September 6th, 2011

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Will you talk about your stupid or petty annoyances?

I'm rather annoyed when people I follow on Tumblr for generally awesome content also are total drama queens, douchebags as proven by their asks, and/or can't stop taking pictures of themselves.

I'm also annoyed by the holes in the thighs of my jeans, but I actually think that is an absolutely dire concern and not stupid at all.


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I bought these shoes recently and while they fit really well, they are a little squeaky. I don't really have much experience with patent "leather" (they are plastic). Is there anything I can do about the squeak?

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What would you buy illegally for a 14-year old boy if he gave you $100? The $100 is yours to keep, and it's on top of the amount of the 'contraband'

Spray paint (in a lot of areas, minors can't buy it)
A prostitute and a motel room
Bacardi 150
Blow-up doll
Shotgun shells
I would never buy anything illegally for a minor

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How old were your parents when they got married? (if applicable)
How old were they when they had their first child?


1. Mom was 32, dad was 9 days shy of 24.
2. Mom was 35, dad was 27.
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When was the last time you were insulted about something very personal to you and how did you respond?

How would you feel if someone fat-shamed a stranger in front of you?

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Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be...close to you
Don't look now, but there's a giant earthworm wiggling on your shoulder!
Maybe it's time to close your legs for a little bit, or start washing 'everywhere'
RUN! THEY'RE BACK!! Hitchcockian avian are taking over the world!
We have to stop meeting at the emu farm for our weekly trysts
There's birdseed in your pocket

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1. Who let the quahogs out?

2. Do you carry a pocket knife? Or any sort of sharp blade? What sort, how, why, and where? Enquiring minds want to know.

(Edited to add the second question.)

Farmer John

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Alone in the house! TQC, I am alone in my house until Friday night. What should I do? I'm going to the pot store today and to Whole Foods and to donate some clothes at the local thrift store. Should I do something wacky? Go out and get laid? Go to a bar? Tell me TQC!

ETA: We harvested a bunch of squash and zucchini from our garden and I have to eat them. I'm going to use 2 for zucchini bread, but what should I do with the rest? The rest is yellow crookneck squash.

ETA 2: Can you wash a plastic bong in the dishwasher?
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Someone said to me yesterday that, despite their arachnophobia, they don't trust anyone to catch and remove spiders for them, because "if they're capable of catching it, they're capable of throwing it at me". Leaving aside the issue of whether catching and throwing capabilities are actually linked, what would you do if someone did that to you? Caught a great big hairy eight-legged beastie, saw your fear, and chucked it at you? Assume this utterly evil person is a close friend or family member, not a stranger.
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TQC, I feel like death today. I'm feverish, achy and would do a lot to have someone's lap to lay in. Not having that, should I:

Play WoW/DFO?
Watch old cartoons?
Make something easy and simple to eat?
Call up my ex/friend to bitch and be comforted?
Take a shower?
love me
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As Seen on TV Products

What ones have you bought? Did they work and did you like them? Do you have any you would like to recommend to me?

If you wear makeup have you tried bareMinerals? Is it worth the price and does it really cover up well and stay on? This infomercial always makes me want to try it for some reason.
Take a Look

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Hey, TQC! Can you recommend some good crafty like books with daily or weekly projects?

I'm trying to get motivated to do more artsy/crafty stuff, but I need books that have good explanations, not ones that assume I know what a ladder stitch is or how to applique or whateverthefuck
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You're on an elevator and it stops between floors. The tech crew is working to fix it, but you'll be trapped for 4 hours. There's one other person trapped in the lift with you. Which of the following people would you prefer to be trapped with?

