September 14th, 2011

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my bffl told me i couldnt have monster or red bull because the taurine is from cows... i stopped drinking them because i believed her but i was really sad. i just found out they where both vegan from looking it up -_-
has your friend ever told you false facts and you believed them? what where they?

Making up work...

I work 5-8 hours a day after school at a privately owned stable.

I worked 1 out of my 5 planned hours Tuesday due to an emergency.
I have a 5 hour day planned for Wednesday(4pm-9pm). She said I could come an hour or so early if I wanted so I could get everything done.
I forgot I had a school speech planned for Wednesday night at 6pm, so I need to leave from the stable at 5.
Instead of basically dissapointing my boss two days in a row and showing up at possibly 3 and leaving at 5, and not being able to get everything done...

**Our local tv news crew is comming to do a piece on the junior riders that are going to state, so the grounds need to look tv presentable.**

Should I come at 12pm and work until 5pm to still put in a good 5 hours day's work?
Better yet, what if I came in at 8am - 5pm...making the 5 hour requirement for that day and the 4 hours I missed Tuesday? What would you do?
It's not like she'll have to pay me any extra than she already scheduled me for.

Considering that...I really need the cash, my speech is prepared and I have no other plans during the morning until boss is a teacher and will be at school until 4pm reguardless, I have the keys to the stable, and there is a lot to get done for the TV crews and the kids leaving for state competition that night.

I'm only afraid that she'll look at me like I'm stupid for comming in at 8am and possibly "making my own schedule" and having her pay me money she didnt expect to pay me after missing a few hours tonight. And any other negative things you guys may think of...
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For those of you who read Glee fanfiction, is there any specific communities you read? I'm looking for Faberry, Puckleberry, and quite possibly fic involving all three of them together.

DK/DC: What time is it and what are you doing right now?
legs motherfucker
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i need shorts, but not jean shorts. like... cloth shorts, i guess? i can't find a picture and yesterday i went to two stores and they're pretty much over summer i guess because i found no shorts. i just need them to be pretty loose fitting because i'm getting tattoos on my thighs today and i don't feel like hanging out in the shop in my underoos.

ANYWAY. do you know where i could find shorts like i have described?

what's the last thing you bought?
what are you REALLYWANTING to buy? whether you will or not, what's tickling your fancy right now?
(pictures are fun)
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I woke up in the middle of the night and my boyfriend was not in bed and our closet light was on. I went back to sleep and a few hours later he came back to bed. He said he woke up on the couch naked and doesn't remember getting up.

When I got up this morning my computer was on the floor upside down, to-go boxes were on the floor empty and a wine glass was shattered on the coffee table.

Will you make up a story about the adventure my boyfriend had last night after I went to bed?

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Which would you rather have happen?

Finding $20 in a pocket while doing laundry
Finding pre-chewed gum in a pocket while doing laundry, stuck all over the inside lining

Which would you rather have happen?

Playing strip poker with the cast of Doctor Who
Playing strip poker with the Bush family (the presidental clan)

Which would you rather have happen?

Rolling around on expensive cashmere sheets
Rolling around on broken glass

Which would you rather have happen?

A day spent at the spa, getting massaged, pampered and beautified
A day spent at the stables, cleaning out the stalls with a shovel and trash bags

Which would you rather have happen?

Diving into a pool of money, and being allowed to keep whatever you can walk away with
Diving into an open sewer. You can try and keep whatever dignity you walk away with

Which would you rather have happen?

A week-long cruise in the Caribbean to a luxurious resort, full of activities and relaxation and good food
A week long cruise through pirate-infested waters to retrieve survivors of the last cruise ship that passed through these parts. Food is stale Fruit Loops out of the box

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I've started making smoothies, and love the simplicity of frozen berries and apple juice.
Can you reccommend any other simple smoothie recipe? I'm looking for ones with minimal preparation.

Do you get your 5 a day?
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What are some really stupid superpowers? Ones so stupid that they really can't be called "super" and certainly can't help you fight crime.

