September 1st, 2011



I took most of the basic courses needed for a lot of majors....a few years ago, then I couldn't decide what I really wanted to major in.
I'm currently saving up to go back to school, hopefully next September. There's just so much going on this coming year, and I have almost no free time as it is.

I started going to school for International Relations. Then I wanted to take Psychology.
Now I want to go to a culinary school, or maybe take anthropology.

I'm 22 and getting married next year, and I want to do something that doesn't involve working in a mall(where I am currently working). I also wouldn't mind just being a housewife and having six kids.

My question is: what should I major in? and should I even bother?
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You're housesitting for a friend. Your friend has a dog, which you walk to the park every day. Your friend isn't due back until next week. One day in the park, you're approached by a well-dressed man. "OMG, is that dog yours? That looks like a purebreed (insert something rare)! I'll give you $10,000 for her. Cash! Here's my card. Think about it please." What do you do? As far as you know, your friend has only had the dog for a year

Toss the card out. It's not my dog to sell
Sell the dog and then tell my friend it ran away
Research the breed and find out exactly how much it sells for, and then try and contact someone for a sale at a no-doubt higher rate
Sell the dog and try to find a look-a-like at the kennel. Some hair dye may be involved

You're walking along a high bridge one early morning, when you see a short woman trying to climb the guard rail. She's struggling. When she sees you, she informs you that her fiance just dumped her on the same day she was fired from her job. They're already foreclosing on her house. She's going to kill herself and she's made up her mind, but she just can't climb up to the dangerous point of the bridge due to her height. She asks you if you'll give her a boost. If you do, she says, she'll let you have her car, which is a 2011 Prius. She'll sign it over to you if you help her up. What do you do?

Refuse to help her kill herself. Try and talk her out of it. Try and give her a reason to live
Help her up. Get the car. If I didn't do it, someone else would and they'd get the car
Call the suicide hotline. Ask for advice. Will not help her up
Keep on walking. I don't want to get involved

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I went into my roommate's room earlier this morning because her alarm was going off and she wasn't home. When I went in there, I saw a pair of my earrings on her dresser. We are friends, so I know she didn't steal them from me; she probably brought them into her room to try them on with the intention of borrowing them.

She can be the type of person who takes forever to return stuff if not directly asked for the item she borrowed back. Lord knows how long she would have gone before giving the earrings back to me...

I took the earrings back to my room without telling her. Would you have done the same thing, or would you have given her a heads up that you would be taking them back?

Stop that car!!

Random thought, inspired by Bruno Mars this morning on the way to work:

If your car lost it's brakes, would you know how to stop your car?  Even if it's going down a steep hill? At excessive speed?

With an automatic transmission? With a manual transmission?  If your e-brake wore out (which they can do, really quick!)?

What would you do in that situation, other than scream like a little girl and piss your pants?
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Did your schools have a principal and a vice principal? Just a principal? Something else entirely?

How well-acquainted were you with the administration in your schools? Was the person/were the people in charge a really visible presence, or did they mostly just sit hidden in their office(s)?

Were you ever sent to the office for misbehavior?

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Yeah, I know this is a repeat, but it's more of a do-over. Last poll was too easy. Way too easy. This version may be more challenging

Poll #1774956 Weird - redux

Same scenario. You're housesitting for a friend, and dogsitting as well, as your friend has a dog. You take it to the park daily. Your friend has only had the dog a month, but they've bonded really well. One day you're approached by a well-dressed stranger "OMG! That's a super rare (insert rare breed here)! I'll give you $30,000 for it! Cash! Here's my card. Think about it". Your friend isn't due back until next week. What do you do?

Throw the card away. It's not my dog
Give card to friend when she returns. Let her decide
Sell dog. Tell my friend it ran away. She's only had it for a month. She can't be too heartbroken
Sell dog. Replace it with a lookalike. I may have to use hair dye if necessary
Research the breed online, find out if it's worth more. If it is, try and find a buyer at the correct price, and then sell dog

You're crossing a high bridge. A short woman is trying to climb over the guard rail, but can't quite do it. Upon seeing you, she stops you. "Please help me get to the top. I plan on committing suicide. You see, I have an inoperable spinal disease that's slowly killing me. I'm in excrutiating pain. The doctors give me 6 months, but I cannot keep going. If you help me up, I'll give you my car. It's a 2011 Ferrari. I'll sign it over to you if you just help me up. Please". What do you do?