Charlie Sheen, at the peak of a drug trip. He's playing with a taser...
A lactose-intolerant person who had a tub of ice cream for lunch and is suffering from extremely terrible gas...or worse
A Michelle Bachman supporter who will not leave this elevator until you know enough to vote for her in 2012
Andy Dick, drunk off his ass, looking to score
A clown who's taken a vow of silence. He just stands there, quiet as a mouse, glancing at you
Octomom and her 8 screaming babies. She doesn't have enough hands to deal with each one
Some goth with fangs and a vampire obsession. He says "Luckily, I don't have to feed right now, but I don't know if I can hold out for another 4 hours"
An elderly claustrophobic person. The only thing that helps him get through these attacks is to strip down to his bare ass
Cameraman from a 'Girls Gone Wild'-type show, who spends the entire time urging you to flash the camera
Stoner who wants to kill time smoking bowl after bowl. In essence, you'll get hotboxed and probably be found stoned off your ass
Some guy who says "You look like the person my girlfriend left me for. She broke my heart. I vowed that if I ever saw that person again, I'd get even. You're not that person, right? Can I believe you?"
Excitable young lady who says "What perfect timing...for you. Here we are, alone, with all this time to talk, and I have to ask...have you read Dianetics?"
Guy in a maintenance outfit. "This isn't good. I'm the elevator technician. The only one in the building who can fix this, and I'm stuck in here with you. They'll have to find another now. We may be here over 8 hours at this rate"
A diabetic who was on her way up to purchase more insulin. She's completely out. She didn't plan on a 4 hour wait. She's not feeling so good...
It's a teenage boy and girl, around 14 years of age. They want to have sex to pass the time. "You don't look like you're going to narc on us. Just don't watch if it bothers you"

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So I have an interview with a local Nike Factory store this Friday. I am so stoked for this. That said, how should one dress for an interview with the Nike store?

I know they allow people to come to work in t-shirts and basketball shorts, so obviously a dress shirt and slacks would be overdoing it.
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So. I have an optional review session for my math class tonight. It's pretty basic math and I think I have a good grasp on it but I kind of feel like if the review session is offered, then I should take advantage. But I really want to go shopping for fall/back-to-school clothes tonight instead.

Should I go review basic math or go buy new clothes tonight?

What are your plans for the evening?

EDIT: What's the last thing you ordered online? I am waiting on these boots:

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I'm going to this masquerde ball type thing Saturday. I'm thinking of doing some kind of zombie. A recognizable trade, infected by the zombie bite. For instance, zombie cop, zombie firefighter, zombie doctor. I will probably try and find something at a Halloween store (there's a couple open, I think).

What would be an interesting, creative zombie costume? If it's something that I probably can't find at a Halloween store, instruct me how I can make the costume
Kill Bill - Elle
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I'm completely new to the quarter system and completely unsure of what the eff I'm getting myself into. I'm used to taking four or five classes a semester, about 12-15 credits. If I take 20 credits on the quarter system, am I going to hate myself forever?

How walking friendly is your city?

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Cooks of TQC:

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Everyone else: what are some of your favourite toppings for baked/jacket potatoes?

And so this isn't all food-related, is TQC Secret Santa running this year? If it is, will you be participating?

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A UFO hovers above you and a light shines down, illuminating the area. What do you suppose it wants?

To abduct you, and then subject you to a variety of painful studies
To conquer earth
Anal probes (the E.T.s must think you have a fine specimen of an ass)
To steal earth's women
The space alien wants a bike ride, candy, and then it wants to phone home and crank call his buddies
To bring advanced information to better the human race, such as a cure for cancer and the recipe for cold fusion
'To serve man' (IT'S A COOKBOOK!)
Sex with an earthling (it must be like extra-terrestrial spring break)
A request for you to take it to your leader
Directions to where the lettuce fields are (joke about aliens taking our jobs)

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is it really going to be that terrible of a thing if my first paper of my college career, a four paragraph introduction essay in memo format, isn't that good?

please tell me i'm putting too much pressure on myself. i want to have fun at trivia tonight and i've been slaving over this thing for 2 days. it's four paragraphs.
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What is your favourite tv show that is off-air?

I currently love a lot of tv shows that are off-air b/c I haz netflix. Right now it's Star Trek: The Next Generation, and new Doctor Who.

Do you have a fannon (or whatever you call this term) name for yourself? Ex: Trekkie, Potter-head, twi-hard.

I call myself a Trekkie, Potter-head, Brony, and a couple others which are escaping me at the moment.

Will you post your favourite video remix of a tv show?

This is my current fave right now. I--just-- Picard song! He's beast.

