September 10th, 2011

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Serious answers only please...

How would you get over a friend who, no matter how much you talk to them about it, won't try harder and seems to just want to fade away? ie Stops showing all care completely...

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My best friend leaves for college in the morning, and I am a complete fucking mess right now. He's a sophomore, though, so I've already gone through a year of him being away, but after 13 years of being next-door-neighbors it's still really hard to be in different states. So tell me about your long-distance friendships. Do you have any really close friends who live far away? How often do you get to talk to them? Were you friends for a long time before they lived far away, or were you already far apart when you met them? Those aren't meant to be structured questions, I just want to hear anything you have to say.

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I'm trying to go basically ovo-laco vegetarian. I've got a package of ground beef in my fridge that my mother bought me because she thinks that vegetarianism is silly. If I cooked up a small chunk of ground beef and squeezed out the excess fat, would it be safe for a cat to eat? I tend to mix wet and dry food for my cat because it makes her eat better, so would it be safe to give her some cooked ground beef with her dry food?

Dk/dc? What does the last text you recieved say?

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I have a pound of frozen hamburger meat that I need to use to make meat loaf in an hour. I took it out a few hours ago but it is still frozen!

How can I defrost this, TQC? D:

dk/dc, what should I put in the meat loaf?

Srs/non-srs for both questions.
calvin burp

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What's your favorite comfort food, TQC? (Brought to you by my breakfast of cheese toast and chocolate milk.)

Standard second question: what's your favorite Saturday morning cartoon from when you were a kid? I just watched Carmen Sandiego and She-Ra.

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So, the Rugby World Cup is on. Right now, England are playing a match - their first match of the tournament - against Argentina. Last I heard, Argentina were winning.

I'm an Argentinean expat living in a tiny, very very English village in rural Herefordshire. This village has gone all out supporting England for the duration of the tournament. I wouldn't normally care very much - not enough to make a big public fuss, anyway - but in the lead up to this thing I've sort of lost count of the number of times some drunk bastard has (badly) sung a bit of Jerusalem right outside my window!

If Argentina win this match...what's the best way for me to IRL troll the entire village? :P

(Why yes, this IS for shits and giggles!)

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I'm making this Mexican Mac and Cheese for an easy dinner tonight for some of my friends coming over. I'm also making a 5-layer dip with tortilla chips. Someone is bringing guacamole, someone is bringing margarita stuff, and someone else is bringing a dessert.

I feel like I need another dish (probably a veggie). What should I make with this? I need to go to the store.

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TQC, do you think it would be delicious if I marinated chicken in a yogurt mixture (yogurt and various herbs and spices) and then roasted the chicken?

What's your favorite vegetable? I'm really shocked at how much I'm liking asparagus these days, but I need a fall veggie and I don't tend to like squash. EXCEPT spaghetti squash. I love that stuff.

If you were to go to an arts and crafts festival, which kinds of things would you be most excited about seeing?

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my cat i got about 2 months ago has developed a rodent ulcer on his lower lip. i took him to the vet today and he said to not do anything yet but if it got worse bring him in. i was thinking they would put him on meds or something. was this a bad opinion? i also didnt like how he man handled my cat. i just feel like they should have put him on something for it... im really worried about my cat. has anyone had this with their cats?

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What colour nail polish should I wear tonight? I'm going to a gangsters' ball and will be dressed as a flapper. My entire outfit is black. The only colour on me will be this red lipstick I'm going to slather all over my lips. Does this mean I should go for red nail polish? Or will that look too matchy?

Anyway, suggestions are very welcome. Bonus points for pics and/or if you name specific shades. I'm quite partial to Butter London but I'm pretty much willing to purchase any brand.

credit cards

last week i applied for a credit card and was denied because there were too many inquiries on my credit score (from when my girlfriend and i applied for [and were denied] multiple car loans/financing). i want to have a credit card so that i can slowly but surely start improving my credit score and also because we're moving in the next few months and it would be great to know that if something comes up and i don't have the cash on hand to pay for it, i can use a credit card.

should i just wait a while until my credit score improves to apply for a credit card again? if i apply for another card now, it'll just be another inquiry for nothing. help, TQC?

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What's your favorite season, and has your preference ever changed?
My favorite used to be winter, because hot weather literally made me feel physically ill. I used to spend summers glued to the a/c. But a few years ago I suddenly reversed; somehow it can't be hot enough for me now! So now my favorite season is summer, the hotter the better, and I am positively dreading winter.

How long has it been since you cut your fingernails? Do you use a nail file or clippers?
I cut mine about two minutes ago. My cats and I share the same nail clippers, haha.



TQC, I am traveling to Boston for the first time next month. Where should I stay? What should I do? I would love some advice if you have any for me on what not to miss. 

dk/dc What are you doing this weekend?

