August 31st, 2011


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This is kind of a long shot, but has anyone here heard of a show where four (?) families live like pioneers for a summer? I remember in the very beginning, there was a confession cam, and the mother of one of the families confessed that she'd stashed away some toilet paper, but she didn't give it up.

Anyhow, they start with a wagon that they have to carry to their destination (several miles away) and one of the little girls nearly gets run over by a horse because she didn't see the horse around her bonnet. And at the end, they're rated on whether they'd survive the winter or not. I remember the youngest couple won, but only because they were young and fit, not because they had enough food or firewood. And of course all of the families feel closer together and are more grateful for the ammenities they have in their lives, and it's all touchy-feely.

Does anyone recognize that show and know where I can watch, download, or buy it? Thanks in advance!!

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You have landed your dream job, hooray! And you get to choose between these four different time "slots" (for lack of a better term, sorry!) to work your Monday-Friday schedule:

7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Which do you choose and why? The hypothetical dream job says you absolutely must choose one and cannot propose another.
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I just drank 52 oz of iced tea in 29 minutes (and another 52 oz in 3 hours before that. Now I'm going to fall asleep. How many times will I either a) pee the bed or b) wake up and make it to the bathroom?

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i just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and they prescribed me an antibiotic for it that i'm supposed to take until friday. antibiotics don't really agree with me and this one makes it so i have no appetite, stomach pain, etc (but no hives or rash as of yet).

even though it's probably not an allergic reaction, should i let the doctor know, or is this a common problem? and i should still finish the course of antibiotics, yes?

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Poll #1774511 Let's see if we can get 100%

Which would you rather be allergic to?

Platypuses (platypii?)
Your own teeth

What job would you rather have?

Testing out the new rides at Disneyworld
Working at a slaughterhouse as the person who has to execute the cows. You have only a baseball bat to do it with

Who would you rather be owed?

Owed a favor by your favorite celebrity. A BIG favor
Owed a visit by the IRS

Which volunteer program would you rather do?

Spongebathing European models before they get plastic surgery. They'll be unconscious and you'll be unsupervised
Capturing, tagging and releasing feral skunks. You'll do it with your bare hands and out of your own car

Which trip would you rather take?

Trip to the White House via private jet, to watch the Rolling Stones perform. You have $5,000 spending money for your trip
Bus ride to the town hall of your own city to see mentally challenged children perform Hamlet. You have $5 spending money

Which would you rather be mistaken for?

A rich person staying at a ritzy hotel. You'll get massages and room service around the clock. Free
Mistaken for an illegal alien and deported

Where would you rather be stuck?

On the set for the next Spielberg movie, watching the magic happen
At a retirement home nudist colony

Which would you rather lose?

A finger

weeee horsies!

Last night I got a call about a possible 1-day job on Thursday at my old western stable. After finishing my volunteer job at my english stable early today, I went ahead and drove over to the western one to see what was up for Thursday. The owner and I got to talking and she offered me a real paying job to help her run/teach at the stable!!!
I have grown up being told that it takes YEARS and YEARS and alot of luck to get paid to be in the horse business. Wellll, look at me :D
I am engorged with horsie power.

What is your good news?
What is your dream job?
What is something that you were told you are too young to do/have?

What are some things you are planning to do this week?

Poop poll

How often do you poop?

5 or more times a day
3-4 times a day
Twice a day
Once per day
Once every other day
Once every third or so, or about twice a week, on average
Once per week
Less than once per week

Do you feel pressure in being more regular? Do you feel judged by your pooping lifestyle?

Yes. All the time
No. Never
I didn't feel my bowel movements were subject to conformity and social norms until this very moment.
Haters gonna hate. I just gotta be me. I'm a unique pooping snowflake

You're dating a new person. How long into the relationship until you feel comfortable pooping while they're in the next room?

First week. First date, really. No shame
First couple weeks
A month into the relationship
2-3 months in
Six months
A year
They can never no I do this bodily function

You're on a road trip and pull over to use a gas station bathroom. In the stall you walk into, you see a toilet filled to the midway point with excrement. Gross indeed. Sitting on top of the pile of poop is a single bill. What's the lowest denomination that would make you try and fish it out? Be honest

Honestly, if I saw a quarter I'd think of a plan on retrieving it
There is no single bill ever been minted that would make me reach into that disgusting thing
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Bannana Bread

So, does anyone have a good bannana bread recipe?  I've got 3 bannanas that are going to be good for making bread with here in the next day or two and wouldn't want them to go to waste. *lol*

Also:  DOJ filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  Think they'll carry through with it?  :-p 
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I have two (maybe three?) questions:

1. Have you ever passed a total stranger you can't stop thinking about? Why can't you stop thinking about that person?

2. What should I know about Italians before I go to Italy?

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If I get to the airport really early, several hours before my actual flight time, what is the likelihood of them putting me on an earlier departing flight free of charge (granted that there are several open seats of course)?

Whores d'oeuvre

What do you think categorizes a woman as a slut?

She has sex without being married
Cheats on her significant other
She has more than one sexual partner in a 24 hour span
Has had more than 1 one night stand
Cannot inventory the amount of people she's slept with. More than her fingers and toes
Doesn't know the first names of everyone she slept with
Has an STD
She refers to herself as a slut
Likes to wear short skirts and low-cut tops
She's on Jersey Shore
Slut's an obsolete term. One can enjoy a lifestyle of sexual partners without incurring a negative image. This is 2011, people!

What do you think categorizes a man as a slut?

