September 13th, 2011

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So you are walking down the street and get pulled into an alley. It's you but from the future. Future-You is standing in front of a (pick one) TARDIS/H.G. Wells Time Machine/Commodore 64 and lots of Duct tape. Future-You has told you that they have stolen this time machine and are pretty screwed when the Terminators catch up but being you they want to go out with a bang. So Future-you offers to take you back in time to any concert to hear any musical act before Future-You is executed. Of course this offer comes with backstage passes, front row seats and possible sexy times with the band. So who are you going to see and when?

DK/DC/Left your Imagination Hat on the bus: What are you wearing?
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So my roommate had a rat trap set out on the back porch, and this morning I found a baby possum with its head stuck in it. He was still plenty alive so I (with gloves and a wrench as a lever) let him out. He seems kind of okay, except at least one of his legs are broken so he can't really walk.

tqc wtf would you do? Take it to an animal hospital? Say "godspeed" and let it fend for itself (ie be eaten by something by nightfall)? Put it out of its supposed misery?

Right now the little thing is just dragging himself around in the backyard and I feel really bad. I put him under some bushes because I thought he'd be safer there but he has crawled back out into the open.

Edit: Okay finally got ahold of animal control and a shelter is sending someone out. It may be selfish of me to let it suffer longer because I am too squeamish to kill it myself, but I also don't want to screw up an attempt to kill it quickly and just end up causing it more pain. And maybe the shelter will be able to help it in some way.

Edit 2: they came and picked him up. The officer said they might be able to save him if it's just the leg that's broken but it's hard to say.
No more traps outside!

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For the long-distance drivers in the group:
From Thursday-Saturday I drove about 20 hours or so.
My butt hurts like I did about twelve million squats.

Am I dying or is it from driving?
Does this happen to anyone else?


Anything you'd like to talk about?
I'm bored.
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Can I say my biggest weakness is chocolate?

Will you answer the following "standard" job interview questions?

1. What can you tell me about yourself?
2. What would you say is your biggest weakness?
3. What do you think are your strengths?
4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
5. If you could have dinner with any famous or historic person, alive or dead, who would you pick and why?

Did I forget anything?

Personal question: I have a job interview tomorrow. What should I wear? (It's for the accounts receivable department of a local farm/ranch/home supply store.)

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Do you think it's necessary for someone to have a good reason to end a relationship? If so, what do you think constitutes a "good" reason? Is just being unhappy with your SO good enough? Assume that you have pinpointed the things that are wrong in the relationship and both parties have tried to fix them and have not succeeded.

Have you ever broken up with someone and had them try and refuse the breakup?

Tell me your breakup stories TQC, I'm going insane here D:
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Dear people with batteries handy. Can you please tell me when they expire? I'm more interested in the month, but you can tell me the year too. Also, what brand is the battery?

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What is your favourite chocolate bar?

I'm eating a mini moro and it is way more delicious than I ever remembered, but that might just be because it's mini and usually mini things are better.

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 Hi people of TQC who are experienced at getting jobs:

I'm trying to figure out what I should put for my work experience on a job application. I've got some experience but it isn't really standard - volunteering at summer camps, accompanying* (form of self-employment I guess), one breif summer job. None of it really involves retail or food service, which is what I'm applying for.

Are all these things appropriate to put on applications? Do you think they will help me get jobs? Does it matter?

ETA: *piano accompanying
Minzy ♪ 6

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I'm sick. What are good, cheap home remedies/ways to get rid of a cough?
Cough drops aren't really working. I'm losing sleep.

Ok, so I got stuff for hot toddies, theraflu, peppermint tea and hopefully I'll feel better soon, thank you:)

Do you play any online games? Which ones?

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Forgive me if this looks weird, I'm using a phone. Anyway, I took a drug test for a job on Friday. They told me to call on Monday to see the results and to discuss training. I called yesterday and this morning and both tomes they said they would call back, but they haven't. I'm almost positive I passed the drug test. Should I keep trying or is this their whimpy way of telling me I don't have the job? Why wouldn't they just say so?

my school sucks.

I had to defer two courses at the end of spring semester, because I had a whole lot of  anxiety/panic issues and wasn't able to complete the work. When you defer a course, you have until the end of the following semester to complete the work, unless the prof says otherwise. Neither prof said I had an absolute deadline, and the understanding was that I just had to get it done. Because I was doing summer courses/I had to move halfway through summer semester because my landlady was a dick, I wasn't able to get anything done (finished) until August, and I submitted the stuff as soon as it was done.
Today (or yesterday?) I got an email from the one prof who said she wasn't going to accept it (a 15 page paper) because it was too late. To reiterate, it was completed before the end of the semester, which is the official deadline
I'm legetimately pissed right now, how do I challenge this?

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Would you feel inadequate and/or weird if you were an identical twin and due to some circumstance (gaining/losing weight, accidental disfigurement, etc) you were no longer identical to your sibling?

I ask this because I had a nap and I had a dream about this guy who used to work with me in an office, and he had an identical twin, but they weren't identical anymore because his brother had gotten fat. And these last few days have been thinking overload days, and I got to thinking about how the fat twin must have felt and it spawned this question.

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My sister's Navy recruiter says things to her like "I think you really like me but are trying to hide it" and is just a creep saying they should go out to eat sometime but she can't tell anyone and other creepy things.  I keep telling her she needs to tell someone because he is being wrong and what if he's saying stuff like this to some other girl and it's going further because not everyone can keep away from the creepyness.  Who do you think is right?  
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What do you think of the US, Canada, Great Britain adopting labels for cigarette packs that show the very graphic effects of cancer?