Ability to know when someone is going to sneeze, BEFORE they sneeze.
Ability to bend sporks (and only sporks) with your mind
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I had a healthy lunch at my desk, but now I want a treat. I've got money on my Starbucks card, and a Pinkberry voucher that entitles me to a medium yogurt with all the toppings I want, a smoothie, a fruit bowl, or a fruit parfait.

Where should I go and what should I get?

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My heart is beating faster than normal. I'm feeling a little lonely and kind of anxious about feeling lonely. Could that be why my heart rate quickened? Does this ever happen to you?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I work with a girl and we were very friendly at one point, getting together a few times outside of work. Things have been a little different lately since we've siwtched positions yet she still invited me to her wedding. I feel weird about going to her wedding since we're really not that good of friends and I won't know anyone else there. However, I did attend her bachelorette party. However, I'm also kind of annoyed with her overall attitude at work. She is not someone I see a great friendship with. Do I go to the wedding anyway? I feel like weddings are personal matters and I wouldn't want to invite anyone I wasn't good buddies with. I also feel like she might regret inviting me.
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Sorry...its a hair question :/

I want to get my hair cut short but I am unsure exactly of what style I want.

Is there a site like that is free and has a decent selection of hairstyles to "try on"?  Is this a waste of time?

Do you feel short hair is higher or lower maintenance than long hair?

Any hair advice for me?  I'm a brunette with A LOT of hair, a smallish head, and a pretty square jaw.  No pics, I'm lazy.

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American Beauty or A Beautiful Mind?
4 Rooms or 4 Brothers?
Reservoir Dogs or Dog Day Afternoon?
Seven or 8MM?
Psycho (B&W) or Psycho (color)?
Clockwork Orange or Clockers?
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Thank You For Smoking?
Pulp Fiction or Stanger Than Fiction?
Boondock Saints or A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints?

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Do you have health care coverage?

if not, how do you afford your meds if/when you need them?

I lost my health care coverage and have no clue what to do. I called around to drug companies for samples but the meds I need are hard to get samples of and there's no way of knowing how long they will be available if I can get some.

*side note*

I take insulin, psych meds, xanax, crestor, migraine meds, ultram, vitamin D, Naproxen 500, nucynta and some other little anti-bitch pill.

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In your opinion, what gives you less of a hang over the next morning?
Just drinking beer (nothing else), only drinking hard alcohol, or a little of both (liquor before beer, you're in the clear)?

(I always try and drink water throughout the night and then a bunch after so I won't be so hung over the next morning.)

edit: Oopz.

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A friend of mine passed away the day after Christmas last year. She lived in Florida and I went down there for the service. Now, her parents are doing a memorial dinner and fundraiser in her name. Her uncle has a lot of frequent flyer miles built up and is paying for a few of us (her friends) to fly down to Florida for the weekend. Her parents are also putting us up in a hotel.

We want to get her parents and her uncle a gift. There are five of us going and we were all talking about chipping in $20 - $25. That's all some of us can afford. I got the following message from one guy who's kind of leading the gift-buying idea:

"Let’s not be concerned on how much a little gift costs when trying to show our gratitude for all they have done for us. If you don't want to give them a gift then just say so now and I won't put your name on whatever it is the rest of us are gifting."

Is that a really low blow or am I reading too much into it?

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our friend has planned a second, low key bachelorette party for our friend for tomorrow night because one of their old friends just got into town yesterday.

do i have to go if i went to the first and had it at my place?

they're all kind of a click. not a nasty one by any means(except maybe this girl who just got back) but they're kind of a unit. they're all close to each other as a group and i'm not in that group. they were all friends and did school projects together when i was in the process of failing high school and dropping out. i haven't seen the girl who just got into town in years and i already felt ever so slightly out of place before the gang was ~~back together.

but also, i'm in the wedding, will be at the rehearsal dinner, etc.

obviously i don't HAVE to go but is it gonna look bad? i'm just not excited and am already having a rough time in my life. if things don't go well i know exactly how i'm going to feel and it'll definitely end with me crying as soon as i get home, possibly even on the bus.
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Age-ism or no?

