September 7th, 2011


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Poll #1776532 Gross Eats

You have to eat one. Which do you choose?

canned pork brains
casu marzu
ghost pepper/bhut jolokia


Me? I'll do anything but the pork brains.

(for those that saw my post last night, don't worry, I saw a doctor today).
i like calzones

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Is there anyone within a specific industry that you wish would just fade away?

I'm always surprised that Rob Liefeld gets work. I mean, I think he's collaborating with Robert Kirkman now which just seems ridiculous.


Can you deactivate your facebook and reactivate it later?
what happens to your profile during that time and all your posts on people's wall? do they come back after you reactivate it?

If you block someone, can you unblock them?
Again, will all your posts dissapear off their wall...but come back after you unblock them?

(I need rid of someone annoying for awhile, but I don't want to lose our funny posts that will always be funny to me.)

Related to a previous entry...
If someone rather 'deactivate' their relationship status option to get out of posting plainly 'in a realtionship' what would be a valid reason to you?

(My friend's boyfriend told her that if he puts 'in a realtionship' on his profile, random girls will always find that more attractive than if he's he doesn't want a bunch of girls messaging him "who are you dating? oh that sucks, i think ur hot". Because 'girls always go after what they can't have.'
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You're planning a day of indulgence, "me" time, a lazy day, whatever you call it, where you can pretty much do whatever you like. What do you do?

If you ever have days like these, do you have an idea of what you're going to do or just wait and see what you feel like doing?
bbt reproduce


Do you subscribe to the idea that once you wear clothes to bed (other than normal PJs), they are no longer outside clothes?

What do you sleep in?

Are you a hot or cold sleeper?


If you're not yet married, do you already have in mind what you want your wedding to look like?

If you're married, did your wedding turn out how you wanted it to be?
On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most), how nervous were you on your wedding day? I think I'm most nervous about keeping everyone entertained and about all eyes being on me, since I've always been a more demure, behind-the-scenes type of person.
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On average, how much time do you have between when you wake up and when you need to be somewhere? (work,school, etc)

What do you do during that time?

If you don't have to be anywhere on a regular basis, what time do you normally go to bed and when do you wake up?

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Poll #1776673 Poll for the ladies (or guys who may change their name after marriage)

In this scenario, your last name is Biggs. Your fiance's last name is Lutt. What will your married name be?


Your last name is Skye. Your fiance's last name is Walker. What will your last name be?


Your last name is Long. Your fiance's last name is Cox. What will your married name be?


Your last name is Mohr. Your fiance's last name is Ahn. What will your married name be?


Your last name is Hann. Your fiance's last name is Jobbs. What will your married name be?


Your last name is Thom. Your fiance's last name is Crews. What will your married name be?

i say, old bean

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TQC, when will the corner market receive their shipment on cigarettes?
it's 2 hours late :(

what email client do you use?

what are you currently doing?

when was the last time you burped?
do you burp loud? can you burp loud?

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If we were totally literal about everything we said

1. How would you give a fuck?

2. How would you give a flying fuck? What is it and what makes it fly?

3. How would you give a shit?

4. How would you give a rat's ass?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. Discuss the receptacles needed for each transaction

5. On a completely different matter...what's the male equivalent of a 'hasbian'?

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I bought my friend's new baby a little summer dress when she was born a month ago. I'm finally going to meet the baby within the next week or two. Should I go return the summer dress for something more seasonally appropriate?

My friend will go back and forth with me on twitter or via text in a conversation and then as soon as I invite him to do something or ask what he's doing- he stops answering.

Do your friends do this? What do you say?
just a bill
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This is my second day in a row of not working (not including labor day) because there were no sub jobs to pick up today. I'm going completely stir-crazy. It's shitty and rainy outside. I don't have a car. I'm broke as fuck. Suggestions?

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I am taking 3 online classes this semester, in addition to one that is in an actual classroom. I am already starting to forget what is due when. :\

Do you have any tips for staying organized/remembering due dates? Electronic programs (for a windows/ubuntu computer or an Android phone) would be best, but I'm open to all suggestions.        
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Do you ever feel like you are broken when it comes to love?
Have you ever met someone who loved someone else so deeply that you couldn't relate?

My friend is so overwhelmingly in love with this girl and I just don't I have that kind of capacity to love another human being.