He has sex without being married
Cheats on his significant other
Hhe has more than one sexual partner in a 24 hour span
Has had more than 1 one night stand
Cannot inventory the amount of people he's slept with. More than his fingers and toes
Doesn't know the first names of everyone he slept with
Has an STD
He's on Jersey Shore
He's a guy. They're all sluts, given half the chance
Guys can't be sluts
Slut's an obsolete term. One can enjoy a lifestyle of sexual partners without incurring a negative image. This is 2011, people!

Are you a slut?

Hey, nice ass!! Wanna come back to my place and help me look for a missing contact? I think I dropped it in bed

Have you ever dated a slut?

He/she wasn't as slutty as I am
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For the second time in less than two weeks I have myself absolutely convinced I've got a blood clot. Last time I didn't have one. Will my doctor think I'm being absolutely ridiculous if I see him about this?
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I have a bruise on the upper part of my thigh, towards the inside. My husband says it's because I started reading A Dance With Dragons (which we call the book that can kill a cat) in the bathroom, and it's from resting my elbow there.

TQC, where did this bruise come from??

srs and non srs just peachy

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A friend of mine was telling me last night about her 2 year old playing with her iphone and buying a 500 dollar groupon.

What are some awesome things your children have done for you?

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TQC, I have a Dell Inspiron laptop. Recently it has been informing me that the battery will soon reach the end of its life.
I asked the computer guy at my dads work and he gave me some websites but the batteries are all almots $100.
Does anyone know where I can find cheaper batteries or would it be best to just order straight from Dell?
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What does 'disaster addict' mean?

Should I go to my high school reunion which is in another state, the day after Thanksgiving and only in a bar/restaurant? I didn't like high school but kind of want to show off my success. (Is that wrong?)

Red or gold or red and silver for my Big Brother finale outfit?

Anything you are dying to know about anyone from the Big Brother franchise? (I'm a correspondent at the Wrap Party)

If you have fibromyalgia, how do you handle pain? Nothing is working anymore. I've had it for almost 15 years and this is the worst its ever been.


Hey TQC;

I'm bringing a dessert to my girlfriend's family supper on Sunday. There will be 18 people total (perhaps one or two less). There will be one other dessert as well. But I'm not sure what it is. I've decided to test my luck and make a Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake. The recipe says it serves 12 - 15 people.

Would I be safe making only one cheesecake for 18 maybe a couple less people? Or should I make two cakes? One cake itself needs 2 48 oz (1.36L) containers of ice cream. So I think it will be quite a high cake. It's also put in a 9inch pan.

You're input is appreciated!

DK/DC: What's your favourite dessert? :) +1 for a recipe!

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So, i've finally settled on a tattoo and where I want it, and am really happy with it. It's a fairly new idea - should I give it a bit longer for the idea to settle in? (Though i'm awful for procrastinating - it's over 5 years that i've wanted another idea but put off getting it).
Or should I book in for asap? At the moment they're going to ring me if they get a cancellation.

ETA: If you went through it, how did you deal with negative reactions from family/reassure them a tattoo does not make you a convict?

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Do the 'Who do you think you are' style genealogy programs interest you?
I think my own family history is much more interesting than some random 'celebrity', as i'm sure most other people do.

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After you unclog the toilet what do you do with your plunger? How about your toilet bowl brush after cleaning with it?

Do you clean the plunger/brush before you store them after use? How do you clean them? What kind of storage do you have for them?

How often do you replace these things?

WTH do people do that don't own these things? Do I want to know?
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How offended, if at all, do/would you get if/when you friend requested someone on FB to whom you thought you were friends with, and they did not friend you back?

ETA: would you feel uncomfortable around that person in the future?
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What is more frightening?

getting old

What is better?


What do you choose?



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How far is your commute to work/school? Are you happy with this, unhappy with it, don't care?
How do you get to work (drive, public transit, walk, bike, horseback ride, whatever)? Does your mode of transport make the commute more or less bearable?

My answer in the comments.
but isn't it always?, Sure my future is uncertain

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I am baby sitting three kida (3,7,9). In Chicago time, they are nicely asleep, with the water issue averted. I have 42 minutes befoe parents are due and I am falling asleep. What can I do (that's not loud and I don't want to eat any more food) that can keep me up?

DK/DC: could you please describe your sleep patterns?

I take forever to fall asleep, light sleep, like 9 hours of sleep.
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do you need any sounds to fall asleep? lately I either need my SO to talk me to sleep or I watch tv- most notably 'ice road truckers'... for some reason this show makes me feel better about my own life and job because their lives are so stressful and intense.
if you fall asleep to tv what is your favourite show to fall asleep to?
my SO NEEDS to have the fan on and I hate that sound it drives me crazy!
i like calzones

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What are some characters/people/whatever that have blue hair?

Would Milhouse be a lazy costume choice? I mean, I know it would be but would everyone be like "well, that was lazy."

DK/DC - Will you post the tagline for your favourite movie?


*Does anyone's degree/diploma from college say anything different from what the program was named when you were pursuing it?

I went for an Associate of Applied Science degree in Public Service Technology with a major in Administration of Justice and a spcialization in Wildlife and Forestry.
I got my diploma today and it just says "Wildlife Management and Enforcement Curriculum"
I emailed my advisor to see if there was a typo or something wasn't filled out right. I really hope something's wrong here, I wanted the bigger title I thought I was pursuing and want my diploma to reflect more awesomeness :(

What's your degree in?
If you've recieved it, how big is yours? (I thought mine would be a bit bigger than 8x10)
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If someone in their eighties is an octogenarian, and someone in their seventies is a septuagenarian, what does that make someone in their sixties, or fifties, or forties? Or, if you don't know offhand, how would I go about working this out?