An 80+ year old women hit Reese Witherspoon with her car.

Do you think older people are a danger on the roads? Do you think after a certain age, the DMV should revoke licenses? Or maybe institute an age requirement when once reached they have to take a written exam, road skills test, and/or have their eyes checked on a timed basis? Why or why not?

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Can you please tell me about times when you totally sucked at things you thought you were good at?

I feel like I've spent all day baking and only one cake turned out remotely edible looking. I already don't even know why I'm bothering since I'm trying to make a birthday cake for my bf who does not even like my baking.

I should eat all my ruined cakes by myself whilst watching Friends reruns and crying, Y/Y?

What t.v show will you never get sick of?
lulu guinness clutch

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I've been trying to become proficient at driving a manual car for years now. For those of you who can drive a manual without incident, what helped you the most when you were learning? Did you find driving alone helped?

I'm trying to decide if I should take my dad's (standard) truck to the grocery store instead of my car. There shouldn't be a lot of traffic and it's not terribly far, but I'm nervous. I should do it, y/n?

Also, do you think the dollar store would have felt? I don't want to have to go all the way to the craft store tonight.
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What was the last thing you were simultaneously looking forward to and dreading?
My ethics and health sciences class just started a unit on abortion. I go to school in Alabama. Some of the comments have already made me side-eye people hard.

What was your last awesome surprise?


Hey TQC. I've been here for awhile now and I'm friends with so few of you guys. I'd like that to change. TQC, WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND???

And here's an unrelated question for good measure:

Do you wash behind your ears?


how many is too many

Say you're going to visit your BFF in the big city (pick whatever big city you would like).  You know you'll be going out to bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping, etc.  You'll be gone from Friday evening to Monday morning.  How many outfits do you bring?

Brought to you by me, the queen of overpacking.
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Do you have to have any specialized training for your job?
First Aid/CPR, NVCI (autistm/dementia specialization), pharmacology.

Do you take a lunch/dinner to work with you, or do you buy?
I buy a lot, but I'm trying to start packing lunches more often.

How long is your commute to work?
20 minutes

What are some of the perks of your job?
No 'set' breaks, so I can go for a smoke whenever. Paid working vacations. Lots of cool events/activities.

DK/DC/Don't Work:
What's the last food you tried and didn't like?
Olives. I don't know why I even tried them. The smell of them makes me want to gag.

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  1. What is the smallest amount of sleep you have had between days?
  2. What is the largest amount of weight you have had to carry around in one day?
  3. What mode of transportation do you rely on most to get around in your daily life?
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Attention TQC Cat Experts!

I need your help :( I just moved to a small town and I have 2 cats. One of my cats is older and stays inside 24/7. Well, this morning I couldn't find him and it's 9:55 pm and there's still no sign of him. I know he must have gotten out when one of my fiance's brothers (we live with them) left this morning, but he still hasn't come back :( I just rode around for about an hour looking for him, but had no luck.
Any ideas on places outside that cats like to hide? Or if I should relax because he'll probably show up in time on his own? It's very unlikely that he would be hit by a car (max speed limit around here is 20 mph and the main road isn't anywhere near our house). Give me some reassurance!

DK/DC: Is it raining where you are? Do you like rainy days? Why/why not?

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Do you like pine nuts?
Do you have any recipes that use pine nuts?

What was for dinner tonight?
I made a coconut and chicken soup, green bean and tomato salad, and toasted bread.

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my history teacher told me tonight that the author of the book he's reading would refer to me as a "historical pessimist". the term "cultural pessimist" was also brought up but i'm not actually sure what those terms mean.

what do you think/do you know what a historical pessimist and a cultural pessimist are?


South America

South America!

Who's been?

Favorite places?

Least favorite?

Is it stupid expensive to go to the Galapagos islands?

Things to watch out for?

I'm going soon for 8ish months, likely to every country except Venezuela, as EVERYONE and their mother has suggested that we avoid Venezuela, do you agree?