September 9th, 2011

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Put a question that starts off with the words What Would You Do... ie questions that put you in a situation and you say what you'd do in response, in this post. Then the next person put their response and ask a new question.

I'll start...

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I just saw the series finale of Roseanne for the first time.

If you've seen it: How did you feel about it?

If not/don't care: What day of the week is your Friday?

If you don't get a Friday: When/how do you get to relax?
Ben Wyatt

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seriously. why didn't Jack and Rose just take turns on that door or table or plank or whatever it was?

i'm gonna blame Jack here. he was the one driving that situation. she was obviously in shock and would have done anything he said. he should have had them take turns instead of trying to be the big man on campus.

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What is the most ridiculous thing your pet is afraid of?

My dog is scared of a lot of stuff, but usually is over it within a few minutes. However, a light saber scared the effing bejeezus out of her.

Inspired by a thing they did on the radio this morning... Would you shave your head to meet your favorite band? How much hair do you have? Which band would that be?

It would depend on whether or not I had the budget for a wig.  I don't have really long hair, but I think I probably have an ugly head.  It would probably be for Linkin Park or Foo Fighters.

Do you see the same people/things in your dreams?  I don't mean like having the same dream, but seeing the same people or things in different dreams.

I had a dream that featured a guy I met in a different dream some time ago. It's even weirder because, unless I'm dreaming about people I actually know, people in my dreams are pretty faceless.

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Is littering ever justified? Where you can think of a situation where you can condone littering


Is arson ever justified?


Is robbery/theft (residence) ever justified?


Is embezzlement ever justified?


Is murder ever justified?


Is rape ever justified?


Is a hate crime (racial, religious, sexual orientation) ever justified?


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Do you believe a person has a soul?
Why/why not?

If yes, do you think the soul continues after their earthly death? In what way?

When does the soul start to exist?

Do you think animals have souls?

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What did you do today that made you proud of yourself?

I had my first court appearance today and managed to do it successfully! WOOT!
Now for another next week.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

My girlfriends are coming over for dinner tomorrow night, for my first dinner party ever.

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Fall is fast approaching. What are your favorite things associated with the season?

Can be anything - the leaves, the smell of the air, Halloween coming up.

It's my absolute favorite season!
the kiddos

alternate acronyms?

My son's birthday is next week; we've invited his whole class and we've only had 2 people RSVP so far. My husband talked to a dad of a classmate of my son's that he works with to see if they were coming and his response was kind of like "duh, yeah!" so I'm wondering if people are just going to show up and maybe don't know what RSVP means.

So TQC, what could people confuse the acronym RSVP for?
Non-serious answers preffered.

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This is a new experience - I grabbed a bag of apples and noticed as I was munching down that the bag had nutritional information on it! The nutritional information is a mere 16cal per 128g. Yet every online source I've seen quotes around the measure of 80cal per 150g of apple. To my knowledge the calorie differences between brands are very minor.

Are people wildly inaccurate about apple calories, or do you Americans have weird-ass fatty apples?

Edit: Ah hah, they're outright wrong/lying. Their website has the more usual calorie count - what's on the packet is the calories listed as kJ. Naughty.

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Poll #1777277 TMI Poll

What have you done today?

Picked nose
Scratched ass
Removed a tampon
Had sex
Used a Q-tip on ear
Shaved legs/pits/what have you
Changed cat's litterbox
In a room that's not your bathroom or bedroom, walked around completely naked
Removed a wedgie
Scratched genitalia

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Does anyone know who took this series of photos? It was in a hotel room I
was in recently, and I think it's fun but I'm too lazy to replicate it.

Would you be afraid to spend the day in downtown DC on Sunday?

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My SO asked me how many lj communities there are.
I thought lj used to give that information on the main page, but I've checked and can't find it. So now I'm stumped.
Does anyone know where I can find this information?

What's your favorite fruit?
I just made a fruit flan with blueberries, raspberries and apricots. Can't wait for it to chill so I can try a piece! :)
devon ramen

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this is not a real choice for me or anything but:

would you rather go home for a week (in the middle of your university semester) to attend the wedding of a cousin who you grew up with (and is like a sister to you) except her fiancee is a dickwad,

or wait for the holidays and go on a week-long trip to celebrate new years at an island in thailand with 2 good friends?
harry styles → eiffel tower

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Poll #1777301 My mom and I can't decide what to eat and we're on the road.

What should we buy for dinner?

Pizza Hut
Other? Please comment.

Edit: Before you health food freaks get on my case, my mom and I cook homemade food nearly every night. It's not like we eat fast food 24/7.

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what should i get for dinner tonight? i want to eat healthy and im a vegitarian and i dont want to go to a sit down restaurant but take out is cool. i dont know how to cook but you could give me a very simple idea of something to make. also it has to be $10 or less.

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I have to get a few letters of recomendation for a study abroad program I'm applying to for next Spring. Do you think it would be okay to ask a professor that I had last semester, but haven't talked to since?

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I need help with my senior Biology research project. Its a year long project that I have 500 dollars and the use of my University's lab to complete. 

But i have NO IDEA what to do.

I was thinking of isolating antioxidants and seeing how they affect cancer cells, BUT i was told that was too complex for our labs.

I litterally have no idea what to do. I am open to ANY suggestions on any broad topic of biology I could do. 

I am so lost. =[

What would you do? It has to be creative, or at least it has to take an older experiment and make it creative and it has to be somewhat involved (just not as complex as cancer i guess lol)

Do you have any suggestions for me? I can work with humans, but its difficult to get clearance and working with vertebrate animals is really tough so I'd say thats a no. 
Kill Bill - Elle
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I know y'all have been asked this plenty of times, but what do you eat in a day?
How many meals a day do you consider normal?
How about calories?

What are you doing right now?
dragon lady

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What was the last tedious project you worked on?

I'm currently sewing together a teddy bear for my bff's soon to be one year old son for his birthday by hand because my sewing machine is no more. Ffffffuuuuuu-
legs motherfucker
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I have a bunch of itty bitty bumps on my back... what strange disease am I dying from right now?

If you have no appetite but know you need to eat... what do you do? What do you eat/drink?

What color are the walls in the room that you're in?
Steph - always

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I'm moving out of the house I grew up in tomorrow. I have moved before, this is actually the second time I've left my family home (and the 8th time I've moved anywhere in the last 3 years) but this time it's very final. This has always been my home and everything I do tonight is the "last time" I'll ever do it here. Cool story I know!

If you've ever moved house, how did you feel? Was it an extremely happy time, devastating, or bittersweet? And did you also leave your packing until the last minute?

DK/DC: What song is in your head right now?