September 12th, 2011


Piercing Question

I'm getting my septum done tomorrow.

How painful is it?
It seems like people either say it's the most painful or least painful facial piercing with no in between. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and I've gotten my nostril and monroe done. Neither of those bothered me at all aside from a bit of eye watering.

How is the healing process?
I have terrible luck with healing piercings, but I've heard the septum is a lot easier than the monroe (which is ridiculous and impossible, ugh).


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What are some common themes in your dreams?
What are some common themes in your nightmares?

Do you have reoccurring dreams?
Ever have dreams where you know you're dreaming or know what's going to happen?

Tell me all about 'em.

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There's a fairly recent single out on adult alternative (AAA) radio stations. The only lyrics I remember are "Show me how to do" and the next word may begin with a "th". These lyrics are some of the first lines of either the chorus or the bridge. It's sung by a male, and it says "sh" quite a bit. The music is electronic (not guitars and ish) but not spacy like MGMT/Foster the Kids.

Googling for those lyrics turns up bunk ish, sorry :( Anyone know what song I'm talking about?
Damn, I just remembered and was able to figure out that since the song couldn't have been Talking Heads' "Wild Wild Life", REM's "Man on the Moon" or Arethra Franklin's "Think", it had to be Snow Patrol's "Called Out in the Dark".

Are you familiar with the AAA radio format?

What type of radio do you most enjoy listening to?
If you absolutely hate terrestrial radio, just imagine the type you hate the least.

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I am about to start the process for applying to university and I am so nervous. I am starting to doubt my resolution to go. Please tell me everyone feels this even after 6 years of not doing any study?

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I'm shopping for new motorcycle boots. I'm really looking at either a pair of engineer boots or harness boots.  I'd like a pair tall enough to look decent over jeans, but the problem is none of the ones I like have a picture of them on a person so I'm not really sure how tall they are.  They do have the height of the shaft listed though, but I don't know how they measure the shaft.  Where on the boot does the shaft measurement start?

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I need stuff to listen to at work and I'm getting burnt out on a lot of my podcasts and music. Are there any TV shows/movies/audiobooks that I could put on my iPod that would be interesting but not distracting? Comedy podcasts seem ideal in terms of keeping me entertained but not distracted (whereas NPR or something is usually too ~serious for me to be able to focus on that and work). Thinking like Friends or Simpsons reruns might be a good idea. Any other ideas?


Everything is going to shit - despite the fact that my mother and I had a discussion about how I was going to deal with my credit card, she decided to phone and cancel it, without telling me, and doesn't see the problem with this (her name is only on it because I got it when I was 17), My student loan money hasn't come yet, and I can't focus on anything, and its only the first full week of classes.
I'm planning to be done my degree either at the end of the summer, or at the end of next fall, depending on if I take a semester off or not, (which I probably will).
The boyfriends has suggested I drop my courses this semester (because they're all electives) because I'm really burnt out, and I'd have somewhere to stay, for free. And I'd be able to work on my writing,.
Is this a really really bad idea?
Self cleaning

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What are your favorite go-to meals for when you don't really feel like putting much effort into dinner? (Assume take out and fast food are not options)

Do you call the evening meal supper or dinner? What about the mid-day meal?

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I got a package notification this morning in my mailbox (I was asleep when they tried to deliver it) from the USPS.

If I go at the end of the day, do you think my package will be back at the post office (meaning the mailperson would be done with their route)? Today is my day off and I've been eagerly awaiting this package and don't want to wait, haha.

And a non-stupid question:

Do you like sunflower seeds? Traditional flavor or other flavors? I'm addicted to ranch ones right now.

speaking of motorcyclin'...

Would you ever accept something used for resale, if you had to share in the proceeds?

I've realized that I don't have the means or time to fix my bike. After speaking with a good friend, he offered to buy my it (coincidentally, the one that I ran him over with). I'm having a hard time coming up with a figure that doesn't sound like a blatant low-blow, or asking way too much. So instead, I thought I'd just tell him to take it, spend what he needs to, and whatever profit comes of it, we could share. If he needs to dump money into it, then I'd accept the loss myself. Does this sounds too complicated, or reasonable for a friend?

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My basement is flooded, about one to three inches deep.

I severely doubt there is, but how do I tell if there is an electric current running through the water?

