my sincere apology. I would now like to explain why we are doing this. I changed the prices because I'm going to split the store into two and sell left shoes at one store and right shoes at the other. Now the left shoes will be sold at a new store with a different name, but they will come in the same awesome shoebox that you get your right shoes in. Isn't that great?!!! I sincerely hope that this explanation helps and keeps you coming back to buy shoes from me and my partner store at a different location across town. Forgive me?

aww I forgive you
fuck that. I will go shoeless!
fuck that. I will go half shoeless!
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Do you enjoy critically analyzing films, or do you watch them purely for the entertainment? Have you ever been really, really compelled to do some form of critical analysis of some kind of entertainment media, like a movie or television show or a comic?

Because I just re-watched The Station Agent and I'm almost compelled to write a whole damn paper analyzing the motifs any symbols for no good reason. And the other night I desperately wanted to do some kind of academic work on the psychology of Wolverine after reading the Origin comics. Have I gone off the deep end?

Meanwhile I'm sitting here NOT writing the three critical analysis essays I've actually been assigned to do.

DK/DC/wut? -- Within your area of study (past, present, or anticipated future), what subject is the most interesting to you?
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My roommate and I are in the market for a car that will not explode. I know little about cars other than how to fix minor things, and she's not much more informed.

We have roughly $1750 to spend, but can go up to about $2000 for the right car.

Can you look at
and kind of point me in the right direction?


If not,
students who went to graduate school, did you take a prep class for the GRE and did you feel it was worth it?

hello again...

tqc, a guy I used to be vaguely romantically involved with recently came back into my life.  I met him on a school trip when I was 16 and he was 19; afterwards, we began texting and keeping in contact via Skype.  Unfortunately, he was rather unpleasant to me, so I stopped talking to him. I hadn't seen him for 2 years, and we parted on frosty terms.  Much to my dismay, today I bumped into him outside my college and discovered he will now be going there too. He is showing an interest in me again, but I want nothing to do with him relationship-wise.  I have never had a 'boyfriend' or so to speak so have no experience in such matters. :/ He asked if he was 'forgiven'.  I was considering telling him 'Yes, but just as friends'.

What do you do when an "old flame" for whom you no longer have feelings reappears in your life?
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i dropped my phone in my tea. it never shut off but the sound is definitely affected. it was only in the cup for a second or two. but i took it all apart, stuck some paper towel in the places i couldn't wipe to get as much out and put it in rice.


do you think this stressful situation on top of just being stressed out in general is causing this headache?
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Do you have any houseplants?

What's your favourite/most used kitchen utensil?

Do you have any 'vacation rituals/collections'?
(ex: My mother collects spoons from every place she visits.)

Favourite card game?

HEPA mask or similar?

I'm catsitting for a week starting Sunday and I am super excited. Unfortunately, I'm super allergic as well and it sets off my asthma. I'm looking into getting something like this or similar but I'm not sure where I would find such a thing. I doubt Amazon will get it to me by the weekend.

Anyone know of any chain retailers that sell something like this for under 40 dollars?
Any other tips for surviving the week? I'm barricading off the bedroom and bringing an air purifier but I'm sure there are other products I should buy/things I should do.

Thanks :)
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So following my previous posts, i'm having a house party and am panicking about people having a good time.
It's just students, so they won't be expecting much alcohol supplied, i'm just concerned about playing the right music and having the right atmosphere.
Any tips for an amazing house party?
Anywhere I can get a good compilation album for cheaps?
What sort of music should I be playing when anyway?

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i want to ask this girl out that i work with (seasonal once a year for a month job)i can tell she really likes me too. i never dated a girl before, ive only dated guys. how do i ask her out? i also dont really know how to treat a girl in a relationship type of way and i dont want to mess it up, if your a girl who is goes out with guys, how do like to be treated in a relationship? any pointers? (we also live about an hour away from each other and i dont have a car)

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"I don't really see a need to travel much or ever move because I just want to stay here and get to know my city better. If you travel, you barely scratch the surface of where you're traveling. I'm content here."-my friend

What are your thoughts (if any) on this mindset? I can't wrap my mind around it, but I'm sure he's not the only one who feels like that.
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I want to watch a movie, but I'm feeling really ADD, plus it's late, so I may start to get tired. What movie should I watch? (That hopefully doesn't have a lot of slow parts.)

What movie should I watch?

Full Metal Jacket
The Lost Boys
Over The Edge
The Thing
Wizard of Gore
Psychoville (tv show)
Todd & the Book of Pure Evil (tv show)
Minority Report
Apolo flag

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I had a missed call today and when I dialed back it said the call could not be completed as dialed. (I tried 3 times and missed the call by maybe 5 minutes because I was driving. It was a local number too.) Who was calling me?

Who watched Dancing With The Stars tonight? Who are you rooting for? Who do you think goes home?

dk/dc: What are some fun cheap birthday ideas? My birthday is Saturday!