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What would be a dealbreaker for friendship? Let's assume you have a good friend, and one day, while drinking, he/she shares a secret and it's a doozy. Click the following boxes where you feel that, after hearing the secret, you'll start to consider that the possible need for severing the friendship. Assume it's a male friend

"I once served jailtime for selling drugs. I did use to hit up high school kids"
"Evolution is for idiots. You can believe in monkeymen. Me? Makes complete sense that God made us"
"I admit, I used to have a crush on you. I still think you're totally hot. I think about you sometimes when I have sex"
"You act as though white supremecists are only interested in violence. There's some academics in their ranks. We're not so bad, you know"
"There's something you should know. I'm a furry"
"I think your SO is totally hot. If you weren't around, I totally think about hitting on him/her, but I don't do it, out of respect to our friendship, but I think about it"
"I was at a party recently, and I tried crack. You know what? It's pretty awesome. I just wanna do it all the time now"
"If anybody asks, um, you don't know where I am. Even if they threaten you. I sort of, um...owe some people a lot of money. Please, just cover for me"
"I was once accused of rape. Luckily, there was insufficient evidence. I'm sorry I ever did it"
"I think I like hanging out with you so much because I don't have to think that much around you. It's a relief that you're pretty average. I can never relax around my smart friends"
"I didn't want to say anything at the time because I was so embarrassed, but you know that potato you used iin your salad? I masturbated with it yesterday. I feel awful"
"A woman can never be as smart as a man. Smaller brains. That's why men get paid more. We're worth it"
"Kleptomania is such a bad word. I just like the thrill of pocketing something in a store, even if I don't need it. You should try it. C'mon, let's do it right now!"
"I'm really sick of cleaning my cat's litterbox. I decided I'm just going to feed her every third day. There should be a lot less shit to clean up now"
I value all my friendships, and I'm too good a friend to break our bond over something trivial

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Hey guys

When would you consider making a relationship "facebook official", if you do that?

If you're SO didn't want to, but you did, what would you do? I mean I find it kind of awkward that both me and my bf's profiles still say we're single after about 6 months, and idk about him, but I still get a bunch of guys I don't know adding me and asking me out, and then I just look like I'm lying by saying I'm with someone arrgghhhhdjsnds.

Do you have a good chocolate cake or cupcake recipe?

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On Friday I'm making my first court appearance as a law student under the supervision of an attorney. It is nothing special, but help me out!


I have four suits. They are all skirt suits.
One is black, one is navy blue, one is gray, and one is brown.

I have blouses of many varieties and colors, so any suggestion and I probably have it.

I have one pair of nude pumps which are really comfortable and one pair of brown pumps which are less comfortable.

-ETA: or should I buy a pair of black pumps before Friday?

What is your dresscode at work?
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Do you ever have days where you just feel "out of it"?

What prompts this feeling?

What can you do to remedy it?
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help for the technologically derpy

I just got a Dell Inspiron 15R today. I plugged it in to the AC adapter, turned it on for the first time, and did boring startup/installation stuff for about 45 minutes. In that time the battery charged to 100%. Then I turned the laptop off and unplugged it. That was two hours ago.

Now google tells me that I should have let it keep charging for another 18 (!) hours uninterrupted, and since I didn't do that now my battery is going to die, like, tomorrow and never charge again.

TQC, am I screwed?

What am I supposed to do now?

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TQC I am so very very hungry. I'm on day 3 of my 14 days of 500 calories a day diet, and I just had a ... dream... about a sammich and cookies.

Will you distract me? Anything to would help. Please?

ETA: MY DOCTOR mandated and MONITORED presurgical diet that is required for me... I'm fat and hungry, not entirely stupid.

Sorry. I"m kind of stupid from eating nothing but dehydrated protein meals and jello. Also the no caffeine is not helping me think much.

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So my laptop won't turn on anymore. It doesn't realise when the ac adapter's plugged in so the battery won't charge so eventually it died. I need to get the crap off my hard drive. How complicated is this? I attempted to do some research and it seems I just need to remove the hard drive and stick it in a hard drive reader and connect it to my other laptop. Is it really that simple? I have a feeling it's not that simple.

I'm a chronic klutz...

I was putting some stuff in the garbage bin, which I didn't notice one of my roommates had pushed into a corner (which was under a shelf/cupboard) When I stood up, I whacked the back of my head on the shelf/corner of  cupboard door. is this something I should go to the doctor about? .(eta. the front of my head is achy, but thats probably just because I haven't drunk enoguh water. since i whacked the back)
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I'm taking a week-long trip in May 2012...

Where should Haji go?

Stay in Dubai
other in comments

I've already been to Budapest, Ljubljana, Berlin,Amsterdam and London...I'd give preference to places with members from TQC...

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When I masturbate my eyes start watering uncontrollably. They water more the closer I get to orgasm. This never happens during sex. Does this happen to anyone else?

FWIW I'm a girl and have had no sexual traumas.

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Do you judge people who post facebook statuses or other ads trying to give their pets away because they are moving to another house? (I'm talking a house in the same town/there's no real financial need to move just moving for ocnvenience or whatever)

It drives me crazy I feel like when you get a pet you make that committment to care for it until it dies, no matter what the circumstances are. I would never get a pet unless I was sure I could take care of it.
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high school lunch

Hey there, high school students and recent grads: why is it a terrible, terrible faux pas for a high school student to bring lunch from home rather than going through the line for mystery meat and limp tater tots?

When I was in high school, we brought our own lunches because the school food was so horrid. The food doesn't seem to have improved, but it's like god forbid a kid brings their own lunch.