Try and talk her out of it. There has to be options. I will not help her up
I help her up. She may have a legit reason to off herself, and if I don't help her, someone else will and they'll get the car
Call the suicide hotline or 911. Get professionals involved
Keep on walking. I won't get involved

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My old high school had a rule that you couldn't wear your coats in class because kids could hide weapons in coats. I remember a few kids getting in trouble for suit style jackets on a couple of occasions.

However, you could carry your backpacks around with you wherever you went.

According to school officials, it's easy to hide a gun in a coat, but not in a backpack. Yes, that was their reasoning.

What dumb rules did your school have?

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WARNING: Cracked article. Do not click if you don't have a couple of free hours to spend reading.

Did you notice any of these the first time you read HP?

5 - WOW. Totally missed the Centaur rape. And I have a centaurs have human or horse penises?

4 - When reading the book, I did wonder if those love potions were legal or not.

3 - I did wonder how the characters felt about suddenly having body parts they hadn't had before. And if they tried these body parts out.

2 - I'm pretty sure most readers over the age of 15 figured that out.

1 - I always thought Hagrid's father just jerked off in what he thought was a cave...
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The teacher I am TAing teaches (college) freshmen. Today, he opened class by putting a bunch of news story titles on the board and asking the kids if any of them - what they were about, etc.

The point was to get them to expand their worldview by realizing they don't know much at all.

They are here:
- Bird flu epidemic
- Who's been dying in Afghanistan in August?
- Suburbs around NYC - Northeastern New Jersey or Westchester county
- Tripoli, Libya
- Katia is growing
- Suburbs of London
- River valleys in Vermont

How many do you know?

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Anyone get any awesome deals at the Borders closing sales? Will you tell me about them?

If not, will you tell me about the last time you saved a ton of money on something? Other than switching to geico, please

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I just went to the bank to deposit a check for cash into my mom's account. I had the deposit slip filled out with my mom's info and my check, which I signed.

The teller gave me a hard time, saying that my mom needed to be there to "accept" the deposit.

Have you ever heard of that?
Why would she need to be there to have money put into her account?

Anything that makes absolutely no sense to you that you'd like to whine about?

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I've just returned from a month away in which I haven't had any access to the news, the internet, whatever.

So what non serious news have I missed, TQC? Tell me the celebrity gossip of the last month, the LJ drama, and anything else entirely non serious that I should know all about.
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At my job, they might be offering classes to prepare us to get CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) certified. I do work in that field. Should I take the class? Cons are that it's a 10 month class and all of it will be outside of my normal work day.

What is your decision making process like? Do you just go with your first instinct or do you weigh the pros and cons for what seems like an eternity?

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Does anyone know how to convert an swf file to an mp3 file? I want to take this and convert it to mp3 but can not figure it out for the life of me. If you're good with this stuff and convert it for me and send it to my email, I will love you forever!
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Can we talk about lunches? I know lots of people ask about what to bring in their lunch, and I thought now would be a good time to pool ideas around lunches, since it's back to school and all. What do you like to pack in your lunch?

Also, if you are lunched out, do you remember your kindergarten teacher? What was the best thing about kindergarten? The worst?

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Are you a hypochondriac? Or do you know someone who is?

Does it severely affect your life?

I definitely am, but not one of those thats goes to the dr. every day I just look up symptoms of random arbitrary rare diseases an self diagnose and convince myself that I have them. So annoying.
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So I started one of my continuum of "dream jobs" a year ago- November. I adore my job and my company and have learned a ton! I've just stumbled across information that my "ultimate dream job" is available. I more than qualify but because I live in a major metropolitan area I'm sure competition will be steep, but I want to try anyway. My problem- I know I for sure have one glowing reference but I'm at a loss as to how to handle any secondary or tertiary references. The directors whom I work for currently are AMAZING and have done highly respected research so their references would mean a lot. However, I do not want to use them as references for fear that I won't get the position. I'll stay at my current "dream job" but I'll feel weird having them know that I was about to jump ship in a heartbeat assuming this job was offered to me. What do I do?

