September 4th, 2011


Are there any smells that remind you of certain things/moments in your life?

Whenever I smell freshly cut grass, I am reminded of my first love who used to cut out grass when I was a teenager.
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witchbabywigg and I were just discussing our behavior with laptops. The subject of bringing them into the bathroom came up. So tell me, TQC, if you have a laptop, does it go into the bathroom with you?

It's 6:07am on Sunday morning as I post this. What time is it where you are? Where do you live?
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what's the best way to lose weight that isn't an eating disorder?

i want to lose 20-30 pounds but not by restricting and throwing up, and i don't really know where to start besides vague "healthy eating" and exercise. i don't know a lot about food, mostly just how many calories are in it. i also don't have much money, so i can't buy a ton of produce and lean meat and stuff.

what should i eat and what can i buy that will stretch a few meals? meal ideas?

BONUS QUESTION: my friend sent me a text that said, "Yo, how's your bike".

it's outside his apartment building.

do you think it got stolen??? or does he think it's outside the side door(he goes out that door) and hasn't seen it on the main street? now i'm worried someone took it and he thinks i came to get it.

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  1. What is the biggest event, by number of people, that you have seen in person?
  2. What is the most expensive single item you’ve ever bought?
  3. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen someone do?
Ben Wyatt

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this spider just lunged at me and it has glowing eyes and like a fang coming out of its backside.

can i kill it and not feel guilty?

it's seriously an aggressive little fucker and it's been hanging out in the corner, disguised as a Daddy Long Leg BUT IT'S CLEARLY NOT. don't click that if you're afraid of spiders, btw.

CAN I JUST KILL IT? it clearly has it out for us to begin with. i'm not afraid of spiders and this thing scared the bajesus outta me.

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i'm hoping somebody can help me!

i'm doing a nursing assignment and i have to refer to a form that every adult patient gets when they are admitted onto a word. i've written how i would assess her according to the chart. but i think i might need to put the chart into my references list.

how do i do that? how do i cite this form? to be exact it's the initial adult inpatient screening tool. anybody have any clue? i use apa referencing.
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Do you ever feel like maybe you shouldn't be standing in front of the microwave while it's running because it might be turning your insides into jelly?

I do. And our microwave is at head level so I feel like my brain could be melting. XD (This isn't meant to be a serious question)

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if there were to be a fire/flood/natural disaster/whatever and you could only grab 3 things from your house, what would they be?

*your family and pets are already safe btw* :)


what color are the sheets on your bed right now?

I would take my Grandfathers WWII platoon picture, my wallet and my laptop.

Bright green with a blue and bright green plaid comforter

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im pretty upset im mad at my best friend i love her and she really looks out for me but her abusive ex bf has abused me too and im really upset ive had to deal with it. he tried to kick my ass yesturday and degraded me by calling me a faggot and a bunch of other things.. he has made fun of me for a really long time and i finally stood up for myself and told him to stop and he literally attacked me.

have you ever felt like you where dragged into someone elses relationship?

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Which would you rather do?

Eat nothing but deep-fried butter for a week straight
Perform 3 song onstage in front of 10,000 people. You're completely naked and you're singing alone, hands at your side the entire set

Which would you rather do?

Perform an autopsy (there's an instructional video you'll be observing at the time) using a dull steak knife for all the cutting
Go skydiving, tandem-jump style. Your chute operator is a guy who suffers from narcopelsy. Has an episode daily, but just one. Hasn't had his today yet

Which would you rather do?

Go graverobbing. Dig up and loot 12 recently interred graves
Be buried alive for 2 hours. You have enough air. Guarranteed. No light. You're given enough energy drink so you can't sleep

Which would you rather do?

Give Betty White a Brazillian wax
Receive a Brazillian wax from your boss. Or your least attractive teacher if you're in school

Which would you rather do?

Have 2 huntsman spiders released into your room an hour before bed, and then going to sleep as normal

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Whats the last thing you made by hand?

I busted out four ATC's today and am excited to send them to people :D

DK/DC/Not creative: What are you having for dinner?

Im having a frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza....I think is Sicilian.

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I'm having a full turkey dinner for dinner. Turkey, Stuffing, Yams with marshmallows and Mashed taters.

Are you jealous?

Maybe you're jealous of the fact that I went to a cider mill today?


Well, why is your life so much better than mine?

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What was for dinner tonight TQC?
I had some potstickers and I cooked some ramen and put in some shrimp and curry spices.

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What do you think of writing your own obituary throughout your life and your family uses it or at least parts of it when you die?

I think it's neat. My grandpa started writing his over 20 years ago, and when he passed, we used a great deal of it out of respect for him. A lot of the younger family members liked the idea and plan to do it.
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Hey Australians/ tourists of Australia:
Where should I go for my 3 days of holiday? (I have 7 but can only travel for 3).
1. Good sights
2. Semi metroplitan
3. Beaches.

This is all of coastal NSW y/y?

Engagement gift ideas

What do I get my friend, who is having her engagement party on Saturday?

I'm willing to spend $100-200 but it's gotta be nice 'cos we've worked together for 5 years and I can't go for her wedding because it's in Jordan =[

I was thinking jewellery but haven't found anything nice. All ideas are appreciated tho..

Fresh Prince

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What are your favourite quotes or song or movie lyrics relating to love, happiness, forever, etc?

Been trawling google etc but most of what it's turning up is reeeeeeally cheesy little greeting card poem type things haha