September 8th, 2011

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1) What are some songs you didn't like initially, but after a few listenings you were like OMG I LOVE THIS SONG REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT?

Assuming most people actually do this, too, and I'm not a snowflake.

2) If you could belong to any other culture world-wide, would you? Which one?

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How different is life now from what you expected it would be when you were 15?

My friends and I are 21 and we thought we'd be traveling or in college far away from home. In reality, I became permanently sick, one of my best friends is in jail and the other has two kids. WAY off from what we planned.

How would you feel/What would you do?

My SO temporarily moved about 1,178 kilometres / 732 miles away from home to work in the oil field industry. Awhile ago I came to visit him
and have decided to stay until December. He works long, hard hours (usually leaving the house around 5:50 AM and returning home at 7:45
PM). His job can be mentally and physically grueling at times.

Recently,he's started going to the bar after work with his boss. Part of it is to relax/unwind, as well as part of it is to build a relationship and show that he's committed (he's looking at getting a very hefty promotion within in the next month or two). So, understandably there is a need to maybe "impress" his superior.
Since going to the bar, he's come home late and drunk twice in the span of 6 days. When he does this, I have no warning. He doesn't call/text to let me know he's going to be home late. I always change/alter my plans to make sure I'm home at 7:30 and that dinner's ready or close to it.

There always seems to be some sort of excuse as to why he didn't let me know about his plans - twice it was because he "forgot" and "didn't realize to", and last night was because he didn't have his phone with him (and apparently did not want to use his bosses cell, or a phone at the bar).

Everytime he drinks with his boss, that means he's getting in a truck with a drunk driver to come home. In addition, when he comes home he is a little bit eratic (including calling me some names, and putting me down), and as of last night he became a bit paranoid. While he's at the bar drinking, I've been waiting at home for hours worrying about him (there is an element of danger to his job), as well as I'm generally starving because I've waited so long to eat dinner. Also, if he does not go to the bar after work, he still does have anywhere between 1-4 beers on the drive home almost every single day.

MY QUESTION: Would this upset or bother you at all? Why? Do you see anything wrong with this? What would your reaction be? All I have asked for from him is that if he's going to be coming home late, then at least give me a call and let me know so that I don't have to sit at home bored, worried, and hungry, That way I can go ahead and eat or make plans of my own and know that he's safe and okay.

He doesn't seem to see anything wrong with this, and in fact usually gets fairly mad at me, because I am hurt and bothered by it. He also seems to be making excuses for himself, because he's doing extremely well at work, he oftens says "I'm still getting up every morning and going to work and taking care of my responsibilities." This is starting to cause a big problem between us and all the blame seems to be on me.

TL;DR - My SO's working a long, hard job and has started drinking a lot more. He sometimes goes to the bar without any warning (no phone call or text) and comes home late, fairly drunk. While he's at the bar I'm at home waiting, worrying, and starving, because I wait for him to eat dinner. When he goes to the bar he gets in the car with a drunk driver to come home. Once home he is a bit eratic (sometimes calling me names and putting me down) and is a bit paranoid. He doesn't see anything wrong with this and always gets mad at me for being hurt and upset. All the blame seems to be on me. Would you be upset or bothered by any of this at all? Why? What would your reaction be?

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One of my coworkers was let go this morning. It was a total surprise. I really liked working with her and were very friendly with each other. I do have her phone number. Should I text her? If so, what do I even say? I'm shocked and concerned for her as she has an infant to provide for.

Have you gotten any surprises lately (pleasant or unpleasant)?

Do you like surprises?
i say, old bean

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can someone refresh my memory?
what course of action do you take when your SO's bestfriend starts hitting on you and/or expresses feelings for you?

how many cups of coffee have you consumed today?