Movie Night

My wife and I do a weekly movie night with some friends of ours and this is our week to host and I can't think of any movies. We like to do theme nights such as spaghetti westerns, Tarintino, zombies, mind screw ect. Any suggestions?

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Hello again, TQC!
I just picked up an application to substitute teach at a nearby school district and was just curious if any of you have had any experience substitute teaching. If so, what was it like? I just want to make a little extra money and I think the experience would be good. Plus, my niece and nephew (I rarely see them) go to school in said district and just the chance to see them is exciting for me!

DK/DC: What is your most memorable experience with a substitute teacher?

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What color would a Smurf turn given prolonged sun exposure?

I have a Smurf coloring book. I used Crayola's Outer Space for one, which was way dark blue. He is a tanning addict Smurf.


Also, do any of you browse whatiworetoday2? Sometimes I am so surprised at what passes for stylish and/or cute on that community...

Oil Heaters

My boyfriend's house has no heating other than a log fire that he has no wood for and is now scared to use because of the possum situation that I mentioned a few weeks back.

I gave him an oil radiator. I don't know what brand it is. It's upright, you plug it in, and there's apparently oil inside it. There's a knob to decide how hot you want it and a timer for how long you want it on.

He's concerned about how much it would cost to run, since his house is really draughty. I'm making him some draught excluders and maybe curtains, buuut, how much would it cost to heat two small rooms in his house with that? (the study and the kitchen because there's no door between the two). Not so it's boiling hot in there, just to take the chill off.

Any ideas? I'm in Australia.

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If you heard someone mention a book titled "The Darkest Worlds", what would you think the plot might be about? The book isn't in front of you so you can't look at the cover or backcover for information, all you know is its title.

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1. Have you ever bought plane tickets from Priceline (the Name Your Own Price section, that is)? What was your experience like?

2. When traveling, do you prefer to fly or drive? Why? (Assume the distance is greater than 500 miles/~805 kilometers.)
cow milkin'

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What was the last free place you found in your area?

Brought by me finally visiting our local branch of the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. They're exhibiting a local artist's Steam Punk stuff. We also saw original handwritten pages of Darwin's manuscripts, other original patents, and fossilized things. It's housed in an old church which in itself was fun to explore.

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Urghhh I think my cat/dog have fleas.
I think they've made their way into my room and I'm real close to freaking out.

I have googled but if anyone has any first hand experience...what can I doooo?! (for me, for them)

What's shakin' by you?

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So...what is wrong with my anti-virus software? On the one hand, windows security alerts is telling me the malware protection is turned off and it won't respond no matter how many times I hit "turn on", but on the other hand the program itself (Webroot) is saying it's on and "all shields are running optimally" and "full protection enabled". However, for some reason it won't let me do a scan of my computer (the button is in that grey, unclickable state).

Do I need to be concerned or what? I DON'T DO COMPUTERS VERY WELL.


What's your favorite instrument?

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should i marry my friend so he can become a citizen? i live in vegas so it's easy and the benefits for me are that i get to mooch off his health insurance and live in his big fancy house :3

cons: we have to stay married for 3 years or something and i'm sure there are some others

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I have an idea.  I want to have a "planned" TQC post, where everyone posts and bunch their favorite gifs/memes/etc so that I (and others I hope) can bookmark the post and look at it anytime for a laugh.  The more comments the better obviously.
Is this a good idea?  When would be the best time (the busiest TQC time I would say) to post this?

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Hi TQC! I have a 2008 mustang I put in storage a few weeks ago. My husband already has a car and I get a free bus pas with my school. It's no longer under warranty, but it is in awesome shape and only has 30,000 miles or so on it.

Should I sell the car and buy another when I graduate in 2 years, or pay $75/month to store it? Kelly blue book puts the car at 16000 USD. Pro for keeping: It's reliable, I know its history, I won't have to spend money on another car, and I can use it immediately if I get a job outside of school or need it for some reason. Con: I'm renting the parking spot in my garage so it's not guaranteed to last forever, I could nearly pay off my husband's student debt with it, it sucks in the winter, and its gas mileage sucks.

TQC, would you keep the car or just get rid of it?

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Do you ever have dejavu about dejavu? Like "whoa I'm having dejavu that I had dejavu about ___."

Is there a word for that or does that just count as regular dejavu?

I've been glitched!

Can someone explain this to me?

I keep getting these random spam messages on Livejournal where they're complimenting me on some old journal posting that doesn't merit the compliment. They'll say something like "You're really amazing. I'm saving your blog to my favorites." And the post they reply to is something about you puking in a bathtub or something.

I keep getting the messages, and they're totally irrelevant to the subject of the journal entry. What is the purpose of this strange spam? What are these spammers trying to do?