September 5th, 2011


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Apparently one of my 'friends' wanted to really kick up the teenage drama before we're no longer teenagers and has been saying rather spiteful things about me to my ex boyfriend (we're still good friends).

Since I'm NOT 14, I'm just letting it slide, but if I was to be vengeful..what should I do?

Non srs answers very much appreciated. Need a good laugh.

edit: It's a chick so I can't do anything to her nutsack.

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A friend and I are disagreeing on something, so TQC, solve for X:

If you meet someone and get along really well, and obviously at some point they tell you their name, is it weird to find them on facebook and add them a day or two later?

I say it's fine, friend says creepy, who is right?

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What could you use the most right now? We all have a lot of things absent in our lives right now. Pick the one that would really help you the most this very minute

A good poll (good luck elsewhere)
A hug
A good meal
A good lay
Sleep (stupid insomnia)
Entertainment (stupid boredom)
$$ (online shopping)
$$ (bills are really bugging me rn)
Conversation (really lonely rn)
Closure (I need finality on something. The uncertainty is keeping me awake)
Willpower (to get off the computer)
Self cleaning

I'm under attack

What in the ever loving hell has gotten into my cat? I was sleeping peacefully, and he came up on the bed, meowing for some attention. I sleepily obliged, and then woke all the way up since he was being rather insistent that I pet him with both hands. Soon after, he started biting. Not hard, just enough to let me know his teeth were on me. He bit my arm, my stomach, my feet, legs even my ass. Is he possessed?

Without killing him, how do I reclaim my bed and get some sleep?

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Inspired by a discussion with a shallow person in class...

Should someone stay with a SO that they are in love with and sexually active with ...but they are are mildly unattracted to them?
Like, they are not their ideal choice 'body type'? (ex. muffin tops, flabby chest, small boobs, tummy pudge...when they personally prefer someone more skinny, bigger boobs, muscular, etc.)

What if it's starting to affect sexual activity with the SO?

*I feel that if you love someone, it shouldn't matter. Sometimes you can't help who you fall in love with.

DK/DC: Should I go shopping tomorrow (Labor Day)? I do really need to go to the grocery store, but I haven't slept all night and am starting to feel like crap probably b/c I haven't ate, I don't want to wake my roomate :/
Will the stores even be open? (I usally take the day off from work and stay in so idk.)
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Does anybody know what the HTML code is for putting a text box that holds HTML in an entry? If I put in a normal textbox, it turns all the HTML into actual code - I want someone to be able to copy the raw code and paste it into their own HTML entry.

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Those of you who live with your SOs: How do you split expenses? Do you try to split everything exactly 50 / 50? If so, how does it work out for you? Any resentments or overcompensations?

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What kind of documents are generally required from a guarantor when signing an apartment lease?

-copy of recent pay stubs (for confirmation of employment)
-copy of recent federal tax return
-copy of photo ID
-copy of recent bank/investment statements

Does that sound about right?

I'm about to fly out to NYC for apartment hunting and I want all my ducks in order... I have signed many apartment leases before, but not anywhere where the landlords required so much documentation.

I have also seen some apartment apps ask for letters of recommendation. Is that usual? Who should I get to write them? I can probably get 2 letters from my current and previous landlords... is that enough, you think?
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Food, glorious food...

So yeah, we're going to be a single-income family for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, all three of us eat.

What are your favorite low-cost meals, TQC?

Bonus points for vegetarian meals. Extra bonus points if a slightly picky 11-year-old girl will eat it without drama.

Obligatory second question: when did you roll out of bed this morning? (About nine-ish, and the day has flown by since!)

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my roommate/fwb/whateverthefuckwearethisweek and I have decided to part ways. I don't think he'll be able to get utilities in his name but that's not my problem.

How should we split the furniture and household items that we bought together over the past 2 years?

somethings were given to us. something were bought with my money but put in his name. somethings I bought and he repaid me for the items.

kitchen table and chairs were given to us by a friend of his.
I bought the gas/charcoal grill, but he uses it. I don't.
the beds were in his name but paid for with my money/debit card.
the computers were both bought with my money.
3 of the 4 TVs I brought with me when I moved in. .
couch and recliner I bought but he repaid me for them.
other random household things don't matter.

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People with long hair - does it get matted and tangled over the day where it rubs against your clothes?
I haven't had hair this long in ages and it keeps almost dreadlocking itself on the bottom layer.
do you have secrets for me?

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DOCTOR TQC, what do i have?