I want to get to cleaning it before it's mold city.

All is well.

What is something you'd love to have but can't?

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What's a good name for an all-girls' bicycle group?

The last one I was in was called the Menstrual Cycles.
I'm thinking Vagina Vagabonds, but it might be too long. (Also possibly not inclusive enough for trans ladies...?)

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So my house got flooded during Hurricane Irene and I'm still in the process of cleaning up. Unfortunately, my box containing old school certificates and horseriding awards (ribbons mostly) got soaked. I thought they had been stored elsewhere but obviously I was wrong :( They have a great deal of sentimental value.

My question is: Is there any way to salvage this stuff or should I just toss it? Some of the ribbons are starting to go moldy. The certificates were in frames but I'm worried about taking them out of the frames because I think they'll disintegrate like all the other paperwork I had.

Any suggestions on what I could do?
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When you are reading a series and you finish the first book do you like to just jump into the next book or wait, maybe even read something else, before starting the next book?

Is it the same for movies and TV shows?
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I’d like to burn some tv show episodes onto a dvd. Does anyone have any recs for programs I can use to do that? If there are any that work with mkv files that would be great, or at least with avi files. Being easy to use, and with the ability to make good menu screens are also pluses.

Have you ever met someone from a dating site in person? How did that go?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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I have a question about turn signals and merging. Hopefully my MS Paint rendition of the situation is clear enough.

Collapse )

In this picture, you're merging onto a highway. It's a right, but when you merge, you're merging left into the lane. So you do use the right turn signal, the left turn signal, or the right before you pull into the lane, and then switch to the left before you merge? Or something else? I'm taking a driver's test Wednesday that could potentially involve this turn.

EDIT: There is a lane that goes straight (to turn left), i just didn't draw it in.

EDIT2: But thanks guys! If they have me go that way, i'll just use both to be safe.
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When you were a child, what coping strategies did you end up using as you learned how to make yourself do your homework? The really boring rote stuff, not the hard stuff. How did you figure out how to grind out sentences etc?

Note: the ease or difficulty of spelling is not a factor.

ETA I envy all you "I just did it" folks.

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What is your favorite guilt free snack?

I just discovered that my favorite spicy ceaser dressing has 1 gram of carbs per 2 tablespoons...Im now gorging on celery and good.

DC/ Dont have to worry about your diet: FUCK YOU!!!

Or...When is the last time you sent someone snail mail and why?

I participate on and mailed out a few swaps today :D


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Say you and someone who you used to be close with (maybe even intimate) don't talk anymore (for whatever reason).
It's been a while (who knows, maybe even quite a while).
And you get this feeling... you're not sure if it's just you missing them or if you're actually curious and/or worried about them, it's just this really strong feeling.
And you think about contacting them (even though you both understand why you don't speak to eachother anymore).

So, I'm wondering:

Have you ever done this? Have/did you ever contact the person?
If so, what happened? Was it a bad idea? Were you surprised?

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Which would you rather do?

Speak in third person for the rest of your life
Have to rap and rhyme everything you say for the rest of your life

Which would you rather do?

Watch every episode of Two and a Half Men ever made in a row, with only bathroom breaks and sleep breaking up the viewing
Have all your DVDs stolen from your possession

Which would you rather do?

Have to consume this milkshake with every meal for the next year (EVERY MEAL)
Remove all sugary, salty or spicy foods from your diet for the next year

Which would you rather do?

Have a 12"x12" tattoo of tubgirl inked onto your back. You have to keep it on for at least a year
Have your boob tattooed like lotusboob. You have to keep it on for at least a year

Which would you rather do?

Having to use steel wool instead of toilet paper for an entire week. You're not always going to be at home to shower
Have to wear chainmail underwear for a week. It's tight taut around your...bits


How hot are the Miss Universe girls this year?

For straight women who watched MU less straight did you become during the show?

What's the best way to cash in my good karma to trade places with Miss Portugal's purple bikini right now?

angry face

I'm over today.  I was expecting a call about a job and no call.  I came home to spend one of two evenings both myself and my SO have off to find out he's at band practice and he just called to tell me he's hanging out with the guys tonight.  I'm mad, I'm angry, I'm annoyed!

When you are angry, what do you do to calm yourself down?