I would be for it. Smoking is a pretty nasty habit and serves no real purpose other than to addict and collect money. I will never date a smoker, live with a smoker, or allow someone to smoke in my presence. I say these NSFL pictures should be the standard on every pack.
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Soooo my mp3 player has the accursed white screen of death. Can't seem to fix it, no matter what I do.

Will you recommend a mp3 player...that isn't an iPod? I liked the 2 Sansas that I had because of the expandable memory and low price.

Alternatively, what do you have? Do you like it?
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i broke my tooth on a mint a pretty big chunk, im pretty happy its in the back where its not seen but i think a big cavity has decided to form there as well D: am i going to have to get a root canal?
how many teeth have you have drilled?
anyways root canal or not, how painful are they really?

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Brought on by my answer to the previous question.

Are you financially responsible? Good at saving? If so have you always been like that? If not, how did you set yourself straight? Any tips?
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What are things you like to purchase with extra spending money?

What are some of your favorite bands?

What little things do you do to treat yourself?

TQC, i'm starving, validate me.

would it be horrible to put like $10 on my dad's credit card for chinese food?

i'm starving, i have no money and no food, just ramen and soup which i've been eating for days. i ran out of bread and milk yesterday.

i can pay him back soon but our dog just cost him like $750 and i've been putting a lot on my card for school things(though i'll be paying that back soon, too, when i get my financial aid). but i feel guilty when i have to use the card for medication, which is something he said i don't have to pay him back for and that's what the card if for, blah blah blah.

but i'm so hungry and i've been so depressed the last week. i have a few dollars and i could go to the store but the thought of leaving the apartment makes my legs feel like led. i'd rather go hungry than go outside.

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For work, temporarily we don't have a fridge or a microwave. My lunch is going to have to sit in my bag all day and I'll have to eat it as is.

What kind of stuff should I pack for lunch? I plan on packing lots of fruits and veggies for snacking but I need something substantial. I also I'm a terrible chef so stuff that's either "a child could do it" simple or ready-made would be great.

Aside from all those parameters I'm not too picky.
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Don't deny it. You eat it. Everybody does.

What's your favorite way to eat macaroni and cheese out of a box (known in some places as Kraft Dinner)? Do you add anything to it? Do you make it in a certain way (more butter, etc) that makes it amazing?

I'm having it with cheesy hot dogs sliced in it tonight, and it's very filling. (And my kid likes it too!)
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Kindle App/Amazon E-mail Question

For some odd reason, I have two accounts. They both have my real name and I have ordered from both accounts yet they have the same e-mail address login but different passwords. Odd? Yes.

I accidentally purchased a kindle book for my ipod from the account not associated with the Kindle app. Is there any way I can transfer the purchase or even cancel it?


Amazon responded to my inquiry. They will refund the book.

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I am a student getting my bachelor in Education (to be an elementary teacher). I got my school placement for my practicum (so the classroom that I'll be student teaching in), and the only contact info she left was an email, so I am currently composing this email.
How should I word it? What should I address her as? My FA said I should ask her what I should call her, but I dont know how to word that question, because obviously in the classroom I will say Ms. teacher...
Also, how should I begin the email? Dear? To? Hello Ms. Tecaher? So far I have "I just wanted to email you to introduce myself as your new student teacher. I am excited to begin on Monday" AND THEN I'M LOST.

I'm nervous ahaha.
I should know this, and I probably do.. but I'm over thinking it.
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Earlier today I asked people to tell me the dates their batteries went out of date. It stemmed from being at work today and noticing ALL Duracell and Energizer batteries use March as the month of expiration.

So, Now I am asking:

Can you give me a non-serious reason as to why these batteries seem go out of of date only in March?

Duracell has a produced date and those months were all over the place so you can't answer that batteries are only made one month of the year(Well, you can...)

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Have you ever had your hair relaxed?
Did you get it professionally done or do it yourself? If you did it yourself, do you have any brands to recommend or avoid? If you got it at a salon, how much did it cost you and were you satisfied with the results?

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So lets say you want to post to tqc_updates but can't find your original post.

What do you do?

Anyone wanna ooh and ahh over my baby?!


Do you use any old timey sayings like "That's the bees knees!" regularly?

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Have you tried any new "looks" lately? Did you like them?

The other day I was experimenting with my hair to see what new, nifty things I can do with it now that it's so long. I braided it, and then put that braid into and intricate roll low on the back of my head with some gardenia hair flowers. SO PURDY.
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Does anyone know what type of shells these are? I found them on a beach in Maine. The gray one on the left is ~6 inches long and the one on the right is ~5 inches long. They appear to be made up of many layers.

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what foods are no longer produced that you long for? or that you need to exist?

i think quaker oats needs to make the banana flavor in it's own box, and orville redenbacher used to make a cinnabon microwave popcorn. TO DIE FOR.
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2:1 Blueberry-cranberry juice:tequila. Very delicious. What should I call it?

How difficult would it be for you to memorize the first 14 lines of Hamlet's soliloquy?

I'm on the hydrocodone tonight after root canal (which went well, thanks). What's a good movie to watch that's on Netflix instant?
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My left middle finger is swollen and mildly numb! This only happened after accidentally jabbing myself under a ring on my left hand thumb. My middle finger was itchy just a little bit ago and now it's twice the size of the rest of my fingers!

Wtf is going on?

Srs/non-srs answers accepted.
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I actually have Halloween off work this year, so I think I might go out.

I've been looking through costume websites for ideas of costumes I can make, but have the feeling I'm just going to procrastinate and have to think of something clever last-minute.

What's the laziest/home-made-iest Halloween costume you've ever had?
I was 'Static Cling' once. I safety pinned various articles of clothing to myself.

What's the most clever one?
Not really clever, but I made my own straight jacket one year.

DK/DC:Do you have a calendar in the room you're in? What's the picture?
An elephant calf running.