TQC, i don't feel sick but my nose is stuffed up to the point of not being able to breathe much through it and my throat has been scratchy and dry on and off.

this started yesterday or late Saturday. i figure it could just be allergies but i've had allergies since i was a little kid and i've had them all spring and summer and they've never been like this. could it be fall allergies? i've heard those are the worst.
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Alright! I am feeling too lazy to cook.
So, what's some good food you can eat without cooking/crazy preparation?

All the way from small snacks to meals.
Get detailed!

(Hummus and pita bread is always a plus, as well as sandwiches - but tell me your favorite kind?)
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Goofy Facebook situation

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The question: how do I get around Auntie Em's request that I add her on Facebook?

A. Start a new account just for family/close friends and add her there
B. Wait until the drama dies down (end of this week at the earliest) and add her to my current account
C. Conveniently "forget" until Thanksgiving, when she'll get on to me about it after complimenting my broccoli casserole.

I experimented with the filters there with a friend of mine, and it wasn't working. I guess I'll either start a new account or procrastinate.

Do you have any traits that you got from a non-parent family member? My aunt and I act and talk a lot alike.

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What should I name my fledgeling mehndi business? Mehndi = henna body art.

So far, my favorite is Anima Mehndi. I like the way it sounds, and it's a fun play on words based on Anima mundi, "the soul of the world." I think the concept suits the craft.

Other ideas are Hennawood (or Hennawood Design), Monsoon Henna, Homegrown Henna, or maybe Terra Mehndi.

I'm still brainstorming, so I'm open to other ideas as well. Something nature themed would suit me and my area. I also like the idea of something magic based, but couldn't come up with anything that didn't sound super cheesy.

Thanks, TQC!

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What was the last movie you watched that was so bad it was good?

Im watching "The Change Up" right now and its awful...but HILARIOUS!!

I cannot stop laughing...but its so bad...


DK/DC: Whens the last time you lost your temper?
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Ontario marriage question

This may be a silly question, or just confusing. Sorry!

Back in January I got married. Mostly due to laziness and not yet making a decision, I haven't looked into how to change my last name until recently. My hubby and I went to city hall and were told we had to apply for a certificate of marriage. I was confused, because I already have a piece of paper that says "Certificate of Marriage". They told us we needed that to apply for a "real" certificate, then ignored us.

So TQC, do I have a certificate of marriage or not? How do I apply for one if this is not what I'm suppose to have? I live in Ontario if that helps. All I can find online is that I need this certificate that I thought I already have because that's what this paper says! I just want to change my last name.

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For those of you who got married in Ontario, did you need anything else to change your last name?

Edit: Thanks for the comments and confirming what I have isn't an actual marriage certificate. I've now applied for the the one by the province. Thanks everyone!
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Alvin and the Chipmunks and Papa Smurf at a couple Smurfs have begun a streetfight. You see them wrastling in the street . You look down, and you notice that there's a baseball bat at your feet. What do you do?

Try and break up the fight between the little CGI critters
Sit on the curb and watch them
Take the bat and bash the Smurfs
Take the bat and bash the Chipmunks
Take the bat and bash everything under a foot in height
Capture as many as I can and sell them on ebay to annoying animated character collectors
Try and sober up and vow to stay off drugs

Edit: Papa Smurf AND a couple of Smurfs
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Guys who do i still feel guilty missing lectures when a) i can't even concentrate so i don't even learn anything, b) it takes them 2 hours to teach me something i can learn within 1 hour in the comfort of my own home, and c) everything - slides and lecture recording - is up on the internet, and i can learn on my own pace, rewind, fast forward, etc.

Would you still attend lectures if you were in my position?
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My cat is 7 years old and I've had her since she was a kitten. I've just moved for the fifth time with her (I know, it sucks) and the first thing she ALWAYS does after we move is pee on my bed. Two of the times she continued peeing on the bed every so often, and two of the times she did it just the once and never again. Sure enough, she just peed on my bed. (Yay for pre-emptively putting a waterproof cover on my mattress.)

I know that moving is stressful for her, but how can I prevent her from continuing this behavior??

ETA: It's been a different mattress each time, ftr, so I don't think she's like, continuing to mark her territory because she smells it. And I had her checked for UTIs a couple of times but she came up clean. I don't think it's a physical cause.

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At the beginning of this summer I got two jobs, one in a pub and one at festivals. I explained to the pub the dates I would be away, and that they were my priority, so if they wanted me to turn down the festival job I would. They said not to, and being away would be fine.
Cut to the end of the summer, and I really only did about 7 shifts in the pub.
I saw the landlady my local street festival I was volunteering at, and apologised profusely. At the time, she could have been drunk, and seemed pissed off in a joking kind of way. She was stand-offish for the rest of the weekend, though it could have just been because she was busy.
Either way, I now feel awful for letting them down, would like to go back at Christmas (though know my chance is probably gone) and want to make amends.
To make it all more awkward they owe me about £150 in wages, which I didn't ask for at any point.