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In case anybody cares, I decided against taking the full-time job. I spoke with my dad's friend, an employment lawyer, who reassured me that this is not standard and that the organization is being dishonest in the discrepancy between their advertised wage versus the actual wage. I just sent an email to the person who hired me declining the position.

What's a difficult decision you've had to make?

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Just wondering, what have your experiences been like using ebooks for university? What did you like/not like about it, where did you get them from, etc? I'm looking at Cengage, and it says I can buy the ebook for 6 months; not sure how that would work, since it says I can view it offline as well (if I use Firefox)?

Dk/dc: What's the most/least you've ever paid for a semester's worth of books?

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Hello all, I'm hoping some of you will have some relevant experience about losing weight.

I've recently become the heaviest I've ever been and I'm not a fan of it, I want to be healthier and feel more like myself again.

I'm looking to do either Weight Watchers or The Biggest Loser (I hate the show, but my sister is on the diet club, and apparently it's a nice healthy way to do it) online. Do any of you have any experience with either of these? Or one you'd recommend?

EDIT: I'm leaning towards the Biggest Loser, as they have an exercise plan that doesn't involve a gym (I'm a poor student) but I am hesitant to ask my sister about her experience due to some personal issues.

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Drive in movies
3D movies


Ice skating
Roller blading/skating


Short Circuit

When it comes to spicy food, how much heat can you handle?

Too much black pepper can make my eyes water
When fast food and chain restaurants refer to an item as "spicy" I think they're being accurate
I tend to add red pepper flakes to a lot of foods I eat
I love spicy Thai foods, curries, etc.
I've done some spicy food challenges (Man vs. Food type stuff)
I would be comfortable with trying the Ghost Chili (the hottest pepper in the world)

Which of the following did your parents/guardians/etc encourage you to believe in?

Easter Bunny
Tooth Fairy
I was never encouraged to believe in a fictional being
Other (tell us in the comments!)

Who would win?

Hannibal Lector

In your experience, are you more likely to be:

The offender
The offended

Which is your favorite onion?

I don't care for onions

Get at me, Neville

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How would you explain to your new roommate that you are recovering/have recovered from an eating disorder?

She says things like "I can't eat dinner because I don't deserve more food." or just now she came back from the gym and said "I burned 400 calories. Aren't you proud of me?"

It's just triggering.

But at the same time I feel like I just need to get over it cause people are going to say things like this.
boston blood


does anyone have a picture of that hamster with the raw spaghetti noodle? i want to say whoever captioned it was making him steer a gondolier type boat.

i have googled every combination i could think of!
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If you were featured on What Not to Wear, what do you think Stacy and Clinton would say about your closet/wardrobe?

EDIT: Will you post pictures of you in an outfit so we can play Stacy and Clinton, and tell you what we think of your fashion sense?

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What's the most painful or most traumatizing medical procedure you've ever gone through?

My cystoscopy and catheter tests. Nothing like having catheters and metal tubes shoved into your urethra with no pain medication.

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I'm in charge of the dessert for my dad's birthday party, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to make. I'm thinking some sort of pie—not a fruit pie, but more along the lines of a chocolate or peanut butter or cream pie or what have you. Any suggestions?

(And if you have any recipes to share, it would be much appreciated.)
Fiendish Fox

Sorry I wrote a damn essay....but this has really hurt me and I don't know what to do...

I am in need of serious advice on how to deal with my sister. At this point I think I'd be fine never seeing or talking to her again. The good news is she'll be staying with my grandparents while she goes to University but she'll come home on weekends and my family has always been quite close so I will be forced to be around her at family gatherings.

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tl;dr My sister is a miserable human being. Do I continue my relationship with her after years of physical and verbal abuse or do I end the relationship and hope she matures into a somewhat respectable person.

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Have you heard about Nicholas Coke, the baby born without a brain?

He has a brain stem, which makes him able to breath and swallow, but he can't do much else. He can't see, hear, smell, feel anything, or even think. He has no awareness whatsoever.

He was born in 2008, but I can't find anything else about him, so he could be dead by now.

I understand his family is happy he's lived this long, but I don't agree it's a miracle. Such a terrible birth defect could never be a miracle, IMO, even if he lives 20 years.