September 11th, 2011


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TQC, help me solve an argument..but first, a little back story.
My boyfriend's roommate gauged up to a 4 a few weeks ago, and tonight he tried to put in new jewelry of the same size to no avail. When he put in the original 4gs, he noticed one ear had gotten a blowout. I told him it was probably because he irritated the ear and made it swollen, so when he put in the old gauges the blowout happened.

NOW. My boyfriend says "You are screwed forever, it will never go away." I say, "Go down a size right away and treat it like it's a new piercing." So, to those of you who have some knowledge about gauging ears: Will a blowout ever go away, or if you treat it immediately will you be okay?
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I've recently moved into a new apartment building in the downtown of a new city. Over the course of being here for a few months, I've noticed that the building is not particularly well maintained and that the cleanliness of my neighbors is questionable.

This week I received a notice that the building would be checked for bedbugs.. I don't know how common this is, or if this is an obvious bad sign, but I feel kinda gross because I found something that looked sorta like a bed bug in my apartment today.

TQC I ask you: Is it common for apartment buildings to have bedbug scans, or does that mean I live in a craphole?


Have you ever had any experience with bed bugs? Do you have any tips as to how I should protect my apartment?


It's my dog's second birthday!  She's a super sweet dog and although she has no concepts of birthdays, I want to do something nice for her.  Any suggestions?
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Wednesday night is the first steak and cake night. I'm not worried about the steak itself, because a) I have a recipe book written in the dark ages that is never wrong on cooking times, and b) I have a brother who's done meat for a living for ten years and he'll tell me how to season it. But it occurs to me that I don't know what to serve with steak.

Not serving cake with it, obviously. That's pudding, and someone else is providing. But I don't actually know what one generally serves with steak. Suggestions? Is steak meant to be like potatoes and vegetables? Or what?
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I am morbidly obese and really need to at least try to get into shape as well as lose some weight (5'6.5", 295 pounds - Here's a photo of me as reference, ignore the derpiness of it, I was taking a photo of how soaked I'd gotten from rain in about two minutes. I have EA Sports Active for the Wii, but since a lot of those are sensor related, I can't always bend low enough or do the moves well enough for it.

What are some exercises I can do to try and start getting healthier and lose some weight? I'm not looking for anything that would be super high impact until I can build up some stamina and resistance, so right now, more things that would start to tone and help me actually be able to work out steadily later on.

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A "friend" from high school who I haven't seen since high school is doing a walk for cancer and has already raised $1000+ dollars but she emailed me and everyone ever and facebooked us asking for donations.

I'm doing a cancer walk for a lesser-known organization that gets a fraction of the funding- I sent a message on facebook and so far have around $100 in donations.

She just very kindly donated $25.

i'm unemployed.

I have to donate $25 to her now, right? haha

Her walk isn't until October so I guess I have time, but I ...need to, yes?


What's your ideal perfect breakfast?

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How do you, personally, show love? To your significant others and other loved ones.

I try to always make them feel better when shitty things are going on their lives. I try to make it a point to make them laugh as much as possible when they're describing their problems to me. When it comes to my SOs, I'm always big on buying them gifts, but I feel like I do this to make up for the fact that I'm not big on expressing love in words, which is something I need to get over because, you know, gifts are kind of a cop-out sometimes.

When it comes to your preferred sex, do you have an eye color you're particulalrly attracted to?

It depends entirely on the guy, but while I'm generally a fan of dark brown eyes, goldy-hazel eyes in particular strike me lustfully dead, especially on dark-complected fellows.
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In your daily travels, how often do you come across someone surfing Livejournal on their computer?

I think it's only happened once for me, and considering the number of laptop screens I see on a daily basis at school, this kind of surprises me. It was a guy too. Crazy.

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Last night I asked about a minor flea problem which seems to be on its way to be totally under control (I hope)
However, in a pinch, last night I sprayed "Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Spray" which apparently is HORRIBLE for people and pets.

Is there any way that I'd be able to get it out of my carpets? Is steam cleaning the only solution?