How do I go about getting this money in the nicest bridge-building way?

Tl;dr, didn't work in a pub when I said I would, how do I apologise (given i've tried once) and get my unpaid wages?

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Would you be willing to help me do a lesson on stereotypes, TQC?

If so, I would love for you to please post a full-body shot of you in normal street-clothes and then one in your normal work attire (scrubs, suits, whatever you wear to work). Please keep photos appropriate for 7th grade. I'd also like to know what you do for a living, your level of education, that kind of stuff. We're working on how looks aren't a good way to tell stuff about a person. Thank you, TQC!!


I just installed Ubuntu on my new netbook (because Windows 7 starter sucks in more ways than I can name).  For you linux users, do you have any suggestions of neat programs I can download?  I already have the basics (google chrome, pandora, dropbox, gimp) but since there are thousands of programs I don't want to miss out on something super cool.
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I came across this while going through photos on my computer and now I am curious. Will you post your senior picture from high school? What was the name of your high school? What year did you graduate?

Channel Islands High School, Oxnard, CA. Class of 1975.

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Moms! If your water broke, was there a smell?

DK/DC/Not a mom/Water didn't break

Have you ever had to give a speech at a wedding? If so, how long was it?
My sisters wedding is this Friday and I still haven't written my speech.

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i got my timetable for both semesters for my last year of university right up to my graduation, EEK! i really wish we got a heads up with some pre reading or something but we don't! so i have two questions...

1) do you know anything or can point me in the right direction towards any websites/books/basic information relating to anything to do with my class which i've given information about behind the cut?

2) if you study, what is on your timetable and what do your classes entail?

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Hey, Dr. TQC. I bring you my first question.

My lower lip has been numb since Saturday afternoon. What gives? It's like I spread Orajel all over it or something... 'cept I didn't. It's numb as hell. Wtf?

I had surgery at the beginning of August and I have had issues where parts of my face lose feeling, but this operation was on my ear, and other times, the affected parts were close to where I was operated on. So I doubt it's that.
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So I've been living on gatorade now for nine days straight. how much longer can I go?

(disclaimer: I am trying to eat regular food but keep getting real sick every time I do. I am also trying to find a doctor that can fix me, but it turns out labor day weekend is a popular time for vacationing. Do not try this at home).
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I spent most of the afternoon making chicken and dumplings. My father in law had a little bit, and then I just saw him in the kitchen making a bowl of soup from a can. I'm kind of irritated, to say the least.


Just wondering what others would feel.

ETA: I always find something to add. Since it's important to add, I'll say I was *asked* to make chicken and dumplings today. I know they eat them, because they've made it in the past.

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Are there two people in tqc you always mix up and can't seem to keep separate?

For some reason I never know which is which with foutu/leahfu and rebelwaltz/retroworter (sp?) I should probably get a paid account so I can use notes. Is it worth it?

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Do you have any funny stories of relatives having trouble with the police?

-My mother was arrested at age 13 for riding double on a bicycle. She got a $100 fine. They even used handcuffs.
-My great-grandmother was arrested for trying to get out of a speeding ticket by showing the cop her huge saggy boobs. She was almost 90.
-My great-grandfather on the other side was arrested for public nudity and public drunkenness. When he sobered up, he said, "It's true I was drunk, but I wasn't naked, I was wearing a shoe."

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Can you help me think of a name for my fantasy hockey team? The only rule is it has to be less than 20 characters and I suppose can't have swearing. Also I've never done this before and I'm not going to take it super seriously so it can honestly be any name. I'm just not feeling creative.

A really great/horrible hockey-related pun would come in handy here.

EDIT: I settled on "Don't Toews me, Bro!". I like it.

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i've eaten about 1,000 calories today and burned off around 300 running errands on my bike and horseback riding.

i just ate dinner and i'm really full but i'm supposed to be eating 1,500 calories a day and i think that may be how much i'm supposed to eat after i've exercised.

can i just say screw it or should i eat something more before bed?

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Have you (or anyone you know) had your teeth professionally whitened? I'm going to get mine done tomorrow morning and I'm ready all sorts of horror stories online about how painful they found it and how unbearably bad it is. I have a low pain tolerance in general, but I really want to get this done so I don't want to just cancel. :(

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When you were a kid, if your parent was picking you up somewhere, were they a "wait in the car for you to come out" or a "head on in and socialize with everyone" type?
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Am I drunk or did the background change without my noticing? Edit: I figured it out. I had my laptop screen tilted forward so the pink was a lot brighter than normal. 

Will you tell me a joke?

Will you show me your favorite picture of recent?