September 2nd, 2011


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You order something online. Expected shipping date is between August 24 and August 31.
How long do you wait before you contact someone about it?
Do you email the seller first or go straight to Amazon?

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how's your wine knowledge? in a blind taste test, do you think you'd be able to identify which type of wine you are drinking? (type meaning like merlot, pinot noir, malbec etc...not sure if there's other terminology for that.)

i am woefully ignorant about wine and can't tell most of them apart (or rather, i can taste that there is a difference but can't match certain characteristics with certain types of wines). i'm secretly convinced that lots of people pretend to know stuff about wine when they order at a restaurant or pick a bottle from the store but are really just bluffing. t/f?

outfit challenge?

Without having to see any pictures, because I'm already in bed, will you pick my outfit for tomorrow for work? Maybe with googled pictures?

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Assume I have the simplest, thrift store basics wardrobe. Make me look fabulous?!

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from charmecia5
too late. my spell is complete now. my dream has come true now, which was to have dirty, passionate, sex with william and now i have a baby by him. now what you gotta say about that

tqc, how is she still around? or better question how are we not all dead or her slaves since she is such a magical ass bitch.

idc/don't know who this is/you are a dumb ho for upsetting this wizard: Will you post a cute picture of your pet then tell me about something disgusting or bad it does that you hate?


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Do you generally go grocery shopping on a certain day or at a certain time?

I only go to Wal-mart in the middle of the night because I hate going during the day. I go to Wegmans on Mondays or Wednesdays.
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Someone says I have a 3 day weekend coming up. I always read this as how many days they have off work, not really how many days they have in the weekend. My husband says Friday - Monday is a 4 day weekend but Friday is automatically part of the weekend whether you have it off or not.

So, if you don't work Monday do you have a 3 day weekend or a 4 day weekend?
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I'm backing up a co-worker who is out of town for the next week. She left without being current on one of her reports, so I have to catch up. It's going to take about 2 hours of my day to do this. What pranks should I pull on her when she gets back to get even? The more creative the better!

I'm getting my nails done today. Should I get a french manicure or just a solid color? What color?

How has your week been going?
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What's a subtle way of showing or telling someone you don't want to be more than friends?

Backstory: The plant I work in is a friendly place. We all say hi to each other and are more acquaintances that friends. There's a guy that seems to have mistaken my friendliness for interest, but he is being subtle about it. I'll still have to see him during my workday, so I don't want to be a bitch. And since he'e been subtle, I don't want to be too blatant about it.

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1) You have to be sandwiched between two people for the rest of your life at all times. What two people do you want to be squished between?

I'm thinking Tom Hardy and Jason Momoa. I'd alternate what direction I was facing every day :D

2) How long would you wait for an online order to ship before you emailed the seller?

I've waited almost two and a half weeks to receive a shipping confirmation (that I know I'm supposed to receive), and I'm not sure if I should ask the seller what's up or if I should wait longer.

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Is Rich Text Editor only something paid members get now? I have two accounts and one of them is free, and I can't use Rich Text Editor under that. I just noticed that.

eta: apparently it works again under my other account. So, what was the name of your first pet, if you remember?
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In these wanning days before I start back to work at school, should I go to Toronto to the CNE and stay overnight or just stay home and veg?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Stay Home.
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do you think i'm expecting too much from my friends or are they not being supportive like they should?

most of my friends are a bit bigger than me. not a lot but i mean like 20-30+ pounds. we all have body image issues and they know i've suffered from an eating disorder. i went to the doctor today and i got weighed. i asked not to be told but the nurse must not have said anything to the doctor because she told me. it's more than i expected and quite a bit more than i'd like, so i got pretty upset.

i texted a couple of my friends and they said stuff to the extent of "that's like 30 pounds less than me so shut yo mouth". i know they're not trying to be mean but it's really upsetting me that they're being so insensitive(unless i'm the one being insensitive?). i could really use some support and reassurance and i feel like they're telling me i have no right to be upset even though i'm the one with the goddamn eating disorder.