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Can my mom's friend hire a contractor to repair her house and then charge the landlord for the expenses?

My mom's friend has lived in her apartment for years. Whenever she tells the landlord that something needs to be repair he does nothing and she's left to live with the problems. Finally she decided she's had enough and wants to hire a contractor to repair the house. But she wants to know if she can do that and then charge the landlord for the money she spends on the materials and paying the contractor?

Canadian Paramedics?

So I'm thinking I might want to be a paramedic. The only problem is that I have Cerebral Palsy (although it's fairly mild) and a moderate to severe hearing loss in my left ear, with total deafness in my right. Does anyone here know anything about any kind of physical criteria (if any) that one needs to meet in order to be a paramedic in New Brunswick, Canada?

DK/DC- What is your religion? What denomination/school/tradition is your religion as well?
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What are your personal favourite website for buying cheap flights? (UK to America, if that helps)

I've googled, but people have been quoting me far cheaper flights than I've been finding, so I figure I'm not finding the best websites.

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i make small cute and spooky things like necklaces and bracletts out of polymore clay like skulls and cupcakes! i want to open a store on esty and sell them because recently i found out i could make some money off of it. i need an idea for the name of my store i cant think of anything. any suggestions? also could you give me some suggestions on small things to make? im running out of ideas and i seem to have brain blockage for art right now.

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So today I banged my elbow on my desk. This happened about 12 hours ago. And it STILL hurts! I must've knocked it just right. This situation leads me to ask, have you ever had an actual elbow injury? Not like a repetitive use injury, but more like a traumatic injury. I really wonder how much those hurt if just wanging it on the corner of my desk hurts like it still does 12 hours later.

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Are there any subjects/questions that come up here that you completely avoid/refuse to comment on because it will just frustrate you so much or others? What are you really passionate about?

I avoid commenting on any post that has to do with tipping because where I live in Canada, servers make a minimum of $11 and hour and all my waitress friends with tips make ~ 50-60 thousand a year according to them. It's hard for me to even fathom that in the US servers get paid less than minimum wage and strictly rely on tips.

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It's 1:40 in the morning. I'm bored, lonely and just a little bit miserable - husband's away on a long stretch, and I miss him waaaaah ):.

What can I do to cheer myself up?
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do you know what you want to do with your life?

i ask because i'm going to be 23 in december, have only completed a few general college courses about a year and a half ago, and right now i'm just working to help my mom with bills and overall expenses. i pretty much have no clue what i want to do.

anybody else in the same (or similar) boat?

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I may have feelings for my friend. My friend is starting to date another guy. She says they're just friends and not dating, but hinted they're hooking up, which, for me, is about the same as dating. We get along well, but I've apparently not only fallen into the friend zone, but a large boulder with the words 'buddies only' has pinned me to the walls in this zone. Maybe I haven't been as enthusiastic to start online dating because it just seems like work to get to those feelings of comfortableness and rapport with someone else. I'm probably a bad person for not keeping my feelings in control, so maybe it's best I don't hang out with her as much if it's just going to make me emotionally confuzzled.

Besides the jaeger and the lemoncello I still have left over from my Vegas trip, what would be helpful in helping me get a grip on my stupid feelings?
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hey people who wear glasses or contacts

Near-sighted, far-sighted? How long you been wearing them? How bad is your sight without them?

Been wearing glasses since I was 16 or so, needed them earlier but I was in denial. My sight's pretty bad, I can't see shit without them unless I'm way up close... which makes me near-sighted, I guess.
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What are some good activities/sports/club to get involved in that provide a good level of fitness activity/weight loss? (Wow I'm tired, that probably is worded terribly) I'm talking things like marathon running, dance classes, tae kwon do. Any ideas?

How do you stay active?
...How don't you?

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I'm only asking here because this is where I saw it originally. There's a pretty horrifying movie, I know it's available to watch on YouTube, and it features God committing suicide near the beginning. What is it called?!