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So my boyfriend said to me when I served dinner tonight, "why don't you ever serve anything cold?" At first I was confused, but then he explained he meant things like cold green salads, pasta salads, potato salads, etc. And he's right, everything I serve is always warm.

So TQC, can you share with me either recipes or ideas for things I should search for recipes for of cold dishes I could incorporate into our meals. I promised him every meal next week would have one cold component.

favorite drinkssss.

Besides ungodly amounts of craft beer, my favorite drink to order is a bloody mary. I can't get enough of them.

1. What's your favorite drink?
2. So I don't feel awkward ordering bloody marys all night, what can you recommend that's similar?

Also, I feel awkward capitalizing Bloody Mary, but it seems odd not to. Also, pluralizing it? What do I do? I just did marys. I've never had to pluralize it before, written. Blood Mary's seems so wrong, as does Bloody Maries. Derr. So it's bloody marys. What do you think? Boy, I need a drink.
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Today, I found a lady's little change purse on the floor of the grocery store. It had her EBT card and a $100 bill in it. I was pretty sure whose it was, so I chased her down. She was so happy she almost cried, because honestly, I could kept the whole thing to myself. But I really could not do that. It looked like her baby had taken it from her purse and thrown it down while she wasn't watching.

Then I ended up talking to a lady about HFCS and taking B12 supplements for her restless leg, and a couple other things we talked about. She was actually really thankful for some directions to go in with research, because she just... didn't know about stuff.

I guess all in all, I feel like I touched 2 lives today in a good way.

What do you want to brag about today, TQC?

Also, would you have given the change purse back? I could really have used $100 but like I said, I'd have felt like shit because I knew it was the lady with the baby.

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Im so horny...but I cannot have sex and am leery about masturbating.

What should I do to take my mind off of the fact that I want to dry hump everything in sight?


Dk/Dc/Having sex right now:

What made you laugh today?

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What would be a comically gigantic waste of money and resources?

Like if you had way more money than you could ever spend, and had no regard for depleting the world's resources, what kind of outrageous shit would you do in the name of luxury?

I love those first couple of sips after you first open a can of pop/beer. So if I was in that position, instead of drinking a can of something, I would drink one sip from an entire 12 pack and throw the rest out.

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How old were you when you moved out of your parents house to live on your own?

How was it living by yourself at first? 

I was recently told that when I graduate and find a job in my profession I will have to move out.  Now I know it should be no big deal.  I'm 23 nearly 24 and have lived "on my own" (in a dorm situation 6 hours away) before but I just feel scared.  Living on my own scares me because I spook easy, I have anxiety and a fear of being alone at night.  Overall I'm scared and worried.  I know I sound like a baby but idc.

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1. Anxiety. How do you do deal with it? How did you overcome it?

2.Based on the political atmosphere do you have an idea of how you will vote? Dem? Repub? Other? Re-Elect or not to re-elect?


Inspired by Friends reruns on Nick @ Nite.

What would YOU do if the man/woman you're about to marry said their exes name at the altar instead of yours?

Would that one slip up be enough to leave them? Would it indicate a bigger problem in your eyes? Or would you laugh it off and make a bunch of jokes all night about your absent-minded partner while enjoying your wedding day?

Inquiring minds want to know.

purse hooks

Why can't I find a plain and simple purse hook/hanger anywhere?? I want to get one, but I just want a plain, flat, unbejeweled, unleathered, no-picture hanger.

Do they not exist or something? :(
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My fiance and I just moved out of an apartment a few weeks ago. We just received a letter saying we owe almost $400 for clean-up costs (they're charging $40+ for things like toilet and sink clean-up) and that we will be taken to court if we don't pay it within 10 days. Are we legally liable for this or is this ridiculous? We didn't leave it any messier than the apartments we'd seen when we were given tours of the apartments in the beginning and these fees just seem ridiculous. Plus, we paid a $150 when we first moved in. I'm so frustrated with this place and I just want to be free of their ridiculous demands!

Headphone recommendations?

I feel like I'm constantly buying $10-15 headphones for them to just break a month or two into my using of them.

I've decided that I want to upgrade to a higher quality pair. I'm looking to spend around $50, and was hoping you kind people could lead me in the right direction! ;p

Also, please tell me your experience (quality, price, where to purchase, and how long they lasted)! Thank you so much!
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Is anyone else looking for a job? How goes it?

When was the last time you were thoroughly underwhelmed?

How about overwhelmed or pleasantly surprised?

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I got super pissed last night and blocked someone on my fb. They texted me like 'wtf' and we argued for 4 hours. I took a sick day from school and a two hour drive. I care about them very much but right now but I have no intention of unblocking them or calling them to talk.
I wish this whole thing didn't happen and we were on good terms, but I made it very clear that they really made me mad and I want nothing to do with them to just say 'sorry' :(

Is time the only thing that will help you truley get over something?
What makes you feel better?