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I keep seeing screencaps, drawings, and general fangirly squees of these two guys who I'm guessing are "Thor and Loki". Thor has long blond hair, and Loki is this smallish guy with short dark hair, and they're live action/real people.

What are they from? Google has been 100% unhelpful (as odd as that is considering I'm seeing these images without looking for them).
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I did a bad thing. My mother paid for the two classes I was taking this semester. She did this because I didn't want to go in the first place (too busy with new job) but she insisted, and signed me up. I appreciated her concern, and signed up.

Wellll... I wasn't kidding when I said that I was too busy. I work two jobs, and one is an overnight job, and I get physically wiped out. I fell asleep and slept through one of my classes, which was only a four week class. I woke up, freaked out, then decided to just drop with a refund and try that class another time.

TQC, it didn't refund. It gave me a grade of W and told me to fuck off. That's 111.5o down the drain. I just called the admissions office but no one picked up, so I left a message begging them to call me. I need them to either let me back in the class, or to refund me. What do you think my chances are of either?

I love that my mom is trying to get me through college, but I would have much preferred to go at my own time when I am not stretched to the limit. HOWEVER, I am absolutely sick with fear that I just wasted so much money. What do I do?

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I brought a caramel apple crepe home last night and left it on the counter when I went to bed. Is it safe to eat or do crepes have to be refrigerated? It's been sitting for 12 hours now. :(

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I pulled chicken out of my very cold freezer last night to thaw around midnight and promptly forgot about it.  Around 9 this morning I asked my roommate about it and didn't get a response until after noon and never got an acknowledgment after I asked him to put it in the fridge, so I have no idea if he put it in there or even when. I'm going to have to throw it out, aren't I?

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Going out to dinner tonight and I'm craving a cocktail. I like sweet, don't do dark rums, am not driving or paying, and am a light weight.
Any recommendations? Tell me what's in it too, not just the name.

clothing of the future for the rest of us?

Many TV shows, video games and movies want us to believe that we'll all be wearing skinsuits of some lycra-type material, and that we'll also all somehow have amazing bodies so we won't care that all we have to wear are skinsuits. I seriously doubt this is a reality, so can TQC provide example of realistic examples of futuristic clothing? The only one I can think of is Firefly. I'm really looking for displays of many different body types.

Cell phone issues

Hi I recently bought a samsung galaxy from T mobile. The phone was giving me trouble, mostly in that phone calls weren't coming through. If someone happened to leave a voicemail, I'd get it, but it wouldn't show missed calls or anything. It was also dropping calls.
Eventually I got them to give me a replacement one (same type of phone), but this one is even worse. My friends aren't getting my texts till hours later if at all, sometimes the same text goes through multiple times. and even if I have service, when they call it goes straight to voicemail and doesn't show missed call.

First question, does this sound like a phone or more likely a network problem?
Second, if I switch service providers, can I still keep my same phone number or is that not possible?
Should I switch services (I have been with t mobile for about 8 years)?

Living in Austin, TX currently, can anyone recommend a good service provider that doesn't have a lot of issues?

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What was the last thing you googled that didn't come up with what you were looking for?

Were you dismayed that the internet let you down?

Today I tried googling all types of phrases for an image I hoped someone had drawn (because I won't be able to draw it).
And a while ago I was talking about Rigolicole(sp?), an educational kid's show teaching french with muppety puppets, set in a school. One was called JJJ and there was an anthropomorphic fish character called Poisson. Google let me down. I couldnt believe there weren't even snippets on youtube. =(

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Guys, I have a dinner thing to go to tonight and I'm so tired that the skin underneath my eyes is hurting, I swear. How can I just power through this and be social and not exhausted?

Also, have you ever been treated for PTSD? My therapist is planning on doing EMDR with me and I just wondered if anyone here has any experience with it.

