September 18th, 2011

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What future movies coming out are you excited for? Please include a summary.

Les Miserables - Adaption of the stage musical and book. It's about a group of people living in France after the revolution. An ex-convict tries to raise a girl whose mother he indirectly got fired, causing her to become a prostitute and to get sick and die, and a group of people fighting in the June Rebellion.

A Liar's Autobiography - An adaption of comedian Graham Chapman's autobiography. He was a member of Monty Python, and one of the first celebrities to come out as gay in 1968. His autobiography is hilarious, and the movie has to be the same. Graham died in 1989, but the rest of Monty Python is making the movie.

Wicked - Originally a book and then a musical, it's about how the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch came to become who they were in the Wizard of Oz.

Good morning, TQC.

I'm going to some waterfalls today and I'm bringing my digital camera and two film cameras. I have a Pentax k1000. Before I go, any tips or pointers you want to throw at me? I'm just getting into film and the past few rolls I've sent in to be developed didn't come out. I figured it was because I set the ASA and shutter dials wrong, which I think I know how to use. Any special settings I should set it on before taking the pictures?

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I haven't had a cold in years. It's a head cold and my nose is all congested and when I blow my nose it's green. Is it time I go to the doctor? I can't remember if green is the sign to see a doctor or not.
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I have postponed it for too long and now I need a haircut. Badly.
My regular hairdresser has two-weeks long waiting list, so I got signed only for 2nd October. But I need to get at least my bangs trimmed right now. Should I try to do it myself, go today to a hairdresser nearest to my home (and I know she can't do a good job with my hair), or should I wait until tomorrow and go to an unknown jairdresser near my work?

[eta] You have convinced me to be lazy. I'll cut it myself and if it will turn out horrible, I'll check hairdresser near work. Maybe she will be a good one.

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Should I host my friends (dinosaur) birthday party at my house?

Pro's - no neighbours, no housemate, there's only about 20 people coming, and I know 75% of them, I have put effort into my costume, I have a gorgeous new house I want to show off.
Con's - it's a party - if stuff gets spilt or broken it's my deposit it comes out of. I would have to help/do a lot of clearing up, i'd be worrying about people having a good time/stuff getting spilt or broken.
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I just moved to Washington and I'm trying to establish residency because it's a lot harder than elsewhere. My roommates have the utilities in their name, including wifi, so I'm wondering what personal bills I can have put in my name to show I'm living in the state to live, not just to go to school. Any ideas?
(I've already dealt with my driver's license, car, and voter registration, but it's VERY hard to establish residency here)

What are you dealing with right now? How goes it?

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There's an old school game I've been trying to find.

It's a robot game that 's shaped like a maze and allows the robots to collect colored keys to open doors and set bomb traps for enemy robots. Do you know the name of this game?

What's your favorite old school video game?
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What words do you avoid using in conversation because you don't know how to use them?
Ironic. I never know if I'm using it correctly.

Do you look good in your passport photo?
I look awful in mine and I hate that I'm stuck with it for another 7 years. :(


are you fighting with yourself over something? what is it?

im fighting the urge to buzz my hair. i should wait a couple weeks and get a nice short little pixie from my stylist but i keep wanting to just say fuck it and buzz it. especially since seeing all these shaved heads on this one tumblr site.

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my 25th birthday is in about a month and a half. i've decided, though, that i'm not turning 25, i'm turing 15, and i'm having a Quinceañera.

what should i do at my party?
did you ever have or attend a Quinceañera?
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Poll #1779586 Not quite equine

Which would you rather be?


Also, assume you have a daughter. Is there any age where you would not feel comfortable with her wearing a bikini when she goes swimming?

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Here in Alberta in 2006 a 12-year-old girl and her 23-year-old boyfriend murdered her parents and younger brother. Now that she's almost 18 and a freshman in university people are freaking out because her identity is protected by law and they don't think it's fair that they could be going to school with a murderer and not know it.

So TQC, what do you think? Should her identity continue to be protected or do people deserve to know if they're attending the same university as her?

Here's the news article and the wikipedia page if you're interested.
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Poll #1779615 I'm worried about the consequences...

Should I install Sims 3 on my computer?

Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Should I install Sims 3 on my computer?

<input ... >YES

<input ... >no

<input ... >

Pros of installing:
- I've never actually plaed Sims 3 before, only Sims 1 and 2, but they haven't been on here since we had to format this computer earlier this year (could also be considered a con, but w/e)
- Because Sims.

Cons of installing:
- I'm taking 5 classes this semester and having Sims readily available for procrastination could be a Very Bad Thing.

ETA: Idk what's going on with my poll, but I can't edit it to fix it.  Oh well.  


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Can you think of any not-terrible male names that are palindromes? I can think of several female names (Ada, Ava, Anna, Eve, Elle, Hannah) but for boys all I can think of is Otto and Asa...and I don't like Asa.

math help

Hey TQC, my friend and I were out shopping for her baby at Gymboree today and ran across a shirt with a math problem on it. We couldn't figure out if the equation was solvable. Can anyone else help? The shirt is HERE. The zoom feature lets you see the math problem pretty well. We thought maybe it ended up spelling "baby" but the C's at the bottom of the equation threw us off.

Thanks geniuses!

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what do you think of keri hilson's pretty girl rock?
its not the best musical quality but cute and i like it

do you think its a pretentious stuck up song? ive heard some people criticize it saying she sounds like a bitch, and those same people are ok with rapper dudes talking about all the bitches they fuck with their big dicks and whatnot.

dont give a shit? whats for dinner? im having jambalaya

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multivar buddies

The problem asks me to evaluate B X A, given that B is a vector quantity (3D) and A is a scalor quantity. What do I write in the answer box? DNE? I know there's that other bullshit method where you assign the scalor quantity two additional components, but is this acceptable?
if A comes out to be 10, then
A=10i, 0j, 0k
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My daughter is 3 1/2.
She's getting a Gameboy Advance SP as a Chistmas gift
I'm trying to find her some games to go along with it and I'm stumped. Obviously they have to be pretty basic for her to be able to actually play them. I've tried a google search and went on eBay, but unless I know a specific name it's just a ton to wade through.

I'm currently bidding on a Scooby Doo game and a game about caring for kitty cats. Anyone have any suggestions for some kid friendly games?

DK/DC...have you started/finished your Christmas shopping?
(I'm well aware that it's only September, but I'm one of those people who *hate* to be in the stores in November & I do most of my shopping by the end of October & the rest online).
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TQC, I need your opinions. When first messaging someone in an online dating type of situation, should some attention be paid to punctuation and actually typing words out? Are you picky about that kind of thing, or are you ok with your e-mail correspondence looking like text messages?

Do you use abbreviations in your text messages, or do you type things out?

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So I decided to have the dinosaur party at my house!

What tracks can I not throw a party without?
My kitchen and living room are on separate floors. Should I have different music on each, or have music in only one and nothing in the other?

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So this gorgeous men's sweater is only like $20 give or take, depending on the site, and I want to build up my men's clothing wardrobe(im genderqueer, hiiii)/think it would be super stylish anyway so what the hell. Should I get the gray, or the black? How do you think the sizing goes? I'm typically a womens' medium, should I get the small?


.... does that site look sketch to you? my friend said it looked 'sketch.'
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Any tips on painting your nails without making a mess? Hahaha, it looks like a purple monster shit on my fingertips.

What are some good things in your life right now?