September 15th, 2011

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When you place your hands on your keyboard, do you use those little ridges (on F and J for mine, elsewhere on others) on the homerow to get your hands in the right place?

Anyone tech savvy?

I have a blog and I want to put a custom domain on it. I got one from and I've tried for days and nothing is working. I've tried countless forums and e-mails and no replies. I'm wondering if any of you had experience.
Here's the issue: 
I set everything up, I did this and it's all set up, but I think this it what's giving me the problem. I can't use the Google IP addresses because it says something about not being set up properly when I hit save. I looked it up, and they gave me alternatives, like,,, On Blogger it says "Your DNS is not set up properly. 
I have no idea what I'm doing, so any help is greatly appreciated!
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tqc, will you post the most recent song you listened to and/or your favorite, but replace a word in it with penis?

alternatively, when's the last time you had a donut?
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I've been trying to Google this, and I know that the answer's out there, but I just cannot for the life of me find it.

When taking the pill, exactly how precise does a person need to be in terms of the time you take it? Like, half an hour? An hour? Does it need to be exactly on the dot every time? (I feel like that's not very likely, but maybe I'm just an idiot.)

(I ask because I was about twenty minutes late taking a pill two days ago and now I think I'm spotting. So maybe it really does need to be exactly on the dot? OH I DON'T EVEN KNOW.)

Oh! And what happens during Daylight Savings Time. If you've been taking the pill at 9pm and then the clocks move back an hour, do you then start taking it at 10pm?

If you don't give a fuck, and I don't blame you, what was the last thing you ate?
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If a woman who had lap-band surgery wanted to get pregnant or got pregnant, would they need to get the lapband removed for the safety of their health? I'm picturing the baby growing and dislodging either the port or the band and possible injury to the baby or the woman.

DK/DC: What was your favorite subject in school and what made you think that? I love linguistics because I love seeing how language changes over time.

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Hey guys,

I am going to a rave tomorrow. I was wondering what I should until then to look my best (weight-wise).

I just went for a 2 mile jog and I haven't eaten yet. I've been drinking plenty of water too. 

Are there other good workouts and eating habits that I can do to make sure I look good for tomorrow? It really is just temporary, I honestly don't care much if I go back to normal on Saturday haha.


EDIT: It is only 1 p.m. where I am here. I said I hadn't eaten "YET". I was not saying I wasn't going to be eating at all today.

Honestly I feel like some of the peoplejustt comment on here to make others feel bad. I was asking an honest question and just wanted some advice. Thanks for telling me I am 'stupid' and 'dumb'. I don't know what I did to you guys to warrant so many unnecesarry insults. 


All...3-4 of you or so

Do you know of any good bars in LA that haven't been discovered and promptly invaded by hipsters? All my dives are congested with people and are more trouble than they're worth

And no, I haven't Yelped yet because I haven't had sufficient time to really do a lot of research.
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Which do ya'll like better for your pets? Frontline Plus or Advantage? Does it matter?

For reference, I need it for a big lab, and a fat cat. :(
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today i have a free day with no classes. i know i can get all my homework done this weekend. what should i spend it doing? should i just chill now or work ahead? i already watched a movie so i don't want to watch another one.

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Hey TQC, I'm about to start my first job and I am clueless about everything. Google and IRL people have not been very helpful.

I just got my Master's degree and my professor offered me a job as an academic assistant. I have to send in a CV, but I've never had to write one and I'm not sure how it works - I have no relevant work experience, so should I just list my personal information and education?

They asked me to include my exam results, should I put in the results for every year of my studies (Bachelor's + Master's) or just the results I got this year (Master's)?

Any general tips for writing a CV or starting a new job?
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What are you currently looking forward to?

Me: tonight, my SO is throwing an H.P. Lovecraft themed party, and this weekend we're going to the Renaissance Faire. :)


What was your longest relationship that ended?

Did you have the feeling that you would never find anyone else?