If you think my questions suck, do you like vodka tonics?

Online classes

For those of you who've taken them, how do you cope with fully online classes? Do you like them better than face to face sessions? Any tips or recommendations?

I'm taking two this semester (graudate school/library school if that matters). One of them is only offered online and the other I'm taking online because the face to face version interfered with my work schedule. I took one semi-online course in the past that met face to face four times. I got a good grade in the end but I didn't feel very engaged at all and had a hard time pushing myself to keep up. I also found it hard not to become distracted when doing things like listening to audio lectures. I'd really like to do better in these classes.
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TQC, my cousin gave me most of a case of makeup. It's pretty and everything, but, uh, I don't wear makeup and have zero interest in learning how to apply it. How do I get rid of it without being offensive?

Srs/non-srs answers acceptable.
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job satisfaction v. income and stability

Let's say you have two job offers. One is full-time with benefits, not in your field, incredibly boring, offers no room for advancement, and isn't particularly impressive on a resume. The other is ~20 hours a week without benefits (so you'd have to supplement with another job), in your field, and more interesting. Not much room for growth either as it's a 9 month position, but it looks good on a resume. Both pay the same rate per hour. Which do you choose?

EDIT: For the second job, you have something else you can supplement it with, but it pays half as much per hour.
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A while ago I read a jokey-serious thing about giving one's loved one a potato instead of an engagement ring. It was a list of things like "a ring is inert, but a potato will grow and can nourish many", "a ring can be a conductor, but potatoes make electricity". My google-fu is weak on finding it again, does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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My friend just sent me the following text:

"I have to keep a blog about poverty for my Homeless and Hunger Class. What should I call it?"

Does anyone have any ideas for him? I'm coming up short.

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What age do you want your kids to have sex at? Why...

Or more poignantly, what age do you consider reasonable for your children to commence sexual relations? (I like the first Q better).
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Are you comfortable driving on the highway? What advice would you give to someone who was nervous about driving on the highway?

Edit: My personal nervousness stems from reading the signs and going in the wrong direction - therefore taking me somewhere I don't know. :\

advice please?

My mom just lost custody of my two half brothers. She is feeling defeated and might need someone to tell her to chin up because moping won't get her kids back.

This weekend is my first anniversary with my husband. It is a long weekend, so it is convenient for my sister and I to travel out of state to give mom the pep talk.

Am I being selfish for wanting this weekend to be with my husband? I offered to go up next weekend with my sister but I feel bad because I know my mom is hurting and I can't do much about it from here. BLARG.

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My dad likes to make up songs a lot.

He was just hitting a butter knife to the sink and after each ding sang out "Cold Steeeeeeeel!"
Then he asked "What do you think the name of that song was?"
I said "I don't know, tink tink?"
He said "No, it was called 'Lick My Love Pump'" And then giggled.

What the last gross thing you heard?


Thank you

When is the last time you said thank you to the person who works on your bus driver or train driver or train conductor/guard, etc (anyone that helps provide the public transport you use)?

Why did you do this (or not do this)?

Don't use public transport or don't care,

What is one product that you purchased on a holiday/ vacation (somewhere other than near where you live) that  is not sold near you and you wish it was?
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Hey everyone!
This is a question for the people who love to read. Specifically, those who also have an e-reader, but still like "physical" books, too. It's not meant to be a debate about the merits of one versus the other, because I've seen plenty of threads like that. But I'm very curious how others go about their consumption of books in one format or/versus/plus the other.
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A guy in my class just posted this to our discussion board:

"I think that this may be as good as it gets in terms of equality because at the end of the day there's just more jobs in the workforce and society that men can do that women just cannot do"

So I asked him what jobs he was referring to. What do you think he'll say?

What was the last thing you saw that made you shake your head?

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Can someone link me to the gif of a black woman saying something like "Yes, I like juice" or something along those lines?

Edit: found it! What should I do with my boyfriend while he's here through Monday?