September 16th, 2011

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What should I do? I believe I'm pregnant, since I missed my period and had some brown spotting. I've also been feeling unwell, but I attributed it to a cold I'm battling. I took a pregnancy test today and it came back positive. I'm taking another in a couple days to see if I get the same result.

If this one is positive also, would you recommended I get a blood test from my doctor to confirm it before getting an early abortion(which will probably be a pill)? Or would they do a test before proceeding with the abortion anyway?

Delivery Time - UPS

I'm performing with a group on Friday in a city about a 4-hour drive from where I live. Until 10 minutes ago, I completely forgot about ordering the shirt that everyone is wearing. I can afford it, but I want to make sure that it will get to my house by Thursday evening (I'm leaving very early Friday morning). The online store only has UPS available (Ground [5-7 business days], 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air Saver), and I can only afford up to 3 Day Select.

The problem: it doesn't specify on the website that the business is open today. Their shipping detail page has the following info:
--Orders placed Monday through Thursday before 3:00pm EST will ship on the same day
--Orders placed Monday through Thursday after 3:00pm EST will ship the next business day
--Orders placed on Friday after 3:00pm or during the weekend will ship on Monday.

Is it wise to assume that, even if they aren't open today and the shirt ships Monday, if I choose 3 Day Select, the shirt will be at my house by Thursday night if I order right now? (BTW, the company is located in Colorado; I'm in Florida)

DK/DC: If you order items online regularly, how long does it normally take to get to you (ground shipping)?
Self cleaning

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Does your body react in any strange ways when you get sick? Whenever I get sick, my earlobes get cranky and I have to baby them like I did with a fresh stretch.

Are there any other strange or odd things your body does or you can do with your body?

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Scenario: A woman throws a birthday party for her daughter who's turning 1. She's had a boyfriend for 2 months. She invites him, and invites an ex that was there for her during a difficult time in her life (when she lost her first child). They were together for only 2 months and this was years ago. Do you think this is okay? What is your opinion?
Augustus Gloop

Got Kitchen Canisters?

Do you have a nice set of matched kitchen canisters?

You know the kind. They're in graduated sizes, generally marked with the names of the things meant to be inside of them, like Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Salt, Rice, Beans, etc.

If you have a set like that, do you fill them with the matching contents? Do you want a set like that?

How about your mother? Aunts? Grandparents?

I've been saying "Gosh, that would be convenient to have" but even when my mother was young they were considered a bit old-fashioned.

macaroni murder lady

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Which pony are you most like?

Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash

Which non-mane-6 pony are you most like?

What sort of pony are you in general?

Earth pony
Alicorn (hint: you are not)

Will you be watching tomorrow?

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What's the best news you've had all week?

Me: I finally got a diagnosis for an illness I've had for five years, and not just a "we can't figure out what it is, so it's X", but a real actual treatable diagnosis, whoo.

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Which classic/cult movies would you be ok with Hollywood remaking?

Young Frankenstein
Wizard of Oz
Breakfast Club
Neverending Story
Harry Potter (they've run out of books, so best to just reboot the series)
Gone with the Wind
Pretty Woman
Princess Bride
The Godfather
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Goonies
I'll cut a bitch if they touch any of these movies

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I am on new meds for my depression and they are amazing, I am productive and functional again but oh my god I am not used to this and I getting tired all the time.

How do people do this everyday?

I mean there is only so much coffee I can drink in one day and not go insane.

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Do CD/DVD burners come with the hinges?
I accidentally dropped my laptop and the CD/DVD burner came off. One of the hinges is not straight anymore so I am debating whether to buy a new CD/DVD burner or just the hinges. The optical drive seems fine, its not broken maybe a little bit of dust from being in a drawer for some time.

How much would it cost me to have it installed?

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do you read everything the professor assigns for every class? or do you pick and choose?

i'm trying to stay on top of all my readings this year, but idk if my brain and eyes are going to enjoy it much.
Isaac - MySpace Angled

Oh noooo...