Have you ever broken up with someone even though they were a nice, good person? What was the reason?

My three-year relationship is ending, and it's sad because I can't even explain why I don't want to be with him anymore.
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Another question made me think of this:

Girls: would you date a guy shorter than you? If so, how many inches shorter is your limit?

Guys: would you date a girl taller than you? If so, how many inches taller is your limit?

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Im a little over two weeks away from my due date and I want to do a "Guess his weight" contest....Soooooooooooo....

Do you want a chance at winning some delicious chocolates/sweets from a famous candy store??Collapse )

DC/Hate babies/Hate sweets/chocolate : Whens the last time you got good news and what was it?

I just found out I tested negative for group B strep....YAY!! NO ANTIBIOTICS FOR MY BABY!!

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My lips are always so dry ive used like every kind of chapstick and stay hydrated and stuff WTF?

What kind of chapstick do you use?

You dont use chapstick? What kind of TP do you use?

You dont use TP? ew :(

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I just found an old list of reasons to break up with a guy I was with. (I wouldn't usually record such things, but had an evil friend).
Should I keep it as a reminder for future relationships? The reasons are fairyly valid, i.e. doesn't have passions or interests.

ETA: Thanks everyone, interesting answers. They're the sort of things that would bother me but i'd make allowances for, then end up hating them for it so I think i'm going to keep it in a dark place.
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I'm signed up for this Saturday's 5K.

Today, my stomach is... unhappy. (Not going to over-share.)

How do I recover from this in time?

DK/DC/Baby you're screwed: what do you eat when you're recovering from digestive distress?

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The other weekend when I was home I lost my wallet which had my license in it. I never got to go to the DMV to get a new one because I had to order a new birth certificate and social security card (a flood ruined both of those). Tonight class representatives from my law school are hosting a mixer at a bar and grill downtown, and I really want to go, but all I have are a few credit cards, my official birth certificate, and a photo ID from my undergrad that has my picture and name on it. Do you think I'll be able to get in? I'm not entirely sure they'll card me since it's a bar and grill, but I'd really like a beer and figure going up to the bar with a birth certificate might seem odd. Should I call ahead and ask them about it? Or should I just show up and see if they even card me?

It's not the end of the world if I can't go, just curious!
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Have you ever been attracted to someone's voice?
Whose singing voice makes you cream your underwear?

A fellow youtube fandubber, I fell for him for his singing voice then found out he was sexy as hell too. <3 Also, just discovered that I'm in love with Danny Murillo.

Live in Ottawa? HELP!!

Hi there, my friend and I are going to be in Ottawa from Sept. 20th-27th and we're wondering if we could get some tips from y'all.

We're looking for neat/alternative clothing & accessory shops. Also, pub/dive/hidden gem type places for eats, music, what-have-yous.

Anything else you could think of that falls into the "you can't come to Ottawa and NOT do/go to" category would be much appreciated!!!
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If someone came into your place of business and offered to hire you away at your current pay rate, what would you say?

If a flat no, how much more would they need to offer you to convince you?

What genealogy resources do you use / have you used / can you recommend I use?

Oh, what was the Firefox addon that lets you randomize your userpic? I tried searching.

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What odd, painful, or unthought of  grooming rituals do you put yourself through to be attractive to your partner(s)?

Me: I am a woman. I grow hair on my toes (yeah, ew, I know) and I pluck them and it hurts like hell.


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ok now i'm super curious.

What do you shave, wax or pluck?

I shave my legs and pitties, I pluck my eyebrows, wax my "kitty" and upper lip and toes.

dk/dc: what are your plans for the weekend?
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I spent 4.5 months procrasinating on the online portion of my driving course. I passed my road test today but had to finish the online portion before I could be given a discounted insurance rate. IT TOOK ME SIX FUCKING HOURS TO DO.

What was the last thing your procrastinated on? Did you tell yourself you will never procrastinate again? What is the likelihood you will procrastinate yet again?