Is anyone else unemployed?
How do you spend your days?
How long have you been without a job?

Help me out ladies/gentlemen

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I suspect that he's dicking me around for whatever reason. If he tries to call me like 5 hours later I'm going to tell him that I made other plans.

A) Am I overreacting?

B) If not, what should I do?

(p.s. - I'm in an area where it's really difficult for girls to find decent guys. So I think guys get a little arrogant sometimes.)

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will you recommend some good movies with strong female leads? i prefer lighthearted/comedy but can do drama/action/whatever.

dk/dc/women are dumb: what movies are you most looking forward to?

self diagnosis

1. What's the last thing you self-diagnosed? I'm 90% sure I have carpal tunnel syndrome. OUCH!

2. Mac users!! I am currently on a MacBook Pro at work (otherwise I hardly ever use Macs). All of a sudden while trying to open up a folder, all the icons on the desktop went tiny! How do I make them normal size again? I tried control+scroll, but it just made things like...zoomed in.

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For those familiar with the Bechdel test, who watch a lot of the right sort of movies to know this:

How does a reverse Bechdel test work on women-focused films? That is, having more than two men, having those men have a conversation, and having those two men have a conversation about something other than a woman?

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TQC, lately whenever I eat anything chewy, my back molars get extremely sore. Today when I was eating a rib, the meat was super chewy and I actually had to stop eating because my teeth hurt so badly. I brush my teeth every day so I'm pretty sure it's not a cavity, but does anyone have any idea of what this could be?

Could we play the "check out the menu and see what you'd want to get" game? The menu is
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Dear TQC,

Behind the cut is a picture of a stone structure that lines a creek nearby my home. What would you call it? Fence? Barrier?

I feel like there's something I'm missing and once someone says it I'll be like DUH

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What are some awkward things you've seen on facebook?

I've come across some pictures of people I was friends with where their all half-naked and posing and it's too weird... idk what is going on.

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I made a post a couple weeks ago, you may recall, about making a pretty sizable order from an online company. After two weeks my items hadn't been shipped so, I contact the sellers (on TQC's good advice) asking what was up. The very kindly response was that the seller was ill and they were behind on filling orders, but they were working on it. Well, it's two weeks later and my items still haven't shipped (so it's been almost a month since I first made the order). I spent almost $50, money that could go towards other things I need right about now.

Would it be bitchy of me to send them an email requesting a cancellation of my order and return of my money? 

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Is there a blog out there that is similar to academichic?
They've stopped updating and I miss seeing the style and also reading the words of educated people involved in, well, education.

I neeeeeds it.

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how do you make residue-free shampoo? my girlfriend has dreadlocks and she's looking for an inexpensive alternative to dread shampoo and washing her hair with baking soda and water makes her scalp really dry. any ideas that you have would be wonderful.
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What kind of movies does Netflix think you like?

I apparently like:

Critically-acclaimed Witty Movies based on real life
Cerebral Buddy Dramas
Dark Period Pieces based on classic literature
Quirky Romantic Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead
Biographical Fight-the-System Gay and Lesbian
Inspiring Political 20th Century Period Pieces
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cliche subject, not so cliche question (maybe)

Will you recommend some good dark(?)/dramatic classical pieces? Stuff like Mars from the Planets Opus.

(forgive me for using incorrect terms. It's been like 10 years since I studied any kind of music theory)

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getting my tonsils out tomorrow.

did you have it done? how was it? did you want to kill yourself after?

i'm told i'm going to want to kill myself, even though i've had other surgeries and am pretty tough, i'm pretty sure i'm going to suffer. and throw up blood on myself. like i did after my nose job. i've never been scared before a surgery before. i went to the mall the day after i got my boobs done. i highly doubt i will be at the mall tuesday.

i should just drug myself all week, right? right.

what movies should i watch while i'm home? i like dark (but not scary) films and sundance-y films. on my list already is every season of Dexter (because i've never seen it) and Boys Don't Cry.