I just got an email from one of my teachers informing me that I have to do a self-evaluation! [insert sad trombone]

The email says that I need to write about various aspects of the class, and then "characterize my performance."
She also wants me to talk about "the best exchange I've felt I've had in the course threads," which would be fine except no one ever replies to my posts, so it's kind of hard to have any sort of real exchange.

What should I write?! Should I just be honest and say "This one because it's the only time anyone replied to my posts, even though they only wrote 'I agree, it makes a huge difference'"? And then also say that I'm honestly trying very hard but I could probably do better?

Apparently she raises or lowers our grade based on our evaluation, which is bunk, because I don't think evaluations should count as part of the grade, but w/e. I hate self evaluations sfm.

(non-srs welcome, btw, as it is making me nervous and could probably use a laugh)
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What's the most awesome thing you've ever done at work?
I got paid to go to Disney World last year.

Least awesome?
Administering suppositories.

Do you collect anything?
Ticket stubs.

What's the first thing you see when you look out the nearest window?
200ft pine tree.

What's the last thing you read?
A memo about the AODA training I have to do next week.

How cold does it get in winter where you live?
Averages around -18C most of the winter.
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inspired by that other question about kids.

why do people have kids?

growing up i never wanted them but i always wanted to be with someone so people always told me not to worry that i will want them and have them someday and that it will come naturally blah blah blah.

now im 25, im engaged and ready to settle down with one man i really sincerely love. i still dont want kids, the idea of having a family is kind of appealing but most of me is saying no. i want/need no one else in this relationship, its perfect and i dont want to ruin it with another person that i feel will just interfere with fun stuff like taking trips and having sex. is it just something to do when couples dont want as much sex anymore? i really dont understand the appeal, is it like having a dog but forever? i try really hard to imagine a happy life with kids and i get close to believing but in my heart the answer is alway no to kids.

im not saying at all that kids are a negative thing, im just speaking for myself so people with kids/ want kids please dont be offended. i really like kids actually, just not for myself.

what are your thoughts on this? ive asked pretty much everyone and they all kinda say the same stuff. wouldnt hurt to ask TQC youre a creative and open minded bunch usually.

those who dk/dc: is there anything you really dont want to do but feel like you have to because its part of "life?"
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TQC, What are these mysterious spots on my body?

It started off with one on my hip.. I figured it was an irritated hair. That was yesterday. I got home from work and found for more going from my hip up my ribs. Then I found on on my arm, on the opposite side. Now I have one just where my bra sits. These spots are only mildly itchy but they hurt a lot. I can't lie on my right side, where the spots are.

Am I going to die?

Friday night and the roomies are drunk. let the awkwardness begin.

I share a house with one older woman and 4 men (who are between 22-30) the guys are all drinkers, and get drunk on a regular basis. They're all friendly drunks. Tonight, I was downstairs microwaving my food, when one of them says to me "you're cool, you're beautiful and I wish you didn't have a boyfriend"
to which I respond "uh. awkward. hey look, the microwave is done"
I told the boy about this, and he freaked out and said I had to find somewhere else to live because of my drinking roommates (apparently they're potentially dangerous) but I'm kinda like "yeah, it made me uncomfortable, but they're guys, its just awkward."

Do you think my boyfriend has a point? whats the most awkward thing thats happened to you lately?

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I was laid off from my teaching job.
There are no teaching jobs and the sub positions are maybe one day per week for around $90 (so far it's been two weeks of school and there hasn't been any positions open)

Should I go on unemployment?
I feel like I'm not supposed to, but I can't start a career in a new field.


to the migraine sufferers: what's your go-to migraine solution?
I'm drinking coffee and waiting for my excedrine migraine to kick in...but it's not working :(

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If you have no desire to have children, how do you respond when people say things like, "oh, you'll change your mind one day"? (If that's never happened, how would you respond if it did?)

If n/a: I don't have anything for you--sorry.

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Bill Gates challenges you to a contest. Flip a coin 10 times. If it comes up heads 5 or more times, you win $5,000,000. If it comes up heads 4 or less times, he gets to chop off your big toe with a cleaver. Do you accept? You have a 60% of winning

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