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Which musical cover would you most like to hear? The name in parenthesis is the original artist

I kissed a girl - Justin Bieber (Katy Perry)
A thousand miles - Metalica (Vanessa Carlton)
Gold Digger - Coldplay (Kanye West)
Milkshake - Carrie Underwood (Kelis)
Rehab - Jonas Brothers (Amy Winehouse)
Boom Boom Pow - Mumford and Sons (Black Eyed Peas)
I will follow you into the dark - Black Eyed Peas (Death Cab for Cutie)
The bad touch - Miley Cyrus(Bloodhound Gang)
I'm too sexy - Lady Gaga (Right Said Fred)
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Pitbull (Trace Adkins)
Get crunk - Taylor Swift (Lil Jon)
You belong with me - Lil Jon (Taylor Swift)

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TQC, it is my birthday next Monday. My boyfriend has offered to take me to NYC for a nice dinner out. Stumbling block: He's gluten-intolerant, so wherever we go has to have stuff for him to eat. I've already emailed a place called Earl's Beer and Cheese to see if they have anything, and there's a risotto restaurant in the running too (which specifically marks the dishes that are gluten free). We should definitely go to the risotto restaurant if Earl's doesn't have gluten-free things, yes? On the off chance you live in NYC, do you know of any places that might cater to food allergies like his and still be tasty place for us "regular" folk to eat?

that new car smell...

I'm about a month away from paying off my car, and then the piece of crap will finally be totally mine. 

Have you ever paid off a car loan before? I've always traded them in before the loan was finished.

Should I be good and keep the high insurance that the bank required, or should I drop that shit to the state minimum as soon as the lien is off the title?  Insurance is a scam, Y/N?

I hate this car.  Nothing wrong with the car itself, but I am NOT a sedan person, and it doesn't fit my lifestyle.  How long should I restrain myself from going out and buying a new truck?  Will I know how to live without making a car payment?

Have you ever had a brand-spankin'-new off the lot car?  I have not.  I would like to, at least once in my life.
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EDIT: Thanks for preventing me from being an embarrassment for the rest of my adult life, guys. Your explanations helped a ton


Could someone explain to me how to read a train schedule? I'm trying to get from Boston (Ruggles station) to Providence at around 6-7pm tomorrow and don't quite understand which column/row I'm supposed to be looking at.

All I've managed to decipher is that I should be looking at the Outbound schedule

Help plz

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If you're on BC, what kinds of side effects are you experiencing? What are you on?

I'm on the Nuvaring and it's *TMI alert* making me tear down there. Tiny, papercut-like tears that heal within a day and then re-rip if I open my legs (to sit Indian-style, I mean), do a squat, or use the bathroom, or stretch - or do any sort of normal range of motion with my legs. This totally sucks.
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Poll #1776946 Pew pew pew!

If you had a blaster/laser gun/thing, what color would you want the bolts/beams to be?

Other answer in comments

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I'm going to Outback Steakhouse for dinner tonight. I've already decided I'm going to order an appetizer for dinner. The appetizer I'm ordering is "grilled shrimp on the barbie". What side order should I order with the shrimp appetizer?

Which side order should I get?

Seasoned Rice
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Aussie Fries
Dressed Bake Potato
Sweet Potato w/Honey Butter & Brown Sugar
Caesar Salad
Whatever the soup of the day is

What's the last restaurant you ate out at?

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is your house haunted?
do you believe in ghosts?
have you ever expierenced wierd and unexplainable things in your house?

My faucet in the upstairs bathroom will turn on by itself in the middle of the night, sometimes I see a ball of light fly down the hallway and disappear into the bedroom, every now and then i'll smell coffee being made but we have never once made coffee in the house (as we don't drink it).

In my grandparents house I would always get an eery feeling when I had to go into the basement.

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I was talking to a friend earlier, and she was talking about how amazing Tim Hortons is. I said I could gladly live without it - the last time I went to one was because my boyfriend wanted to know what timbits were...
So do you think tim hortons coffee (or tim hortons in general) is  gross? or tasty
if you don't have tim hortons..
Is starbucks coffee gross? or tasty?
Sailormoon - flowers


So, I'm looking to switch out very-unhealthy ranch dressing for something people won't give me looks for when I tell them I'm trying to eat better but put it on my salad.

My problem is that I really, really dislike vinegar, and most of the dressings that are recommended to me are things like vinaigrettes and such that have a strong vinegary taste.

