September 17th, 2011

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Of all the alphabet sounds, which is your favorite? Your least favorite?

I love the k sound, but really hate the long e, g, and j sounds. I do love how g and j sound in French, though. 

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this post is dedicated to highplaces

do you have an electric kettle?
have you ever SEEN an electric kettle?
if you don't have one, how do you boil water for coffee/tea/etc?
do other people in your life have electric kettles?

where are you from?

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TQC - what are you having for lunch today, so you can give me ideas on what I should have for lunch today?

Do you have any big plans today?
I'm writing a paper and doing laundry.

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I'm writing a play right now, and I need to know for the purposes of realistic human behavior, if you were sick and coughing, would you accept a cough drop offered you by a relative stranger, say a customer or someone like that?

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Is there a way to bring a dead battery back to life? My charger says it's finished charging but the camera says no.

It's not the charger, it's not the camera, it has to be the battery. (My extra battery charges and works fine)

Do I just toss it or is there a secret trick?
Rugby Beard

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Do you live with roommates? How old are you?

(excluding SOs)

DK/DC: what are the best/worst pick up lines you've heard?

Last night some 2nd year asked me how much I'd pay him to take off his shirt and dance for me. I said $2. Then he took off his shirt and danced. Later I tracked him down and gave his a toonie (that's a $2 dollar coin for you non-Canadians)

Age and maturity level/Friendships.

So, last night I hung out with my boyfriend and his friends. He's 22 about to be 23, and I am 24. His friends are all between 18-20, mostly 18. I have some young friends, but I felt right a vibe almost immediately that his friends were on the immature side. For example: One referred to something as "gay" and another came up to us, punched him in the shoulder and shouted "Thanks for fucking giving me a formal introduction jerk!" (She was referring to me). I attempted to start a conversation with his best friend, asking him how he was and telling him about my day (how it had been my best friend's daughter's 1st birthday and how I was busy all day helping her). When I asked my boyfriend later on why I got no response from him, he replies "He's not the one to talk about serious stuff with."

I think age can be a factor in a friendship, but I think maturity level is more important. I can definitely befriend someone years younger than me, but I'd think being able to carry a simple conversation should be a necessity. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Or am I being too judgmental? Does age and maturity level matter when it comes to forming friendships for you?

Facebook woes

So I've tried googling, searching facebook discussions, and facebook help. No luck. It seems they're tinkering a hell of a lot and such, but nobody seems to have my problem.(And i can't seem to figure out how to post a question, particularly where i'd get a reliable response). So I figured i'd ask, anyone else not able to use various buttons on facebook? I can't use my friend request, private message, or status update buttons. They just become highlighted like this:


Also I seem to be unable to post any pictures to my wall, that link doesn't respond either.

Anyone else? Any fixes or known reason for the problem(s)?

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So, I just moved into an apartment with a broken dryer, which the landlord won't fix. I, being awesome, learned how to change the broken drum belt and got it working yesterday!!! ... Only to come back an hour later and see that it was broken again! Apparently the dryer chewed up the new belt IMMEDIATELY, and I had to buy another replacement.

My questions are:
1) WTF?
2) Why would my dryer be chewing up belts? Is it more likely that I put it on wrong, or that the entire machine (which is not mine, thus I bear no responsibility for its condition) is fucked forever? Should I even try putting on the second new belt? If so, what should I do differently?
3) Why does God hate me?

Sailormoon - flowers

Baking question

So, here's the situation:

I found a recipe for white chocolate brownies online, tried it out, and loved them.

The problem is that the sides of the brownies all around where they touched the pan were slightly burned. Not crispy or anything, just somewhat dark with a faint "burn" taste.

I had followed the recipe to a T with only one problem: The recipe called for a 9" baking pan but we only have 8" ones. At someone's recommendation I turned down the heat (by 25 degrees, I think?)
and let it bake just until poking it with a toothpick came out clean.

Could anyone help me get these brownies just right?
Or, alternatively, do you happen to know a good white chocolate brownie recipe that comes out perfect (for 8" pan)?

I want to bake them again tomorrow but I don't know a thing about baking and I'd like the edges to not be so overcooked like they were last time. I tried looking for a 9" pan, thinking that might be the problem, but I can't find one in a physical store and like I said I'd like to do these tomorrow.

Thanks so much for any help at all.

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You know that Time when you are hanging out with someone you like and you say something stupid and you're like "why do I say that?"

Can we talk about those moments please?

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So I just joined my local roller derby team, and I'm trying to come up with a name. I'd like it to Harry Potter themed as much as possible. I've been brainstorming for weeks, and I've got nothing. It's much more difficult than I thought it'd be!

Can you guys think of anything awesome and creative? Here is a list of all the registered roller derby names for reference.

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For those of you who don't have a lot of money to spare...

Any cheap food recipes/ideas? I'm getting sick of ramen :(
Or any blogs or website that have rather simple & cheap things to make?
pink shoes


Hello TQC. I know we do this from time to time, but will you share some of your favourite free online or downloadable games with me?

I am especially interested in:

+ Escape-the-room or similar puzzle-solving games that aren't too scary (I get unpleasantly scared with horror / creepy settings)
+ Interactive fiction / text games
+ Adventure, RPG or strategy

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If you are going on a trip soon, where are you going? How are you getting there? Where do you live?

I am going to Dallas in October. I will be flying. I live in California, on the Central Coast.

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Say a cashier gives you the wrong change from a 100.00 bill, the mistake is in your favor and you don't realize he gave you too much back until after you're home.

Do you go back and tell him what happened and return the money ?
or do you keep your mouth shut and say oh well he should have been more careful?

I was at the store tonight and the cashier gave me 80.00 too much when he handed me my change. He was talking to some friends and not paying attention and i didn't realize it until I got home and counted my money.
Bug-eyed Earl


I was using my TV to watch a movie through the PC, so I was messing around with the dual screen stuff. Sometimes the window appearance changes but it usually goes back. This time it didn't, even after I went to back to one screen.

Collapse )

Edit: Did a System Restore to this morning and it went back to normal.

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How would you react in the following scenario?

You work in a restaurant/bakery/deli/somewhere where you can sample food. You have a customer who samples no less than ten items. At the same time, a pretty good-sized line of customers forms, and you're the only one working at the time. You eventually say something to the extent of: "ma'am/sir, I'm sorry, but I'm not usually allowed to give out so many samples." (Suspension of disbelief if you would never respond like that, please?)

The customer responds with, "I have never been so insulted in my life." S/he then starts crying and demands that someone else help him/her.