Will you recommend a healthy type of salad dressing that someone who dislikes the taste of vinegar might find appealing?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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I tried to do a poll, but LJ is being a douche canoe.

So when you're writing something in a paper or to someone else, and you give a parenthetical example, which do you use most often in the blank?

Such as: "[...] can be seen in several Disney Movies (___: the Lion King, the Little Mermaid, etc.)"

IE? EG? EX? Something else?
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Have you ever had a breakfast dish that combined chicken and eggs (like over easy eggs)? What was this dish?

If you haven't, can you think of a yummy way to do so?

Should I give up on my original plan of having chicken tonight and go with my breakfast craving instead of trying to combine the two?

Do you like having breakfast for dinner?

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Assuming you have the skills for either position, say you were offered a lifetime job as an architect for $75k or a job working in a tollbooth every day for the rest of your life for $100k. Which job would you choose?
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What are you wearing right now?

What are you reading?

Is there a site where I can list the books that I like, and they'll give me recommendations? I know Amazon does this but it seems to have an inaccurate representation of my taste. It would be good if comics were included too.

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Are your opinions up for discussion? Do you have an open mind when it comes to listening to others from the opposite end of things? Do you think your opinions could be changed or are you stuck in your ways? Do you like change?

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I'm excited! I don't have class tomorrow, and my boyfriend is coming for the weekend. YAY. What's something you're looking foward to?

DK/DC - What something that's pissing you off right now? (I was pissed earlier, when, I realized that gluten free bread was $8 a loaf)

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What is the last super un-adult thing you did?


Im a nanny, the weather has been today the kids and I all stayed in our PJ's and watched Phineas and Ferb all day long.

Seriously...6 hours of Phineas and Ferb and popcorn and chocolate milk.


I fucking love that show.
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I missed class the other day because I didn't realize I had dropped aspirin and my cat ate it and was vomiting and I was worried that she was going to die, so I skipped class to take care of her. I apparently didn't get a handout needed for completing a homework assignment that's due tomorrow, and we use a system online that lets teachers post and students submit their homework online. I've only used it once previously, and I got notifications for every new assignment posted in the previous class.

I never got notified when the teacher posted new assignments and have already missed one for this class, and that's why two are due tomorrow and I just found out, because I was really getting confused as to why there wasn't any homework due yet and when I checked, there had been no email from him, no notifications on my portal to it, or anything.

I emailed my professor about the cat the day I missed class, apologizing profusely, and I just emailed him asking him if there was a handout I needed for the homework that's due tomorrow and explaining that I never got notified of any of the three assignments being uploaded to the system.

While I know that it's on me to get the assignments done and come to class and accept full responsibility if I get failing grades for this, what is the likelihood of him saying "Since you don't care enough to come to class, I don't care enough to help you out?"

TL;DR - why does my arm hurt?
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get fucked, facebook.

how does facebook choose whose photos to show you on the sidebar/know to be so creepy? does it know when you're in pain?

'cause they're all of the guy i like and it's driving me crazy. all night tonight. it isn't ever anyone else, it's just him. it's like facebook is mocking me. i rarely go to his page and comment on his stuff even less, so it really does seem like the site is just having a field day with my misery.
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Is there a website or any way for me to find all the documentaries that have aired in the last 10 years on a certain subject? Or at least a website with a lot of documentaries listed? I really love astronomy and geology/paleontology documentaries, but a lot of them don't air that often and I'd like to hunt them down elsewhere, but it's hard when Discovery Channel and Science Channel only list the most popular shows on their websites.
Kill Bill - Elle
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My roommates are allowing me to name the wireless network. Oh please, please, please, will you give me some wonderful suggestions?

What is the name of your wireless network?
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Have you ever given a toast at a wedding? What did you talk about? Did you tell a funny story or just congradulate the bride and groom?

How long do you procrastinate before you start whatever needs to get done?

DK;DC: On a scale of 1 to my-nose-looks-like-I've-been-using-sandpaper-as-kleenex, how sick are you?

I'm at the latter. :(

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